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Found 22 results

  1. I'm hosting a Halo 4 lobby tonight for those interested to get achievements for all the DLC's for Halo 4, message me letting me know who's in. Gamertag is: GH05T R1D3R ME
  2. Hello Community. This is my first post here, so here's to making good first impressions - for both of us. On the release date, I purchased the Halo 4 Legendary edition - which had, among other things - a "season pass", that was supposed to grant access to subsequently released maps. I downloaded the Crimson Map Pack no problem. I stopped playing halo, went to law school (if you're thinking of going - ******* don't), and now spring breaks comes and I have a little breathing room to goof off in. I fired up the old Xbox 360, and fired up Halo 4. I was greeted by a screen, showing that two subsequent map packs had been released, "Majestic", and "Castle". The system recognized that I had purchased the season pass, and the box specifying price reads "Free". No problems there. However, when I try to download the map packs, I get error code 80153003. This error code led me to XBOX Live support, where I spent 72 fruitless hours troubleshooting and not being called back when promised. Which I should have expected. I have been through the steps of: a) Deleting my profile, re-downloading my profile and then trying to download the maps. Deleting the "title update" for Halo 4, clearing system cache (3 times) and then re-downloading the title update, and then trying to download the maps. Each of these was met with no success. My first call to XBOX Live support ended with being told that there was ongoing maintenance on this very issue, and I was promised I would be called back within 24 hours regardless of the status of the progress. Needles to say, I was not called back. I called once the 24 hour window had expired, and was given the above troubleshooting steps. Once those were complete - to no avail - I was told there was ongoing maintenance on this very issue. Same promise, I was not called. I called again about 30 minutes ago, told them I had completed the troubleshooting steps and directly asked about the progress being made on the ongoing troubleshooting on this issue. I was told there was no troubleshooting on this issue. I kept my anger in check, and asked if there were further steps I could take to procure my content. They tried to tell me there was an issue with my Xbox communicating, which I immediately refuted. I preempted their line of questioning, and downloaded both the "Season 1.5 Spartan Ops", and "Championship" bundle, including the "Bullseye" map pack - both with absolutely no error codes, and they both worked perfectly upon download. When I told them this, they said it had to be a problem with the "servers hosting the downloads" and told me I needed to contact the developer. So here I am, at your mercy, $25 dollars out with only 1/3 map packs to show for it. I have a limited time to enjoy this game - Law School is a son of a ***** when it comes to eating your time. I really want to enjoy it this spring break. Please, someone help. Thanks for your time. P.S. I am also having an issue switching specializations - but the previous matter takes precedent. If we can get me the maps, I don't really care if I stay level 60 for eternity.
  3. One of the largest topics that seems to be spamming up these fora is people complaining about not being able to play the DLC maps. And yet, we now have a DLC playlist for just 2 weeks and it has a population lower than all but throwdown. If people want a DLC playlist so badly, why aren't the numbers showing it?
  4. I just came back to Halo 4 after a while off. I've got a little time to kill, and picked up the Champions Bundle because I was all like "Right on, new maps y'all"! So I told my brotha Alexander Hamilton to make it happen because I know how he likes headshots, and Pitfall looked like some sweet nostalgic multiplayer goodness. Hamilton digs Halo 4, and he has hooked me up with some awesome DLC maps in the past... his favorite is Shatter cause it "gives him the space he needs to hunt that little punk Aaron Burr down" (his words not mine). The only problem is that in the 75 matches or so I have played since getting back on I have never seen Pitfall or Vertigo in match making as even an option to vote for. Understandably I was a little upset... some things were said aloud, and then I put Halo 4 down to go to bboy practice. When I got home Hamilton texted me from 343 Industries' bank account and was all. "Where you at man, these new map are the shizzle my nizzle, why aren't you online helping me mop up these fools?" ARGH!!! Your right Alexander Hamilton... those online fools need to be mopped! They need it! So I got online again to help my main man Hamilton under the condition that even though I know how he likes to hang out with Snoop Dog on the regular he needs to talk on the headset like a normal adult. "Hey Alex you were the first Secretary of Treasury for god's sake... pull it together son, and lets go do this." So Hamilton and I jumped back online to mop up some fools as we all know he likes to do. We cleaned up SWAT style on Haven, Adrift, Abandon, Solace, and Complex. Had some crazy fun on Exile and Ragnarok. And that when I noticed it. Not only had I not seen Pitfall or Vertigo up for match making I had not seen a single map from any of the DLC that I purchased come up even once for a vote on any multiplayer game type. At all. A ton of the maps that Alexander Hamilton and I were so ready play were the ones we were completely locked out of! That's when he called me... Me: "Yo, Hamilton whats up brotha?" AH: "It's cold and dark in this bank account. I can't get out to romp freely on the digital fields of battle... It's lands are locked to me." Me: "I know... Me too. It is a sad day. Buying Halo 4 DLC feels like a giant rip off right now." AH: "It's no fun here, and I want to make my journey home." Oh My god! I don't have time to write any more of a crazy stupid post so lets just get down to it. Set up Lobbies that allow me play on the DLC maps that I paid for or be good enough to return my Hamiltons to me!
