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  1. i will mention this to them next time i go there, which will probably be tomorrow
  2. ok thank you. idk why xbox support told me to come here then
  3. so my brother got an xbox one bundle with a code for halo mcc. and being the stupid man that he is, he redeemed the code on my account rather then his, even tho i already had halo mcc. i just got done with microsoft support and they told me to post something on here because 343 regularly checks here. so please can someone from 343help us resolve this issue?
  4. i really love it too. and im really happy that others are as well. but i need help, i was just on microsoft support with an issue and they told me to post it in the forums on here, but i have no idea how to do that since i made an account only 10 min ago
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