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Found 11 results

  1. So I went ahead and bought the MCC when they announced the awards they were giving out thinking "well they must of nearly fixed whatever everyone was complaining about." Apparently i was wrong. About a month later multiplayer is still broken and its nigh on impossible to find a game in the NZ/AU area anymore as I think most people have just given up, so even if they fix it I'm unsure I'll be able to find any games anyway. So yeah, rant over. Point of this is; have they announced a fix date yet? As it would be good to know when I can relive the simpler glory days of Halo 1 & Halo 2 Multiplayer. Also don't get me wrong. I'm loving the Halo 2 remastered scenes (hope they do the same in halo 5) as well as just replaying Halo 1,2,3 campaigns.
  2. I am frustrated. Not with you guys. I have a Deviantart account. I have been there for 2 years, yet I am underrated. So, naturally I want more respect and try to get others to see me. There are fourms, so I went there. I talked about how staff give out daily drawings and stuff to show on the front page, I talked about how I suggested myself a few times. For some reason, the replies were mostly negative.....I was made fun of for my art, I was called shellfish or an flower just because I have a high ego. SO what? What the flower is wrong with a high ego? What's wrong with taking pride for your own stuff?! Lots of people have that kind of respect. Someone said my stuff was "Not that level" Well I like my stuff! Screw you flower princesses you don't have to be freaking jerks! I didn't say that, I held in my anger. Why is it that it is considered wrong to respect yourself? I understand I am not the best manga artist but come the hell on. Do you think I am wrong? I really hate Deviantart many times...............
  3. It is not about here, just personal, and I won't sound whiny. So my dad's mad at me because I did not call my granny and say happy birthday. He is overacting because of ALL the times I have said it to her he is being over the top, I forgot once, come on...But I WILL NOT let him ruin my good day I have been having. He says he will stop talking about it if I call her (which I was going to do but I just have not done it, I never really forgot I just did not do it yet.) but he is know for bringing up flowers even if it's done. I don't want to always make him look bad, but he can be a total flower buddy. That is all, you can give me your thoughts, and I WILL call her.
  4. Shield Recharge Rate: Does anyone have the problem of getting picked off right after getting a kill? I usually kill an enemy while my shields get dropped. In 4v4 Slayer, usually there will be multiple enemies at once. He will usually take 1-2 shots to finish me off. Sometimes, if I am lucky I can get away. The problem is, there might be another enemy just around the corner. Sometimes, my shield just won't go up fast enough, and then I get killed. I think the shield recharge rate at the time is the same as it is in previous Halo games. This particular one though, has a much faster pace to it, thanks to sprinting and long range weapons. The shield recharge rate being the same however, makes you have to hide almost every time you get a kill. Added in with sprint and flinch when getting shot, this game caters to chasers. If you're getting chased the only hope you have is a teamate. I have explained my thoughts. Please tell me what you think.
  5. Hater


    IMO, Complex is the WORST map I have ever played n any Halo game. Does anyone even like this map? First off, lets start with the map balance. Clearly, Complex is a non-symmetrical map. One side of the map is an abandoned mess of useless buildings with no role in the map. The other side is a DMR Sniper resort. The building has 2 floors which are both extremely camp-able On the top, you have an open roof that overlooks the entire map! Great for DMRs right? Oh, and did I mention that there is little to no cover in this map? Ghosts: This map has too Ghosts on it. With the cover that isn't in this map, the people in the Ghost can easily mow people down as they run along, over and over and over. Spawns: The spawns on this map are horrid. Once again, with no cover on the map, you are constantly spawning in the open. I remember I got spawn-killed four times from the roof. When you finally get the relief of spawning elsewhere, The enemy's Ghost will be happy to clean you up. This map has no role in competitive gameplay, tell me your opinion on the map.
