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Found 14 results

  1. i bought my halo 5 gaurdians digital copy on day of release! it worked for first 20 mins and then shut down to dashboard, as if the game just totally crashed after giving up trying to play i decided to delete the game, refresh my whole xbox, reset default settings, downloaded my gamertag and downloaded all my games again including halo, had an update for halo a couple of times but this issue still happens can not really play the game as game just shuts down to dashboard and i have to reboot it. still connected with my friends in chat but no luck with keeping in the game with them, ive had this issue before with titanfall and had this refunded, but my only solution i know i could do now is buy the game on disk and try that but really dnt think i should do that if anyone has any suggestions please the help would be great thanks again
  2. Halo was the first console game I ever played and has been special to my heart. I was in the process of completing the cross platform "The Master Chief Saga" playlist and the playlist reset back to the first level. All the work I have done means nothing now even though the playlist says I completed all the levels I previously completed. It just won't continue where I left off. This has been a problem for months for other people and I am shocked that it hasn't been fixed. I know I can play the games individually, but the fact that this has not been fixed with Halo 5 only being two weeks away makes me feel a bit cheated as a Halo fan. I know the game was a big undertaking to begin with, but it is hard as a fan to loose progress for an achievement or playlist, especially for fans who do not have a lot of time. 343, please consider fixing this issue and good luck with the Halo 5 release. Praying for the best, Josh
  3. Hi guys, first time posting here, here's my issue: I was just playin my 360s for about two hours (halo 4 of course), after all of the sudden, my console started buzzing really loud and the next thing you know, BAM. My disk broke. Has this happend to one of you as well? ps: I'm getting a refund from microsoft, very nice, except for the fact that I have to pay 15 euros for a refund. kind regards from the Netherlands, Viccepik
  4. I loved Halo 4 when it came out. the multiplayer was amazing! I took a break for a couple months and I recently came back.....what the hell happened? seriously. The game is an absolute mess now. I have never seen weapon balance issues in a shooter like this before, and I have been playing online shooters for over 10 years. The Battle rifle and DMR are way way overpowered. This creates a lot of issues, basically the game is now set up for the hard core who play the game 5 hours a day, which I might ad is the minority. I am no noob, but I am also not a pro, I consider myself an average player and I like to play a couple matches a week. But the game as it stands is an unplayable mess. It was never like this with Bungie, 343 PLEASE do something about this. Whoever is "balancing" the game needs to be fired immediately, that's probably hyperbole but come on. This is Halo an important game, not some flavor of the month. Also who decided to put pro in regular rotations? Everyone hates pro except pro's and there aren't many online.
  5. How long until the Mantis is removed from halo 4 multiplayer? I really thought it would be last patch but i guess 343 didnt have time to do it because of the new DLC. It is extremely OP, it has ruined multiplayer for me, i payed $100 for this game and dont play it because the mantis ruins every map that it is on, and those are the only maps i enjoy playing. Especially CTF on ragnarok, when they just hide behind the hill, it takes half the game to destroy it then it just respawns, and theres no way to get past it. It was a good idea for the campaign and maybe 1 map on multiplayer, but they really over did it. 80% of the people i have talked to want it removed as well, the rest dont mind if it is in or not. So yeah when is it going to be removed 343? I would like a mod's answer please. Or at least a major nerf so it dies in 4 plasma grenades or something. Thanks
  6. I just got Halo 4 for the xbox two days ago and was playing some campaign today. But when I reached the mission "Reclaimer" it won't start and states "Players failed to load content. A player may be missing downloadable content." Does this mission actually require dlc or is it glitched? Anyone know what to do?
  7. I dont follow forums, and i didnt take the time to see if there was another thread regarding this issue obviously. However, i decided for once to post on the forums in the hopes that 343 will somehow receive this message. WAY TO FAIL 343! Ive followed halo since its origination on XBOX. Its the game that made me want the console to begin with. Although the campaign was very good, the multiplayer in halo 4 is just rediculous. To start with: 1. The bolt shot is the biggest POS in the game. Whats the point in having an ordinance weapon shotgun when you can just spawn with a gun thats more powerful? If anythign it should have been more like the mauler form halo 3. 1 shot+melee. Intseadits 'turn the corner F you.' 2. Promethian vision is like a cheating mans dream come true? Where is the skill in anticipating where your opponent is? 2.5 Promethian vision + bolt shot = the biggest wuss combo. 3. when youre getting shot at...isnt that the time you WANT TO RUN AWAY!? So why in the world do bullets prevent you form running/moving? Especially when you have shields up! Froma realistic stand point ok i can see it stopping your movement speed if you have no shields and its physically hurting you but not when you have a shield up. 4. Theres no ranking system AT ALL, so how can you think to have a competition to begin with? theres no standard for how you should play and be judged. How you choose to decide who the best players in this rediculous excuse of an "infinity challenge" is beyond me. Players who use the cheapest sets of perks and weapons are rewarded while those who have skill are punished because they dont wish to participate in cheap tactics. 5. Spawning; It is unnecessary to spawn enemy opponents within 10 yards of a player. The maps are big enough and complex enough to be able to spawn a player in a safe area out of harms way. FIX IT! Stop with this Bull harkey spawning out in the middle of a map where every enemy can instantly just turn and shoot you. Some people CARE about their K/D spreads! 6. Ordinance weapons!? Really? Ok Call of duty! Instead of air strikes and nukes you give players rocket cannons and extra ammo in them if they have the perk for it. 7. Fix the matchmaking team finder! Its bad enough there are so many bad players in this game that dont even know how to hold a controller, dont put players in games where theyre already losing with no chance of a win because of their incompetence. 8. making an automatic weapon just as powerful from far away as a precision weapon is the biggest mistake youve ever made. Why not just have 1 single gun as the primary gun then? Being able to kill someone from far away before they can even 4 shot you in the face makes precision weapons irrelevant mostly. Overall i was excited for the game. At times i still have tons of fun. I try really hard to overlook how much youve sold halo out to be like COD to bring in more gamers. But something has got to change or be fixed. For the readers who come across this, i know im coming off ignorant, and i have skill in the game. I heep a fairly positive KD spread with a goal of always trying to at the least keep it at twice as many kills than deaths. So i know what im doing, im not just a badkid whos mad because i suck.
