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Found 9 results

  1. well to say the least the ranking system is garbage. i play swat, thats been my favorite playlist since halo 2 (more so reach for the dmr). i average around 20 kills per game, usually more, rarely less. Now compared to the team they put me on I'm scoring double if not tripple what they get, and they average twice if not more as many deaths as me. and then they put me against an entire team of players that play like me, it doesn't work. yet they continue to do so. and even though i perform better than anybody in the entire lobby I'm still de-ranked because my team is a bunch of ****-tards, either afk, or just completely derp. i mean its swat don't go in the middle of the damn map jumping around like a 6 year old. My friend who plays this game is way worse than me at swat. he hates playing me 1v1 because the score will end up being 50 to 5. No joke. And that dude is an Onyx????like how and why. They put a dude i **** on, on the daily, in onyx for swat. Yet put me into platinum and continue to de-rank me. Moral of the story. This team based rank system is Bull **** and it NEEDS to change
  2. 'The Dark Below' DLC coming to Destiny this December will not only feature more Strikes and gear, but it's level cap may also be increased. We've got some details that were extracted from the game's data files. There is a 'Hard' difficulty setting suited for Level 32s. Now how exactly will this play out? Will we need more light to reach a level higher than 30? This could give us the opportunity to possibly have more than one piece of exotic armour. There will also be new Legendary Armour coming, this could be our way to gaining even more light and reaching higher levels. How high do you think the Level cap will reach? Will you be buying the DLC this December? Sources: http://gamerant.com/destiny-dark-below-legendary-gear-discovered/ http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/looks-like-destinys-getting-higher-level-cap-new-gear-harder-strikes-december/
  3. 1. TAG: Penitentone 2. MAP NAME: Déjà Vu 3. DESCRIPTION: -Designed after the GoldenEye 007 map 'Complex'. -Supports all Gametypes, except domination.
  4. 343 it has come to my attention many people have already reached SR 130 with all 9 specializations completed. This is ridiculous in my eyes, How can people have reached the maximum rank in only a few months of the games release? In Halo 3 I hadn't seen my first 5 star general in match making until 2 years after launch, even then it was incredibly rare and took alot of commitment to gain, unless you boosted of course You make it far to easy for people to level up, giving 1500 xp just for finishing a match even if you lose is ludicrous! No wonder people have maxed out already! I know not all specializations have been released to the majority yet but even so each specialization could probably be completed within a week! Holding them back just to prevent people from hitting the maximum to early is stupid and will only frustrate players more because you freeze their progress just for the sake of it! You need to implement more ranks 343, create a tier system or something. After SR 130 you must then progress through a whole new set of ranks. The community will die out because of it 343, once you hit that wall and you feel no more progress can be made. Then you get bored, this never happened in reach or halo 3 because the max level was so freaking hard to get unless you boosted. Do something 343, The rest of the game is great but this ranking system is a joke. And as for this true skill that is rumored to be on its way; don't mess that up if its true.
