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Found 12 results

  1. I'm getting in the art kind of mood so spread some good cheer I'll be taking requests for my beloved trash art! Type of drawing you want Background/etc Text/etc Size Stupidity of the piece / Less stupid or very stupid Examples of my beloved masterpieces This one contains strong language, move along kiddos, adults only. As a reminder, I'm doing one masterpiece per member absolutely for free. Make sure to have your expectations incredibly low as you witness literal trash on your computer screens. InfinityDusk out!
  2. Alot of people I encounter on websites, customs or on matchmaking think they are soooo good apparently. I don't know what triggers this encounter in Halo 4 because in Reach it wasn't so many. Their would be the occasional person that would be decent but not even good. Now in Halo 4 people try soo hard and think they're good. Well I'm sure it is the massive aim assist in Halo 4 because people could shoot the torso or beside the head and end up with a headshot. That didn't happen so often in past other halo games where wherever you had your reticle is where the bullet is going to go. But with the massive hitbox's and magnetism in this game even nobody's could out br/dmr a decent player. Then they go ahead and brag about it and say they did this on who. it just irritated me and wanted to know if anybody had these encounters. I don't think it is healthy and that aim assist and the hit box's need need to be reduced ASAP. But of course I'm sure people will argue that it is good to help the people just starting but the fact is that you're not going to get better with fake aim.
  3. Hello 343i community, I came up with an idea yesterday in my head and wanted to see the community's opinion on it. I think that there should be a Leader-boards to promote friendly competition among this website. I have noticed the small lack of competitiveness among this website's members. I think it would add a different option for being known on the site rather than having quality posts. How it would work: The leader-board would be hooked up with Halo Waypoint or Halo Tracker to show individuals' stats. There would be different categories for things such as K/D, Wins, AVG Score, Skill Rank, and gametypes. I think that many members would be able to show off their Halo skills with this. This is just my opinion, please tell me what you think about this idea.
  4. I really want to get my win / loss ratio up, but lately that has become quite near impossible. Every game I join it is in progress and we lose tremendously. I have to go positive at least 20 kills just to barely win. My teamates are always mic-less and just run in the middle and die. Is it something 343 has added recently? No one ever really wants to play Halo 4. What I want to know is, is anyone else having this problem? Also, I don't want to play Regicide because I don't think I would win that much, and Flood just isn't fun anymore.
  6. Who else would like to see a remake of the game Conker live and reloaded that was on the original xbox and was a remake of the game Conkers bad fur day? It was one of my all time favorite multiplayer games and had a hilarious story line. Here are some pics of the characters in the multiplayer.
  7. This same thread has been made before, but I'm making it again because it can't be overstated. I'm frustrated to no end with jumping into a game where I can't communicate with my team because the connections are such that they jump all over the map or I do. I check my speed and I'm running 20/2 up/down. You can't tell me it's my connection. That connection works flawlessly on every other game I own. The piss poor connectivity is truly the only thing that bothers me. I know maps are coming out, but you could have release more from the get-go. Another point along the same lines is that I miss the options from previous Halo games. I'd rather wait an extra few seconds and get into a game with people that have better connections than get dropped into a lag fest because we are trying to have an international orgy online. It's ridiculous. So much good in this game. Likewise, so much room for improvement.
  8. Okay, so I just finished Halo 4 campaign.... The ending was worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Gears 3 ending was better than this ****, and that was possibly the most god awful thing I have ever seen. Now this tops it. 343 Industries . I hope that the creative director and the story line writer burn in hell. for the love of god ALMIGHTY like it legit turned into a dramatic piece of ****, wasted 60 dollars on something I can watch on T.V for free. like MC doesn't have feelings and look what you did, he is jerking off at the end because he is too much of a little ***** to say **** YOU CORTANA, like she did work good for her, but like MC doesn't need to become the ***** too, and last but not least.... Making MC talk a lot made me want to blow my **** off, he is not suppose to talk. that is how his character is, you took Bungies god given gift and put inside your ******** for 3 days after eating tacos and burritos for 2 days... letting chronic diarrhea out of all your wide spread ass holes. So **** you all. and have a wonderful day. P.S Do not make halo 5. P.S.S The ending scene after credits is the biggest rip off of transformers. get original you fat lazy ***** P.S.S.S This game is probably going to lead to my death. P.S.S.S.S MC never takes off his helmet and shows any part of his face, and you guys ****** that up too. God dammit you guys must blow donkey **** for a living. P.S.S.S.S.S Thanks for the online MC amour, im wearing it now. P.S.S.S.S.S.S The online is pretty fun But **** your campaign.
