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Found 19 results

  1. lx HULK xl


    343, please explain to me why you guys have decided to use such mundane color schemes in Halo infinite. Gray seems to be the most used color. Gray! Your armor unlocks look like they've been taken from fallout and star wars. With their steam punk and forest storm trooper vibes. Did Bungie copyright all of the good stuff or do you guys just never play the games that were actually good? Nostalgia is important to players. Nostalgia is lacking in Halo infinite. On top of the amount of bad options for unlocks, you expect people to pay for most of it. You couldn't pay me to use any of the unlocks from the lone wolves battle pass. Please someone explain the insane amount of suck that we're being dealt.
  2. The best thing about October is Halloween. Well, that and my brother's birthday, which comes three days earlier and is often associated with it, much to his dismay. But enough about that, with a new month comes a new MoM, and this particular month deserves a new one. A special one...a spooky one. And even though he's undergone quite a few name changes, we know him best as.... DEXTER GRIF! well HEXTER GRIEF! A member who is perhaps not known for his time onsite, but for his funny personality, or by playing with him on Xbox Live. Dexter...er...Hexter...has made it a clear choice for us who is to be MoM. He's posted actively, he's hosted events, he's written stories, ladies and gentlemen the MoM for this new month is here! Let us toast to his success by scaring the living crap out of everyone...in the proper October spirit! There is much that can be done in a month, make the best of it Hexter!
  3. I'm going to start off by saying right off the bat I LOVE the Halo universe and personally see it as more thrilling and entertaining than most other popular xbox games including Activision's Call of Duty cash cow. I own all the games, Halo 3 being my favorite, and the Limited Edition of Halo 4. While I do have a lot of issues with Halo 4, I still do respect 343i's hard work, just not as much as Bungie's. And note this is MY OWN OPINION, respect mine and I will respect YOURS. To be honest I do no know where to start. I guess i'll tackle the problems in order of the main menu. Campaign: SPOILERS! While the sounds of Master Chief's armor scraping against rocks and the skulls of elites were fantastic and the visuals were over the top, it was overall kinda of weak. Though 343i did do a fantastic job with the soundtrack. (While it truly isn't quite what were used to, I personally enjoyed it all.) Anyways, the campaign was full of flaws. Within the first few hours of owning the game and playing through the campaign I was frustrated at how I had no idea what was going on. I had to turn on subtitles and totally restart to catch any clue. I also found the Didact's ship being a ball to be totally lame and not something to fear. I remember in a later mission ( i'm not sure which) that a Pelican was sent to pick up Chief. Upon walking up the ramp it just cuts to black and a second later I'm under the crashed Infinity? I just don't get that. And then that ending. You detonate a nuclear bomb with your fist and live? I know that Cortana is one heck of an AI, but how on Earth, did she save you from a point-blank nuclear explosion!? She's code just like the game! If code stopped nukes then..well....i don't know, but it doesn't. I just had trouble getting into this whole thing. I remember sitting in awe as I saw the amazing sights of the first 3 Halos, but I only got that feeling when once in Halo 4 when Chief saw whatever Halo was outside the Composers base. All in all though i just felt that 343i put too much effort into making epic CGI cutscenes and music than story development and it's not even a continuing story. That's just lame. The enemies don't speak English....Moving on... Infinity - Matchmaking: Overall it is a little enjoyable. The first thing i'm going to stab at is the Custom Loadouts. I don't get why every game has to be like Call of Duty? These are totally unnecessary. We don't need perks and the weapons should be scattered about the map as usual. The ordnance is okay i guess. It just hands everyone a power weapon after five kills, but since there are no weapons lying about it is better than nothing. Next comes the armors. Personally I do like a lot of them and am glad that 343i chose to give some armors a sense of accomplishment by making them unlockable through commendations, but all most are is a bunch of skins which only the trained eye can even tell the difference. I loved earning the katana and other armors in Halo 3 through achievements. I think I would have honestly rather seen a return to the CR system so I can show off of my hardwork. As for the maps I think there are maybe a handful of them I enjoy. Haven is cool, kinda like guardian or blackout. Longbow is my favorite with its snowiness and vehicles. Complex is good too. My main problem with these maps is all the freaking symmetry. I know the maps have to be fair to both teams but half of them are just totally mirrored. Solace especially. With my limited edition I also received all three map packs which are all okay. Though have hardly played them since the current Castle DLC playlist only holds about 100 active players. Although