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  1. I've played firefight a bunch of times but it gets boring really fast it's too much of the same thing. I was looking at a video and this guy had some good ideas like how they should do something like cods zombies how it has a story how you have choice where you wanna go. Then there's like gears of war horde how you can set up defenses which I think would give firefight more replayablity.and last thing the constant spawning in the same place is kinda annoying it's gotta be random to add more challenge. Oh and forgot he he also said stuff about how it would be cool for them to do a firefight mode with the flood more involved He makes a good point bout how in all the other games your being hunted which brings out more of the survival aspect while right now in firefight everyone's hunting theelites down which is why it sounds good to use flood cause they attack in packs and hunt you down
  2. It would be cool if 343 puts in a new firefight where you have to see how long can you last against the flood. It be like halo campaign on legendary with flood everywhere.
  3. I wish there was a playlist in firefight where you could fight both covanent and flood. A three-way battle between us, the covanent, and the flood would be epic. Having some of the covanent get turned into flood while fighting. Who here agrees with me? What are your opinions on what I think?
  4. Since the beta some time ago alot has changed in Warzone Firefight. The general idea is still there but we can expect a lot of more objectives and bosses to beat. One of these new bosses will be Grunt Goblin the we saw a few days back. You can also expect the difficulty level to ramp up as you progress through rounds. No more easy pickings! This update will also bring back a long gone campaign score attack so you can compete with your friends or to try and get a combined record by working together. Taking down enemies with style will fetch you more points than the regular headshot or melee and dying will cost you dearly. Next up we have some new maps to play on. Since we didn't really get much with the Hog Wild update map wise we get 2 Warzone maps, 1 Arena map, and a Forge canvas this time around. The first Warzone map we'll be taking a look at is the brand new Attack on Sanctum! This map is themed around the Sangheili homeworld and will most likely feature a few of the new bosses instead of your usual legendary vehicle enemy and Warden. I don't know about you but the image above gives me a kind of Blood Gulch feeling. The second Warzone map is the Warzone Assault version of Attack on Darkstar and is called Prospect. Although it being a remix, I really don't see the original back in here apart from the theme. This remix is also made with Warzone Firefight in mind so this will probaby be the map to play on. The Arena map is also a remix and is a version of The Rig. This map is called Molten! This is the only image of the map I could find at the moment so I can't really tell how the map will play out. I guess we'll have to look forward to the mandotory update livestream prior to release. Last up we have the Forge canvas called Tidal Tidal is pretty much a giant rock in the middle of the water with some nooks and cranny's for you to build some smaller maps as well as some large open water for you to build the larger maps. again this is the only image available right now so we'll have to wait and see how it will turn out. Now here come the REQs, and there are some cool ones! First up we have the Temple style Covenenant vehicles. They sport a golden/green-ish colour and from the rarity colours might be a step up from the already present ultra variant vehicles. We'll most likely see their effects in the livestream. Next up we have the Halo 2 Beam rifle (from which many found death in the Halo 2 Legendary runs...) along with an Alpha and Delta variant. What the effects and deifferences will be from the already available Beam Rifles remains to be seen. Another big one is the Wasp UNSC air vehicle. Yes, we finally have an UNSC flying vehicle! From the little footage that is out there on the interwebz we can tell that it'll be a VTOL kind of plane and it will feature a chaingun and rockets to rain death from above. The Pheaton has finally found its match. Last up we get our usual fix of Armors, emblems, an armor mod and some weapon variants of the Brute Plasma Rifle. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that the Patrol case armor mod will let you have some more ammo capacity out of spawn. That's about it for this update! What do you think about Warzone Firefight and the new maps and REQs? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading! Source: Xbox Wire
  5. What's your favorite Halo Reach Firefight Map and why? Mine is Waterfront I think is what it's called, because it has a wide variety of structures and it's a pretty big map. Also, the sniper is good to use on the map, which I am a fan of and it challenges you. That jackal on the mountain with the focus rifle though, he annoys me SOOOOOO much. I remember one time in the bonus round I was on the roof of a building with a fuel rod gun and a DMR. Elite Ultras came in the drop pod, and you know that a bunch of skulls are enabled. When they came up, I shot, threw a grenade, shot, jumping around to not get stuck or killed. I took down the elites, and the grunts were rushing through. I was evading, popping heads, throwing a grenade, my shields go down, I hide, shoot, fight, it was really intense. I eventually pulled through the whole round, and I still stood.
  6. I thought they could bring firefight back, with some new modes. There could be brutes, grunts, jackals, maybe storm elites, flood, and promethean knights, crawlers, and watchers. So what do you think?
