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  1. Gamertag: ARC GuiltySpark Player Count: 2-9 (1 slender, 8 players) Download Link: Click! Map Trailer: Click! THIS IS NOT AN INFECTION MAP, THIS IS A WORKING SLENDERMAN GAME Slender: Oakside Park is a custom game I have been working on for a long time but is finally finished. It is based on the game Slender: The Arrival and is a really fun game for as little as 2 players to 9 players. Please give this map a download, I would really appreciate it! RULES Everyone must go to Red team and 1 person on blue team to control Slenderman OBJECTIVE Red Team must work together to find 8 pages hidden throughout the map. They are switches that need to be activated in order for them to win. Once all are activated, an alarm will sound and everyone must run to the beach to go to the escape van through the gate and win Blue Team (Slenderman) wins by either keeping Red team from finding all 8 pages before the time limit expires or kill them all. He is controlled from a panel up in the sky similar to “reaper”. There is a light marker in the sky that tells the controller where Slenderman is on the ground. The map is very dark making it hard for players to find there way around. Slenderman makes a buzzing sound if you are near him. His face is glowing from the front so you can still see him in the black of night. Make sure to check out my gamenight video and map trailer on my Youtube channel. Huge thanks to CREATIVE FORCE for helping me with this great custom.
  2. Gamertag: ARC GuiltySpark Player Count: 2-8 (Multi-teams of 2 or 4v4) Download Link: Click! This is a fun minigame to play forged on the outside of empire. 3 rounds of 3 minutes to control the hill. Play with up to 8 players in the chaotic gravity slam! Objective Players try to capture the hill at the top of the tower. Players are first shot up from the base, then must jump up 4 other layers to the top. At the top is a stronghold players instantly capture and must hold it to gain points by staying inside. Settings - Players have infinite health and are invulnerable to any damage - Players have increased jump height and decreased gravity - Players gravity knockback is increased for their weapon and spartan abilities - Players are armed with gravity hammers and their abilities to knock players off the hill All players start on different teams. 2 to 8 players
  3. "The ancient Forerunners have taken over these crumbling sand ruins to harvest the powerful artifacts within" A Core 2v2-4v4 Arena Map by: ARC GuiltySpark Gamertag: ARC GuiltySpark Player Count: 4-8 players Download Link: Click! ​ Layout Design Excavation is a Smaller 2v2-4v4 Core Arena map for all gamemodes like Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, and Assault. It has two very distinctive sides or "bases", both tackling different aesthetic themes. Throughout every game players will try to hold these two bases as well as other power positions like the Bridge and the Stage. Playing in teams calls for lots of strategy and teamwork to control power positions while playing Free For All will put your skills to the test to control these areas solo. With open and closed areas as well as long and short sightlines each game feels different than the last. Whether you're playing competitive, casual, or somewhere in between, Excavation is a blast! Aesthetic Design The aesthetics are where this map truly shines. First lets look at Blue Team's side. This part of the map consists of natural rock and "jungle like" foliage with Forerunner pieces built above and within the environment. Lots of blue lighting, effects, sounds, and metal textures absorbs you into the scenery. Red Team's side fades from bright colours into a dusty wasteland. The sandstone temples built on top the sand dunes have started to crumble and decay under the work of the Prometheans, resulting in piles of rubble encased in dust. Looking past the rock walls, players can view even more of this terrain in the background scenery. These two amazing environments blend together nicely in the middle to make this a stunning arena map. Weapon Design The Weapon Layouts have been altered for different gamemodes to provide the best experience on each one. Slayer, CTF, FFA Railgun - bottom mid Binary Rifle - stage Strongholds, Assault Railgun - stage Overshield - bridge wing -Battle Rifle -H2 Battle Rifle -Closed Fist (Boltshot) -DMR -Frag Grenades x2 -Gunfighter Magnum -Light Rifle -Needler -Plasma Grenades x2 -SMG -Splinter Grenades x2 -Suppressor If you would like to see how I built this map or how to build a core map yourself, check out my Youtube Channel "Guilty Spark" with the video coming out soon "Halo 5 Forge Guide | Core Maps". https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzL5yQ13bppr1ksJ0Xq1CHA
  4. Hey all, I am creating this post because my friend and I do a weekly show called Forgetastic Fridays where we pick user created maps, we then run around the maps and showcase them. We are looking for anyone that would like to submit their Forge maps, they can be any type of map (4v4, 8v8, Slayer, Infection, Puzzle, etc). And we would love to be able to have the user in the show with us explaining why they did this etc. If you would like to submit your map just leave your GT, and the name of the map. Or you can send me a message on XBL, my GT is Sgt Gnomes, and just let me know the name of the map you would like to submit. I hope to hear from you! Heres an example of what we do:
  5. im looking for halo flood maps,as in new ones,or new custom ones.
