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Found 13 results

  1. I have seen multiple posts about this, with almost 0 acknowledgement. Everyone who has been experiencing the lag issues have enough internet speed, and by now have spread all the basic troubleshooting info to no avail. I myself have done everything possible, to the point that my entire network was completely unprotected and it still did not work. I have been waiting for this game for a long time, and I do like it, but as far as multiplayer goes, I have had maybe 2 games that didn't have game breaking lag for me. I understand that the people experiencing these issues are in the minority, but to be ignored the way we have is completely unacceptable. If the issue can not be fixed then we should be given a full refund of the game. This is supposed to be the ultimate competitive online experience, yet I consider it a huge stroke of luck to see an opponent not jumping across the screen, or running into a wall. Finally I have some pictures I was able to take while lagging, since I was able to walk around the out of bounds areas at leisure.
  2. Here is the list of everything I have done: -gave my xbox static IP -forwarded all necessary ports -QoS priority to xbox -put xbox into DMZ -bought new modem -tried different dns settings I have spent so much -Yoinking!- time and money just trying to play this -Yoinking!- game. This unacceptable, I have done everything.
  3. I bought an XBox One over the weekend. I got the "Halo: Master Chief Collection" bundle from Walmart. Right now this is the only game I'm interested in playing. It's how I keep in touch with friends from back home. You'll understand my disappointment when I found that the game's online multiplayer works about as good as a screen door on a submarine. I can't join an in-game group with my friend. Neither of us can successfully join a multiplayer session. All my network settings are correct. My internet is plenty fast. Shame on me for not researching the game before I purchased it. I guess I figured I could trust the "HALO" name. Woops. I tried contacting Microsoft. The illustrious "Erl" told me he couldn't help, and that my only option is posting on this forum. So here I am. In conclusion, I'm super glad I bought something that doesn't work.
  4. Start -- Xbox Support Chat -- info: Privacy Statement You are now chatting with 'Judie'. Judie: Thank you for contacting Xbox Support. My name is Judie. How are you doing today? Justin: I'm good. Thanks Judie: Hi there, Justin! Glad to know that you're doing good. And thanks for the info. Judie: It says here that you want to get info about the community video game event, right? Justin: Yes. Judie: Alright. Just to verify, are you trying to host a party on any Xbox games? Justin: I don't own any Xbox games or systems as of now. But if I knew I could host this event, I would make plans on buying some. Judie: Alright. You can actually broadcast your game plays through Twitch. But for now, Live broadcasting is not yet available. So if you would like to broadcast your game plays, you will be needing DVR to record it. Here, let me provide you a link to check the features of the Live broadcasting using Twitch. Judie: Twitch on Xbox One Justin: Sorry, to be more specific. I want to rent the Youth Center and have games systems available for the community to play with/against each other. Judie: Oh, I see. If I may ask, what tournament do you have in mind, Justin? I mean what games will you be playing? Judie: Like some tournament of fighting games, I meant 1 vs 1? Justin: Depends on what system I can use and if I need the publishers permission to use their games. Justin: Right here I just want to know what do I need to do to use your system for this community video game event? Steps to take. Judie: Hold on, give me a minute or two. Judie: Sorry to make you wait, Justin. Judie: Justin, can you provide some more details about your planned activity please. Judie: Sorry for the questions, just want to make sure that we are on the same page. Judie: Like do you want to connect all consoles together and play the same game? Judie: Or like some kind of a sponsorship from Xbox? Justin: The plan is to rent the back of the Youth Center. Advertise to my town of a Video Game Event. People show up and play games against each other or coop. I want to have 2 or more gaming stations for 2 or 4 player games each. If unable to use Xbox consoles, I'll try Playstation next. Then finally try Steam OS Custom Built PC's. Justin: Or Linux PC's Justin: I'd buy everything. I'm not looking for assistance. Just permission. Judie: I totally understand, Justin. All you need to do is to contact the game developer of the game that will be used on your tournament. They will be the one to seek an approval or permission to use the system. I believe this is totally depends on you, you just need to tell them that you wanted to use either Xbox 360 or Xbox One for the tournament. Justin: Awesome! Thanks. And is the permission for how frequent this event is also up to the developers? Judie: Yes, Justin. You can coordinate with the game developers on how long will the tournament will run or how frequent. I can provide you some of the game developer's contact numbers. Justin: Yes Please! Thank you! Judie: Here: Judie: 2k Sports: 866-219-9839 Judie: Rockstar Games: 866-405-5464 Judie: CAPCOM: 650-350-6700 Judie: EA: 866-543-5435 Judie: UbiSoft: 866-824-6515 Judie: Namco Bandai Games: 408-235-2222 Judie: There you go. Justin: Amazing! Thank you Judie: It's a pleasure. Sorry for taking too much time, Justin. I just want to make sure that we are on the same page. Judie: Would there be anything else I can assist you with? Justin: What about Halo? Microsoft Judie: For Halo, you should contact: 343 Industries Justin: Great. Thanks Judie: Here is the link for the 343 Industries. It's their community forums. Judie: 343 Industries Justin: thanks Judie: You are most welcome. Hope I was able to provide you all the info. But if there's anything else I can help you, please let me know. Justin: k. Have a great day! Judie: Likewise and take care! Good luck on your event, Justin! Judie: Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support! To end your chat session please click "Close chat" above the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Have a great day! End -- Xbox Support Chat -- ---- So 343industries, Do I need your permission to use your games for these Community Video Game Events? I ask because I just got done chatting with Playstation and they're answer was: Jaime M.: Thank you for your patience Justin, alright as far as I understood you would like to perform a Video Game Event in your current town and you are asking us for our permission to use our systems on that event, and you will purchase those consoles. Jaime M.: Am I correct? Justin Richardson: Yes. Jaime M.: Alright Justin, let me tell you that since you are purchasing the systems , and also the games I don't see any kind of permission that we must provide to you, which means that you are free to go ahead with your Vide Game event! Justin Richardson: Awesome! Thanks! Justin Richardson: Now do I still need permission from the game developers as well? Justin Richardson: To use their game? Jaime M.: You are welcome Justin! And I don't see any reason why you should ask for that kind of permission Justin, in theory you are paying for the licenses when you purchase the game so you are free to use it Justin, you are not doing something bad.
