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Found 24 results

  1. So I was wondering what everyone's favorite RPG is as of late. Give me the name of the game and what console it released on and type of RPG and I'll check it out, my personal favorite RPG is Mother 3 for the GBA... but unfortunately its a Japan only release so I had to find an English patch and emulator just to play it, but that's besides the point. Also, am I the only one irritated at the lack of RPGs on the Xbox 360? (Not counting Bethesda games because they're too easy IMO and i prefer turn-takes) Also, try and not be too hasty towards people who prefer a game different than you do, I want this to be a friendly post.
  2. Hey everyone. I'm posting this topic to see your opinions on the new gametypes. If you haven't been able to tell by now I like hearing everyone's opinions. Anyways, the poll is multiple choice so if you feel like you like multiple gametypes equally you can vote for more than one, but please refrain from voting for all of the gametypes.
  3. This is for a research purpose; we are trying to conclude which is the best halo 3 map for mostly any given game type. For example CTF, VIP, Team Death Match, FFA, Oddball and etc… In conclusion vote for the map that is your favorite map. Feel free too discuss and add your input of why you like a certain map. (Hopefully the poll shows up correctly otherwise I will have to try again. and some maps had to be excluded from the poll as they couldn't fit in the poll.) The maps that got excluded were: Stand off, Snowbound, Sanbox, Foundry. If you want to vote for these you can do so through the comments.
  4. What's your favorite Halo Reach Firefight Map and why? Mine is Waterfront I think is what it's called, because it has a wide variety of structures and it's a pretty big map. Also, the sniper is good to use on the map, which I am a fan of and it challenges you. That jackal on the mountain with the focus rifle though, he annoys me SOOOOOO much. I remember one time in the bonus round I was on the roof of a building with a fuel rod gun and a DMR. Elite Ultras came in the drop pod, and you know that a bunch of skulls are enabled. When they came up, I shot, threw a grenade, shot, jumping around to not get stuck or killed. I took down the elites, and the grunts were rushing through. I was evading, popping heads, throwing a grenade, my shields go down, I hide, shoot, fight, it was really intense. I eventually pulled through the whole round, and I still stood.
  5. What's your favorite mission? Mine's Nightfall because you have a sort of sneaky, stealthy gameplay with a sniper and it's dark. Also, the Guta/Mule monster things are cool and it's fun to snipe.
  6. There have Been many assassins creed games, which one is your favorite?
  7. So as I come back to 343, I notice more and more new and exciting names here on the site and I want to get to know some people better. So I want to do a little ice breaker with question. What is your favorite moment in any of the Halo games? PS. You may get to see some of my abstract posts later on this new year.
  8. Random question, I know. Here's my favorite: (Shinx) Now what's yours?
  9. Mine, personally, would be Castle (I like vehicle maps). What's yours?
  10. I lost my Reach disk so now I'm playing 4 but I like to remember the fun times I had on it. The problem w/ 4 is that the Hazop armor (my favorite Reach armor) now sucks. So now I'd like to know what is your favorite armor type.
  11. I think we all have at least one. Some people like to slam their fist or the butt of their gun into the enemy's face. Others like to forcibly give them acupuncture until they explode. For me, it's headshots. For my older brother, it's explosives. For my younger brother, it's assassinations. In this thread, you can name your favorite ways of killing people.
  12. In anticipation for one of my favorite games of all time, I want anyone who has played Bioshock or Bioshock 2 to tell me their favorite moment from either game. Mine would probably be in the first game, where you come across Dr. Steinman who tries to genetically make women more beautiful. He doesn't notice you at first so he starts ranting " I WANT TO MAKE THEM BEAUTIFUL, BUT THEY ALWAYS TURN OUT WRONG! This one, too fat! This one! TOO TALL! And this one!! TOO SYMMETRICAL! And now....what's this, goddess? An intruder? He's ugly, ugly, UGLY, UGGGLLLLLLYYY!!!