  6. After being hit by an unknown source, you and your crew are forced to crash land on a nearby planet. You took the only escape pod on the Pelican and landed safely on the ground. You soon realize that you have no idea where you are and that there is little to no chance of making it back to civilization. After looking around you discover that a lot of tools have fallen off the ship before the crash. There just might be a way off the planet after all... Welcome to: Stranded _________________________________________________________________ To download this map either add Comedy Aerosol on Xbox or click here to download The Game Type used for the Map is Puzzle Mode (Slayer) Click HERE to download the game type
  7. Its time to DRIVE! Fight your way through endless waves of zombies in this action packed infection Mini game. To survive you are going to want to get in a vehicle and drive. If you aren't in a vehicle there is a good chance that you will be killed. There are weapons around the map for you to pick up, but be careful because the second you get out of your vehicle you become extremely vulnerable. I have had a ton of fun playing this map and I hope that you do too. Thanks to all the testers! Either add me on Xbox or Click the download button above to play this map. GT: Comedy Aerosol Play this map with my Outbreak City Game Type. Click Here to download the Game Type DRIVE TO SURVIVE! To download the map: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=Comedy%20Aerosol#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_Comedy%20Aerosol_3cde4e25-4a4f-446a-8fab-100561ba1d88
  8. Welcome to RUL Mountain! This is a a map that requires parkour to complete some of the puzzles. There is running, jumping, shooting, and driving is this awesome adventure. Watch out for One-eyed Bocephus Jones, he will have his revenge! This map can be completed by one person but it is fine to go in with more. Special thanks to Zezno, A Squid Loaf, unsorted guy, and DEATH WEAPONxx for the help and giving me some cool ideas. MAP DOWNLOAD GAMETYPE DOWNLOAD If you have any problems with the map message me. Also, DON'T FORGET TO CROUCH!
  9. Affiliation: Infiltration, suicide operations, gathering Forerunner artifacts. Weapons: Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle, Needler, Fuel Rod. Time: 2-ish hours. What do you guys think?
  10. In future updates of Reach, or the upcoming Halo 4, I would actually like to see more custom game options. For example, I would like to make a custom game where a player who aquires the custom power up keeps it till the end of the round, but there's no "infinite" for the time on custom power up options. Other people may want to make the colors of players more manipulatable, if that's a word... What would you like to see done to the Custom Game options list?
  11. Hello my name is Jeremy and I am starting up a halo clan devoted to playing custom games and all things Halo. If you would like to join or just join a lobby just message me on Xbox live. My gamertag is kicbutix Also be sure to follow me on twitch at twitch.TV/halo_customs Thanks
  12. Customized Kat. A pilot helmet from the infection pack, and Carter's data pad. I left the blue parts there cause it looks like grunt blood. The robot arms have the best articulation.
  13. Hey everyone, Lets get a thread going to help people get their maps tested. My one flag ctf map should be ready sometime tomorrow, in the meantime, anyone who wants to be a map tester or have some of their stuff tested, leave your gamer tag here and we can all get together in the future. Gamertag: Inujuk Feel free to add me if you need a tester.
  14. The new Spartan introduced in the Halo trailer should be customizable, like Noble Six in Reach. Does anybody else agree?