  7. :[ *Warning* This Post Will Be Very Long ]: First off i would like to ask for no trolling, no hating and no going out of your way to make someone look stupid. This thread is for halo 5 Ideas no matter how good or bad they are. Fill free to post any ideas you have. [Weapons & Equipment]: I would love to see them add all the halo weapons to halo 5. If not be able to choose what skin it has so you can say make a Storm rifle look like a Plasma Rifle. Also choose able plasma colors like with the Brute Plasma Rifles and the Elite Plasma Rifles. As well as new ones. If all the weapons would be added back some would need to be changed to make them more usable. *Focus Rifle* I think this should come back as a anti-vehicle weapon. Where it would do very high damage to vehicles but low damage to infantry. Another way I could see this is take away its x10 zoom and have it as a medium to long range rifle instead of being a long to very long sniper (I never once saw this used as a sniper in matchmaking.). *Brute Shot* I think this should have a one shot melee kill, 4 round clip (like halo 2) and do high damage to infantry and low damage to vehicles. *Concussion Rifle* High damage to light vehicles and be able to flip them, low damage to infantry with Knock back and medium damage to heavy vehicles. *Duel Wield* This need to come back I heard they were going to add it in halo 4 but they couldn't get it to work. Never the less it needs to make a come back even if its something you add for a custom load outs. *Bolt shot* Okay I have not used this since it got nerfed so I don't know how it works now. I think it needs to work in this way. Charged shot only knocks down shields or kill you if you have no shields with a overheat 2 sec cooldown. Single fire would do the less damage but higher rate of fire then magnum. *SMG* Duel-wield able and higher rate of fire then the AR and a 60 round clip with spread. (like halo 3) *ODST SMG* same as the SMG but nonduel-wield able and with zoom. *Mauler* Duel-wield able and two shots would do the same damage as one UNSC shotgun shot. *Plasma Rifle* Same as SMG but with all plasma weapons it would knock down the shields faster then the SMG but health slower. *Bring back the halo 3 equipment in ether loadouts or get them on the battlefield. You would have equipment and armor abilites. *NO MORE CUSTOM LOADOUTS* I would like to see halo reach loadout setup back. I don't like custom loadout but I wouldn't mind to much if they stayed. I just fell halo is more about finding your weapon on the field then spawning with it. Leave in being able to see power weapons on your hud. Its not fair to players who have never played on a map that other player have played on and know where all the power weapons are. *LEAVE IN ORDNANCE* I LOVE THIS ABOUT HALO 4. This is why, I am bad with a sniper. Not because I'm bad at the game but because I don't get to use it that much. Ever since Halo 4 ive gotten batter at sniping in all the Halos. ordnance gives players a chance to use a weapon and get used to it with out taking the weapon away from the players that are good with it. Before think you think just play team snipers. Think about this if you rarely use a weapon it wouldn't be fair to you if you are playing against players who always use that weapon. Some weapons you would see in campaign, firefight and custom games but wouldn't see them in Match making. [Forge & Theater modes]: *Bring back Forge world and sandbox. *Add in a new map thats FLAT with nothing on it and by this I mean something like the flat world in minecraft (NOT LIKE FORGE ISLAND). Here you would beable to place anything in the game any building, rock, mountain, ect... *Holo Mode* Okay this is what holo mode is. When you place a item (Say a Bunker box) in the ground and have it so the door is facing away you can toggle holo mode. Which would allow you to go into the item even though its in the ground. *Despawn timers* So you can make a item despawn in game. Would be fun having to run to a skull before the floor drops under you. *Toggle movement* This would let a item move in a set path or directions that you set in forge. *Firefight forge* *NPC Spawn* Not just for firefight forge but you could add them for any gametpye. *MORE items in forge* *Bring back things that where taken out in reach and halo 3 for forge* *Add things like computers and trash cans* *Changeable skins* so you can change items to look like items for Brutes, UNSC, Forerunner, Covenant, Flood and Maybe a new race >.> <,< >.