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  1. Ok, let's all just sit here and realize that the most intense, insane, and bat- crazy game is coming to Halo 4. I don't know how they'll implement this in without a core race mode but I'm looking forward to this. I had some pretty good times with that in Halo: Reach, and maybe 4 can pull of the same intensity that it used to emit.
  2. Hopefully mods won't get mad at me if I post one of these each day. Anyways, I do, and I put them on Medium. What about you?
  3. Admittedly, I might have been posting on A LOT more threads than a member should have, and I received a legible 24 hour ban and 1 warning point. Anyways, out of curiosity, I ask, is it: A - Possible to lose a warning point, B - After you get a certain number of warning points, are you banned, and C - Do warning points come in different amounts? If I could have a mod or someone who is intelligent with the site answer, I'd be grateful. Thanks. -Insanity
  4. So I was thinking about this pretty strongly... should 343i include a free, community made map pack? It would be filled with maps for each game mode, and some extra aesthetically pleasing details. The maps might be made by THFE, or they could be by unassociated map makers. I think this would improve community morale, bring players back to Halo, and be lots of fun. Also, they could add these maps to the official multiplayer playlists or even have one of its own. Obviously it would take place on the four forge maps in Halo 4, and they would be equally varied and distributed. I think this addition would be promising. I know that they do already have community maps in War Games, but I'm asking for a full fledged map pack that is treated as so and even includes achievements. Anyways, guys, your opinions?
  5. The game's on Android and Apple for only 5$. Totally worth the buy! It's awesome how your music's speed and rhythm controls the game, and even brings in its own course of dynamic events. Woah. Just realized I commented on here a year ago. Deja Vu.
  6. Anybody else pumped for BF4? I personally like Battlefield more than Call of Duty and the immense amount of stuff you can do in 4 looks super promising. Blowing up skyscrapers? Using commander mode? Gassing a room or throwing a bomb inside and then locking and holding the door shut? I think this game and I will have some good times in the future.
  7. Where do you think I got my name from? Vaas is easily one of the most memorable characters of all time.
  8. Witcher isn't as well bulit, and it's WAYYYYYYY harder. Skyrim, overall, while more mainstream, is more fun and overall a better time.
  9. I liked it, but playing a normal survival game with it is really weird. The ores all look like random structure blocks. Gold is this block with red stripes and diamond is pure black.
  10. Buyin' it for the Xbone. Waiting for that one guy who's going to put "no" for their answer to "Are you buying Destiny?"
  11. Does Destiny have the potential to be 2014's game? Made by the ambitious and amazing company Bungie, Destiny looks like it has the potential to be nominated and even chosen as the best game of 2014. Destiny almost makes me just looking at it. When Bungie said they were going to go bigger than Star Wars and better than Halo, I think they might have a chance. Now, with early impressions, do you think Destiny has a chance at achieving this prestigious award?
  12. Mew's pretty coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool...
  13. This was moved to Offbeat Items. Not sure if Mod wanted this to become popular, or if not good place for Halo 4 Weapons/Vehicles thread...
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