  6. Ok so to start off Halo 4 is a pretty good game. An amazing game to be honest but there are a lot of things in the multiplayer that is unnecessary or is just off and i hope in due time they will be fixed. First off, the flow of an online match is hampered by grenades. Grenades in Halo are very important but since they made the levels (the levels are kinda ****ty) very little, grenades are always flung and it’s very annoying to walk in a hallway and see like literally 6 or 7 grenades hurled at you and you can’t do **** about it. And the fact that all the Spartans are weaker makes Halo 4 not feel right. I’m a Spartan. I should be able to take more than 2 shots and not die. They made the Spartans way too weak where being a clever player isn’t even feasible in this game. In past Halos, if i were to get jumped, i can outsmart them and come out alive, but on Halo 4 since I’m so weak i don’t even have that opportunity to pull out something out of my ass to save it. It’s better to be a safe player, like in CoD than a crazy one like in past Halos. But it’s not funner being that safe player. Second, all the Armor Abilities and perks are pretty much ****ty and they either needs to be fixed or scrapped. The Thruster Pack, Hardlight Shield (which seems to replace the Dodge Roll and the Armor Lock), AutoSentry, Regeneration Field are all new abilities but they fall short or simply do not work at all. Those new abilities tries to replace old ones but fall flat. Most of the perks literally don’t really help out at all and to be honest they aren’t even necessary. Not once will you say “Thank god i have that grenadier perk” because the perks pretty much do nothing to flesh out or personalize your character or the game. And most of the weapons seems like **** too. The only weapons that matter are all the human weapons, Mostly the DMR and Battle Rifle because they are clearly the best ones. Actually for that matter making classes is pointless as only 2 guns “work” and the perks not having an effect on the battlefield. This game tries so hard to be a Halo with a CoD skin over it and it really doesn’t work out at all. Actually what seems to work out the most is all the old stuff from previous Halos. The old weapons like the DMR/Battle Rifle are much better than the new Promethean Light Rifle or reintroduced Covenant Carbine. Old abilities like Hologram, Jet Pack and Active Camo seems to work very well, even better than in Halo: Reach yet the new stuff seems to just not work at all. I am certain in the future they will fix all of this but as of now, 343, the new **** you implemented just isn’t working, period. You need to fix all of this if you want people to keeping playing past the holiday season.
  7. Hello 343i community, I came up with an idea yesterday in my head and wanted to see the community's opinion on it. I think that there should be a Leader-boards to promote friendly competition among this website. I have noticed the small lack of competitiveness among this website's members. I think it would add a different option for being known on the site rather than having quality posts. How it would work: The leader-board would be hooked up with Halo Waypoint or Halo Tracker to show individuals' stats. There would be different categories for things such as K/D, Wins, AVG Score, Skill Rank, and gametypes. I think that many members would be able to show off their Halo skills with this. This is just my opinion, please tell me what you think about this idea.
  8. This thread is not to show my hatred toward Halo 4, it is to show what I dislike about Halo 4. I love Halo 4, but there are some things that I dislike about the game. This is completely opinion based and if you disagree with me, that is fine. 1. Ranked playlist - As most of you know, there is not a true skill rank system. That means that you can do bad the whole game and still rank up. This is alright, however, there should be a split between playlists; a social playlist, and a ranked playlist. The social playlist being for players who just want to have fun. Ranked playlist for people who want to compete competitively with each other. There would be different ranks for the the two playlists. I feel that this will comfort the players' gaming style. 2. The maps - I feel that Halo 4 has had a major let down for the maps. Especially for the 4v4 maps. There is only five maps, but only two of which i feel comfortable playing on; Adrift and Haven. Complex is just a DMR camp fest, Abandon is a tower of power map, and Solace is just too open. I feel that the community forged maps should come back into gametypes, much like Halo: Reach. 3. Weapon Balance - For me, there is not much diversity between the weapons used. The main weapon used is obviously the DMR. The reason being is for the lack of weapon balancing. It has the fastest killing time for anyone loadout weapon except the assault rifle at close range. It can practically snipe someone from across the map. It also has insanely good accuracy due to its easy to use reticle. It eliminates the use of the other loadout weapons. I have now stated what I dislike about Halo 4. The list could go on for hours, but these are my main concerns. In the replies to this thread, please tell me, what are your dislikes for Halo 4?