  5. Why fragment the online community by selling map packs? Giving them free would ensure longevity .I bought Halo4 for 4vs4 Team Slayer and now cant access it because I dont have the maps.Im sure if you had a promotion where you gave the maps free there would be a huge increase in online matchmaking.The dlc should be singleplayer content.Halo Reach has more players because their matchmaking doesnt take entire game modes away.It simply removes the dlc maps from the playlist when someone in the lobby doesnt have that content.
  6. Mine, personally, would be Castle (I like vehicle maps). What's yours?
  7. Hello! I am the leader of the Crimson fists: Halo Crusade! We are a competitive/casual gaming community focused on providing a challenge and a good time. As the leader my main goal is to get people to work together in an effective way that best suits each individual. A machine works the best when all the parts work perfectly in sync. In our Halo Crusade we focus on trying to find everyone's individual skill and try to make that work with the entire team. If you are looking for a great group of guys and girls to play with, then feel free to sign up! It is always great to have new people! If you want to register send in an application here: http://crimsonfists.enjin.com/home If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on Xbox, or on enjin .
  8. Please help!! I've downloaded the season pass and crimson map pack. I try to play the crimson maps and it loads me in to the lobby. It selects teams and we vote on the maps but the maps are blank? The game then goes to start but instead I drop out he game. If I try to play in custom games the crimson maps are blank again and won't load. I've tried clearing my cache and redownloading the pass and map several times and it makes no difference! Any suggestions.?? The rest of halo works fine I have the war games pass and have downloaded the crimson map pack. The content loaded no problems. When I go to play the Infinity \ War Games \ Crimson DLC it will search for players, put me in a group, choose the teams, vote on the map and then start to load the content. It then kicks me out of the group and says everyone left the game. It will then restart the search and continue this process over and over. It will sometimes look as if it loading (the blue UNSC logo) and then actually kick me back to the start screen. I have tried deleting the war games pass and the map pack and re-installed but it still continues to do this. I can play any other game type and any other map no problems with no connection issues at all. I did contact Xbox support, they got me to delete the Wargames pass and clear the cache on the hard drive. Then re-install the pass. This did not fix the issue. When i try to load up one of the new maps in a Custom game I get "player failed to load content, a player may be missing downloadable content." I have deleted the map pack and re-downloaded it 5 times now.
  9. I think that 343 needs to do something about getting crimson maps playable more often. I cant ever get them, which means I cant get my achievements... I had to quit playing for a bit while the crimson playlist was up. If you think that they should bring some sort of thing back to get the crimson maps more often write something here.
  10. I checked on Waypoint and it says I have 23 stomp kills with the mantis, but the Bigfoot achievement hasn't unlocked yet. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there any fix for it?