  5. I've been playing around on the new forge maps and I have to say, I love them. 3 Different themes/settings is a great idea. I don't even think that, as they are, the maps are too small. For how the maps are designed, the size fits well. I do, however, have a suggestion that would make forging a far better experience for everyone. (I have more, but this sticks out the most so I will focus on it) Remove Level Boundaries I can understand why you include boundaries on your maps. You don't what players to get places that may be advantageous or problematic when playing a match. 100% logical. But, I have never seen a reason, and this goes for previous Halo games as well, for map boundaries when making/editing your own map. We all know that there are out of sight areas that are not detailed/completed, but why does that matter? I'll use Ravine as an example. I have to say it is my favorite of all the forge maps in Halo 4, by far. This map is HUGE! ... Except for the boundaries... As I was exploring as my little spherical friend, I noticed a few things: 1.) You cannot go water level without the soft and eventually hard kill boundary getting you before you touch it. I loved making water level or slightly submerged maps on forgeworld. It adds a great effect to your maps. 2.) You cannot go behind the rock spires on both sides of the map. Why not? I would almost bet my life they are completely textured. I was thinking that I could make a cliff face level the protrudes out into the ocean, but alas, I cannot. 3.) When you get close enough to the edge of the map, you can literally see the black line in the water where they set the edge of the map. If you look out into the distance, there is an insurmountable amount of free space just sitting there. Yes, the texture of the islands out there is low. That's fine. If someone wants to make a map that stretches that far, why not let them. It's their map. This would also allow people to make their large race maps because none of the forge maps give enough space to do so. 4.) The physical structures of this map extend higher than your moveable/buildable area allows, much higher. Why prevent players from building up there near the clouds, or on top of the higher rocks in the level for that matter? The boundaries even prevent you from standing on top of those. Here's my idea for this. Instead of setting hard boundaries on your maps, use the placeable boundaries already in forge to set your desired boundaries. This way, players who want to be more creative can remove them and use your maps to their full potential. I can promise that if you do, the variety of great maps will increase drastically.
  6. Preface: I will continue to play Halo as long as i'm a gamer, online or offline. And there are few things better than watching a random sticky attach itself to the visor of another player in Theater. I DO NOT care how my spartan looks. I didn't care for it in Reach and I don't care for it now - only to a [slightly] lesser extent because it affects how i play the game now (specializations and load-outs). I ill customize my spartan sure. I like color schemes and emblems etc . . . But is this really the reason i play matchmaking? No. I play because i want to get better. I play because I want to beat the opposing players. I loose because I wasn't good enough. I loose and want to play with those who beat me because that's the best way to improve. I win because i played well. I won and I want a reward. As much as some may not like it (and i'm no where near the best) levels (Halo 2 and Halo 3) offered players a legitimate reason to play the game. (Yes I know one can play with friends - that is not what this post is about). One could tell how good someone was by this simply number. It worked and it created a sense of accomplishment when you beat the odds and overcame the person who should have been better than you. Levels or a similar construct of skill (Why not a simply K/D ratio displayed) must return to keep people striving to get better. And how will they get better? By playing that one last game to get that next level. Games should reward us for both how much we play (as it does now) and also allow us to show our friends and opponents how well we play. Halo 4 is a fun game; and now the players have a choice in the direction the franchise takes.
  7. As a Halo fan since the realease of Halo 1 I applaud 343 for its work on Halo 4. 343 has made a balanced, fun, and authentic Halo mutliplayer experience, but it feels too "balanced". And by balanced I mean it has COD-esque skill nerfing features. I will attribute the COD to microsoft's substantial investment in this game and their hope for a return on that investment in a market that features that other first person shooter being released right before the holiday season. There are 3 critical and easy changes to make for multiplayer. 