  9. Before I start, I'd first like to announce full awareness that my thoughts are most likely going to be disregarded and/or ridiculed. I'm aware of this because I'm aware that most of the halo fan base consists of obsessive pixel junkies that would indulge in any piece of garbage with a Halo logo on it, then proceed to defend it and call it "god's gift to man." With that being said, I can now continue and finish without being tempted to deck my screen every time someone throws a slop of bad grammar and inane insults my way. Let's talk about the campaign. I beat it on legendary out of a nostalgic lust to see where our rather indifferent war hero was going to end up. Turns out it's mostly just him finding a bunch of dust under the rug and having it blow up in his face.*Spoiler* So here's the whole story in a nutshell, because it does literally fit in one. Chief awakes, drifting in space, only to be plunged on some planet. As Chief is going through his old routine, suddenly the covenant attack. Even Chief is confused so you know it was a horrible plot element. Anyway, he gets to the middle of everything and finds some unknown guy, I'm assuming he's a forerunner but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense cause this whole time I thought forerunners were ancient humans. Chief goes on an "epic" mission to stop this guy from destroying something (probably the world), and that's it. Oh ya, there's this whole thing with Cortana going through some kind of psychotic menopause. There is quite a bit of other mundane stuff going on but it's just that, mundane. Looking at the story in full, they might as well have just given Chief a super technological robotic attachment for a broom and have him sweep up the rest of the dust that someone blatantly tried to hide. Gameplay-wise, it was almost a constant sense of irritation, one that you would probably have were you a fly running into a window. I'll come out and say it was hard, yes, but not the satisfying type of hard, like being 5 feet tall and able to slam dunk a basketball. No, this was stupid hard, like trying to catch that ball in your mouth while it's being propelled from a tennis ball launcher every second. The mobs do a ridiculous amount of damage and take about just as much, never mind them rolling in packs of 5 with two extra guys reviving them, yes REVIVING them! So after you've taken out all the main enemies, one little mosquito thing can fly around recompiling them, and he might just recompile a f*** you turret laser just to make your day that much worse. This happens ALL the time considering that the whole game is just a string of choke points, the lazy man's gameplay. The mobs are not smart at all, if anything, I'd call them borderline retarded with the strength to compensate. There wasn't one moment that I thought, "oh that guy did something really clever, I suppose that's why I'm now a body." It was just alot of "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO STRONG?! AND WHY CAN YOU TELEPORT?! AS IF YOU NEEDED ANYTHING ELSE!" Multiplayer, the only reason most would buy a Halo game nowadays, including myself. The mulitplayer, in short, is the deformed baby that an actual Halo game would have were she to be railed by Call of Duty. That's right, I said SHE. Too many comparisons can be made from this game to any COD game. I'm not even going to bother going into great detail as I'm sure you could find someone who already has. Loadouts, ordinance, HUD, controls, 'nuf said. However, I'm going to stress the controls cause they bother me, despite now being used to them. They ruined crouch jump, ruined it. I no longer have the precision I need when attempting make some of the larger gaps as now you won't be able to control where your looking by reaching for that B button. Even more bothersome is the fact that you can't change the controls, sure you can switch the setup and sacrifice another button for another problem, but you can't make a custom setup. What the hell is up with that? How was that a good idea? I really only have but two problems with Spartan Ops, the lag and the spawns. Everyone should know about the lag, the spawns may be something only I noticed. It seems like every time I die for the first time, it spawns me right in the middle of the guys that killed me and continues to do so until I clear it out. I don't understand how it works. Ill be doing fine up to the point of first death, then it seems like it's just punishing me for being killed by having me be killed a bunch more times. I've quit game because of this. It's actually gotten to the point where I'll sit at the very back in an attempt to have them come to me, or, I'll sit on the sidelines killing everyone from 50 yards away until a group inevitable spawns right behind me. Forge, it probably has the most problems of all. I only have an angry rage towards it because of the numerous claims of it being "better". Instead of listing all the faults right away, I'm going to paint a scenario that ACTUALLY happened to me. So I jumped into a map with my imagination buzzing away. "Oh," I say, "I know what I'll do, I'll make a sweet predator map!" (In which, one guy is invisible and must hunt the others without being killed.) So I started, all is well, I noticed "ooo, I can duplicate items, that should be helpful!" "Oh I thought it would be in the same spot, not 3 feet above and to the left, no matter, at least I don't have to spawn one in and adjust it." That was about the peak of my amusement. I'm working on the map and noticed some high up cliffs that I wanted to do something with. All the sudden "What the hell?! Why is there a kill-barrier up here?! Had I wanted one there, I would have made it myself!" I noticed some other cliffs and tried to go to them, I was stopped just before them by a wall. "What a damn tease!" So I finish the map despite this and am well happy with myself, two of my friends then wanted to play it so I started making a gametype. Right away I noticed some things were missing, "restrictions?!", I thought. "So you can't give flood weapons?" " So you can't take off that green mist on them?" "You can't let them run?" "You can't change their loadouts?" Just a long list of can'ts. I tried to work my way around this and came up with a fairly usable gametype, I thought. Then we got into the game and again, I noticed something was off, the buildings in particular. I had used the coordinates system to align all my buildings perfectly, but it looked like someone did it by hand. I went into forge and checked it, EVERY SINGLE PIECE of anything was twisted by 1 to 2 degrees. My friend suggested that I use magnets to fix it. I turned them on and grabbed a piece only to have it flip twice and attach itself to something I didn't want it to, without me doing anything. After an hour of fixing things with magnets OFF, the map was back to how I had originally made it, then I spent a bunch of time locking all the pieces into place hoping that would be a fix. "Pff magnets are for people with no patience, in which case, why are you making a forge map anyway?" So we attempt to play the game a second time, but there are no weapons on the map. Looked through the game options, nothing concerning weapons on the map. Back to forge, checked all the weapons, changed their settings to "Game specific : True" "Game label : Flood" "Game label : Floo_Spwn" and thought that would be the end of it. Still no weapons, turns out you can't spawn them in. "What the hell is up with that? How was that a good idea?" Eventually I gave up on the whole Forge. All in all, this game has much more nostalgic value than it does actual value. I wouldn't be surprised if 343 laughed at you from their leather chairs made of your dollar bills as they threw down this nicely wrapped piece of trash, but I'm still going to play it.