  15. Who We Are HFK or HFLiKz is a Halo MCC clan dedicated to Halo Machinima, Forging, and Custom game fun. Rather than the usual skill based clans with strict structure, HFK is more about promoting creativity as well as a fun and friendly gaming environment. We create, we play, and most importantly we have fun! Our Mission In HFK we have 3 major goals: Produce quality Halo Machinima to be uploaded on YouTube for the purpose of entertainment Provide a consistent Custom Games lobby for people looking to play something other then matchmaking complete with a variety of fun gametypes and maps spanning all of the Halo Franchise Forge fun and interesting Halo 2A, Halo 3 and Halo 4 maps and gametypes either for custom games, machinima sets, or just a nice piece of art out of the available building blocks ​In general our clan is here to provide a fun and flexible gaming community for players of all skill levels to have good time. HFLiKz Machinima will be posted on YouTube regularly and with a high quality standard in mind. Everyone who joins the clan has a purpose, question is what role will you play? What All Can YOU Do? In the HFLiKz Community there are many different things you can do as a valued member of our clan. Some roles may be more demanding then others, but all have the same level of importance. The Machinima Roles include and are not limited to: Voice Actor- Do you have a talent for speaking in character, a decent computer mic, and wide vocal range? If any one of these things apply you may be able to be a voice actor for our machinima productions. Body Actor- A more readily available role in our machinima production, Body Actors are responsible for the movement of characters in the video. All you need is a mic so you can communicate with the primary director and simply follow directions. Graphic Designer- If you are any good at logos, title screens and anything of that nature this is the role for you. Writer- Ever had an idea for a really great video that you've never had the opportunity to make? Lay it on us and we'll see to it that your idea is formulated, scripted, and produced as close to your vision as possible Video Editor- If you can capture and edit video really well you could be an editor for our videos Set Designer- if you are good at making smooth and scenic forge maps in Halo this is your role ​As for the Community Roles: Forger- make fun and interesting maps and gametypes for our custom game nights Recruiter- I want YOU to find us some awesome people who would like to join HFK Host/Hostess- Create a lobby for our custom games to take place as well as manage the maps and gametypes we have Player- Hey not everybody has to wear the pants in our clan. If you came just to experience a fun time in an active Halo MCC customs lobby then by all means kick back and hang out with us ​In short there's really no limit to what you can do in HFK. Members are not bound by their roles and can switch between them freely as needed. We only ask that you abide by the golden rules. The Golden Rules In general HFLiKz is not a very strict clan by any means, but without some rules in place chaos would ensue. They are: Be Respectful- That doesn't mean no cursing or sexual jokes, just keep it on a friendly level at all times, No discrimination by any means including race, religion, gender, sexual preference ect. Don't Make a Promise You Can't Keep- This refers more to the video production side of things but if you make a commitment to something say a role of a character in voice acting make sure you are able to actively perform your role. If any complications arise due to real life situations or anything like that please contact your Director or Bajeeezus on Xbox Live Don't Start Fights- Continuing off from the first rule don't start conflict with others outside of the clan. Teabagging and shooting dead bodies is fine but don't go trash talking other clans and players needlessly or challenging them to matches that require other members that are not in your lobby. Have Fun!- No seriously that's a rule... Any member caught not having fun will be sentenced to 5 long hours in one of our Fun rehabilitation centers (just kidding lol) If You Would Like to Join Please contact Bajeeezus on Xbox Live or leave a response to this post with your Gamertag. I will add you and have a brief non-serious interview in party chat over some custom games or matchmaking. Other than that though, Welcome to the HFLiKz family and I hope to see you on the virtual battlefield....or sandbox ~ Bajeezus
  16. If anyone is looking for a Halo 4 clan, Xbox Gamers Online (XGO) is a good one. I am a Lieutenant of the Bravo Squad which currently has over 60 members. My gamertag is XGO Cryptic113 If you want to join all you need is a mic and a copy of Halo 4. If you want to join this is what you need to do: Edit your profile, Change your Motto to *XGO BRAVO MC* with Microsoft symbols where the asterisks are.(Sorry I don't know how to post them here) Change your Name to Rank: Recruit Change your Location to xboxgamersonline.com Change your Bio to Joined(today's date) recruited by XGO Cryptic113 Last promoted n/a After you do this, send a friend request to the gamertag XGO BRAVO MC This is our clan tag, which keeps track of all of the active members of our squad. We meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8pm EST.(You must be on the clan tag to receive an invite) In Halo 4 our armor color is Primary: Forest Secondary: Brick, if you are a new member your service tag would be REC. If you join send a message to my GT so I know who you are. Our website is xboxgamersonline.com, if you sign up you should do so after editing your profile info on Xbox Live and use your gamertag as your username.
