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  1. What the hell did you do to end up looking like THAT
  2. Not voting Delpen? Voting a confirmed civilian? Pretending that it's the number of people in total that confirms your innocence rather than the dead, alive, and investigated people on each individual suspect list? I suggest you take a class on acting.
  3. THEY KILLED THE ONLY OTHER POSSIBLE SUSPECT FOR SPY We have investigated Wam, and he is innocent. The Don is Kakashi. The Spy is Drizzy. The Juggernaut is Delpen. Let's take out the Juggernaut first, finish him off. I vote Delpen. Everyone should do the same.
  4. Funny. Mine was the same as yours before I saw this thread, Shock.
  5. The Don is the last Mafian we don't have anything on, since we know the Spy is either Drizzy or Melody and that can just be figured out at the very end of the game. This list has provided us with a pretty good opportunity though. One of the FIRST THREE PEOPLE on this list is Mafia. We kill one at random NOW, and the next round the Detective will investigate one of the remaining two, unless we were lucky enough to get him on the first try. If the one investigated is the Don, they're marked for death. If they're not, the other person is the Don and is marked for death. I vote Frank.
  6. Well, this adds a bit more credibility to the idea that Composite Armor is mafian. I vote him. Melody looks more and more like the SPY every round.
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