  5. EA has released a list of 50 games that will soon be losing online support. This following list is of games that will be losing online support in late June due to the recent announcement of GameSpy's closing: As you can see, a very large number of games on many platforms will be losing online support, this is very disheartening news to many gamers. EA has released an official statement along with the announcement of this list saying: "Since GameSpy’s announcement, our teams have been working to evaluate options to keep services up and running. Unfortunately, due to technical challenges and concerns about the player experience, we do not have a solution at this time. Online services for EA games on the GameSpy platform will be closed down at the end of June." You can see from this statement that EA is indeed working hard to keep at least some of these games online. Though some of these games were already set to lose their online support due to Nintendo discontinuing their Wi-Fi connection services. What do you think of this News? Will this change in service affect you? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below. Special thanks to @Zelda for showing me this news! SOURCE:YAHOO GAMES
  6. Hi, I have recently purchased an Xbox 360 which came with two games in the box one of which is Halo 4. When I tried to play the game I installed Disk 2 without any problems, unfortunately when I try to play it it says that Disk 1 is unreadable. I tried to replace it at the store where I bought it however they told me I should contact Microsoft instead because the game is not for a separate sell. I contacted Microsoft and they told me I should write a post here. Could you please tell me how can I get my game replaced and what information you need to do this. Thank you very much. Best regards, Stiliyan
  7. Hello and i want to buy a computer, i think i found a decent one for gaming. this http://www.shopping....360t-Desktop-PC is a good one i think. to lasy to click it here are some specs (basic settings for it btw) Processer: 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770 quad-core processor [3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache] Memory: 8GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs] Graphics: 1GB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 7570 [HDMI, DVI, VGA via adapter] I think this is really good for gaming. I know the processer is good but the graphics, i heard radon is good but i dont know graphic cards much. All of this is 800$ (on sale). Any help needed
  8. Good evening - I signed up for the Tournament on 12/09/2012 and in VirginGaming a couple of days after. Yesterday I was searching for my rank in the Leaderboards and I cant find myself. I been playing ever since I signed up to be ready for it. How can I view my Tier and score? or What do I need to do to bring it up, please advise? Thank you, Zez
  9. Amplify Gaming has newly spread from black ops 2 to halo 4 with over 1000 members, us halo players are trying to push Split it 50/50! Weather you play competitively or just like to kick back and socialize, AGC has it all. Just go to www.amplifygaming.com to sign up and say Johnnyhand18 sent you! also add me on xbox live for more info!
  10. I've been playing all night now since it's my day off and between the hours of 03:00hrs and 04:00hrs CST I wasn't given ANY Experience for my games played...Also The Weekly Challenge "DEADEYE" isn't giving me any kills towards it except for the 12 given from the daily challenge "DEADEYE" so having 2 challenges with the same name may be effecting that..the weekly Challenge DEADEYE demands you get 70 kills with head shots with precision weps....I don't know hom much more precision is needed when I'm playing SWAT a DMR and SNIPERS with a SNIPER....also because of this I'm not getting the full potential of my 2x experience through your promotion with Mt.Dew and Doritos...i'd like something done -AngryR4coon
  11. Subtitle adjustments Hi, I`m new here and I need to get in contact with 343 industries. A friend of mine got his version of Halo 4 early, and discovered that his version had Norwegian subtitles. We are both Norwegian (from Norway, north Europe), but find Norwegian subtitles ghastly. I know it probably is considered a minor inconvenience for most people, but I find it horrible. There probably are similar situations in other countries, and it might be no one else mind, but think of it as a matter of having a choice. So I was wondering if you (343 industries) could make an update, that would allow me to switch to English subtitles, or just turn them off entirely. I don`t know who is responsible for the way things are now, but I would really appreciate if someone could fix this. You can think of it as fan service ^^ (Also, if this is in the wrong area in the forum, please inform the correct people ) Fanboy greetings from HighlandDeer
  12. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), also referred to in America as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. As well as providing a platform for breast cancer charities to raise awareness of their work and of the disease, BCAM is also a prime opportunity to remind women to be breast aware for earlier detection. Let us show our support here at 343iCF by wearing the pink ribbon for the month of October! I have created a special ribbon for use in signatures and avatars! Simply copy and paste the image in your signature to show your support! I will also be using a special signature designed specifically for the month of October! Choot
  13. Hey 343 and 343 fans I couldn't find a support number or email so I'm posting this on the fourms. I'm going to purchase the limited edition because I am a hardcore halo fan and would love to play ALL the maps on the xbox in my basement using my gamertag. But my 9 year old little brother also wants to play all these maps on his gamertag, on a seperate xbox (in the same house). Will I be able to double install these maps on both xboxs? Or will it be linked to my gamer tag? Will he also have to purchase the $100 limited edition also because all I want to do is play with him online like I do in halo reach. I hope an 343 representative or someone experienced on the topic sees this soon. Respond soon please.
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