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  1. This song is Heaven for my ears And this one... I mean, come on. It's Smallville. Of course it was going to show up.
  2. 2 things: Obey the Council and the Code. And then kick some Sith butt.
  3. Fallout New Vegas + Bioshock = Bioshock: New Vegas
  4. Full Name: Temperance Rhodes Race: Human Gender: F Class: Engineer Occupation: Mechanic and electronic specialist Aesthetics or clothing: Standard issue Alliance engineer gear/armor Appearance: Short, dark brown hair; dark green eyes; small scar under right cheek, in the jaw region. 3 Powers and Weapon of choice: M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon, M-15 Vindicator Assault Rifle, Incinerate, Sabotage, Sentry Turret Backstory: Born in 2163 on the colony of Elysium, Temperance was raised among the rough and tumble of the small colony. She was born a natural tech and mechanics expert, which gave her an edge - and a reputation - in the streets in which she grew up. She was often paid to hack bank accounts or disable security systems for fellow street dwellers. She once managed to create an electromagnetic pulse that was so strong, it blacked out a third of Illyria, the planet's capital. In 2176, when Temperance was 13 years old, the Skyllian Blitz hit Elysium. In the attack, Temperance's parents were both killed as well as many of her friends. Temperance still managed to help the fight, hacking into enemy systems and sabotaging their vehicles and weapons. After the Alliance repelled the attack, they recognized her efforts to aid them and gladly accepted her when she enlisted 5 years later. She still uses her hacking skills to the best of her ability, but never speaks of the horrors she witnessed during the raid on her colony.
  5. I suppose I could be Dare. Thing is, I've played about 2 days worth of ODST, and that was only campaign. In other words, I have NO armor variants. Does that matter? Also, quick question, is there a way for me to send you an audio file?
  6. Many great heroes save civilians or cities or the world or the galaxy, or the universe in some cases. Hell, just about every hero I can think of saved something. But I guess that's why they're heroes. And you know how they save stuff? Amazingly awesome super powers. Many great heroes can fly, or use some kind of x-ray vision, or teleport and have mind powers or super strength or laser eyes or...well, you get my point; many great heroes have some sort of super power. Well guess what? You're not one of those great heroes. You've never saved anybody because your super power is so incredibly useless. Did I make you upset with that last sentence? I'm sorry. If it's any consolation, I can be invisible...but only when nobody's looking. There. I told you mine, now it's your turn. What's your useless super power?
  7. Eh, who needs pie anyway? I've got enough cookies here to sustain me for months *eats all dem cookies*
  8. The whole Mass Effect trilogy or Dead Space 2 and 3
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmyqdxBKvH4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6UXYFHmATw and a bunch of other songs from these bands. I would have added some stuff from Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Rolling Stones and Of Monsters and Men but then the list would've been too long.
  10. Rational Explanation: Games are a creative and interactive story, like if you were to actually be part of a movie or book. I get REALLY into games and love to watch the progression of the story around me and feel like the hero-destined-to-defeat-all-evil. I often find the story of games much more interesting than a story in a show or movie. Irrational Explanation: You can't be a seven-foot tall super soldier, wealthy Italian ladies man, necromorph killing engineer, dragon slaying hero out of an ancient prophecy, magic using assassin, travel to a floating city, use plasmids, destroy Halo rings, jump off a building and into a hay bale and survive, save the universe from an ancient alien species, kill the spirit of an evil Japanese queen, use cheat codes, kill zombies, walk the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C, or have a little blue lady inside of your head, IRL (in real life).
  11. The topic is pretty self-explanatory. Who, in any video game you've played, is your favorite sidekick, accomplice, assistant, companion, co-protagonist or (as the proper term) deuteragonist (doo-tuh-rag-uh-nist). Because there have been some pretty awesome ones this year (*cough* Elizabeth *cough*), and even a couple in previous years (*cough* Alyx *cough*). Not many people I ask have one or have no idea what deuteragonist (doo-tuh-rag-uh-nist) means. I would probably choose either Cortana (best female deuteragonist EVER) or Cole Train (is a boss). (Halo) (Gears of War) (Anyone else sensing the over used * parenthesis here?)
  12. About a day or two ago, I was casually walking around my neighborhood when I noticed something rather...odd. My neighbor who lives down the street was holding a large bag of white powder. NOW IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. My neighbor, Paul, is a lovely man who lives about two houses down the street from me and has a daughter named Beth. He recently had his older daughter, Lisa, move out to go to college. Him and Lisa were very close and you could tell he was upset that she was gone. My mom kicked me out of the house so that she could clean and so I decided to just walk around my block. I rounded it about three times when I came to the bus stop in front of my house. There I saw Paul. And his bag of the questionable substance. As a first reaction, I stopped and examined the bag to make sure it was what I thought it was. And sure enough, it was a bag of white powder. I knew Paul well enough and walked over to the bus stop bench where he was sitting. He greeted me in his normal friendly way and I said hello back. "OK" I thought, "he hasn't tried to hide it or said anything about it." So I figured it was my chance to ask him about it. "What uh, what have you got there, Paul?" I asked in as nonchalant a manor as possible. "What...this? Oh, Lisa ran out of detergent and nobody in her dorm offered her any so I though I should deliver some to her. I figured it would hold her long enough if I just dumped two cans of detergent in one big bag. Why? What did you think it was?" ".....nothing...."
  13. In anticipation for one of my favorite games of all time, I want anyone who has played Bioshock or Bioshock 2 to tell me their favorite moment from either game. Mine would probably be in the first game, where you come across Dr. Steinman who tries to genetically make women more beautiful. He doesn't notice you at first so he starts ranting " I WANT TO MAKE THEM BEAUTIFUL, BUT THEY ALWAYS TURN OUT WRONG! This one, too fat! This one! TOO TALL! And this one!! TOO SYMMETRICAL! And now....what's this, goddess? An intruder? He's ugly, ugly, UGLY, UGGGLLLLLLYYY!!!
  14. I'm torn between Michonne, Glenn or Daryl. It would be hands-down Dale if he were still alive.
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