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  1. I'm a little late but it's been 1 year sinc e I joined the forum. From the first day I joined there was a lot of friendly members that greeted me and helped me out. It's been a great first year and I hope to stay here for a long time. I would like to thank everyone for being nice and helpful and the best that you can be.
  2. Hello everyone, I'd like to take this time to say thank you. To all of my friends that have made the forum a fun and inspiring place to be I thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. The forum means a lot to me because it helped me understand what true friends mean to me, also it has taught me how to become a better person, and also to help me correct my mistakes.. and for that I show my deepest gratitude. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about staying after the first year that I have been here, but now realizing how much this community, friends, and even the people who I don't really socialize with truly mean to me. The thing is, we are like one big family here, helping others with problems, answering politely when someone has a question, fun events to keep the community on their toes, these are the little things that make me feel welcome to be apart of this forum. I may not be the most honorable member, but I like to be here because it's truly special to me, and I hope it is for you too. - Just wanted to show my appreciation for the forum, for my friends, and for the good times I've had on here so far, and hope to have many more in the future.. *Also if this is in the wrong topic feel free to move it, sorry ahead of time.*
  3. Where do you live in the forums? Do you take pride for a certain section, a certain topic? Where do you stand as a leader of your section?
  4. So with recent topics in the shoutbox and discussion, I believe it is time that we would make a thread based on it for everyone to share their choices. The topic is simple. Just state which members you would like to meet in real life. If you wish, you may give a reason as well. This thread isn't more of a judgement of opinion, it's more of fun entertainment. I'll start it off to get this going. If I could meet any forum members in real life, I would have to choose: Drizzy_Dan BATMAN Yoshi1176 Fox McCloud and Agent York.
  5. Well, it's been awhile, but I saw similar topics and remembered how excited I was do here it is!! Not too long ago I turned purple/trusted member!! Ever since I got here I thought purple was the best color, and finally, I got it. I'm glad and proud of myself for getting up to 200 posts, and I hope to keep making high-quality posts here on the forums!!
  6. 2014 was a great year so lets celebrate by giving a sendoff to it and remembering all the great things that happened over the last 365 days! A lot happened in the world of gaming this year! We got to play Halo the Master Chief Collection And The Halo 5 Beta! (Advanced warfare came out but no one cares) We also had a big change in the staff! Going into the year we had the: Art Department News Department Event's Department Communications and of course, the guys that keep this possible: Community Moderators Moderators and Twam (Administrator) Coming out of the year the Staff looked completely different! Comms was completely dissolved, and Art department became Forum Productions, Ran by: Austinacious Jack Of Harts and Bnus! The Events team got a new name, Events Management (Fancy) This lovely group is ran by: D-38 Boss Cooliest and Sikslik7! News Group stayed the same except for the addition of a new member. This wonderful group finds all our info we want for us! How kind! This group is ran by: Adam91 Edward Kenway and of course Unease P34nut! Now we had these groups since the dawn of time more or less, but this year we gained a new group. The Forge Group! This new and exciting group is more of a duo, ran by the forgeing kings themselves... Zandril and Maestro! Now to the important guys, they have done so much this year, besides setting people straight, they keep the place running. Lets give a big thank you to our mods! Azaxx TheSilverCenturion DocSpartan007 Drizzy_Dan GermanShepherD Church The Director and 2014's addition to the list! Beckoningzebra1! Our wonderful Moderator: RedStarRocket91 And most importantly: Twam. Where would any of us be without him? Waypoint, that's were, so be thankful. Now I ask you guys, to post your favorite memories from this year below, whether you tell us or post a screen shot, lets look back on the year! In the spoiler below is one of my favorite moments, The day someone tried to sell cheap belts on a Halo forum!