  17. Just a little thing that no one else has mentioned, was watching the gamescom footage of halo 2 anniversary and I noticed they're using the same if not very similar medals both in design and size from Halo 4. For Halo:5 please bring back the Halo 3 size medals with similar bright colours rather than everything surrounded by grey or including dull colours. In Halo 4 multiplayer I barely took any notice of the medals appearing on my screen just because I didn't notice them because of their size and colour and thus the joy of getting a multikill was somewhat diminished. Also this has yet to be mentioned but will players be able to make their own custom campaign playlists or just choose from a pre-set list such as 'flood' or 'vehicles' etc. If not please try and add that because I think that will be a big opportunity missed because obviously each person likes different levels from each game. One last tiny thing in Halo 4 in armour customisation there was always a significant part of your spartan that included the grey undersuit where you couldn't change the colour. Either show way less of this undersuit, which doesn't look particularly cool anyway, or give players the opportunity to customise the level of it or at least change the colour. Thanks
  18. Hi All! I'm new to the forums here and would like to say "Hello!" Curious if anyone would be willing/down to play some Halo 4 Social Matchmaking/Custom Matchmaking for both fun and for competition. I personally enjoy a good competition, but am rusty and also curious if anyone would mind giving me a hand with some more advanced stuff. Most times I hop on and do very well, but occasionally a good player comes along and he/she kicks me arse in strafing, shot placement, movement, etc. I am looking primarily for competition/learning, however am extremely willing to play with any and all Halo 4 players, as the community (not in the forums, but online) seems really small unfortunately . My only request of y'all is to not be too rage induced/serious. I do take competition seriously, but screaming through a microphone that the game is "broken" isn't going to fix anything, so either shush or sodomize yourself with a plunger. Seriously. Kthanx <3. I'm on West Coast U.S. GMT -7:00. Generally try to be on around the hours of 6pm-10pm most days of the week, with the occasional super late night on the weekends. Will be having a child in 12 days, so I'm sure that availability is subject to change. If interested, please add GT: ModernWarMonger. Really hoping and looking forward to hear from all of you. The more the merrier. Really, I'm serious. Can't stand playing team based games by single-handedly. Apologies for the long post, thanks again. Hope you all have a good one. GT: ModernWarMonger
  19. I found out how to make a turret-less wraith that works in custom games.
  20. Black custom female pilot Brown custom male hazops Grey Team custom air assault male I don't know why my stuff keeps coming out weird.
  21. Just looking for some people to play halo 3 custom games again. Its free on the marketplace and i believe two of the map packs are free. If youre interested hit me up GT: Ghost Soldier07
  22. Hi I'm looking for teams that are looking for a v5 Team skirmish. You can send Teal Skycap (leader) or Pandoras Ewrear (co leader aka me). We would enjoy improving are skill as a team and hope you see it are way - From T34M Paradox
  23. We are a military based UNSC clan and we are looking for quality, skillful, fun and individuals who can take leadership upon theirself when under pressure, we formed on Halo 2 and we are very expierienced players we want played aged 11-17 years old who play regularly and are willing to take part in clan meetings and training sessions/bootcamps on a regular basis, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A CO LEADER A HIGHLY RANKED INDEPENDENT AND SKILLED CO LEADER THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE CLAN SO PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY OUR WEBSITE IS http://117gaming.webs.com IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR THE CLAN ON THE WEBSITE PLEASE DO SO BUT IF NOT TO SIMPLY MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE AND ILL INVITE YOU TO A PRIVATE CHAT AND INTERVIEW YOU, THANKS
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