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  1. Woohoo! My brother is going to come through for all of us Xbox gamers! Way to go bro!
  2. Coolstorybro. Needs more dragons. The Gameplay is amazing. They introduced the Mantis which the gameplay for that is amazing. I loved how everybody has sprint. The flood though needs to be changed back to infection. I can't stand how they ruined custom games by making every infection game a default flood character. But yea, they didn't just focus on the beauty, they added personality.
  3. I woke up this morning and to my disbelief, I saw something and I was like "HOLY CRAP A METEOR! ... on second look that's just a street lamp. I may have overreacted a little bit.
  4. To start it off, by the way you typed, it doesn't seem like you are 17. To solve this solution, you could check your spam folder. Also check the email currently linked to your xbox account and the email you first linked to your xbox account. Good luck!
  5. Hello Everyone! If you are planning on buying the Crimson Map Pack for 800 Microsoft points, stop right there! The Crimson Map Pack is FREE until December 18th if you buy it from the Halo 4 Menu's marketplace! I know this post isn't too fancy, but it does the job. Free Map Packs! I should specify that this is only if you got the free Specialization code emailed to you for playing before November 20th
  6. Ok I never said you could make the game either, I'm saying don't be the problem, be the solution. If you don't like this game, learn how to make a game and make your perfect game and we'll see how many copies sell. You are online bragging about not going to school? Congratulations. I'm in college right now and your life I'm guessing consists of sitting on here (or any other game forums) and raging about the games because you're jealous people have accomplished more than you ever could. The reason they don't have a visible ranking system is so people can play for fun. If people are worried about ranking/deranking all the time, what is the fun in that? It's one less thing to worry about and I think it's a good addition to the game. Also I have a quick question for you. If you haven't gone to school, how do you expect to be a marketing employee? Also what would you do to make the game more marketable? Be the solution, not the problem...
  7. Then they'd never run out of apple pies? My regulations would be the buddy system of course. Another would be always have a loaded weapon on you at all times, either a crossbow or a pistol. No loud objects unless everyone is alerted. If you're being attacked, you yell "The British Are Coming!" at the top of your lungs, just for laughs.
  8. Of course you're smarter than 343. 343 isn't a person. Their intelligence can't be measured. If you were to say you are smarter than the PEOPLE at 343, you would be very wrong. They're making millions of dollars and you're here complaining. If you think you can do better, go make a game and see how well it sells.
  9. Another Rant time for you guys. This is where I can come and yell at the world and inform people of why I am yelling at the world so more people can yell at the world. Then someone can rant about the world being too noisy. Today I am ranting about Burger King. I am ranting about a different reason then you might think. It's not that I don't hate the food, or the drinks, or the cleanliness of the place. I hate that they say they "Support" the vets if people donate a dollar, but they don't give out a discount or do anything special for vets. Burger King (I think nationally, maybe globally) has a campaign running right now where if you donate a dollar, you can write your name down on the wall and say "I support the Vets along with Burger King". I went in there the other day like I do most days for a breakfast sandwich and I asked them if they gave military discounts. The lady behind the counter then replied, "No we don't, I don't think we ever have." So Burger King, Where is the money going? Why do you need to use a vet's honor and respect to make yourself a quick buck here and there? It is sad what this country can come to...
  10. I saw people on the radar, as I did while I was T-bagging. I was waiting for them to duke it out so I can take them each out and get a double kill but they were probably by the stairs. It's a common tactic on Sword base FFA
  11. Pssh, Halo is all about the T-bagging! If you have enough time after a kill to do it, might as well 0:50 seconds in. Explains everything lol
  12. Lol that was me at 3:09 who went T-bag happy on the guy. He was camping down there for some time so he deserved it
  13. Happy Turkey Day everyone! (for those not in the USA too ) because we should all be able to eat until we're full and then sleep for a day. For this topic, you need to post your favorite memory, what you're doing for thanksgiving this year, and what you're thankful for. I'll start. My favorite memory was last year. My brother and I camped out a Best buy for Black Friday and I was wearing shorts and it was freezing. My parents offered me a superman blanket (no idea why it was superman) and some random guy dared me to wear it until they opened which was about 6 hours and he would pay me 20$. So I took it up of course, free money, and so all the cars driving by gave me a bro-fist and took pictures with me and all that snaz. It was awesome. What am I doing for Thanksgiving this year? Grandparents are having a party at their house (more of a family gathering, but party sounds better) and after that I am going to Black Friday at the same Best Buy to get Borderlands 2 for 25$. I am Thankful for the atmosphere I grew up in, the College I'm going to right now and the work I work at, All keep me busy and keep me entertained. Halo 4 is a big one too and also for the community, but ya'll were expecting me to say that, so I left it until last lol. Share your stories and let people get to know you better
  14. Did you even read the first post? This is taken directly from it. Features that are the same: 1. The T Visor. 2. The "ears" on each side of the helmet 3. The separated chin which looks like a jaw 4. The top of the head, the way it is pointed and the way it sticks up.
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