  7. Yoshi For President This is the campaign thread for the peoples voice, Yoshi1176! You may be asking why vote for Yoshi? Well it is simple really, I here what you guys have to say, I can voice your concerns and issues and get them fixed. As president I will help rid the forum of all bad things like Shrek. ---- Credentials: I am one of few canidates that can say they are not communist. I know a lot of people on the site and have no problem talking to everyone I studied at Harvard ---- You have anything that you want voiced? Post it below! If you want to help support your voice and friend wear one of these snazy signatures - Thanks to Vitamin PWN for making these so wonderfully! -Supporters- 1.Vitamin PWN
  8. Empire of the Forum Join me as we shall take over the ancient known world! Recently, I have been playing a considerable amount of Certain Affinity's "Rome 2: Total War." For those of you who do not know about the game, it is a turn-based strategy game set in Roman times, soon after Alexander the Great's death. The goal is to have your faction become the most powerful empire/republic, and crush your opponents through war and diplomacy. With the recent release of some major DLC, I felt this would be a perfect time to share this game with the rest of you. So, what is all of this about a "Forum Empire?" I hope that together as a forum we can start a Let's Play, hosted by me and possibly another forum member. I would be able to broadcast our time using Twitch, and edit and submit the videos for the forum Youtube Channel, creating either a complete play-through, or just highlights of our time playing. Here is where the community will come in: all of the important decisions will be left up to the forum to decide. Do we wage a naval war on Carthage, or land armies to sack Rome? Do we form a Celtic confederation, or subjugate them all? You need to know nothing about the game to participate. Just tell me what I should do next. I will try to accomplish as many of the decisions as possible, even if they are hard or outright crazy strategy-wise.If you really have no clue about what I should do, just tell me to wipe out another faction, or make an alliance if possible! So our first important decisions: 1. Do you want two people playing together, or just myself? If so, Who is wiling to join me? 2. What factions do we play as? (List below) Voting has ended for round 1, proceed to Round 2 voting below. The Starting Campaign Map: http://uppix.net/HYbHiO.jpg The Playable Faction List (I have all DLC): http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/Factions Voting for Faction ends on April 11th, at 10 PM EST. A Brief Summary of each Faction: Rome: The new Latin power in Italy. Has decent relations with Greek states to begin, but war will come with Carthage and the Celtic Tribes to the North. Powerful swordsman. Carthage: The old Punic power of Africa. Has decent relations with the Iberians, but will be thrust into War with Rome and desert tribes. Powerful pikes, cavalry, and elephants. Greek Factions: Macedon: The descendants of Alexander the Great. Their power is fading, but will set out on a new campaign to unite the Greek World. Powerful pikes and skirmishers. Athens: The city of Democracy has come across rough times. They are militarily weaker, but have good ties to Egypt and other Greek Factions. More naval and spear centered. Sparta: The militaristic city-state of Greece. Will they unite Greece and Anatolia, or set out West to reestablish Greek power there? Strong spears and pikes. Epirus: Descendants of Alexander's Greek mother. They have recently lost a war with Rome, and have the hatred of the Greek States. They have a good mix of troops. Pontus: The new Greek State in Anatolia. Will they go East to rule the Persians, go North to eliminate the nomadic horsemen, or Conquer Greece itself? Strong pikes and chariots. Seleucid: The Greek rulers of the East, although hated for it. They will have to go East, but can they hold off other Greek competitors? Strong mix of Pike, swords, cavalry, and elephants. Egypt: The Ptolemaic dynasty has held a grudge against other Greeks for decades. Will they go East to Arabia, North to Greece and Anatolia, or West? Mixture of units, strong navy. Syracuse: One of the last remaining Greek colonies in the West. Will they join Rome or Carthage, or set out to unify the Greeks? Strong pikes and navy. Baktria: The Last remaining Greeks in the East, and must form Alexander's Empire backwards. Strong cavalry and archer cavalry, with good pikes and swords. Barbarian Factions: Iceni: The ancestors of the English. They are secluded, and will have to conquer Gaul or the East before reaching the Mediterranean. Powerful Swords and Chariots. Arverni: The Gaulic tribe in modern day France. They will set out to unify Gaul, but then where will they go, To Rome, Iberia, or Germany? Powerful Swords and Cavalry. Nervii: Similar to the Arverni, but in Northern Gaul, and will have to go into Germany. Will they Take Britain? Less diversity and levels of troops. Strong swords. Boii: A