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Found 11 results

  1. So I downloaded the Halo Wars 2 beta from the xbox store, and for some reason the game is in spanish. I don´t live in spain and I don´t speak Spanish so my whole experience with the game haven´t been to good, and for some reason I can´t change it by myself. I´ve tried unistalling and reinstalling the game but it´s still in spanish.
  2. I'm an american living in germany and although I can speak german I would prefer to play Halo 5 in english. I can pre order it from amazon.co.uk but that only uses standard shipping, so it will take 3 days to deliver. I can buy the german version, but I'm not sure if there will be language options availible, and if so if I will have to set the location of the whole xbox to ireland in order for halo to work in english. If I have to do THAT then my credit card won't work because the xbox only allows one to enter credit cards from the area where the xbox is registered. Does anyone know what kind of language options I will have and how they will work if I buy the german version of the game?
  3. Hi there! My name is Coover, and I've recently purchased Halo 4 from the store. I figured that everyone is saying it's great, and I've liked previous installations to the Halo series, so why not, right? Well, I've come to find that it has the same unfortunate problem that Halo: Reach did... the game's language cannot be changed to English. I've looked it up online, and I've found that the way to change it is to change your Xbox 360's language to English (which it always is) and change the locale to UK or U.S. So I did so. It did not help. So then, I though, maybe I can get it in English if I switch to the 2nd disc. I installed the 2nd disc. It did not help. So does anybody know of another way to get it in English? I can't STAND the Spanish dub of this game (I live in Mexico), as it has huge problems with synchronization and also just plain out isn't good imho. It completely ruins the experience. Thanks, -Coover
  4. Like the Na'vi aliens in Avatar, the Covenant in the Halo series deserve a constructed language of their own. My name is Noah Elkins, and I am a huge Halo fan who believes that the sounds that come out of Sangheilis' mouths should not be just made up, but have a syntax, a grammar, semantics, and more, to further enrich the Halo experience, and to add another layer of depth to the Halo universe. I am doing this for the fans like me and for 343 to see. Maybe hopefully we can get this into something! Attached are screenshots from the brief 18-paged grammar and pronunciation outline, where I teach the basics of the language I've created. I hope everyone enjoys, and maybe someday, the Elites and Grunts in an actual piece of canonical Halo will incorporate it, if it's liked.
  5. This can be quite a post to read, if you do not want to bother reading the behind my frustration, skip to the "IN SHORT" part. I appologize for any mistakes (grammar or spelling) in my post below, English is not my native language. Like all the people on this forum I have been waiting for a next Halo game. A game that most feared would not be Halo worthy, but in my humble opinion turned out far better then expected. However, I can hardly look at my tv-screen while I play this game, because the game's menu bothers me to no end. I live in the Netherlands and for about 20 years of my life I have been playing computer games. All of them were in English. No one ever bothered to translate any menu's or ingame texts. On tv it's just the same. Every noteworthy televisionprogram is in English. It even has come to the point that I do not like to read books when not written in English, because I can envision stories better when written or told in English compared to my native Dutch language. The day I bought Halo 4, it looked strange to me that there was Dutch text on the cover of the game. I checked in multiple stores (also to see if prices might vary), but all of the gamecovers were in Dutch. So I bought the game and returned home. Excited as I was, I immediately place the game in my Xbox 360 and start the game... It came as a shock to me that EVERYTHING INGAME IS TRANSLATED IN DUTCH!!! It seems 343 industries is one of the first gamedevelopers in history, that thought Dutch people might be glad if a game was translated for them. There is also no option that lets me choose what Language I would want to use. Besides the fact that I am not used to my own language being used in games (excluding games for kids aged 6 years or under), which makes it all very silly and hilarious to play Halo 4 (not what I want in my Halo games), the Dutch is often not correctly translated! It looks like they just put half of the ingame texts through google translator, or hired a very old guy that uses old Dutch to translate the game. Even worse, in some parts of the menu they forgot to translate the English altogether!!! IN SHORT: I bought Halo 4, expecting a well polished game with maybe minor ingame bugs. I got a game, that is the first translated game I have ever bought. The translation is not only a bad option stylewise, because we Dutch people are accustomed to all our media being in English, but also because the translation is sloppy: 1) old fashioned use of words, which makes no sense in today's use of our language. 2) some sentences look as if translated by an automated translator (like google translate). 3) some parts of the game are not translated at all and thus in English! This might seem to be a minor issue to most of you, but to me and all of my friends that have bought/played the game it ruins a big part of the game experience. Besides that, it looks sloppy on the part of 343industires. I wonder if there is a way 343industries could release a file that would, upon installation revert the game's written texts back into English, or that would add an ingame option in the menu to let players choose their language of preference.