  13. As the tittle says, what's your favorite soundtrack in Halo 4? Mine are 117, Arrival and To Galaxy.
  14. I am a creature of habit. Ever since I got Recon back in Halo 3, I have worn it ever since. It lost most of it's value in Halo: Reach because everybody was given it for free, so it wasn't something that you rarely saw, it was a common thing to see someone with it on. I am going to wear it in Halo 4 because I love how the visor looks and what it still means to me, getting it from Halo 3 after doing all the Vidmasters with friends. What is your favorite armor type that you're going to wear or you wish you could wear? Edit: This is an interactive guide on Halo 4 where you can look up vehicles, armor, weapons, and basically any information that has been released by 343 so far. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-US/halo4guide
  15. Hey everyone! I wanted to ask you all which Halo 4 Weapons Trailer is your favorite. Go ahead and vote in the poll above and explain why it's your favorite below My favorite was the UNSC weapons trailer. All the footage is just awesome and I love the syncing in it. If you need to refresh your memory, the trailers are below. (The Limit is two media links so the Promethean Weapons Trailer will be in another post.) Halo 4 UNSC Weapons Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s76uMzaQ120 Halo 4 Covenant Weapons Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4NLJpTXOtU
  16. Forum to discuss you favorite BTB and Heavies maps so far, things you like and dont like about them, and things you would change. Also a place to discuss Ideas about making BTB maps. Maybe discuss what are your favorite BTB gametypes? Maps that should be in circulation more?
  17. Pick one of each Class. Example, I like both UNSC and Covenant therefore I'll answer both UNSC and Covenant, so I'll pick my favorite leaders. Captain Cutter and The Arbiter. For my favorite UNSC units I'll put 3 answers. 1 for infantry, 1 for vehicles, and 1 for aircraft. Favorite infantry is spartan of course. Favorite vehicle is elephant. And favorite aircraft is vulture. For covenant same thing. One for each class. Favorite infantry is elite honor guard. Favorite vehicle is locust. Favorite aircraft is vampire.
  18. Hi Guys I'm just wondering what's your favorite map in all the games (Halo CE to Halo Reach) For my part (that's was hard to choose) this is probably Zanzibar(Halo2) Sandtrap(Halo3) and Sword Base in Halo Reach. I know i said 3 maps, but that's too hard to choose only one in all games. So you're free to say more than one if you want. You can tell why you like this/these map(s). Scroll down for all the Halo Maps (Maybe i forgot some maps, tell me if it's the case) Halo Combat Evolved: Battle Creek Sidewinder Damnation Rat Race Prisoner Hang 'Em High Chill Out Derelict Boarding Action Chiron TL-34 Blood Gulch Wizard Longest Exclusive Multiplayer maps (PC/Mac) Death Island Danger Canyon Infinity Timberland Ice Fields Gephyrophobia Halo2 Lockout Ascension Midship Ivory Tower Beaver Creek Burial Mounds Colossus Zanzibar Coagulation Headlong Waterworks Foundation Containment Warlock Halo 3 Construct Epitaph/Epilogue Guardian High Ground Isolation Last Resort Narrows Sandtrap/Sand Tarp Snowbound/Boundless The Pit/Pit Stop Valhalla Halo3 ODST/Downloadable Content Foundry Rat's Nest Standoff Avalanche Blackout Ghost Town Assembly Orbital Sandbox Citadel Heretic Longshore Halo Reach Boardwalk Boneyard Countdown Forge World Powerhouse Reflection Spire Sword Base Zealot Noble Map Pack Anchor 9 Breakpoint Tempest Defiant Map Pack Condemned Highlands Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (Halo Reach Bonus Map Pack) Battle Canyon (Battle/Beaver Creek remake) High Noon (Hang 'em High remake) Penance (Damnation remake) Ridgeline (Timberland remake) Solitary (Prisoner remake) Breakneck (Headlong remake) Note: I didn't put the Firefight map because i'm talking about the multiplayer/matchmaking maps. But if you want you can say a firefight map.
  19. Well im pretty sure you can figure the rest out, Mine is personally the Enderman :3
  20. I'm kinda curious to find out what some of your favorite Halo 3 levels are. I was thinking over Halo 3, and just wanted to see who liked what best. I liked Tsavo Highway, Halo, and my favorite, The Ark. What do you like?
  21. Alright what are everyone's favorite Spartans and why are they your favorite? Name, attributes, anything you wanna include and etc. GO
  22. What is your favorite Youtube Video? Post the link and title here!!!
  23. Just kinda curious on what age groups think the best halo's are, i have been playing halo for 6 years and i played h2, h3, and reach and i think halo 3 was the best, what about you?
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