Celtic Tribe in the Northern Alps, used to raiding and pillaging. Has bad relations with other tribes, and at war with German Factions. Strong swords. Suebi: The main German faction. Will they go into Gaul, cross the Alps, or go East to the Black Sea? Strong infantry and good cavalry. Glatatia: Barbarians in Anatolia, but somewhat friendly to Greeks. Will they go East to Persia, go North to the nomadic Horsemen, or take out Greece once and for all? Strong swords. Iberian Factions: Arevaci: One of the Iberian Tribes resisting Carthage and Rome. Will they ally with one, or hold off both? Then will they take Gaul, or Africa? Strong swords and cavalry. Lusitani: The hated Iberian Tribe. Can they conquer the other Tribes and hold off Rome and Carthage? Then to Gaul or Africa? Strong swords and cavalry. Eastern Faction: Parthia: The Eastern horsemen with Persian ambitions. Can they unite the East against the Greeks? Strong cavalry and archer cavalry. Nomadic Factions: Royal Scythia: Nomadic horselords on the Black Sea. Will they go West to the Balkans, South to Anatolia, or East to Persia? Strong archer cavalry and strong cavalry. Massagetae: Horselords of the East, and will have to wage war there. Can they also unite the nomads and take Anatolia? Strong archer cavalry and strong cavalry. Roxolani: The hated horselords. After conquering their brothers, will they go East, South to Anatolia, or West to the Transylvanian Alps? Strong archer cavalry and strong cavalry. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has.
  9. Community Forge Project – Idea Discussion Here we can discuss generic map ideas for possible projects. This is meant to be a “Brain dump,” where we get some ideas onto the table and merge, refine, and discuss those ideas. Basic layouts or sketches on this page are fine, but detailed plans are asked to be postponed until the community wants to pursue further development for the map. Once an idea or set of ideas becomes popular, and the community decides to pursue designing and forging of the map, a new thread will be formed specifically for the map. There the ideas of the map will be posted and members can begin to true design and then forge the map. Please, no bashing of other’s ideas. Try to suggest refinements, offer positive criticism, and help the project generate good ideas. You may find many people agree to a set of ideas you do not like all that much. Do not be discouraged. Hopefully, many projects can be carried out simultaneously, and you can find out you would enjoy to partake in. Basic Suggestions for Generating Ideas: Consider player count, teams, and focus gametypes Consider how you want it to play (ie relaxed, social, or competitive) Structures, map flow, tac- jumps, size of map Map theme (ie Covenant shipyard, Human construction site, Forerunner, etc) Other ideas…. Links to How to Forge a Gametype/Feature: These are meant to help generate some ideas/ get concepts of gametypes or features. KOTH, Oddball, CTF: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/25343-objective-forge-tutorial/ Dominion: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/25342-dominion-forge-tutorial/ Extraction: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/25349-extraction-forge-tutorial/ Flood: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/25346-flood-forge-tutorial/ Grifball, possibly assault: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/25347-grifball-forge-tutorial/ Links to Maps in progress: "Space Station" http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/28872-cfp-space-station-discussion/ More Coming soon
  10. Hey everyone I'm new to the site but I love halo I've been into it for a while now and I love to keep learning about it. I am so enthusiastic about it that I even want to work for 343 Industries sometime in the future after I get my degree. I just wanted to say hey to the community
  11. This may just be a once off thing for me, since it's not exactly my type of thing to do reviews, but since I recently beat the game Pokemon Y and have had many other discussions with members on the forums, I thought I'd put a review on the game on 9 different criteria. Note this is all my experience with the franchise, so this may differ to anyone else who plays it, but should be similar with some who read. Note for spoilers, if you haven't played the game yet, and/or haven't completed up to the post-Champion stage, stop reading. This may contains spoilers that can be game changing. Story 5/5 One of the best stories out forward on the table, even if it isn't the best because Pokemon Diamond/Pearl took that spot, it certainly beats it in so many other areas. The TeamFlare business took a long time to pick up, I even thought it wouldn't be in the game since so much was focused on the Mega Evolutions, but it made its entry and stamped well. The morals and emotions created from this game were very different from the older games, something very new. Being able to create a thick emotion into each character is something I've only seen N from Pokemon White/2 and