> *Weather control* so you can change Day/night, rainy, snow, foggy, sandstorm and lightning. *Changable landscape* so you can change from sand, snow, grass, swamp, AND SPACE ! *LEAVE IN GREENSCREENS* *Traits on weapons* This would let you set traits to weapons in forge mode so you can have one say AR that does more damage to another AR. [Being able to make your own campaign]: *Addable Voice to Theater Mode* *Addable effects to Theater Mode* *Forge able triggers* A triggers is something you can put in in forge and it will trigger a cutscene you make in Theater Mode. *Multi Maps* After you do one thing in a map like act activate a trigger it will load the next map. [Custom games & gametpyes]: FIRST OFF FOR THIS I WOULD LIKE TO SAY.... I do not want multiplayer to have a story to it a reason why spartans are fighting spartan. I just dont want it to be on the same story as the campaign. I was told thats why they took elites out of multiplayer. *Other playerable Race* I wanna be able to choose my race no matter the same tpye from Flood, Brute, Elite, Spartan, Prometheans and the forerunner like the Didact. *Playable grunts vs marines For Invasion* Bring back games tpye that were taken out like invasion and race. *No more Custom loadout in MM* *Firefight* *Flood Firefight* Return of Coagulation. [*More gametpye options*]: here are some Increase/Decrease Weapon damage for each weapon and not just the play. Increase/Decrease how much ammo you can have in your weapon and how much ammo for that weapon you can hold. Toggle health. In halo Reach and Halo CE you could toggle shields but not health. Toggle drop flag Toggle have pistol with flag or i would also like to beable to change the pistol to any one-handed weapon EVEN A SWORD. Toggle throw Skull/bomb Changable Cool down/over heat on vehicles weapons [Vehicles]: I would like to see all the vehicles back and each race have there own verson of that vehicle as well as new ones also a flood skin for each one and changable camo skins for them. For Example: Spectre/Prowler/Warthog Also idea for a new Vehicle it was something i saw in halo custom edition a motorcycle with 2 chain guns mounted on it it would be the UNSCs Ghost. [Campaign & Story]: Lot of People want cortana back I being one of them. They could bring her back as a ghost that only chief can see I say this because she was made with human DNA. Now if they didn't bring her back i wouldn't be all OMFGWTF BBFQ WHY I HATE YOU no i wouldn't do that. >.> <,< >.> MORE STORY IN THE GAME for one thing I didn't know why I was attacking my once found ally and the only way to find this info is in a easteregg... This was a bad move. Also there was almost no story in the gameplay all of it was in the cutscenes that needs to change in halo 5. After halo 6 I would still like game with chief in it at some point. Also I would like other halo games with other Heros like I wanna know if noble 6 died or if something happened in a split second. More halo ODST games and halo games based off of the books would be fun. More spartan ops in halo 5 and more story to it yeah I know season 2 isnt out yet. Also i want it to fell more like the campaign but where its MY Spartans story. Lastly we don't know what the xbox 720 is gonna be like so halo can change alot because of it some of the thing 343 wanted to do they couldn't because of the 360 I will be adding more to this and I would like if YOU add your ideas as well. Oh How could I forget The arbiter and a playable elite campaign.
  8. Hello 343i, If you happen to be reading this then I hope this helps. I want firefight in halo 5 so much as well as a lot of others do too, but if you do bring back firefight then I think it needs to have some new options, I want to be able to have a short amount of time between rounds so that players can run towards some special type of building where you can buy things with the points that you make from killing enemies... Now this is where it gets interesting! So I've been thinking of things that would make the firefight experience quite amazing using the things you can buy in game: Automated turrets that you can set up around the map, traps that you can plant anywhere, MARINES yes that's right and ODST units that you can see falling out of the sky in their drop pods and you can tell them where to defend or follow you and if you eventually have enough points you can buy an expensive spartan which will help you a lot,and of course you should be able to buy any weapon or vehicle except mammoths. And that's about it for the buying thing, now there is another thing I thought about: How about an option to spawn enemies and allies in forge that give players the ability to create massive, long lasting open battles ( which would be even better with the flood... Hint hint). Anyway, I hope the community and developers liked these ideas, goodbye for now - RememberR3ACH
  9. Hello, please repair Halo 2 Vista, Microsoft isn't doing anything. Although I dont see any 343 servers on Halo 2 vista, I bet it can still be done. Halo 2 Vista needs somne repairs because it has noticable problems. In matchmaking microphones dont work and games can spontaniously deny access. I know not alot of people play Halo 2 Vista But I think even if it isnt a top earner it should work effectively for those whom have purchased it. Also It would be awesome if the character stuff could be added to create firefight scenarios for Halo 2 Vista.