  11. Halo 3 was slower than 4, but it was more fair. Cortana comes outta lightbridge, then she disintegrates, seems logical. Well okay all cool characters in halo die (captain keyes & sergeant johnson). But whats about the new crimson map pack achievements? Stamp 20 players to death with a mantis! Maybe 343 wants to chain players who wanna have all achievements (You know what I mean if you have tried to kill players via stampin) nice that they want to have 800 m-points for this. One player betrayed me for a mantis and I couldn't kick him. In addition online coop gameplay is laggy, likewise most of bigger team maps. Oh well I also got killed by a "friendly" ghost and kill cam showed me that i haven't bordered on the ghost. It has to do with money, not? Still a merry little christmas!
  12. Out of all of the new achievements this one seems to be the most difficult in my opinion to get. When everyone spawns with a plasma pistol it is near impossible to get. What are your opinions of this.
  13. First let me say that I purchased the Halo 4 special edition xbox. This came with everything I needed. Now when I downloaded the Crimson Map pack the other day I was able to play it. Now whenever I get on Halo, it loads by saying "Unable to Validate Please make sure you are connected to Xbox LIVE and have the War Games Pass downloaded." I then click ok and am able to play matchmaking. However, I am not allowed to play the Crimson Maps. I checked in my system memory and it shows that I have crimson map pack downloaded as well as War Games Pass. Can someone please help me out?
  14. I purchased the Halo 4 LE XBox, which obviously came with the War Games Map Pass. I had no issues downloading the Map pass or Crimson Map Pack, and I have been playing them since. Until today, wherein the matchmaking screen tells me that the recommended content is not available, and I cannot play Crimson. I have checked my storage settings to verify and yes, both items are snug and uncorrupted on my hard drive. Even after restarting the console, the maps are not available, and whether through the console or in-game XBox Live Marketplaces, I am expected to dish out a few thousand extra points to play what I already payed $400 for. Soooo.......
  15. Hello, I purchased the Halo 4 Limited Edition because it came with the Wargames Map Pass. I entered the code and all as fine and dandy. I came home from college (to a different xbox) and I don't have my specializations/helmets etc... Can anyone help me with this? and also... where the poop is the 'in game store'?
  16. SO I went onto Xbox today and loaded up Halo 4 as usual. THere was a popup that said: "The Crimson map pack has been released!" I was like, oh boy, I have no money. only 240 msp. So, just to get that little yellow star off my main menu, I clicked Xbox LIve Marketplace. Instead of the usual lists of stuff we can buy, it instead popped up: "Confirm purchase: Crimson map pack". Just to be sure, I checked the price, and it said: "THis purchase: 0msp Your amount: 240msp." So I pressed download thinking it was a update, like the way they make multiplayer updates in Battlefield 3. I finish downloading it, and then I go into custom games out of curiousity, and BOOM! I have the maps. I'm like: "HOLY POOP!" and then I launch up a custom game. Lo and behold it works. Is this a glitch or something?
  17. Wow! I just heard about this amazing new gametype called Extraction! It's absolutely innovating and completely unseen before! I'm going to pay $10 for it! . Well guys. If you think this hasn't been introduced to Halo 4 yet, you're wrong. It's hiding in your custom gametypes right now, so technically you can go start up a game of Extraction on Valhalla or such. . While the maps for the upcoming DLC pack do look interesting, the fact that they advertise their DLC with "a new gametype" is just bogus. We've had that gametype all along. It's kind of a bum move to create a new gametype, and then charge everybody $10 to actually play it in multiplayer matchmaking. What's the point in giving us access to the gametype if you were going to sell it to us anyway? The gametype was hiding in the custom gametypes the whole time, and now they "unveil" it to us as if it were something new. IMO it should've been in the multiplayer playlists from day 1, like Dominion. ........ Everybody here seems to be missing the point. RedStarRocket: ["...you do realise it's been on the disc since launch day, right? You don't need to pay for anything... or download anything... all that's changed is now they actually have a playlist for it in Matchmaking instead of just Custom Games..."] Thank you sir. That's exactly what I've been saying this whole time. It was already on the disc since day one, but now they're charging us $10 to play that gametype in multiplayer. Thanks for proving my point. Did you even read my posts? I didn't change it yet, everything I wrote it still all there.... Dawn Wolf: [Yes, we know. I mean, I get complaining about maps, but complaining about DLC playlist because it has a strange offbeat gametype that few people even care about? Really stretching.] Nobody's complaiing about the gametypes at all. I'm just saying, this gametype isn't new or anything, it's already on the disc. It should already be included in the multiplayer playlist rotations, but for some reason it WASN'T and now they're adding it in.. but only if you buy the DLC pack or cash out an extra $40 for the limited edition version. Did you even read my OP? I wasn't even complaining about the playlists... I was complaining they shouldn't make a cool gametype, put it on the disc day 1, and then tell us we need to buy the DLC in order to actually play it ONLINE. Yoshi: [Quit your crying you sound like a six year old ] ok. :/ Yes sir. But did you even read the post? No tears were shed.