Black/2 accomplish at a moderate level, but this was taken to a whole new level. Each main character having their own moments expressing their feelings and thoughts to the player was something I wasn't expecting from a Pokemon game, but hope it returns in the future games if there may be any. The specific tasks that were on demand were an interesting addition and the ways of learning the game were done quite well. The scripted points of the game, such as meeting a Pidgey at the beginning immediately reminded me of Red/Blue/Yellow which was great since GameFreak went back that far. The Team Flare business and the story behind it all was very intriguing and fascinating to know the backstory behind everything and more. Even the end of the game showed more to me which shows the writers did a fantastic job. Region design 4/5 This region was unusual when I first observed it, I thought it was going to be a dramatic fail, how wrong I turned out to be. It was very original in design and works extremely well with the terrain features added. Every little detail was put in that someone would notice it and smile, even if it made no difference to the level. The Hometown is always one that must be done with absolute perfection, that gives the best first impression to the gamer, I was rather disappointed with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's town, on the other hand Pokemon Heart/Gold and Soul/Silver were fantastic in how they introduced the player into a new location, and Y/X didn't fail. It was a simple and quick way of introducing the player into the world, and the town design was flawless. Seemed a little cramped, but after dancing around like one does when bored I found it much more enjoyable. The towns were carefully crafted to perfection, and the massive creation of Lumiose City was absolutely stunning, instantly became one of my favourite major locations of any Pokemon game. The variety in locations proved to be well done also, from a standard zubat cave to a spooky swamp, or from a windy desert to a hidden forest, it all seemed to fit in well and nothing seemed out of place on the map. New Pokemon/Evolutions 4/5 The 70 new Pokemon were well done, they weren't fantastic, but it wasn't anything like Pokemon White/Black's monstrosities. These had a lot of thought put into them, especially the Mega Evolutions, some seemed silly which is why it's 4/5, but regardless, it was a solid performance. Over the games, especially White/Black, good Pokemon designs have been hard to design, originality being a problem. With this, it was great, with the less amount of Pokemon to create, lack of originality wasn't a problem. Even with the standard caterpillar to butterfly or tiny bird to big bird, it was done well. Some were pretty dull like a few Fairy type creatures, but seeing as it is a new type, I forgave that. Some were pretty awesome too, like the Chestnaught, the final form of the grass starter, Chespin. The lack of new Legendaries I thought was a good idea, with only 3 new ones in the game, it was much easier to create a decent few that were vastly different from previous games. A Fairy deer, a giant Dark bird and a Ground alien beast all seemed to fit in well with the story. With the addition of the bird trio from Gen I and Mewtwo with his MegaEvolutions, it was good that they didn't go over the top like in Gen IV and V. Initiatives 5/5 This game defined initiative for the Pokemon franchise, Mega Evolutions for a start is such a massive part of this game and they work so well, having to pick the one Pokemon who gets the power boost each match can be tough even. The Roller Skates also were such a clever design, I prefer them over running shoes AND the bike. Finally a major game changer was the character customisation, it was good that you couldn't radically change your character, but small hair details or eye changes with the ability to change your clothes was such a great idea. Mega Evolution was a brilliant inclusion, even though it is limited for a selected bunch of Pokemon in a variety of types, it's still quite useful. I found it most effective with Lucario and Aura Sphere seeing as I annihilated every Pokemon I used it against in the Elite 4/Champion. Though some designs look ridiculous like Mewtwo, others look amazing like Charizard. The Roller Skates were a lovely little inclusion, the attention to detail was amazing also. Being able to slightly touch the circle pad and make a slow movement that changes animation from the full speed and normal speed was an awesome feature. Music/Sounds 5/5 Just about perfect, that's all that needs to be said. The music has so much emotion in this, the excitement of a rival battle to the challenge of Team Flare, the happiness from Serena/Calem's theme to the terror of the champions theme were all great, nothing was bad. The Pokemon cries were so much better, even Pikachu I loved with his traditional anime cry, too bad this couldn't be carried over to every Pokemon. But one is still more than none which every other game had. The difference sort of styles that