  10. This is Firefight Versus. It is a 3v3 gametype I designed as an upgrade to Halo Reach's ability have PvP in Firefight. I designed this During my Playlist Menu Idea Topic: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst230565_A-Playlist-Example-For-Halo-5.aspx This is a more detailed explanation on it. I hope to explain it's rules and customization abilities are here. This isn't as simple as a trio of Storm Elites being actual players. The Elites can command groups where to go, both Spartans and Elite can call in support troops when on Sprees. the higher the spree, the better the support group. They would be: Spree Medal Spartan/ Covenant Elites Reward Killing Spree AR Marine Squad (4) Killing Frenzy BR Marine Squad (4) Running Riot CQC Marine Squad (4) Rampage Sniper Marine Squad (4) Untouchable Explosives Marine Squad (3) Invincible Assault Spartans (AR/BR/DMR)(3) Inconceivable Specialist Spartans (Camo/Shotguns/Snipers)(3) Unfrigginbelievable Explosives Spartans (Rocket Launchers)(2) Storm Elites Reward Killing Spree PP Grunt Squad (5) Killing Frenzy Needler Grunt Squad (5) Running Riot Carbine/ Shielded Jackal Squad (2 of each) Rampage Sniper Jackals (4) Untouchable Specialist Elites(4) Invincible Hunters (2) Inconceivable Promethean Knights Scattershots/ LRs(3) Unfrigginbelievable Promethean Knights (Binary R. Inc. Cannons)(2) Now, obviously, those last ones are not gonna happen alot, but with this new method in which you earn sprees, they will show a bit more. Spree's require 10 enemy kills for the Storm Elites and 20 for Spartans (Spartans require more because they have more potential kills) in Firefight Versus. Players are worth two kills to that count. Now sprees are a collective multiplier for the whole team and all the players on the team contribute to it, and the player who earned the current spree is a VIP. A player earns and "holds" the spree by killing the enemy that earned the Spree Medal. If that player is killed, the Spree is reset. in other word, its like a relay. you want the player who is in least danger to be carrying your Spree. For example. The game starts. The 3 Spartans are killing foes, their kills are all adding to the spree count. one player gets ten kills, one teammate gets 9, but the last teammate gets the 20th kill. He holds the Spree. If he dies, the Spree is reset, if any of the other two die, it is safe. if a different player gets the next Spree medal, he can choose to carry it or let the current holder keep it, but once he decides, the team cannot decide to "baton pass again". Kills while in this decision mode will not count to your Spree, so it is wise to choose quickly, this stops abusing the rules to never drop the Spree. This promotes ALOT of teamwork to get the higher rewards. In Custom Firefight, you can edit the support drops, change from troops to weapons, or even the actual troops, and there would be more options than what I posted plus all the other usual firefight options. Also, you can apply skulls to BOTH teams and they can have different skull sets between the two. There is also a setting for a randomized skull or skulls. reset or Personal loadouts can be chosen from, depending on the variant. Different maps could have different support troops on playlists (forerunner maps could have more Promethean support troops). Both teams start with a 15 life pool. If one player kills three players without dying gives the team a bonus life, and a killing spree earns them one. and every second Spree Medal adds an extra life to the current amount. To add an extra competitive edge, the team with the most points at the end of a round (5 Waves) earns a bonus life, giving scoring in this mode a purpose beyond time expire/ game completion. There is a max pool of 24 lives. The game lasts 25 minutes on playlists, or a full set (but this can be edited on customs) if neither team depletes the opposing team to 0 lives and finishes the team in final stand, the team with the highest score wins, If somehow this is a exact tie, it's just that, a tie (Spartan/Covenant Elite Players are worth more points than Storm Elite players, as are their support troops, to balance scoring). Firefight Versus works in Waves, Rounds and Sets like the other Firefight mode, but as stated above, only the team with the highest score earns the bonus lives (A tie in score results in a bonus life given to both teams). Anything Bolded can be edited in custom mode. Custom Edit Options I can think of beside the universal ones like move speed and over-shield. feel free to add your own thoughts. all options Bolded here can have a different setting for each team. Spree Holder Traits: Standard mode specific Player trait alter option. Custom Skull/Power Up Traits: Now there are up to a 100 custom skulls/power ups, and can be saved to a "library" to "call-up" in other variants (Custom Games/Firefight and the Skulls can be used in Campaign for fun factor). You can name the skulls/power ups, set score multipliers, alter individual weapon damage rates and I would love to hear what you guys can come up with. Score Rewarder: This rewards a team with a editable reward. This essentially replaces ordinance, and is unique to Firefight, as in only in Firefight. The player can set it to any combination of 3 choices, like ordinance, between weapons, squads, AAs, power-ups an lives bonus. up to ten instances of these can be applied. Spree Rewards: This can be changed to the same stuff mentioned as Score Rewards. Objective Mode: This was kind of implemented in Reach, but never really tried often I find. In Firefight Versus, multiple Gametypes are now able to be thrown into a Firefight mix, such as CTF, Stockpile, Invasion, Dominion, KOTH and all that good stuff. This could end up with some REALLY awesome Gametypes. Wave, Round and Set Duration/Population: Edit whether the Waves, Round or Set is timed, and if players earn bonuses for killing all its enemies within said limit. also alter the amount of enemies in a wave, Waves in a Round and Rounds in a Set. Custom Hazards: Choose the enemies from Drop Pod Hazards, Hazard Vehicles etc. Anything you guys can think off? Now I come to Firefight Map Editor. And I say "Editor" not "Forge" for a reason. I personally believe that a Firefight Map Full System would be to complicated to make and implement without having lots of glitches, faulty AI, faulty walk-path programming and general flaws. I propose a series of default Sandboxes and the original maps are available for EDIT. Not fully fledged construction. Movable Spawns (AI and Player), pre-built structures with AI movement Scripts, Gravity Lifts and Man Cannons, Teleporters, Objectives, Ammo dumps, Support Drops Areas and others. I feel this would be easier to implement, and a working "Editor" would be better than a faulty "Forge". What do you all think? I Honestly believe this to be my best idea ever as a concept for a Halo game. I would Love all the support we need to get this in a Halo Game, If not 5, then 6.
