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  1. Well I wanted to go play some halo.... when I realized that all of the XBL servers are down..... lol CHINA?!?!?!?! im just joking.... any updates anyone?
  2. blehh... don't like the controller... but mostly because im simply just not a playstation fan.... MICROSOFT, blow the ps4 out of the competition with the new XBOX.
  3. This is absolutely amazing....i can see this being a cutscene.. but if the graphics in gameplay merge cleanly with this, it would be absolutely beautiful! CANT WAIT!
  4. jdherrera

    Halo 4 Lowering The Price

    Actually, they lowered the price because it hasn't been lowered before.... and it was Best Buy's decision NOT 343's. lol
  5. This sounds good April seems a bit far away, but ill be playing halo 4 until halo 5 comes out! XD LOVE HALO!
  6. Well of course, both of you are 100% correct. I also play the game because i simply love it. lol. i Dont play to show my rank off either i enjoy the ranks for the armor they have to offer because im a big customization guy! haha i like to personalize my spartan and the extension of the specializations would do just that
  7. FIRST POST!!! Hey guys this is my first post here on 343i forums I wanna know if you guys think that 343 will make more/new specializations for the future? I think that going up to level 130 in Halo 4 is a little low (Im a level 65), i personally have worked harder in Reach and am only halfway to Inheritor.... lol What are your guys's views and thoughts on this?
  8. Thank you! I'm glad to be a part of the community!
  9. HELLO! My name is Juan Herrera Im from chicago now living in Wisconsin I have been playing halo since i was 6 when Halo CE first came out and have been keeping up with the games since. instantly fell in love, and now my passion is to work in the videogames/technology industry preferably 343i lol i love talking to people about the game and what they like/dislike about it etc. Thank you!
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