the music had was incredible. From a fun rival theme to a hard Team Flare boss theme always proves to be energising. The Legendary music for Yveltal (Pokemon Y mascot) wasn't that memorable, however was fitting for the moment. The end game music also had a fitting aspect for the 3000yo King who just reunited with his long lost loved Pokemon. My favourite theme I found was the Serena/Calem's theme, which played a couple of times in the game, been listening to it when I've been writing this actually. The Pokemon battle cries and fainting cries were very impressive I thought, more realism was focused in this game, well as much realism as one can make for a fantasy world. The quality of the voices is swell, and utilised the engine of the 3DS quite well. Graphical layout 5/5 Absolutely stunning, the beautiful battle animations were perfect and even the small details like blinking made this game so special. GameFreak clearly put everything they had into this game, and their artists do need more credit, it was fantastic what they achieved here. The battle animations with full 3D models of each Pokemon suits this game like I didn't believe, the rapid movements of each character Pokemon and Human alike makes it a much better experience than previous games, small details in everything is a comment theme of this game, down to the tiniest movement. The attacks are very vibrant in both colours and animation, making for very interesting games. Along with that, the environment also has obviously had massive treatment to it, each location having small things to it added to make it unique from previous generation game locations such as a bug forest which makes an appearance each game. Characters 5/5 Perfect, the characters were nothing less. The 4 companions you have with the one main rival were created so well, the two guys weren't exactly non forgettable, but offered humour from their remarks. While the two girls (or one girl and boy if you chose female character) were quite detailed and expressed well, the emotion shown from them was clear as daylight. Az was an unusual character expressed well at the end and Team Flare's boss was a great character, even the professor was good. Starting with the 4 young teens who start with you in the group of 5. Trevor and Tierno weren't that interesting I found, I kinda hated Trevor a bit, until the end, as for Tierno, I had no idea what he was smoking. Selena and Shauna were my two favourite characters out of the whole game, they made the group of 5 kids a diverse ones. One being a strong willed rival who was very determined and the other being scared way too easily but offered an emotional characteristic which was a pleasant change. Az, the mysterious giant who turned out to be an ancient king at the end, and ancestor to the Team Flare's leader was a heartless sod when going through the game, I thought that they could've made this character a lot better, boy did they prove me wrong. Although he had little screen time, he was proven to have changed his way of a cruel king to someone who deeply cared for others. I was also surprised at the amount of action Professor Sycamore had in the game, though it barely changed him as a character, it was good seeing such an important non-playable character share time in the game with you. Post game 4/5 The post game was rather good, new areas unlocked, a few decent legendary Pokemon and a whole new little city. Though it may not seem much, it never really is. However, as always with the NationalDex being unlocked, the task of catching them all really starts again. I can't get much into detail with this, as I've just been slightly introduced into this part of the game, and with the possibility of DLC being added later in the game, ie. extra legendary pokemon, it's unclear what I'm yet to uncover. However from what I've found, it's a decent expansion on the game, which I greatly enjoy. User interface 4/5 Almost everything was well done, the one major let down for this new user face was the bag system, it was too clogged up and messy and takes a long time to find something as simple as a repel. Apart from that, menus are easily accessible and it doesn't take long to do tasks you wish to do. Conclusion Finishing, this game exceeded my expectations by a long shot, in didn't think this would do better than Gen V, but it smashed that. And rivals my favourite generation being Gen IV, it just depends what secrets I uncover in the months to follow that I play this game. I strongly recommend this to any gamer with a 2/3DS, preferably the 3DS as it makes the best of what this game offers. Pokemon fan or just wanting a fun time, this game definitely offers a lot. Final total score of the game. 41/45 - A+
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vry92JmVBg4&feature=youtu.be I come to you, with the following credentials: 1. I am nearing the end of my first year as a member of this community 2. I have attended every playdate held since my joining of the site 3. I am fully endorsed and supported, by this man: How can you resist voting for me?
