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  1. its wild to see people I used to talk to religiously. If you ever catch this message dude, hope you've been doin well!

  2. Yo this is wild

    1. Halo6 Follower

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      Enjoying the change, Syko? 

  3. Haha! Nope. Though I doubt anyone would guess me... Melody?
  4. How does Multi-Frame sampled Anti-Aliasing work?
  5. Thats just it, you can be a support/offence role. Still remaining in the thick of the battle whilst fine tuning your abilities to help those around you more. As for the Crucible, Im not certain. I feel like its entirely dependant on your character level and equipment. I could be wrong though.
  6. Actually I am correct. The Titan is still a tank no matter what. He has the highest defence rating of any character and his play style is generally a headstrong approach. The subclasses are just that... SUB classes. They fine tune your character to your playstyle. So you can play the Titan in a support role if you chose to do so.
  7. The subclasses still adhere to what the main class is. The Titan will alwyas be a tank, but his subclass may make him more efficient in certain fields. He will still be a tank though.
  8. Why is facial hair associated with manliness ? What is Brisbane? This is a question?
  9. The different classes scale quite well. The Titan's basically a tank, the Warlock has great AOE attacks and the hunter excels at taking down single targets. However you're free to play each class however you want, the main difference is in their abilities and what they're directed towards.
  10. In PvP they try to match you with people of the same level. Unfortunatly you won't always go up against someone your level if mainly level 7's are available for a match. But thats correct, level 8's outclass level 2's easily.
  11. The multiplayer is interesting. The only mode available atm is control. Its essentially a territory gametype. Honestly I feel its a solid multiplayer that you could spend a decent amount of time on. The maps (only two atm for the Beta) are well designed and can cause some tense situations. Vehicles seem to be slightly OP in multiplayer though, but thats just my opinion. As for the missions, they range from horde mode type objectives to collection objectives. Its litered with story and you can actually meet players who are on different missions along the way. Its very interesting. Not even counting boss battles and the different enemy types Id say its well worth a playthrough or two. Honestly I think it does feel like you're progresing through a story, just with random encounters with other players along the way to spice it up.
  12. Before I start, I must make it clear that the following is my opinion. The opinion of an 18 year old game development student from Australia whose been playing games since he was 4. A person whose favourite game franchise of all time is Halo, and someone who can not stand racing and sports games. Everyone is free to have their own opinion on Destiny. My opinion is my own and I simply wish to share it with you fine folk. The Story: From the opening cut scene I actually felt the need to explore Destiny's world, to uncover the lore and story surrounding the world in which I was thrust in to. Its genuinly interesting trying to fiugre out whats going on, such as what the traveller is and why its on Earth, who the Fallen are and where they came from and what the darkness is. I wouldn't say its on par with Halo, but this is still early on. I'll need some additional data before I can actually say whether the story is on par with some of the greats. Overall, the story is worth my time. Its something that will keep me playing from beginning to end and thats a key factor of any game with a campaign. The Combat: Love it. Seriously, the combat reminds me of Halo with a little more power behind each shot. Mowing down waves of enemies is enjoyable and the different types of these hostiles keep the game interesting. The enemy AI seems to be quite intelligent, activly avoiding my grenades and flanking me whenever possible. Some enemies with snipers will hang back and supress me whilst the melee hostiles will flank and come up behind me. Its nice fighting an enemy that isn't as dumb as a bag of rocks. The number of weapons/weapon styles also helps keep combat interesting, giving players 3 weapons to have on them at any time. A primary weapon, a special weapon and a heavy weapon. For me, this was a Scout Rifle (primary weapon thats essentially a DMR) , Fusion Rifle (A charged 3 round energy burst rifle with incredible damage, but close range) and a machine gun (Basicaly an LMG/Support weapon with high ammunication capacity). One final thing that contributes to the combat in this game are the boss battles. So far I've gone up against an incredibly powerful Fallen Tank, and a floating ball of pure death. Both of which took quite some time to take down, even with 3 squadmates. Overall I find Destiny's combat to be solid and enjoyable. Its not a breakthrough in game design, but its definitly well done. The Music: As with all Bungie games, the music in Destiny is amazing. Kicking in at the perfect times to give you the correct feeling for the situation, whether it be epic music for combat or serene music for cut scenes and the hub world. Can't say much about this really. Music is superb, no question about that. Overall?: I feel that Destiny is a great new IP for Bungie and a solid game franchise. I feel that it will be rather successful and more then likely lead to two sequels which I will be happy to buy. Definitly a game worth buying in my honest opinion. I will say this though, many people overhyped this game as some epic new IP to change all games out there. This is not the case. Destiny is a great game, no doubt in my mind, but if you're expecting something thats revolutionary then you may be disappointed. Well, except for the dance button. The dance button is revolutionary and all games should have one. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the read. I know I didnt include anything about the graphic quality of the game, but It will probably be different depending on the platform you play on, so its not worth me saying. Im also not putting a number on the game, because numbered reviews are absolutely stupid ( 7/10 and whatnot ) But yeah, definitly a game worth checking out. By the way, if you have any questions about Destiny, feel free to ask me. I've maxed out my Titan class and Im working on a Warlock and Hunter class now.
  13. Completed all the beta content with my Titan class already. Took about 4 hours because I couldn't stop playing. Peter D makes an awesome companion for my armoured senpai (My guy has anime style hair) and I've taken to calling him Dinklebot. Dinklebot notices senpai, and senpai notices Dinklebot. Seriously though, Destiny has been amazing fun thus far, and I can not wait for full release. Im going to go play through the Destiny beta on a Warlock and Hunter class now. Peace out~
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