  8. I cannot connect to any of my friends games or play online. It keeps saying the servers are offline and my spartan is put back down to level 1 and default armor. This is similar to the bug in Halo: Reach, but It's non-tolerable because I can't freakin' play online or with my friends in any mode whatsoever please help me! ( By the way, I have tried dash-boarding and restarting my xbox!)
  9. While playing through on legendary, there is a point in the mission "Reclaimer" where you are on the mammoth and an unidentified ship arrives and shoots a green beam towards the ground. In my game, and I know that I am not alone, the ship never comes even after destroying a very large number of wraiths and ghosts. This process took me at least an hour only for me to find out afterwards that the ship that was supposed to come never came and that the game simply quits progressing at that point. The very last event that ever occurred in the game was a new warthog showing up with two spartans in it. They hopped out and proceeded to aimlessly look and jetpack around the area. After that, nothing, just silence and waiting and the obscure checkpoint trigger here and there. I haven't yet tried restarting the mission just because of how long it took me to reach that point. If anyone knows a fix for this please let me know; I can't find one anywhere.
  10. Is it just me or does the warthog sometimes bounce around or flip over on flat surfaces? I was driving around on some maps today where at random i would just flip over. Theres also some small tiny bushes on maps that makes it spin out of control... feels wierd considering this is a 4WD Military vehicle and it should be heavier.
  11. Hey just wondering if someone (hopefully from 343) could help me with my problem. I have completed every spartan ops mission solo on legendary difficulty to get the challege 'Episode of a Legend' and it's still saying that i haven't completed it and that I dont have that extra 3000 points from it. Just a little fustrating seen as I'm trying my best to 100% every challenge I get set, loving Halo 4 so far and I agree that 343 couldn't have done a better job.
  12. 1. The sniper "rifle" Whever I fire this so called "weapon" it sounds like a baby panda sneezing. A SNIPER SHOULD SOUND VICIOUS AND AGGRESSIVE NOT CUTE AND CUDDLY. 2. OP overshield I hopped into a match of Slayer and a couple minutes in, I had ordinance ready. I called down the overshield, and as I was running to it, someone on the enemy team began firing at me. He would have killed me, but as soon as my shield broke, I picked up the overshield. It recovered my health despite the enemy firing at me, and still gave me a full overshield. So not only was I momentarily invulnerable, but I was able to turn around and kill my opponent without a problem. I have a video of this in my file share, but I've yet to figure out how to find it on the site, so no links. But you should check it out. It's my only video, and it's disgusting. 3. Balance issues galore. Slayer throws you into matches with losing teams expecting you to do something useful, which is inevitably impossible if your opponents have any bit of skill. They've taken Armor Lock and nerfed the Jetpack. Why not nerf the Armor Lock as well, so that I can't get ******* destroyed by faggots who jetpack with a rocket launcher all game? So far this game has disgraced the Halo franchise. The thruster pack is absolutely useless. But above all, 343 has successfully implemented every single aspect from Call of Duty. If I wanted to play that game, I'd ******* buy it instead. Now I risk jumping into a match with someone who can kill me multiple times despite my higher skill level, simply because of bull**** perks and armor abilities. Not to mention that the lunge for the Plasma Sword STILL HAS YET TO BE NERFED. Let me know what you all think. Am I wrong here? Am I over-reacting? Am I neglecting to consider counters?
  13. Hello everybody, as some of you are aware the Active camo ability in Halo 4 is kinda lacking. Not because of the actual camo itself, but rather because of either the retecle or the jamming of the radar. If your in matchmaking and your crouched in camo and an enemy's retecle hovers over you it will turn red thus giving away your position. This would not be so much of a problem if the scrambling of the enemy's radar had a bigger diameter around the indivuduel who was hidden. But since the overall area of the scramble is fairly low it gives away the general location of the person who is hidden. As such the only thing the person who is trying to find the hidden person has to do is skim there retecle over the ground or on top of stuff. This issue as i said can be solved with either one of three options. Option 1: Increase the overall diameter of the scrambling of the radar to decrease chance of a "hunter" finding the hidden person Option 2: Decrease the silluote of the hidden person while in camo mode, this will allow for a more even playing field when trying to assassinate or kill an individual. Option 3: Remove the red reticle option when hovering over an enemy that has active camo on, this would make the "hunter" have to use his eyes instead of his croshair. I hope that sombody of importance will see this, as active camo has always been my favorite addition to a spartan (starting with Halo ce) Sincerly One avid Halo gamer Bobertz
  14. I looked this up online and found other sites posting about it. The reclaimer mission. When the mother ship is supposed to come down. The game breaks here. It just sits and doesn't let you progress. Tried reloading the game. The last part was a pain in the ass and took a good part of my evening. I'm very frustrated right now. I looked for other enemies, but there are none. Please fix this 343. I have halo a chance and if this isn't fixed I won't be buying another halo in the future. I'm just a lukewarm fan of the series so I will be easily lost if you can't at least let me finish the campaign with the developers original coding breaking.
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