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Found 6 results

  1. the master chief gets infected but partially and retains his mind and body but now a flood infected one with the traits of one and the weaknesses and the ability to be hated and loved by all things flood and sentient except the gravemind will tell him what to infect (thats YOU sentient life) so hide from the master flood chief infection and eventually he will break free from the infection and kill the flood (again again again) please 343 add this to the game or as a seperate campaign
  2. On Sunday, February 23, I will be hosting a game testing lobby at 7 p.m. CST. This game lobby will involve one of my game types and one of my map variants. We will test map variants (that have Oddball support) created by members in the lobby with my new Oddball game type, and we will also test some various game types from other players. We will play six to eight matches, and then I will take feedback and criticism. I will then promote someone else the party leader, and will split off to Theater mode. It would be very appreciated if players are not AFK or joining and quitting during games. If you find game flaws or exploits, do not continuously exploit them. All members are welcome to join, and we will have a prep lobby. To join, just simply post your XBL Gamertag and the link to your game types and map variants.
  3. Hello and welcome to the 14th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's question asked you which member of the wretched Flood race you despised the most. It was such a close ballet that the winner wasn't determined until a last second (ok, yes he did have two more hours to vote but I'm just being dramatic) vote was cast that would decide which member of the Flood is the most hated and unappreciated. All right on to this week's question. This is a question I'm sure many forgers would be glad to give their input in. Here it is: Do you prefer Forge World or Forge Island? If you want your vote to count, vote before 10:00AM EST 12/02/13 Thank you all for participating and see ya' next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message me
  4. So..... Hi. ....I have to write more than that, don't I? This forum is too similar to the other one which I frequent about; there it's a full site based arounds fans of a toy series (Bionicle; I'm sure you know it) and here its based around a mutual love for Halo. And over on that site, I write tons. Comedies to RPing, whatever. So anyways, I first came here about a month ago (I think. I don't actually keep track of time; I let my calendurr do that.) after being introduced to 343i.org from halocustoms.com, which I learned of after complaining about lack of people who play customs in my timezone, on Halo Waypoint forums. I was also on my last ban 'life', due to the amount of sarcastic replies I've did to all the severely STUPID people on their Halo 4 subforums, people who range from asking silly questions like 'when is th nex spart ops coming out', to complaining about the game (More specifically about things that kill them) all the way to complaining about people who complain about the game, stating that they weren't helping the game despite the fact that those complaining about the game probably did more contribution than those complaining about complainers. So then one day, I don't know what I did apart from maybe say 'I think you're new to XBL because there's a friends list' which might be classified as calling another person out - after the person did the exact same thing, except with a little more 'you're an idiot' style of writing. So then I got perma-banned. Goodness, opened my eyes as to how stupid most of the people are apart from the single off-topic thread....which consists of people who simply don't care about Halo 4 due to how bad it is and won't bother visiting that place full of idiots. Anyways, yeah. I got here that way. More stuff about me? Uh.... I have a youtube channel? Dunno if that counts. I'm chinese? Probably a bit more. If you see me online, don't ask about why I don't have a chinese accent. I'm lazy? Probably the most annoying thing about myself I don't like - which I don't really bother to change. I have lots of school work but tend to just use entertaining technology more than studying?.....Nope. Not that useful. Hmm, How about in-game? I play CALL OF DOODY (YEAH NOOBS DIE DIE SUFFER FROM MY ANTI-CAMPER GUNZZZ) because I find it fun, I play Battlefield 3 (Hehehehehe) because I love games that feature massive maps, jets, tanks, helicopters, AC-130's, except without killstreaks, and allow you to both use teamwork - and troll so damn hard. And also it has dedi servers. I play Assassins Creed, was for some time entertained by TC's GRFS, and finally feel sad that I missed the golden days of Halo 3. Although back then I was a squeaker, and being the competitively lazy fun (Less on the last bit. I'm not actually fun to be around, I think, I just like to have fun) guy I am, everyone was a hacker. That was how I played my first month of Reach, my first Xbox 360 game. Then I became good, and usually ended up at the top of each lobby in the games. Hopefully I trashed a bunch of the people who reported me when I was in my denial stage. So then I bought Halo 3 ODST and, magic trick? It was more fun than Reach. Except for Forge and Customs. and MAaaaaybe campaign. Although that's because I like campaigns where there are good teammates. Especially female driver teammates. In any case, I stunted my growth just so I could have crazy fun when Halo 4 came out. Big mistake, because it was fun for about 2 days, during which I destroyed everyone. Then all the bad stuff started appearing. Now all I do is just play customs, forge, go trolling on Black Ops 2, and watch anime. Hi. You may call me JL. Pleased to meet you, whoever you are.
  5. Hello everyone, We are looking for more people to play custom games with on Halo Reach. Zombies and other fun customs like: Tremors, Lava Men, Cat N Mouse, Warthog Wars, Racetracks, Parkour maps, Tower of Power and many others! If you enjoy to play these kind of games or would like to give them a try please add me on Xbox LIVE or post here! Thanks Gamertag: ThaTT NiNjA
  6. Alright what are everyone's favorite Spartans and why are they your favorite? Name, attributes, anything you wanna include and etc. GO
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