  6. The language of my Halo 4 is auto selected by my location. I'm Finnish and if I won't change my console location (I have changed it) my Halo 4 will be poorly translated to Finnish. And Finnish is the worst language to translate things to. Please make language settings manual or to auto select by console LANGUAGE not location.
  7. Dear 434 industries, thank you for all your handwork and everything that you guys did to make Halo as successful as it is now. However, I have a request that me and a few 10 others and maybe even more people really would like to have. We were all extremely excited last year from hearing that Halo 4 was going to come out this year after Halo Reach and the anniversary came out. We are all veteran players who owned and played Halo since it came out in 2001. All of us pre ordered Halo 4 in limited edition, and two of us bought the Halo 4 Xbox. However despite all the excitement and expectations, our positive feeling fell to rock bottom when we realized that our games came in Chinese voices. Including all the books and special stuff that came along with it. Halo Reach at-least had the book in English! We are international students living in Taiwan from the U.S. We tried to preorder that game in completely English, but apparently it came in English text and Chinese voices. Which SUCKS!! We are making a request for all the gamers and Halo fans out there who would like to enjoy the game in the ORIGINAL VOICE. Even multiplier is not in English! Please try and make a downloadable English language voice pack for people who needs them. WE WILL BE WILLING TO PAY MICROSOFT POINTS IF IT TAKES! Please help our wish to come true, we can't resist the game in Chinese, it's torture. Master Chief sounds like a robot and Cortana sounds like a little girl. Worse, the War Games voices are extremely lame! Running Riot got translated into, KILL KILL KILL in Chinese For all gamers and Halo fans out there, please help me let 343 hear our voice and help us make this request come true! Please Sincerely, ~ Lolb4udie Edit: I have created a Halo Waypoint page, please support us! https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm1756781_English-Language-Pack-Request.aspx#post1756781
  8. Im mexican but man! i hate the spanish campain of Halo4 it just doesnt feel right when you hear Masterchief or Cortana... do you think that 343 will ever launch a DLC containing the original voices of the game? or like a language pack including all the translations?
  9. Hello 343! I just received my preordered copy of Halo 4 and I like the looks of it. Nice work! Alas, one thing bugged the hell out of me when I started the game. I can't for the life of me find an option to switch languages? I am a norwegian living in Norway but I don't want Norwegian texting in my games. The subtitles I don't mind, since I can turn them off but I can't even understand some of the words in the menus and on the HUD because they are so ridiculously translated. Could you please add an option to switch between Native language and English. In interface as well as subtitles? Thanks! darkdreamz
  10. Hey guys! I just wanted people who are really interested in the Halo universe that i've found something VERY interesting. I just read the first book of the forerunner saga: halo cryptum, and realised that the aliens are called the same things as what the elites call them. Somewhere in the halo wiki it says that the alien names are just what the elites call them. So... THE FORERUNNERS SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE AS THE ELITES!!!!! :0 Although one thing puzzles me... the forerunners wouldn't be able to copy the whole elite language because they don't have another 2 jaws. Unless.... the elites copied the forerunner language before they died out, and just added another part of the language to theirs. Who knows? Leave a comment on what you think and please leave a like! :)
  11. Hi first post ok so im brazilian and i love halo the first one i played was halo 3 and it came out with the audio in portuguese. Same with ODST and Reach I really apreciate the whole idea and concern from microsoft and bungie when it comes to turn the game a more embracing experience for everybody in every country and **** but i also would love to hear the original audio of the game (i've seen the manking ofs and the behind the scenes) when Halo: CE came out it was brilliant because the audio was not in portuguese, but there was 'subtitle' option, and that is just perfect. Being that the first game 343 launched, my question is Will Halo 4 have the audio ONLY in portuguese ( or any other language, depending on the country) or will everybody be able to choose between the original audio and the dubbed one ? Peace Out.
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