  11. Am I the only one who's noticed that FF doubles is missing? I haven't been on Reach in about a month, and me and my buddy were about to go play it, and now it's gone. That was the ONE mode we could play without either buttholes and/or complete idiots. Why was Doubles deleted?
  12. Anyone interested in playing odst firefight send me a message, Hohenstaufen731
  13. First off, I would like to commend 343 on Spartan Ops. I enjoyed the weekly chapters, esp the second half, and in some ways Ops is like Firefight with a story and more momentum. But it is still not Firefight, as many of us have thoughtfully suggested through various forum threads. Here is what I suggest: keep Spartan Ops and bring back Firefight. Here's how: Keep the current options for Spartan Ops, but add in Firefight mode. Basically, Firefight would just be on the Spartan Ops maps, giving players 5 new Firefight environments each week. Firefight is just a gametype, so 343/Affinity would just need to set up the spawning dynamics along with Spartan Ops. And, with the size of Spartan Ops maps there could be more than one Firefight area set up. Spartan Ops/Firefight hybrid model. This would be a blend of the two, with waves of enemies/skulls at locations, limited lives as before, and Spartan Ops like objectives, so that after so many waves of protecting sites, and moving to new locations on the same map. If the team makes it through the second group of waves they move to a new location, etc. You get the point. And the Firefight mode should be like with ODST: with limited lives, which can be earned with each new wave. This could be the way Firefight mode is, a new hybrid model, or a third option. The point is, simply put, we like Spartan Ops and we miss Firefight, like we miss the Flood. What would be Epcot would be Firefight Flood, with AI marines who can be infected, and the bodies of dead Spartans! A bit of a tangent here, buying have a new thought: infected Spartan bodies would retain weapons/loadouts/armor, etc. You would respawn, but the body of the dead Spartan, if not incinerated, would reanimate. Think of that for a moment. CV
  14. 343 should bring firefight back but better than ever. im not saying they should get rid of spartan ops because those r great but it would be nice to just get to make those last stands against unbelievable amounts of enemies once again. some ways to make it better is by putting vehicles like tanks or aircraft that u could fly into it. even a vehicle and air based firefight mode where u get a squad of marines that r in whatever vehicle and follow u and do ur orders would be cool like a squad of hawks or longswords going up against basically the whole covenant army( or whatever other eniemie species). it would also be nice if the new firefight would be more tactical so u have to think about what ur gonna do instead of just knowing where everything spawns and killing them right there. what else would be nice is that at the start of the firefight game, there would be a short cinematic that tells how they even got there in that last stand situation and then a good cinematic that you watch when the last spartan/ marine or whatever dies and the game ends. also different enemies that u fight against: flood, prometheans( if they arent all dead from when requiem goes into the sun in the last spartan ops mission of season 1), of course covenant, rebel humans, or any other species that may be added in halo 5. if u could choose what species you could play as, that would be great. playing as a marine, a spartan, an elite, hell even a grunt if u want . there should also be things like boss like enemies after every 5 or so rounds, just things that u and ur team have to rly work at and be smart about when ur trying to kill them. maybe some of these things can be incorporated into some different modes so that the ppl who love classic firefight can still play classic firefight.
