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    Too many games to name lol, Harry potter series (Books and movies), Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter, Halo, Skyrim, and this just goes on and on so ill end here.

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  1. Well for the xbox its never buggy, but if you have just a PC then i recomend getting a new one when possible. But in my opinion its worth it all in all.
  2. To be a vampire lord ? Lol or a werewolf (They get skill trees also) New weapons (dragonbone which is better but heavier than daedric) new quest lines which are really fun, a crossbow. and other things which are fun
  3. Lol i think Lampent and Zweilous are atleast decent, but its true the other suck.
  4. So anyone have dawnguard for Skyrim? and if so, id like your thoughts about it, or what faction you chose, and why, or just why its awesome. Lol
  5. Good thing this has never been the case for me as i hope it has been for the rest of you. Having to report someone isn't a very good thing, but its the right thing to do!
  6. Good thing the 1.7.3 update is next ! Only a small wait for more !
  7. Does anyone have a Premium Minecraft Account they dont use anymore or just don't need? i Certainly dont want to sound desperate or cheap, its just i'm a little young to be working yet and have no way of getting money to pay for it since it needs a credit card and all that, so if you have a spare one please message me the info and you will have my utmost gratitude, If you don't, then ignore this post please, or if you know of a way to get a free account legitimately, id still love it if you told me Thanks for your time.
  8. SnydeHyde


    What do you mean what? Dungeon Fighter Online is a nexon game and they are coming out with an Xbox live version Sorry if i worded that poorly
  9. SnydeHyde

    Minecraft update

    Saw this already but it sure helps to know when stuff comes out
  10. I think it would be a great idea because of being able to make your own stuff, kinda like red vs blue, but not exactly like it
  11. I certainly hope im not the only one who didnt like ODST, because truthfully it wasnt that fun The campaign kinda sucked and there wasnt much to do after it. So am i alone or not?
  12. Oh i saw that one before ! Lol to me i found it funny
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