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  1. Wait a minute... This place looks GREAT!!

  2. Hey! Welcome to the site! Personally speaking, I feel as though everything has been slow for Halo for the past year or two... But here's to Infinite's release revamping things!
  3. I watched the 20 min Multiplayer Overview vid and I think it looks pretty good. There are some things I found questionable but the competitive community will find a way. Hopefully MLG will pick up Halo again. Overall it looks like they want to try to re-create some of the best feelings from previous Halos but in a Halo 5/Reach mixture-looking game. That doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be bad though (Halo 5 MP is my second favorite MP overall). They also did a great job addressing community desires clearly. No lootboxes, tons of customization. They're taking the existing multiplayer business model and trying to adapt it into their own thing based on good feedback from their MCC seasons - basically doing what Rocket League is doing for the most part.
  4. One time, I was accessing the full version of the site on mobile and was visiting P34nut's profile for something like an Award. I clicked the screen and it loaded extra information in that exact moment and I accidentally flagged him as a spammer deleting his profile and posts lol

  5. The trailer did not hit the spots I think they intended to hit with the messages from family and the time lapse showing the pilot's beard growing out. I didn't sense danger or hopelessness in this trailer so I didn't "discover hope" . However because it is Halo, I must say I loved that they showed something and props on what the team has done. I just pray to Grim that they have not sacrificed good story-telling for this classic feel they're trying to acquire with the music and art choices.
  6. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Great point actually. Would almost be a subtle 'suck it' to Microsoft for pushing harsh deadlines on them for previous titles. You know, if Microsoft didn't make the decision to bring Halo to PC in the first place.
  9. This is going to be big for Halo. You can distrust 343 still, fine, but you have to give them credit for doing what everyone has asked for. They're bringing Reach back into our lives on current-gen and they're porting it to PC with everything else. It's incredible. I am big time HYPE. I will NOT be playing on PC. I'm console all the way but like I said, you gotta love it. Wondering how this will affect Xbox sales though????
  10. I can send you one and I won't need one in return. I like your gamertag so I'll try to remember to do this tonight.
  11. What's the consensus on Apex Legends?? I just started yesterday!

  12. They said they want to treat PC gamers as first-class citizens so I think we'll be seeing a release on Xbox One X and Windows 10.
  13. I feel like emblems that are unlockable through completing Achievements are the best way to do it. Same goes for armor variants. It's like saying, "I earned this as a reward," and only a select few have earned it. Personally, I like something that differentiates me or even puts me a class above the rest because I went through the trouble of completing something.
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