  13. Space Station: Name Pending Overview: Semi-Competitive 4v4, 6v6 Theme: Space Station, with a ship being built or destroyed attached. Focal Features: Zero gravity area similar to Condemned or Anchor 9 between parts of the ship and the station. Gametypes: Dominion, (with size, most likely also CTF, Extraction, possibly an assault variant) Alright, let's get cracking. Feel free to post some generic layouts that you are thinking of. Here is a link to Google Sketchup (download the free, no limits on use or time one http://www.sketchup.com/download/) which we can use once the layout is agreed upon. Here Is my inital thoughts:
  14. The 343Industries Community Forum Forge Project Have you ever gotten into a game of matchmaking or a custom game and go, “I would have done this map/gametype differently?” Have you ever wished for more maps in any of the Halo games? Have you tried making maps that just don’t quite work? Have you made a map but have never been able to test it? Have you ever looked for some tips on how to forge a gametype, a certain size map, or just learn to forge in general? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, do not dismay; you have come to the right place. I am pleased to introduce the Community Forge Project (CFP), an ongoing project dedicated to making maps, by and for the community. Over the next couple of months, many members will have time off from school and other commitments and will want to play in many playdates and show-off their maps. This is the perfect time to build a large playlist of community made maps, which can be used in playdates regularly. With the forums as a base point for collaboration, the community can design multiple maps for various gametypes and share ideas on the general map themes, flow, and expected play styles it will adhere to. For instance: The community can get together and share ideas for a competitive map. These ideas include general themes, location, and the focused gametypes. Using programs such as Google Sketch-Up, the forum can create the generic layout of the map. After collaboration of the generic design of the map, and discussion of possible problems and ways to deal with them, members can get together to forge the map. After the base of the map is constructed and tweaked to fit, testing by the community will commence. And, as I like to say, “test the problems out of it.” The point of the tests is to pinpoint problems and correct them. After a map is deemed complete, it will be officially added into the CFP Mappack. By the end of this summer, there should be a considerable amount of maps in almost every category of gametypes, and the maps can be showcased in playdates or released at playdates throughout the summer. With many design programs being free and easy info sharing, it would be easy for members could partake in various projects at once. This is a fairly new addition to any Halo forum, and aims to attract and find many aspiring forgers. In addition, Forge mentoring would be very easy, and like any project using multiple forgers, maps are shared and people learn their forging strengths, weaknesses, and get decent tips. I hope you will consider joining the community’s forge project over the next couple of months. The Community Forge Project will begin towards the end of May, allowing for members to finish strong on finals and prepare some ideas. I will be happy to answer any questions here. Official CFP gamertag: CFP343i Links to the Official Community Forge Project threads and projects underway: "Space Station" http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/28872-cfp-space-station-discussion/ Idea Discussion: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/28761-community-forge-project-idea-discussion/
  15. In this forum game , the goal is to create a unique top ten list that helps us recognize your interests. However, because this is a game, it must have rules: 1. The list cannot consist of reasons. ex., Top Ten Reasons Why Sony is Better Than Microsoft 2. The list cannot be about anything that breaks the forum rules. ex., Top Ten ****stars 3. The list cannot exceed or underfund Ten Items. ex., Top Eleven Favorite Games I will start with Top Ten Consoles: 1. Xbox One 2. Fairchild Channel F 3. Xbox 360 4. PC 5. Xbox 6. SEGA Saturn 7. SEGA Genesis 8. Atari 7800 9. SEGA Master System 10. Super Famicon