I already expressed myself about weapons I forgot to mention the skins.... Ok, the skins are cool but theres like 1 or 2 for each weapon. And you can only get them though maybe mastery (haven't done it yet so i don't know) and specialization. If there was more and they were varied on how to get them I would love to work for them. Almost at the end here now but why did you have to take away the Falcon? It was the most fun vehicle ever! I throughly, honestly enjoyed getting shot down in it in Reach with all my buddies on the guns. It was great!.. Also my rank is a number now? Im level SR68 as of today and thats just boring. I'm a General Grade 4 in reach and thats cool. The moral of the story is Halo was* in itself a unique game. You don't have to suck ideas from Call of Duty for it to be good. Seeing as there is only about 10,000-20,000 players now from the 400,000 at day one hopefully that is obvious. Infinity - Custom Games: I'm going to be frank Halo's Custom Games are my favorite part of the entire series. I love playing fun mini-games and competitive matches with my friends. However, 343i you smothered this one in the crib. I know how cool it is to change Infection into your own Flood and I love the zombie skins, but come on! You trashed almost every custom game ever made! Say goodbye to hours of non-stop action and enjoyment. It's like you found a successful man named Custom Games, took him out in the back alley behind the 343i studio, and then beat him relentlessly with a metal pole just because. Quit using the Ghost on Snowbound and fix this already! Infinity - Spartan Ops: Personally these are pretty cool and I like the story to them, but they are a bit repetitive. I was unaware every sensor array on requiem was located in the same spot. Im sorry, but use different maps including the multiplayer ones to mix it up a little and throw in some new interesting enemies and objectives. Like for instance the shootout in Vallaha (thats right. thats what it is called.) with the mantises was awesome and the covenant cruiser actually worried me a little. Whether firefight is better than Spartan ops I'm not really sure, but i've had more good times surviving the waves of helpless grunts in the end. Infinity - Forge: I do NOT have a single bad thing to say about Forge. It is spectacular! The magnets are a gift from the gods! And all the aesthetics and scenery! I LOVE it all, especially Forge Island. However it is stifled by weak Custom Games. Fix those and then your in business. Infinity - Theater: It's theater. How can you mess that up or make it any better? Infinity - THE FREAKING MENUS!: I apologize for ranting about the game thus far, but here comes more. I'm sorry but the menus are just lazy. Don't deny it. The only valid excuse is that you were too busy sacking Custom Games' house and dragging him out into the street and beating him again, relentlessly with a metal pole. Compared to Halo 2, 3, 3:ODST, and Reach these are the plainest yet. It's just a blue card. Everything is blue. It makes me want to stab my eyes out with the fuzzy end of my mic. What happened to the imagination? Couldn't you at least have put in a background like the main menu? AND THE MUSIC OH GOD! The constant thu-doom-doom is the worst part of it all. You composed epic music! USE IT! So that's pretty much all I have to say about that. I'm sorry for possibly offending anyone, but I felt it was necessary to give a little "constructive" criticism. If your planning on pumping out Halo 5 I would think long and hard about how its going to turn out first. If I made any mistakes on something besides grammar feel free to correct me. And now let any ranting or comments about how inconsiderate I am as a person commence, because frankly I don't care anymore. Sincerely, PopDeer
  4. Both are all knowing, and both are all powerful. But the question remains, who would win in a fight. Give ideas to how/where the battle would go down and who would triumph.
  5. Hey All, Just wondering and want to know everyone's opinion, When the Xbox One comes out, what would happen to the Xbox 360, and is the Xbox One worth getting? Like there are some good thing about it like: Pros (Good things): Awesome 60 fps reached! Exciting Games (Halo 5, CoD Ghosts, AC (Assassins Creed) Black Flag and many more!!!) Cons (Bad Things): Way too expensive ($500 estimated) Internet connection from it to Internet meaning your internet will be drained ALL the time even if Xbox is turned Off. No Offline Mode for private gaming Games NOT selling on discs, you must but them online like from the console itself, not at JB or Eb Games or anything, also meaning you kinda, cant buy your friend a game. So as you can probably see, there are quiet a lot more Cons than Pros about the Xbox One. So the main quetion here is: It is Worth Getting??? For just like Games and stuff? Give me your opinion by leaving a reply!!! P.S:If I made a mistake about anything or am wrong about anything, tell me and I will have the information removed thanks!!!
  6. I haven't been here for a while. A long while. Lol. Anyways, halo 4 isn't as fun anymore. It feels so, idk, boring. Matchmaking takes long now, and less people play with good connection. I have laggy game lobbies and its just terrible! Im seriously upset now. This is such a good game, thats now basically ruined.
