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  1. i would agree, it was the only playlist i would play on reach. Please include in the next update!!!
  2. Just kinda curious on what age groups think the best halo's are, i have been playing halo for 6 years and i played h2, h3, and reach and i think halo 3 was the best, what about you?
  3. <3 h3, > reach, please go back to how it was in the golden days
  4. hey if your still Hording i will join in, haven't played it in a while and i LOVE IT
  5. it would be a cool addition but eh i wouldn't use it
  6. played the open beta and didnt really like it. i kept getting killed by guys hiding in bushes but the game looked really great
  7. i dont like any of these ideas, like fire fight how it is, make little changes to that dont change the idea completely i am against floodfight
  8. that would be pretty cool of they could put that in
  9. horde is SO MUCH FUN! the boss rounds are insane and it just gets crazy out there. I LOVE HORDE 2.0
  10. nice im almost done act one but today i did a bit of everything, got to lvl 15, got to round 30 in horde and it NUTS! and almost beat beast mode (kinda disappointed but still very fun)
  11. Men... and woman, the day has finally come and TODAY is the day where we the gamers can finally come together as the giant family we are and play what will be ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES EVER... GEARS OF WAR 3!!!!!
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