  15. Okay here is the thing... This is going to be very detailed (and long) okay here it goes. Firefight is not in halo 4 very bad, I know. It's just kill and run, but here are things i want to see! (Also make sure you leave ideas!!!) *Teams, Friends Or Foes! There are different teams and you can either help each other out for items and supplies. Or you could fight to live, and friend with some other teams. There are up to 30 players, 5 people in 6 different teams Rebels,Peace Protectors,U.N.S.C,Covenant Believer's,Forerunner Believer's,And also Modern Neanderthal's (I'll talk about the teams later). Okay, Every team has there own info (shown as Chips cards), either take it or not the more you friend them and there off guard. You can take them off guard and stab 'em in the back! After that just keep going on with what your doing but they can get it back! *Events! Every 5 levels an event happens there are 15 different events. Also every 10 levels a boss comes and fights. Also the Forerunners covenant and flood are all in it. 5 events for Flood, 5 for Forerunners, And 5 for covenant. *Maps The maps need to be VERY big for every teams base and the bases never look like the same. Also I would like shops from base to base. Also challenges like team goals from the team captain (more about that when i get to the teams background story's. *Background Story Okay here's the story. Rebels: They were in halo reach on the first mission when they thought it was rebels there isn't much back story to them though. Peace Protectors: They want to unite Forerunners,Covenant, and U.N.S.C but don't use force they have very powerful weapons but don't use them there very friendly and it's easy to back stab them. in game they can not attack teams unless for a reason if they do they lose there info to a random team and are turned into time out for 10 minutes. U.N.S.C: You know what they are. Covenant Believers: Well they use weapons that are fused with covenant weapons and U.N.S.C weapons (343 can think of that!). They believe they can turn into a covenant by killing all humans this is a very gruesome team. Forerunner Believers: Pretty much the same as covenant believers but instead Forerunner weapons and U.N.S.C it's there own weapons fused with forerunners (again 343 can think of there fused guns and there regular ones). Modern Neanderthals: They only use melee weapons (343 please make way more melee weapons!) and they want revert the world to the old days. That means they hate tech and they use paper for a chip card. *Captains (last thing!) These are picked randomly by rank. And they can tell you what to do and give missions also they say if they can be fiends with other teams or not. Well that's all! I hope 343 looks at this. And anybody with ideas say it in the comments!
  16. During all the Halo's including Halo CE and Halo 2. I kinda got bored cause there weren't enough missions like I got bored of it easily. Of course in Halo 4 there was Spartan Ops aswell. Tell me what you think in the poll. Of course there was Spartan Ops and Firefight for cooperative gameplay and a seperate story then Master Chiefs. And FireFight for plain old fun.
  17. A gametype should be added to forge where you can make a firefight map with Phantom spawns, non-dropship enemy spawns, all of the regular forge options like human spawns, weapons and vehicles. You could then go into custom games and select the firefight game type to play locally or online with friends. This would eliminate the need for a whole lobby devoted to firefight. Players should be able to decide how many enemies spawn at a time in the properties of the enemy spawn object. I would also like to be able to choose what type of enemy spawns, be it Flood, Covenant, or Prometheans. If there is concern that players would cheat challenges or achievements, the game could just check that the map was not a default map so it wouldn't award achievements or challenges. I am positive that there are hundreds if not thousands of players in the community that think this Forgeable Firefight is a great idea. I would prefer this to Spartan Ops any day and I think that goes for most of the community as well.
  18. i cant say for certain if there is no voice over option for your spartan in spartan ops cause ive heard many people saying they dont have any audio coming from their spartan if the case is that there isnt any voice options i think it would be a nice addition, even if it is just the generic male/female voices. i liked having cortana feed me info and intell, so to speak, while i was doing firefight, kinda like my own personal ai just saying anywho if theres anyone else out there who thinks this would be nice to have back please shout... not literally
  19. Hi guys it's CAMS24 I have a new annoying question for you. I'm asking this question to every person who played and/or play Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach. The question is: ''Which Firefight mode do you prefer'' ? Do you prefer the old/original mode of Halo ODST ? Or do you prefer to be free to change the settings and modify everything, in the Halo Reach/New mode? Personally, my favorite mode is the Old one. I could not explain it. I just think it was better, the feeling of making a firefight, survive... Then what's about you, everyone ?
