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    Mother 3 gets my story right so well, the way the story works is so reminiscent of real life there's no way i couldn't make it my favorite game of all time. I enjoy classic video games as well as SHMUPS, RPGs and the legendary MOTHER series (1 2(Mother 2 is called Earthbound in America) and 3). I also enjoyed Okami, Brink, Bayonetta and some other non-mainstream games. I am currently on the development team for MOTHER 4 as a pixel artist!!! w00t! Unfortunately I cannot speak of the game without permission from a lead designer so don't ask anything that may consist of story related content or how far we are from actual release.

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  1. Not trying to bring you down or anything but i highly doubt you'll get someone to just donate you their code, they're in high demand right now.
  2. Well you have alot of posts so you could get in that way. And im totally for the idea.
  3. So I was wondering what everyone's favorite RPG is as of late. Give me the name of the game and what console it released on and type of RPG and I'll check it out, my personal favorite RPG is Mother 3 for the GBA... but unfortunately its a Japan only release so I had to find an English patch and emulator just to play it, but that's besides the point. Also, am I the only one irritated at the lack of RPGs on the Xbox 360? (Not counting Bethesda games because they're too easy IMO and i prefer turn-takes) Also, try and not be too hasty towards people who prefer a game different than you do, I want this to be a friendly post.
  4. I understand what you all are saying, but if you're like me... then most of the time when you get good teammates you party up with them... its a simple answer for your complicated question. I understand not all the time you can play with friends but I'm sure eventually you will find enough people to have a full party in whatever playlist you're in or maybe just start a clan. Back in the beginning of Halo 3 you did this kind of thing without even thinking about it. Why is Halo 4 any different?
  5. Reach failed IMO, my friends list is never full of people playing Reach, unlike the days of Halo 3, not enough people played it. Hopefully that doesnt stop people who left from buying and playing Halo 4.
  6. Uniracers son! Whatchu know about that SNES power?
  7. Director, Director, Hes our man!
  8. Modded weapons already? thats EXTREMELY lame. Mods make games NOT fun.
  9. Wow, MLG is really starting to become worse and worse, first doing games like StarCraft and then leaving Halo? I kinda wish there would be a new halo-exclusive pro-circuit or something, MLG is getting LAME.
  10. Pet Falcon. WYR Play Halo 4 for one day NOW, or get the game for free at release?
  11. Mortal Kombat. WYR see your parents cause of death 100 times over, or play Star Wars Kinect?
  12. Welcome my friend, cant wait to talk in the shoutbox with you.
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