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Found 8 results

  1. 343 Industries, Thank you for allowing a player named "BLACKMARCOS" (tag: AQUI) to destroy all of our Mantis during the SHOOTOUT IN VALHALLA (TWO GIANTS). We could not kick him out or betray him. I appreciate the awesome game I DID NOT have while he was destroying us. I understand you do not want people killing each other in the game, but you can still destroy each other's vehicles. Way to make that possible. I am not a fan of Halo 4 for many reasons. 1. What is the deal with the shark and the sting ray? 2. The scoring on this game is horrible. Kill/Death ratio should determine how good your score is, not random medals. Who cares if someone gets a railgun kill if they have a K/D ratio of -4. 3. Carnage Report is difficult to read. Put us all in one screen so I don't have to scroll down to see people please. 4. Ordinances are horrible. You're giving special weapons to people who play well. Very unfair. 5. The lag on Spartan Ops is getting out of control. The missions are not even fun anymore. 6. I can only vote once on a map? I can't change my mind? 7. Too many loadout options. Dumb. 8. How about putting some weapons on the maps. I run out of ammo every time before I can find another weapon. 9. FRIENDLY FIRE SHOULD BE TURNED ON!!!
  2. I have downloaded the Forge Map and the Spartan Ops: Episodes 6-10 multiple times. No matter how many times I have downloaded the content I cannot play them. I have already tried different disks and I get the same results. This is a very annoying and frustrating problem, please help.
  3. I can't stop playing team doubles. Theres one thing that really bothers me, however; the map voting system. I love that you can vote towards the map you want, but there is a feature that should there be a 2-2 tie between two maps, the map towards the left takes precedence over the others every time. Its disappointing cause my map will be for instance rail on the far right, and if the other team votes for either map together, they automatically win. I believe that a simple "if two maps have a tie of two votes, flip a coin for two wins. It only makes sense. I hope others agree with this, perhaps the 343 could consider a change. Just my thoughts.. Brent
  4. First of all, don't reply to this unless you have something helpful to say or actually have the power to do something to help. I don't need "boy genius" rebuttals based on opinion. "hey man, the game got a high score on duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh.". Save it, I spent (and continue to spend) good money here, I have a right to complain if I wish. There are some things on my mind that we need to have a little chat about, these things have caused me to not even want to play the game anymore. I'll list them in numbered order and below that I'll go into further detail. 1. My account has been banned from using voice communications for apparently no reason and for too long. 2. My loadouts keep getting reset. 3. You added Team Snipers for only a week? 4. You sell early access to an add-on map pack on the first day the game comes out. 5. The map selection is.... terrible. 6. You drove level progression as a new system while capping xp and not allowing people to level past 70 (unless they bought limited edition) until today. 7. Perfections not showing up. Okay addressing Number 1, as stated I have been banned from voice communications for [insert explanation here]. I received a notification of this about 10 minutes after a big team match. I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong. Also the pop-up said that I was banned for a week and it's been much longer than that. Needless to say I WANT IT BACK. Number 2! The loadouts.... uuuuugh the loadouts... I customize them perfectly for my use in ever-changing "battle situations", but yea they seem to reset just about every other time I get on. Number 3, this is stupid, it was a popular one! You're effing Microsoft for goodness sake. If Bungie was able to afford to have this as a game type all the time then why can't you? Pick something badass and stick with it, this is what grows great expectations of a business... consistency. DERP. Number 4, I've never seen a game so blatantly putting money first. Right from the get go this was apparent with the ad for the purchase of a future map pack popping up right when I put the game in for the first time. Now don't get me wrong, as an avid gamer I know that add-on content is to be expected, not only does it ad things like "replayability" for the consumer but also hikes profits for the developer/publisher. But it shouldn't be like this, "Oh now that you bought the game, you should buy something else...". Number 5, this one kind of ties into number four. You could have included those maps, but you decided to sell them separately instead. Thanks a lot. Number 6, this was a big one for not only me, but all of the friends that I gamed with from day one. Bought the game, some dew, doritos, (for dub xp and munchies) did some war games, spartan ops... Here I am on the 21st at level 70 not able to go anywhere. Guess what I did... Played Starcraft 2 instead. Would have rather used your product (play Halo) but I had to wait 9 days so I didn't waste my time furthering my commendations without receiving the xp from them. Number 7, not as big of a deal right now, but I've had at least 2 perfections (games with 15 kills or over and no deaths) that should have been counted but didn't show up in the commendations, this was right after I reached level 70. So ya might wanna get that system checked. End.