  9. I thought Halo 4 seemed good in the trailers, but I was wrong... Halo has become COD and if 343 Industries had any idea, HALO PLAYERS HATE COD PLAYERS... UPDATE: After reading through some things, Halo 4 is a pretty good game... Some guns and vehicles are over powered and there are some bugs but with a small update i think the game will be one of the best Halo's out there.. So, do u agree or disagree? SPEAK ABOUT HALO BUGS, IN HALO 4 THERE ARE TONS... **********CHECK OUT A "BASIC" LIST HERE: CLICK ME
  10. I've been a Halo fan ever since it came out, it's probably one of the most compelling and amazing stories if you really get into it. Halo 1 (or Anniversary) was an interesting story, Halo 2 was the best story of them all, Halo 3 was great, ODST was just based on the events of 3, and Reach wasn't that good. However the art concept of Reach was amazing and online game play, but the campaign was like any other shooter game... random missions and isn't very deep or compelling. Halo Wars was interesting and did grasp the meaning of Halo in a sense, while Reach didn't. Halo 4 is going to be similar to Reach, and it's not looking very good in certain spots (however game play looks amazing and the art and the graphics are phenomenal). Now many people are like, "Well it's a new story!" and the ORIGINAL fans are not happy about it though. If you actually play the whole series and study it, you won't want it to change. There's still many unanswered questions. Bungie had an idea for the story from beginning to end, then Bungie separated from Microsoft and 343 Industries took over Halo, and now the story is altered in a few major areas. A minor issue that I've heard A LOT of complaints about is how terrible the new armor looks (I can actually agree on this...). Come on 343, why did you make it look like some crazy 1970's version of Halo? That's a disappointment. However, there are parts I am excited about! Like how Cortana is now diminishing and going crazy, what's going to happen? That's something I'm eager to know! One big thing a lot of people are asking about in Halo 4: "What about the Elites?" That's a huge question for this. Is 343 being arrogant and too afraid to follow the series and decide to alter the story more to make Elites enemies again? Or is there something more deep? That's a question to be answered. People loved Elites when they separated from the Covenant in Halo 2. In Halo 3, you could actually customize your Elite in key areas and play as it on ALL game modes (except campaign of course unless you do multiplayer). Then Reach comes along, you can hardly play as an Elite on hardly any game modes, plus you couldn't customize it, only with full body armor. This made a lot of people disappointed. That was Bungies fault though. Now in 4 you cannot play as Elites at all, but now a lot people don't care because they're now used to it. I really don't mind but I really wish we could have more options. My main concern is the campaign, is it the beginning of the end for Halo? Will Halo turn into a basic, pointless shooter game? Or will it keep going and people will still love it? I'm leaving that for you to decide! ****UPDATE: Thanks for all of the replies, I'm now pretty hyped up over Halo 4, I read Halo: Glasslands, and Halo: The Thursday War. It's starting to make sense. Thanks again for the replies and have an Awesome Day! **** ***UPDATE 2: I've played the game and it was amazing, thanks for the replies, have an Awesome Day! ***
  11. why are the elites in halo 4 hostile again what happend?
  12. Ok so over the past thre to maybe four weeks I have been seeing a rediculouse ammount of threads about "oh the horror, halo 4 LE is no longer worth it". Well I have created this thread to give us some clarity on what has and has not been announced by 343i and I hope that this CAN answer all of your questions about "what are we actually geting" and is it still worth it for LE buyers like myself. Well, what are we getting?- Ingame Stuff and Goodies War games map pass- I have seen a lot of confusion recently about the war games map pass and whether or not the standalone is the only one that comes with the Strider and Scanner helmets. I am very very pleased to confirm that the War games map pass that comes with the LE also comes with the two helmets just like the standalone pass. Dont believe me?, here: "In an effort to aid completionists in their quest for collecting as many items as possible, we wanted to include the in-game content in BOTH versions. Now that the “I”s are dotted and the “T”s are crossed, we can finally confirm that the LE War Games Map Pass and the standalone War Games Map Pass both come with two bonus in-game helmets (Scanner and Strider), as well as a unique in-game emblem (Falcon). We’re also excited to reveal the specifics of the three map packs included in the Map Pass"- Halo waypoint 25.10.12 Specializations Early Access- Unfortunantly 343i HAS announced that our early access to the specializations is no longer exclusive to us LE buyers, the stand alone players who play before Nov 20th (about 99.9999%) will also have access to the specializations. Recruit Armour- I have heard a lot about the recruit armour no longer being exclusive to us LE buyers, apparently 343i has now replaced the Warrior armour with the Recruit armour as the new starting armour, I personally dont believe that this is true and have not seen anything about this on twitter, waypoint or anywhere else, A rumour perhaps?. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn It HAS been confirmed by 343i that the LE of H4FUD will be streamed through waypoint and not included as a disk, personally I am not overly surprised, as they taught me in school, "it it sounds too good to be true it probably is", I am not angry with 343i for doing this but what does upset me a little is how it was never stated outright that it would be a disk. But still they could have communicated just a little better. My view/ Is it still worth buying the LE? Yeah look, Im going to have to say that the LE is still worth buying. I will NEVER cancel my preorders to any Halo games becuase my preorder is all about this- "I would like to preorder the LE of Halo x and pay a bit extra becuase I want to go that bit further and show my added support for the halo series, its not about what you get but about me saying here have this bit extra to make the next game better" If you have any more questions about the Halo 4 release please just post them in this thread and I will try to get the info out of 343i and answer your questions. Sincerely, Rossco
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