  16. So..... Hi. ....I have to write more than that, don't I? This forum is too similar to the other one which I frequent about; there it's a full site based arounds fans of a toy series (Bionicle; I'm sure you know it) and here its based around a mutual love for Halo. And over on that site, I write tons. Comedies to RPing, whatever. So anyways, I first came here about a month ago (I think. I don't actually keep track of time; I let my calendurr do that.) after being introduced to 343i.org from halocustoms.com, which I learned of after complaining about lack of people who play customs in my timezone, on Halo Waypoint forums. I was also on my last ban 'life', due to the amount of sarcastic replies I've did to all the severely STUPID people on their Halo 4 subforums, people who range from asking silly questions like 'when is th nex spart ops coming out', to complaining about the game (More specifically about things that kill them) all the way to complaining about people who complain about the game, stating that they weren't helping the game despite the fact that those complaining about the game probably did more contribution than those complaining about complainers. So then one day, I don't know what I did apart from maybe say 'I think you're new to XBL because there's a friends list' which might be classified as calling another person out - after the person did the exact same thing, except with a little more 'you're an idiot' style of writing. So then I got perma-banned. Goodness, opened my eyes as to how stupid most of the people are apart from the single off-topic thread....which consists of people who simply don't care about Halo 4 due to how bad it is and won't bother visiting that place full of idiots. Anyways, yeah. I got here that way. More stuff about me? Uh.... I have a youtube channel? Dunno if that counts. I'm chinese? Probably a bit more. If you see me online, don't ask about why I don't have a chinese accent. I'm lazy? Probably the most annoying thing about myself I don't like - which I don't really bother to change. I have lots of school work but tend to just use entertaining technology more than studying?.....Nope. Not that useful. Hmm, How about in-game? I play CALL OF DOODY (YEAH NOOBS DIE DIE SUFFER FROM MY ANTI-CAMPER GUNZZZ) because I find it fun, I play Battlefield 3 (Hehehehehe) because I love games that feature massive maps, jets, tanks, helicopters, AC-130's, except without killstreaks, and allow you to both use teamwork - and troll so damn hard. And also it has dedi servers. I play Assassins Creed, was for some time entertained by TC's GRFS, and finally feel sad that I missed the golden days of Halo 3. Although back then I was a squeaker, and being the competitively lazy fun (Less on the last bit. I'm not actually fun to be around, I think, I just like to have fun) guy I am, everyone was a hacker. That was how I played my first month of Reach, my first Xbox 360 game. Then I became good, and usually ended up at the top of each lobby in the games. Hopefully I trashed a bunch of the people who reported me when I was in my denial stage. So then I bought Halo 3 ODST and, magic trick? It was more fun than Reach. Except for Forge and Customs. and MAaaaaybe campaign. Although that's because I like campaigns where there are good teammates. Especially female driver teammates. In any case, I stunted my growth just so I could have crazy fun when Halo 4 came out. Big mistake, because it was fun for about 2 days, during which I destroyed everyone. Then all the bad stuff started appearing. Now all I do is just play customs, forge, go trolling on Black Ops 2, and watch anime. Hi. You may call me JL. Pleased to meet you, whoever you are.
  17. One thing I've been asking my friends is: What is one new and interesting thing you want in Halo 5? I don't want answers like "new armor", "elites", because that's already been done, and if you say a new weapon, then describe it please. A new thing that I want is Elite Female Models, similar to how Spartans get Female Models that are playable. I want to know your interesting and new ideas, it can be anything, new(obviously), old but revised, creative, bland, unique, or something everyone's thought of already.
  18. Hello, I need help on putting in a picture to forum post. I am new at posting in forums and I really want to submit a forge map that I made to THFE, but I can't figure out how to include a picture. If anyone can tell me how to do this, it would be very appreciated and I will mail you a fresh baked muffin.
  19. Zombies are attacking and the only thing you can use as a weapon is the item directly to your left. I'll start. Since I'm at school the item directly to my left is a text book. YES I SHALL BEAT THEM WITH KNOWLEDGE!!!
  20. Shield Recharge Rate: Does anyone have the problem of getting picked off right after getting a kill? I usually kill an enemy while my shields get dropped. In 4v4 Slayer, usually there will be multiple enemies at once. He will usually take 1-2 shots to finish me off. Sometimes, if I am lucky I can get away. The problem is, there might be another enemy just around the corner. Sometimes, my shield just won't go up fast enough, and then I get killed. I think the shield recharge rate at the time is the same as it is in previous Halo games. This particular one though, has a much faster pace to it, thanks to sprinting and long range weapons. The shield recharge rate being the same however, makes you have to hide almost every time you get a kill. Added in with sprint and flinch when getting shot, this game caters to chasers. If you're getting chased the only hope you have is a teamate. I have explained my thoughts. Please tell me what you think.
