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  1. Pick one of each Class. Example, I like both UNSC and Covenant therefore I'll answer both UNSC and Covenant, so I'll pick my favorite leaders. Captain Cutter and The Arbiter. For my favorite UNSC units I'll put 3 answers. 1 for infantry, 1 for vehicles, and 1 for aircraft. Favorite infantry is spartan of course. Favorite vehicle is elephant. And favorite aircraft is vulture. For covenant same thing. One for each class. Favorite infantry is elite honor guard. Favorite vehicle is locust. Favorite aircraft is vampire.
  2. Just send me an invite if you want to.
  3. Topic says it all. I need 2 GOOD players to help with Endure. Also good connections.
  4. I guess I forgot to mention that I wanted help with vidmasters. Not just filling up friend spaces.
  5. That's all right. Thanks for replying.
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