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Found 16 results

  1. Looking for someone to play co-op in halo MCC any campaign or difficulty. Msg me to play my camera is Jedi Crux. I meant to say my gamertag is Jedi Crux.
  2. Hello! As you can tell from the title what the question is... the other day I was on Halo 2 (PC) and only like 15 other people were playing it! And it's starting to make me angry! Halo 2 is still one of my favorite Halos and I really want more people to come play it, so tell all of your friends to buy it! (Even though I know you wont LOLOLOLOLOL) Thanks, B055_71
  3. So i recently bought RPG maker on my pc, and decided, that im gonna make a game loosely based on the forums here, i say loosely because i may or may not need the change things up to fit my narrative. So my question is would anyone be interested in playing it? And seeing as i dont want to put anyone in it without asking so if anyone would like to be in it as an NPC let me know. Also know that im a pretty bad writer so the story will mostly likely suck and be full of plot holes and spelling errors.
  4. Hey, Just looking for a few players that are fairly serious of temperament who wanna play. I play to win and that's hard to do in team games with random players who are seemingly clueless. Don't care if you have mic or anything cause mine is broken right now anyway. Just need a few people that can aim. Add iKrameTrain if you are interested.
  5. Halo 4 is a pretty great game that came out quite a while ago now. So how much do you still play the game; I am interested to know. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for some people to play with tonight and in the future. Must have mic or be able to listen. Send me a friend Request @ Neogigas667. I'd love to get some 3 v 3 party play going if possible.
  7. So heres how this works. Make a character/characters in one of the following catagories: Marine ODST ONI Operative Spartan IV Pilot Tanker Frigate Captain Human Allied Covenant Basically anything that would work for/with the UNSC. Here's the Sign up sheet. Name: Affiliation(What class they are): Rank: Race(if your covenant) Appearance: Weapon of choice: History: If you are a Frigate Captain use this to design your ship. Name: UNSC __________ Class: Size: Crew Size: Armament: History(if any) The basis of the story is you've all been assign to the UNSC Eagle's Talon. It is on a patrol mission around Human Occupied space. (Earth, Requiem, Reach, Other invented planets) This means you will have Missions with widely various objectives, different enemies, and different locations. Depending on your class, you may get special missions. ex. the ONI operative would get Deniable Ops. special Under the radar missions of Galactic Security. (Kinda CIA/KGB stuff) I will be posting Characters that work aboard the "ET" that will be coming up frequently as you work aboard it. Such as the Captain, head doctor, chef, A.I. and more. Let me know if you have any Idea's. Accepted --------------- Ledgend1221 BaconShelf HaloGeek Yoshi1176 Helljumper425 dryskim showstopper145
  8. To put it simply, im looking for people who play custom games in h4, preferably flood. If you still play please please send me a message/friend request. My gamertag is Thirteen Sloths, il probably be changing it to something less *** soon but when I do il just post it. Also feel free to leave your gamertag if you do play.
  9. Well I wanted to go play some halo.... when I realized that all of the XBL servers are down..... lol CHINA?!?!?!?! im just joking.... any updates anyone?
  10. Hello, i'm looking for more people to add to my friends list. I like playing all the different matchmaking game types and im looking to get more into Custom Games (so hopefully some people are looking for more for their groups). Im a casual gamer, i talk but i dont run my mouth, but i do enjoy some real competitive gameplay if it comes down to it, and i work 50 hours a week so i mainly play weekends and sometimes after work (around 6-9 PST) Add me if you'd like to play together GT: Reptiholic
  11. For some odd reason i cant play the campaign. I have installed disc 2. All i can do is watch the Prologue. Its SuPER annoying because i was so excited to play it. PLEASE HELP ME.
  12. From here until Halo 4 comes out I am going to complete the entire Halo series on co-op! Starting with Halo CEA, You must have a microphone and be at least 14. This is gonna go on Youtube so don't act stupid, Act Funny! To enter you must: Be 13 or older Have a microphone Be willing to be on Youtube Agree to Microsofts Content Usage Rules Have Halo CEA and/or Halo 3 To enter Send me a message on Xbox Live GT: A 4Runner Tank Recording starts every other day at 6pm up until Halo 4 releases on November 6
  13. Hello community! I would appreciate playing Battlefield with some people either it is 1 person or 10, i don't care! Multiplayer or co-op. (You don't need a mic, i don't have either) Just send me a request on XBL or PM. Thanks.
  14. anyone want to play odst firefight for the laugh or even need the achievements msg gt (S Lacertus)
  15. Im curious to see what clans are still out their and are still going strong even after a bunch of them fell apart after Reach. I was just wondering what clans, are available and worth joining, please let me know. (Well organized clans are the most appreciated.) Thanks!, Master
  16. Grunts. The little guys. Alien cannon fodder. The things you love to kill. Some find them cute. But, there is a time in every Halo fans life when he/she thinks: What if I could play as a Grunt? Imagine it, you're a Grunt in a new playlist: Grunt slayer. You have Spartan shields. You move as fast as a Spartan and hitting the crouch button makes you more accurate, you move slower and you disappear from the motion tracker. You can use any weapon, you have armour abilities like armour lock and armour effects like Birthday Party and you melee with the strength of an Elite. You can also pilot vehicles, jump and do anything else Spartans and Elites can. Like with Elites you unlock different armour classes from minor to ultra. I want it!
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