  20. " Leviathan Something lurks in the dark corners of space, something powerful enough to kill a Reaper. Shepard must discover the most closely guarded secret in the galaxy before the Reapers silence it forever. Discover more about the origins of the Reapers as you race across the galaxy to find the Leviathan. Unravel the dark history of the Reaper Race before it is too late. Coming later this summer there is no war, only the harvest. Taking place during the events of Mass Effect 3, players will be thrust into the darkest corners of space where they will hunt a mysterious being rumored to be powerful enough to destroy a Reaper. As they race against time, they will begin to unravel the secret of the Leviathan. Explore uncharted systems and new areas on the Citadel, interact with brand new characters, unlock the AT-12 Raider shotgun and M-55 Argus Assault Rifle and discover more about the mysterious history of the Reapers. Available for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for $10 or 800 MS points.. Firefight Weapons Pack Players will soon be able to arm themselves with the Firefight Pack, a new Single Player Weapon Pack available for download August 7 for $2 or 160 MS points. The Firefight Pack will feature two powerful new weapons and five bonus weapons to use in the fight to Take Back Earth! The Firefight Pack includes the following weapons: Indra Sniper Rifle: Fully automatic sniper rifle. The Indra's low-powered scope leaves it most effective at medium range, but many soldiers believe this limitation is offset by the gun's rapid rate of fire. The Indra is the first military-grade, fully automatic sniper rifle. It has an extremely efficient heat-sink system that allows a surprisingly large number of shots to be fired before the weapon ejects its thermal clip. Krysae Sniper Rifle: Heavy turian sniper rifle with explosive rounds and an automatic scope for all-range fighting. This turian antimateriel rifle is modified to kill Reaper enemies. The Krysae's scope uses a rangefinder that adjusts to keep the target in proper proportion to the shooter, which comes in useful when the sniper is forced into close range. Its specialized ammunition is both armor-piercing and explosive. In a desperate move, the turians released its specifications over the extranet so that nearly anyone with a fabricator could manufacture this weapon to help the war effort. Reegar Carbine: Quarian electrical weapon that's best at close range. This electrical weapon improves upon the arc pistol's design by generating a sustained current on its target. This weapon is named for the quarian Reegar family, whose marines have served valiantly against the geth. Harrier Assault Rifle: Full-auto Cerberus rifle with low recoil and heat generation. These Cerberus-modified Mattock rifles are fully automatic. Cerberus gunsmiths reined in the recoil issues, resulting in a gun that stays on target but delivers slightly less punch per round than a standard Mattock. As such, the weapon is typically utilized by Cerberus's elite troops who train constantly to make every burst count. Geth SMG: Fully-automatic geth submachine gun. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held. This submachine gun works on the same principles as the Spitfire: it shoots superconducting toroids that break apart on impact, retaining an electrical charge that flash-converts the shrapnel into plasma. Unlike the Spitfire, however, this smaller geth weapon has been modified to take thermal clips. Holding down the trigger speeds up its rate of fire, rapidly depleting the gun’s heat sink in exchange for nearly continuous fire. Blood Pack Punisher SMG: Submachine gun with a secondary barrel that fires armor-piercing rounds. The Punisher features a secondary barrel that fires one armor-piercing round per main-barrel burst. It was developed by Blood Pack gunsmiths who found that their vorcha recruits frequently forgot to optimize ammo loads in the heat of combat. This configuration makes the process automatic and highly effective at penetrating armor. Adas Anti-Synthetic Assault Rifle: Electrical weapon that's effective against shields and synthetic targets. Named in memory of the quarians killed in the Morning War on the planet Adas, this weapon's electrical attack has been optimized for medium- to long-range firefights. Alliance marines take issue with calling it a "rifle" since, technically, it has no rifling in its barrel. The quarians shrug this off, as quarian weapon terminology rarely translates flawlessly into human languages. " Source:- Bioware Social Network
  21. I'm looking for a coop partner to play Halo 3: ODST firefight. My gamertag is wolfspartan360
  22. Update: I mailed these ideas to 343 Industries themselves! FloodFight: I think there should be a new version of FireFight called Flood Fight. Where you square off in survival against waves of Flood. A re-imagination of Firefight, or kind of like Halo: CEA'S Mission: The Library. It could also maybe become a New Infection Gametype, where players square off 8v8. One team are players who spawn as Flood Forms who try to Infect you. While the other team are players who spawn as Spartans trying to Survive until the Round is Over. A good idea in the comments was: ODST Playlist: An idea of mine, is to make a new Playlist called "ODST". Where it is basically the same as regular matchmaking, but everyone are ODST's. The health system would be based off the game Halo: 3 ODST. And maybe when the Game starts, You and your team spawn in Drop-Pods. I think that would be pretty epic. Here are some Game-Types I came up with: ODST Team Slayer - 4v4 Slayer ODST Rumble Pit - Free for All ODST CTF - 4v4 Capture the Flag ODST FireFight - Classic Firefight ODST Swat - 4v4 Team Swat with the Killer ODST Magnum It seems like it would create and attract a New Halo Fan-Base. And suit some of the Halo Universe who love the playing style of Halo 3: ODST, more than regular Halo. It would create a whole new community, and you could play something a little different if you ever got bored of playing as a spartan in Multi-Player. All 343i would have to do is make a custom gametype for the Game Mode. As for having your guy look like an actual ODST.. It would be fairly simple. Just make a 3rd species preference. Its just like how you can choose between playing as a spartan or an Elite, except that you can only use it in the ODST Playlist.