  10. Alright, here's a new hopefully sensible rant on my thoughts on Halo 4. Lets start with the overall visuals. GRAPHICS Ok, they really raised the bar with this. If the FP anims are actually the model anims, then I'm impressed. Overall quality is there so I got nothing bad to say about it other than the occasional clipping. STYLE Hexagons, I immediately thought CRYSIS when I saw the S IVs, lol. Ok, that aside, I'm not really digging the new style somewhat for multiplayer, the UNSC tech basically MC Loving it, sort of miss the clasic style, but that's just me. Overall, AAA visual quality, but stylistically, for me it just doesn't click in some areas while it is overall consistent. Gameplay next. Prometheans Ok, time to rant, MOST ANNOYING POS EVER I MEAN SERIOUSLYNO HEADSHOTSFORDAKNIGHTSIMEAN,THEY'REMACHINESBUTSTILL- eeer, sry. XD let me retry. Knights are like the brutes of previous day in the sense that they are COMPLETE BULLET SPOUNGES (2 full clips) The teleporting was a nice touch, mixed things up a little, but generally a pain and not very fun to fight. Elites are like, animation wise, FEELS LIKE REACH!!!!! XP but the covies this time roud aren't very fun compared to previously. Other than the fact the first 2 levels were complete through backs to iconic encounters of Halos past, it's like they are just...there. Prometheans in general, just annoying to kill, not very fun. Multiplayer, GET-THe-COD-OUTTA-MAI-HALO Ok, the loadouts were interesting, but I would like, limit it to the point where weapons are like, still on the map like previous day. I really miss maps like Guardian, The Pit, even Construct or Epitath. Memorable maps I don't even see in Haven (better than the Cage) Ok, if it were me, here is what I would do for Vanilla. -Weapon spawn plans for all maps -Loadouts killing off Primary/Secondary or putting them in Playlist specific catagory restrictions -No kill cams -Jetpack banned because I dun like it (ok, that's just my personal take nvm this) -Having community remakes circulate -No Ordinance Drops -A full playlist that recreates the Halo 3 experience As for DLC -REMAKE OUR FAVS! That's pretty much all I've got to say atm, I love Halo and the legacy it has built, but this has done so many things that it would be better off without. (If IW really helped out, then whoever's idea it was to get them involved here deserves to dai. XD) Comments and complaints below.