  5. What ever you call em' youve seen them at one point. Sitting in your match, doing nothing but getting killed by the enemies. Have 1 here and there on your team in some matches is one thing, but when you get like 3+ (Mostly in BTB, but it happens alot in all other gametypes, and dont even get me started on Spartan Ops) it can really just give up the game and make your team loose no matter whatt, and it gets REALLY annoying. And to make this worse, these people get good amounts of XP for doing this stuff. There is a thing in the game where if you sit through the whole match from begining to end and do nothing, you dont get jack squat. But people still get around this by getting 1 or 2 kills in the begining but then right after going AFK the rest of the match. Same thing happens in both Spartan ops and War Games. I understand 343i is trying right now, but this is something that REALLY needs to be fixed . By adding maybe a Vote to Kick, or a AFK kick script or something. But i dont mean to get on to 343, after all 343i is doing a Great job! (even though im getting irritated by things like STILL waiting on that email with the code )
  6. I've been playing all night now since it's my day off and between the hours of 03:00hrs and 04:00hrs CST I wasn't given ANY Experience for my games played...Also The Weekly Challenge "DEADEYE" isn't giving me any kills towards it except for the 12 given from the daily challenge "DEADEYE" so having 2 challenges with the same name may be effecting that..the weekly Challenge DEADEYE demands you get 70 kills with head shots with precision weps....I don't know hom much more precision is needed when I'm playing SWAT a DMR and SNIPERS with a SNIPER....also because of this I'm not getting the full potential of my 2x experience through your promotion with Mt.Dew and Doritos...i'd like something done -AngryR4coon
  7. xKeinx


    Ultimately the main campaign and Spartan Ops is great, but the multiplayer infuriates me; I'm going to say that I just don't simply have the proper skill to play multiplayer on par with everyone else. I've beaten the whole game on Legendary (solo and co-op) I've gotten through the first three chapters of Spartan Ops (solo) on Legendary, and even ranked myself up to Level 43. I have continually gotten more and more infuriated each passing match. I haven't even won 117 matches yet, and I pretty much play daily when work allows, but I got to say there must be some who play it constantly from sunrise to sunset because I've never seen such aggressive players charging and dominating the field. It leaves me standing there cursing and just wishing I hadn't bought this product in the first place. I'm sure many will say just stop playing and that's what I'll do; I'm just apparently not made for first person shooter games, though I thought I was if I beat the blasted thing, again, on Legendary. So yeah, hate the multiplayer and the fact that no matter how many times I put bullets into the opposite player, 7/10 times they kill me after just 3 rounds. On a side note, why is it that when I watch the replays of some matches (like swat) I see myself being killed but the reticle of the opposing members weapon isn't on my avatars head? I swear I've never seen anything so annoying in my days as a gamer. So 343 I bought your product, I played it, and I have to say I ****-ing hate the multiplayer, especially when I constantly get the shaft in team-picking as well. The lone level 30+ or 40-ish me pitted against a team of 40+'s while my brethren are 19 through 29. Work on "BALANCING" the Teams created from individual players and pit groups of 4 or more against other groups of, again, 4 or more. With Regards, a disappointed fan (Bungie knew how to make a good game, 343 has a decade if not more to go to catch up) P.S. put a bleeding patch for the A.I. when they're driving and the main character in the gunner seat of a warthog or something of the like; the A.I SUCKS at driving. Surely Bungie gave you programming rights to use their algorithms when Microsoft bought the rights to the Halo franchise.
  8. What happened to the Living Dead game mode? Back in the good old days, (AKA when you could actually play a good map and game mode, circa January 2012) I would hop on, and play a fun round of Alpha Zombies on Sword Base, then continue with the game. Living Dead was my passion. I loved it. It was fun, and everyone I talked to thought so as well. You'll understand then, why I am so bedazzled (No, this is not the correct use of the word) at why it all changed! The announcement came "We'll be including some Player-Made maps to the Living Dead game mode." I thought 'Oh, that'll be fun. Finally a chance to try a little something different.' It was alright at first. I was optimistic about it all, thinking that we were going to play Undead Village, or maybe a spinoff of Hot Pursuit. No. Instead, Living Dead took a terrible, spiralling turn, much like chivalry, of horrible forging. "Uncongealed? Spooky Base? What is this, a concentration camp?!?" Not quite, not yet. But like 1938, the tide was turning, and the scapegoat of 343's Hitlerish wrath was Living Dead. I know what you're thinking. "Did he just make a Holocaust reference?" Yes, I did. For if we don't do something, then the Reach that we know and love could well turn into the site of a Halo-caust. The fun games dissapeared. Alpha Zombies became less common, and then almost inexistant. And soon, the beloved maps that we enjoyed playing dissapeared. I figured that if I kept playing, they were bound to turn up. They haven't. Not even now. I have played Living Dead about 10 times for 2 weeks straight, and the only decent map that ever turned up was Boardwalk (which isn't that bad, except when I say only map, I mean ONLY map). I am not biased about 343, not at all. I really am looking forward to Halo 4, and respect 343 for taking on the monumental task of keeping the fire burning. I don't agree with all their desisions, but I am an optomistic person. I have posted this Topic to make my anger and dislike of what 343 has been doing to Living Dead public. I don't like the game mode anymore now. And the whole "Choose which maps we'll put up by playing them!" thing isn't working. How can we vote on a map we like, if it isn't an option? 343, if you want to do a good thing, bring back Living Dead. The REAL living dead. Because the dish that you've been trying to shove down our throats (no homo) is moldy and tastes like crap. Do the right thing, let the people decide, like on Slayer, or give us a forum to make our opinions heard. Please, listen to us. Comment below if you agree or disagree. Really, I want to know if I'm the only one out here.
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