1) Make games turn on kills not points. -Who wants to lose a game of regicide to a guy with less kills than you but who managed to kill the king a few times? This logic makes no sense, why reward the playerwho kills the guy with the giant indicator over his head rather than the player with the most overall kills? In general the point system should not determine the outcome of games, but rather be used into leveling up the meaningless ranks currently in place, much like the *cough* COD system *cough*. The points just make it impossible to determine on the fly what is needed to be done by players to win the game and detracts from the overall competiveness. By the way, what happened to Free-for-all? 2) Ordinace drops are an un-needed feature -Ordinace drops are just a thinly veiled "killstreak reward" system, laughably even ordinance drops are not based on kills but on points. Ordinance drops are just flat out not needed and stand in the way of players using some of the best designed, balanced and thought out weapons in the game. Not to mention making vehicles too dominant in gametypes which feature them. What should be brought back is good ole fashioned weapon spawns on the map, go ahead and put designators and timers on them if that is what it will take to get this feature back into match-making. Weapon spawns on the maps add a whole new level of strategy and teamwork which was erased by ordinance drops. This same concept applies for power ups like speed, power and overshield. So what if players will be able to "camp" weapon spawns, the abuses of the weapon on map system do not overcome its benefits to gameplay. 3) Give players real skill ranks 1-50 -This is probably the most needed feature of multiplayer. The 1-50 rank system, in the actual game, next to your name changes the entire dynamic of the Halo multiplayer experience. When your rank depends of the games you win rather than on the points you get, a remarkable thing happens...teamwork and co-ordination actually awaken from their COD induced slumber and impove gameplay for everyone. Rank XP that goes up when you win and goes down when you lose is such a critical component of the Halo online dynamic it makes me sad to see what the last 2 games have chosen to do with ranks. Once again so what if people will abuse this sytem? The same arguement applies for the American welfare system, just because some people will abuse the system does not mean it should be taken away. Plus grouping players based on ranks is an tried and true way to effectively ensure more balanced and competitive gameplay. As opposed to the prevailing lone wolf "preserve my kill death ratio" mindset that now regins supreme (because as it stands to determine how good someone is, you must look that the kill death ratio of that player rather than a 1-50 skill rank that has weight behind it). In conclusion -Halo has always been and should always be a different animal than COD. COD has perfected the formula of nerfing every player down to relative mediocrity with its features ensuring a very balanced game ideal for players who frankly are not that good at the game itself but can use its balancing features to get kills despite differences in playing skill. Halo on the other hand, originally anyway started players out on an equal playing field letting skill and luck decide the outcomes. There is no place for COD skill nerfing features to be present in a Halo game outside the goal of attempting to cater to a wider base of consumers which is exactly why Reach failed so miserably. The Halo franchise is a living example of "if you build it, they will come". If you give gamers a platform where everyone begins the game at a standardized baseline and let each player set himself apart by their gameplay then that very thing will happen. Not everyone was created equally when it comes to Halo and the franchise should not compensate for that, the weak will die off and move on to easier game will the strong will survive and dominate Halo, while the vast majoirty of people will enjoy a fiercely competive multiplayer experience unlike any other FPS on the market. In conclusion it is the competitve nature of Halo that sets it apart in the market place, players should be able to show their hard earned Halo rank and have that mean something as it did in Halo 2. Ranks and the competition for them were a driving factor behind the quantity and quality of gameplay, a challenging 1-50 ranking system is the ULTIMATE tool for gameplay longevity by presenting the vast majority of people with a never-ending quest for the rank number they want next to their gamertag. The competiveness of the Halo franchise should present players with the unique opportunity in the FPS market to set themselves apart from everyother player online through their own gameplay (wherever that may fall in a 1-50 system), and it should be incumbent on players NOT the game mechanics to adjust for in game balancing. The field of play is here, just change the rules so that players can once again create the Halo multiplayer experience that the franchise has been celebrated for.

    WHY !?!?

    Like a lot of people, I bought Halo 4 BUT ... I woudn't buy Call Of Duty !!!! I'm really fan of Halo, it's the best game but 343 industries killed this game ! Why !? Just for the money of a great licence ? Or maybe for killed halo and I think it is ! In Halo 4 you can't play with talent because there is a system with lvl (SR-1,SR-50), weapons are not available at first, we must unlock, like killstreak in Call Of Duty ! Lets's speak about equipment, WHAT THE F*** !?!? Promethean View, you can see ALL the map with ennemys, the helmets are ... ugly (not all). We are in call of duty. There is the camp, the needler (over cheat), problem of connection and kill cam and when somedy quit the game, the host restart before all of us so he can kill everyone !!! The only thing i love in halo 4 are the maps (they done a very good job) A lot of Halo fans will be Disappointed. Please take the control of your game !!! I did not say the half of problems of Halo 4 !!! You can do better and we want better ! Forgive me for my spelling, I'm not english, Have a nice day ... Not you 343I
  9. I'm kinda curious to find out what some of your favorite Halo 3 levels are. I was thinking over Halo 3, and just wanted to see who liked what best. I liked Tsavo Highway, Halo, and my favorite, The Ark. What do you like?
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