  21. Just a quick rant for all the Halo "fans" who have now completed the Halo 4 campaign but are confused about the story. If you are gonna *post* questions on this forum like "who is this new villain?" or "where is the arbitor?", I understand, you don't have a lot of background info. Maybe you didn't explore previous halo games for terminals or read the books. But check it out, if you are *posting* on this forum, all you have to do is put a keyword in the search function and your answers will magically appear cuz "fans" who have explored and have read have already answered most of these questions on the very forum you are posting on. it's too eazy. If you want to know the stages of AI rampancy, I can GUARANTEE you it's been delved into on this forum in great detail. If you want to know why there is some sort of love story between didact and the librarian, I GUARANTEE you it's been discussed on this forum. If you want to know why MC is fighting the covenant when UNSC had a truce after Halo 3, then stop posting. SERIOUSLY. stop posting and start searching.
  22. Hey there, I don't know if 343 regularly checks these forums but I'm trying to give constructive feedback for them because I think they did a great job on Halo 4 but it could be even better. -The Meta Game: Currently there isn't that much of a reason to replay Spartan Ops after doing Legendary other than commendations. If you added the ability to turn on the Meta game in Spartan Ops and Campaign, and also added a leaderboard, this would create more of a buzz around Spartan Ops and we could compete for high scores. -Spartan Ops Special Episodes: I was thinking that maybe you could incorporate Red vs Blue into Spartan Ops for special episodes/seasons (like a Christmas special) where players play as new recruits into Blue and Red team, having a unique mission to complete and are instructed by Caboose and Church etc. Here is an example of a mission they could do - There is a giant Grunt that is filled with too much methane gas and the Prometheans are trying to kill it because it shouldn't be there, worst of all Serge just bought a brand new Mantis and if the Grunt blows up the Mantis' wax finish will be ruined, so highjinks ensue. You could string these specials together to create a bonus mini series within Spartan Ops. -TrueSkill Ranks: I heard you guys are implementing TrueSkill, please have them be based on wins/losses, kills/deaths and bring back hit ratio's which could also contribute to rank progression. Have them be symbols not numbers, and display them next to the player's SR number rank. -Clan Support: You could have a Clan section in the roster menu, where you can start a clan, accept/decline clan invites, send out invitations and there could be a Clan Kudos system where the clan gains Kudos for playing in a full party of clan members or completing daily/weekly/monthly clan challenges. -Playlist Refinement: At the moment there too many playlists and no variety within each one. Create a 'Team Objective' playlist combining King of the Hill, CTF, Dominion and Oddball. You could also bring back game varients for each, such as One Flag. -DMR: Slightly lower the fire rate. Currently it's a bit OP. I would really love 343 to make these additions. I think old and new players would aswell. Please respond to this topic 343 and/or forum moderators so I know that topics like this are actually read and worth doing.
  23. Hi Forum Goers! I'm now setting up a Forum topic for those wishing to Commission signatures! If you wish to commission Signatures please post the following info: Name wished to be on the Sig ( Including clan tags ) Render (Master Chief, Cortana or anyone else ) Size ( Width and height in Pixels ) I'll also be posting the Finished Results here on this first Post and a separate post on here as well! If you want an idea of other signatures I've made go to: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/18566-signatues-1-new-and-some-old/ http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/18803-some-more-signatures/ List of Finished Commissions: The first one I made for TRF BaDInTentZs A Bit of " Spartan coming from the darkness " Vibe! IMG Code For Signature: [img=http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z193/AFlea/TRFBaDInTentZsGriffball.png] looking forward to Hearing From you! Blacklight
  24. Was up my name is Slayer of CHAOS (gamer tag)nice to meet you all im leader of the clan c3k im a big halo fan i forge alot and play with friends on halo im a kill storm an really good at defending team mates i hope i can make some new friends here and hopefully get to play some halo on game nights with them if any one want to see what the clans all about just msg me on xbox live or email also if any one likes to forge or play some matchmakeing or custom games im allways free well on week ends i also play alot of other games online to hoope i get some repliles later
  25. Hello everyone! I just joined in and thought it would be great to introduce myself. I have been an avid Halo player since the first Halo came out. Halo 3 was the first time I played Halo on Xbox Live, but eventually went back and got into the Halo 2 craze (even if it had passed.) I'm 19 years old, and I am always on Xbox in my free time, though I love to draw on my 3DS sometimes as well. I hope to be a somewhat known member of the forums, and can't wait to meet fellow Halo fans!
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