  23. ADD: 1. The Minor Armor customization (preferably more than what Reach had) and armor color: Primary, Secondary AND armor detail Bright, Very visual lighting like in Halo 3 Equipment, they were much more balanced than armor abilities Halo 3 grenades, the ones in Reach were way too powerful New vehicles, a flyable Pelican or other new vehicles would be cool Some of the old Halo 3 Maps like Guardian, The Pitt, and Valhalla 2. The Major More customs games like in Halo 3, customs were what kept Halo 3 great for such a long time Forge, bring back the forge heavens that were Foundry and Sandbox, and I would like to see decorative objects like in H3 and not just structural Firefight, gameplay and maps like in ODST, custom options like in Reach IMPORTANT: The music chanting in Halo 2, H2 music captivating and perfectly conveyed the epic struggle over Halo. I remember the first Halo I ever played (Halo 2) At the main menu listening this track play () I didn't even need to play, I knew this was going to be something great Multiplayer just like Halo 3, not the randomness of Reach DON'T ADD: Any armor abilities EXCEPT sprint Reticle bloom The DMR (the new BR is all we need) Health
  24. What do you think?
  25. Ok, I know this is me just being nit-picky, but I'm seriously wondering why we're forced into the red and blue team colors in any invasion mode. I mean, it's not that hard to tell who's on what team with it being Spartans vs Elites. So, why force the colors? Now, to state this in advance, I know that some of you will say that that's the only way that the game can register teams. However this is not true in the least, for when we play Firefight matchmaking it puts us into red team, however our colors remain our own. The same can be said for standard Firefight, where we are able to separate into both red & blue teams. All the while retaining our own colors. This said, I would like to propose that 343 Industries attempt to make it to where we keep our custom colors during Invasion matches. It shouldn't be that difficult to update the coding to do such, as I have just made clear that it has already been done in the Firefight modes, and could be easily distributed via: Title Update. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, -Alberio Craft- [EDIT #1] As stated by 'Kill the King': This is a good point, but the big problem against that arguement is that in the Infection playlist everyone uses their own color unless zombified, yet we're still able to tell the difference purly from the sword's unique look. I know that may not seem like much to counter your statement, however what I'm trying to get at is the fact that, just like how the zombies look different from the survivors due to one small unique detail, the Elites look quite different from the Spartans, due to the nature of their amors (Spartans = Bulky; Elites = Smooth) and the shapes of their bodies (ex: Elites are quite taller than spartans, and are almost always hunched over). [EDIT #2] To back up this claim even more, here is a quote from 'RedStarRocket91': The idea of having more of a stealth element within this game truly does have a huge appeal to people who are both professional and/or hardcore gamers. Especially due to the fact that it adds a ton more strategy for us during objective style game modes. This being said, there is also the contrast to where those who are wearing more vibrant colors (or colors that don't match the surroundings) will have a much more intimidating feel, as they come barreling down the corridors or across the fields, since they seem as if they don't have the need to camoflague themselves. Which also gives those players a slight leadership element. Those who are using the more vibrant colors would also be somewhat intimidating, as those who wish to attack the vivid colored enemy would have to think about if his opponent might have an ally lying in wait for an ambush. [EDIT #3] Now that all of these points have been both thought of and considered, I feel that it is safe to say that the original set-up for 'Invasion' with its forced Red and Blue colors is still a good way to help beginners. However, there has also been evidence which has been shown here to prove that we can determine who the enemy is without needing our colors forced upon us. This being said, I change my decision on changing 'Invasion' to not having forced colors. However, I also have not changed my mind. What I'm trying to get at here, is that it would be very wise of 343 Industries to listen to their fans for both sides of this argument, and split 'Invasion' into two types. "Standard Invasion" could easily be understood as the common Red vs Blue scenario, and then there could be "Invasion Plus" or some name like that, for those of us who wish to play Invasion with our own custom colors, and are tired of having our hands held while trying to fight. I have also posted this thread on the Halo Waypoint forums, with a poll. Make sure to go there as well, and place a vote to let 343 Industries hear your voice on the matter! http://halo.xbox.com/Forums/yaf_postst64147_Why-be-forced-to-have-different-team-colors-in--invasion.aspx
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