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Found 5 results

  1. I'm making a thread open for discussion about the looks of Halo 4. I make this mostly because I am really worried about the looks of the Halo 4 sniper rifle. The art-style of the new UNSC sniper rifle looks horrible. It has a lot of things that don't make any sense and some things that are just in the way and distracts. For example, The scope looks like a radio from the 1960:s. It has an analog sight (or whatever it's called) that can't even be used, and it doesn't need to be there just because of that. Besides, the full-screen digital sight looked a lot cooler in Halo: Reach, and it had an effect, check it out if you don't know what I mean. And Halo 4 doesn't have that. Also on the sight, it needs a cable to be powered? What? did UNSC downgrade the sniper to so that it needs a showing, cheap looking cable to power that small screen? Which by the way, is a lot smaller then the previous versions. It also has a handlebar? Why? Like, did the army get greedy and say it wasn't comfortable enough to carry? Or maybe they want to use the sniper as a mini-gun? It looks like it's supposed to be like that. Also, why have they removed that magnificent, so much more enjoyable sound when you shoot with it? Now, honestly, it sounds like it's driven with gas and old rusty springs that are about to break. Seriously. I don't get it why you have to change this kind of stuff? Do you explain it somehow why the UNSC decided to downgrade it. Or just simply, why did 343 decide to make it look like it was homemade if there was some kind of an apocalypse and someone took the old lawnmower motor and combined it with their kids trampoline springs and made it shoot something. Also, I nearly forgot, The two curved things on the HUD sight when you zoom in, what is the purpose of those? They don't change when you move the sight or shoot or anything so they're just there to distract. Maybe I'm over-exaggerating on this one specifically, but they kind of create an illusion of a circle they make by themselves that distracts a whole lot, at least so it seems. Is that just me or...? For the record, I am not complaining about Halo 4, Only about the sniper rifle. Which all of my friends, that by the way, like me, have played Halo ever since Halo Combat Evolved came out on Xbox.
  2. The Halo 4/5 art styles are really just different species (or "ethnicities") of alien races being depicted. This is made clear in the Kilo-five trilogy, the appearance of most Elites, Jackals, and Grunts is canon. Some are clearly not, such as the Arbiter's, and this is due to resource limits. The reason both species aren't shows is because of time constraints, and resources. The ultimate solution is to have all species shown, and this may well be possible for Halo 6. If 343 can show all species, or at least the ones that should be there by canon, Halo 6 will be almost perfect already. Of course there are many things that can be improved/developed, but the appearances in-game and in cutscenes are too important to be sacrificed. Halo's most important aspect, in many people's opinions, is its lore. 343 have done an outstanding job with Halo Wars 2. They show both the original species from "Bungie's" Halos, and the "343" species. This is what all future Halo titles need. It makes sense, and breaks no canon or lore. Why would there only be all of one species in a specific military? There would be a mix, like we see in Halo Wars 2. For the Covenant, the only "mix" we see is with grunts, and that's perfectly fine. It could make sense that all of Let Volir's crew was full of were the Halo CE/2/3/Reach species shown. We can safely assume that there were some Halo 4/5 species during the older games as well, just not depicted. The Arbiter, Thel Vadam, certainly needs his real appearance back in all future titles, but all the rest (not previously confirmed Elites) can be mixed. The Kig-Yar have 3 different species confirmed, with names. The Sangheili don't need different species names, they're not that different and wouldn't distinguish each other in that way. They Unggoy, I can't say, would love to see some more differentiation between the Halo 4/5 ones and those prior though. The reason we may see 343 succeed in this area with Halo 6 is because of the time spent on Halo 6's development; clearly a lot longer. It will most likely drop in 2019 or 2020, and will be a huge success in the eyes of it's followers if 343 mix these styles together. They could be working on it right now as you read this. It will revive the dead horse everyone keeps kicking, and grow it from a colt to a stallion. This will be even better than before, because we see things how they really are, with all species (or the ones which are meant to be there canonically) involved. If 343 don't do this, it would be very disappointing, and more hope would be lost. I'm confident they know what to do now, and have known for the past 2 years. Halo Wars 2 has reassured me, and I hope to see both styles in future titles. Bringing back the old and getting rid of the new is not the way to do it. That will only make it worse, it won't make much sense, and completely get rid of newly introduced species (which have canonically been there from the start). We need both, and I put my faith in 343 to not fail us.
  3. As a true halo fan aside from already destroying kids with its perfectly balanced multiplayer the way it WAS,The armor was some thing truly special to me,it made you feel like a bad -snip- and made you want to flock it to anyone you killed, In H4 the armor style was just wack,everyone looked the same since it was so fast,and i felt no urge to really want to play the game to unlock more of its armor unlike the previous Halos,Halo 3 and reach had fantastic armor,and after Bungie left they took that great armor styled talent and put it in Destiny now,The titan class?? Man i could only imagine how they wouldve made the spartans look in halo 4 with that talent,but im not here gonna praise Bungie now,cause 343 can do it too,If they just spend a good amount of time putting the effort into every single piece of armor instead of just using an easy template for all the spartans,I mean if you need help just look at the Destinys Titan class xD (sorry again) but no really, I love what 343 is doing by going back to Halos roots and everything but the Armor was Definitely apart of that, Each spartan looked truly different from buff spartans with that huge knife as a shoulder piece in Halo Reach to slim spartans like in Halo 3,and then people would just make crazy combinations and it was great to even then see their spartans in Halo reach on the side with the vertical list view (As in all halo games) unlike H4 with its horizontal card style which made me feel like i was playing a game that was not Halo sadly,So yes Im hoping 343 would really hear me out on this cause im sure every halo player is hoping of a much better armor customization style for Halo 5,cause after they nail the multiplayer and make H5 go back to how Halo was, Im going to get bored if theres not that super impossible god like piece of armor that ill have to put in mad hours to get,like how halo reach did it ,if anything you can implement credits again and just use them to buy pieces of armor,make them at ridiculous prices and thatll get players to put a lot of hours in the game and especially if you can unlock armor from playing the campaign,and unlocking achievements,thats how you get them hooked,but once again MAKE THE ARMOR LOOK BEAST like a true war fighter spartan,just think Tactical,Military,and Warrior with sharp edges,and even in halo reach you could see some of the dirt and damage on some armor too. but if you listen I bet youll be in the right path to make some fine Armor for H5,Not super power rangers from space with retarted bright colors that made the red in matchmaking look salmon and the blue was like sky blue?? DO NOT REPEAT H4 with that armor style ever,again.but thank you for reading i know it was a lot to -snip- read but i felt i had to get this point across ASAP,cause this will be the decision for me if i actually want to keep playing H5 after you guys make the game "Go back to its roots" Side note: Whats up with all the Blue in Halo 4's UI? Make it a nice Dark mysterious atmosphere, sadly look how Bungie did it with Destiny? Lol sorry again
  4. I think we all have at least one. Some people like to slam their fist or the butt of their gun into the enemy's face. Others like to forcibly give them acupuncture until they explode. For me, it's headshots. For my older brother, it's explosives. For my younger brother, it's assassinations. In this thread, you can name your favorite ways of killing people.
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