  18. Larger maps have their place, don't get me wrong, but many of my fondest memories of the halo multiplayer experience occurred in maps that are 5 or 6 times smaller than some of the halo 4 maps. As halo has evolved so too has the size of the playable space in multiplayer increased. I understand that some of this is an intentional shift away from the more intimate 2v2 split screen experience to the more inclusive 8v8 online experience, and that this shift requires a larger playground - and as I said I'm certainly not knocking big maps. I love vehicular combat as much as the next guy. But I would love a map as small as Longest, or Prisoner or Chill Out and sadly these are seemingly going extinct. I made an account just to write this post, because it's important to me. So if it's important to you, leave a comment and let 343 hear you. Bring back those tight spaces we all loved so much.
  19. Hey all, My initial impression of the Crimson map pack is not good. As others have pointed out, where are the nice, tight, small maps? At this point, Haven is really the only solid map that offers this type of gameplay (as evidenced by its constant selection in voting). I think the community has made it clear to 343 that we'd like more great small maps. Secondly, I really take issue with the artistic direction of the Crimson maps. None of the Crimson maps have any distinct stylistic elements that seperate them from one and other. It really appears that any one of them could be a continuation of the other, that they all sort of blend together. Why do all these Crimson maps look so dark, muddy, and ugly? This somewhat extends to the Halo 4 maps in general. What ever happened to the bright, varied, fun maps of the previous Halo games? Thank goodness for Haven, Ragnarok, and Exile, the only non "blah" looking maps (maybe this is why people like them?...) I'm crazy sick of the barren wasteland setting of so many FPS games. Halo was always a refreshing alternative, but with this ugly looking new map pack and the existing maps, I'm begininig to worry. Maybe the new maps will play fantastic and this won't even matter. I already love the multiplayer maps way more than weak-ass Reach. 343, keep up the awesome work, and please give us both some small maps, and some stylisticly unique maps in the future. Thanks!
  20. I traded in my entire game collection in order to get the map pack pass, and limited edition in game content. I've bought ever limited edition version of Halo since my gun metal case for Halo 2 that I still have. My Halo 3 tin, my Halo 3 ODST nothing special lol. Halo wars, Halo reach 150$ edition. Now my Halo 4 box of fun won't let me use the map pack pass. The only other passes I've ever bought were for Gears 3 and Call of Duty, those downloaded right away. Now I have a Halo 4 Map pack pass, and all I can find online as a solution is a thread from waypoint telling me I could download it between 7 and 9 AM. WHAT IS THAT? So I paid an extra 10$ with 800 MSP to download this map pack since I missed the 2 hour window? If its only a 2 hour window that you can get it, how do you expect all the people that bought the pass to be able to get it?
  21. Thanks to xJumPeR_JumPzZ for posting a ad off the German Xbox 360 Dashboard. On it, it shows 3 dates for the upcoming maps: Crimson MapPack = December 10 | Majestic MapPack = February 25 | Castle MapPack = April 1. Now this could be false, a error etc. since none of this has been confirmed by 343 Industries themselves. Don’t forget to order your season pass now nonetheless. Source: http://www.halocounc...packs-announced
  22. want to apply for the crimson aliance send a friend request to sammyboy1122 or adammite but make sure you have a vid of some general gameplay in file share and are under lvl(sr) 20
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