  11. Firstly, before you get the wrong idea this is not a complaint - I am enjoying the game. However there are quite a startling number of issues which frankly could and should be implemented better. Simple things which it just baffles me were not considered... hence I feel the need to rant about these for a bit. The forge map ‘Ravine’ for starters. Very nice map, looked full of potential and pretty damn big... then I discover the ceiling is set half way up the geometry. I had plans for a towering sky base with... I don’t know, dragons and the like. Now however my aerial domain resembles a hobbit hut... I wasn’t expecting to be able to reach the very top of that massive tower but to not even be able to scale half those rocks is just bizarre. If you get up close to them, shortly before dying a horrible Guardians based death you’ll find they have decent textures and collision... so why make them out of bounds? It’s a forge map for us to do with as we please. Don’t be like Apple and enforce pointless rules on usage. In Halo 2 you could climb on top of some ridiculously high cranes for basically no reason at all... now with an amazing editing tool at our disposal we can barely make it 20ft off the ground... Then I notice that the, admittedly limited, selection of rocky scenery is cut even shorter on this map with the regular crowd being completely absent. So on a map primary made, covered with, populated and staffed by rocks you didn’t think it might be important to give us some... rocks? Curious. I then turned my attention to Erosion with the intention of building a nice flood map down in that disturbingly radium coloured water. Again I’m limited by the kill box but I make the best of the situation. Now this is a map that has so many lights on it by default it has to do a bit of calculation whenever you switch to player mode and yet we still have the four light limit from the original forge. Clearly the engine can handle more. I had planned for a dark setting that relied on ambient light and limited promethean vision to kill the flood yet again basic filters have not been implemented. I notice you still have the one that makes everything painfully bright, unplayably... inverse and just generally weird... all I’m asking for is a very basic brightness, contrast, hue and saturation control. To be honest it could even just use presets like day, evening, night and it would be fine. Currently of the half dozen filters we have maybe two are usable at best. Frankly they remind me of all those pointless visualisations that come bundled with any media player nowadays... you know the one that has exploding cubes that seem to bear no resemblance to the music or the one that flashes the word ‘BADGER’ every time a bass drum is struck... the sort of thing that makes you question what kind of medication the developer was on at the time. Now the snaps and quick duplication are brilliant additions, would be made even better if the ‘magnets’ had actually been put in logical places on more than half the items but oh well, it suffices. The coordinate system however is painful. The issue from the original forge is back with a vengeance I see... the lack of a local rotation axis. When you rotate using snaps on one axis you move the other so it spins off axis. Seriously... a local and/or world coordinate system is just fundamental. All round the position system needs a major accuracy boost... that one decimal place often seems to make the difference of a foot or so when all you want is a minor nudge. Anyway, once I had a vaguely functional map I turned my attention to the gametype. To my dismay I am entirely unable to customise the flood loadouts, the Spartans seem to get additional loadout options I didn’t enable on some gametypes and try as I might there is no option to spawn as an acid spewing dragon... sorry thought I might be losing people. I seem to recall a zombies gametype a while back aptly named ‘Ghostbusters’ in which the zombies could fly and the Spartans had to shoot them down with lasers. Unless I have missed something very obvious in the menu however the flood seem to always get the same boring old abilities. Then I notice that, unless I am very much mistake, it doesn’t seem possible to have weapons spawn on a flood gametype. Perhaps I need to specify this somewhere - I hope that is the case but I have tried enabling weapons in the options and giving the items a ‘FLOOD’ tag under the settings in forge and yet no joy. Ability packs can be picked up and mounted gun turrets appear but a basic pistol does not... very limiting. Next I decided to have a play with one of my favourite maps from matchmaking... Exile. Now I really didn’t think I could improve it any but thought it might make for a fun vehicle map for an upcoming LAN party. A few jumps here, some basic walls to block off buildings and a decent scattering of vehicles could be interesting. Then I find that you can’t place any structure items at all on maps other than the forge specific ones. I appreciate they are high budget maps with a lot of flashy stuff going on but all I wanted was a couple walls. It seems almost obtuse to even let us edit these maps in forge if we can’t actually... edit these maps in forge. What’s next? Ah yes... King of the Hill. I had some major problems setting up a custom map for this as it seems that a vehicle set as a ‘stationary’ hill just doesn’t work. I just wanted a single warthog as the hill but instead I have to set it to cycle and get pointless messages about the hill moving every minute. Not the end of the world but clearly not working as intended. Then I thought I’d try making a golf ball the hill (because invariably after a few drinks and a dozen serious games at a LAN chasing a giant golf ball is the only course of action left)... it works, sort of. Since there is no spherical shape for the hill, the options are a rounded box or a cylinder... and both of them rotate with the hill rather than staying oriented to the level as makes sense. The result is a rather ugly spinning blue box. This is not the primary issue however... that lies in the fact that the ball just... vanishes after a bit. So I am left with no option but to have it respawn rather than stay in play indefinitely. Kind of defeats the point in having a ball in the game but oh well... I was expecting some major improvements to the editing system but it seems as if the whole thing has just been cut and pasted from Reach with a handful of new assets and some minor interface and tool changes. It seems there are dozens of things which either have not been thought of (unlikely) or just not bothered with (more likely). What baffles me most however are the prescriptive rules and zealous doctrine regarding how you think we should have fun. If I want to fly up to the rocks on Ravine and build a little fort why should I be stopped just because a developer decided it should be out of bounds? If I want flying zombies why stop me? If I want to turn into a triple headed acid spitting dragon...
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