  7. akiller3672

    spec code

    Why do I have to buy some code to level up. Seems like a rip.... Not enough money from the sale of the game? Not enough money from the monthly fee to play? I feel like I am getting bent over every time you do this and I own every halo game. I think this will be the last one. Good graphics and great story line. Ruined with bad sales technique... I guess I will pull my girls off as well and shift over to another System... Not what I would have asked for for Christmas if I HAD KNOWN... SHAME ON YOU.
  8. I'm making a thread open for discussion about the looks of Halo 4. I make this mostly because I am really worried about the looks of the Halo 4 sniper rifle. The art-style of the new UNSC sniper rifle looks horrible. It has a lot of things that don't make any sense and some things that are just in the way and distracts. For example, The scope looks like a radio from the 1960:s. It has an analog sight (or whatever it's called) that can't even be used, and it doesn't need to be there just because of that. Besides, the full-screen digital sight looked a lot cooler in Halo: Reach, and it had an effect, check it out if you don't know what I mean. And Halo 4 doesn't have that. Also on the sight, it needs a cable to be powered? What? did UNSC downgrade the sniper to so that it needs a showing, cheap looking cable to power that small screen? Which by the way, is a lot smaller then the previous versions. It also has a handlebar? Why? Like, did the army get greedy and say it wasn't comfortable enough to carry? Or maybe they want to use the sniper as a mini-gun? It looks like it's supposed to be like that. Also, why have they removed that magnificent, so much more enjoyable sound when you shoot with it? Now, honestly, it sounds like it's driven with gas and old rusty springs that are about to break. Seriously. I don't get it why you have to change this kind of stuff? Do you explain it somehow why the UNSC decided to downgrade it. Or just simply, why did 343 decide to make it look like it was homemade if there was some kind of an apocalypse and someone took the old lawnmower motor and combined it with their kids trampoline springs and made it shoot something. Also, I nearly forgot, The two curved things on the HUD sight when you zoom in, what is the purpose of those? They don't change when you move the sight or shoot or anything so they're just there to distract. Maybe I'm over-exaggerating on this one specifically, but they kind of create an illusion of a circle they make by themselves that distracts a whole lot, at least so it seems. Is that just me or...? For the record, I am not complaining about Halo 4, Only about the sniper rifle. Which all of my friends, that by the way, like me, have played Halo ever since Halo Combat Evolved came out on Xbox.
  9. Far Cry 3 has been played and Rated by top gaming companies to be in the Top 3 Best 2012 Games I just wanna know why no one is playing it. I bought it because it looked sweet now it's getting all of these sweet reviews and still people aren't playing it. WHY? I'm not a Far Cry 3 advocate trying to make people buy it I just want more people to play it with. It seriously is awesome. It has an awesome story mode. It has sweet multiplayer. Don't get me started on the best map creator ever to be in a game. Here is Rev3Games Rating for Far Cry 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtEr1TW-uZE At least check the game out. Look up some video game play, rent it, buy it. I promise, you'll love it.
  10. It's missing the size and open landscape to truly build your best creation and games. It bothers me from big things like no space and only enclosed areas. The the little things like the annoying sound your robot makes to not having any human air vehicles.
  11. 1. It you could choose one game to add a nude mod to which would it be and why? 2. And on the same subject which game WOULDN'T you apply it to and why? 1. Skyrim, Lydia house karl... 2. Halo, it'd be like Swat all the time without shields!!
  12. Ryu wonders some amazing things sometimes. Welcome to The Things that Keep me Awake at Night, Volume 2 By: Ryu Hayabusa Today's post is all about Humans. The first topic is: People and Ryu. Ryu sometimes thinks others don't like him very much. Sometimes he thinks others avoid him. I sometimes say things and it is as if I am not there. Sometimes people just say nothing to me. And other times, I get slowly ejected from the group. I wonder if this is just coincidence and my brain is just being stupid at night, or if it is true. Nothing I can do about it. One thing I can do, is to ask of you, what is you opinion of Ryu? This one wishes to know. Likely, you will say good things, and I am just being...paranoid. Oh, well. I wanna know. NAO! P.S. Don't worry, Ryu is never leaving this site. He will be here until he is 70 if he is able! This keeps Ryu awake at night! The second topic is: Technology Why are we the most violent thing on Earth? Why do we fight? Why do we take over less advanced cultures and enslave them? Probably because we are stupid. Stupid and will likely die out because of our own favorite thing. Technology. We develop technology in so many ways, but the first and foremost is in weapons. We can't cure cancer or dementia, but we can cure the one plague no one should endure, Modern Life. We develop ways to end it, and ways to exterminate it, but lo and behold, we fail to find ways to prolong it, or safeguard it. Technology may make our lives easier, but Ryu wonders if we are researching the wrong things? Maybe we should unite and work for the planet we so desperately claim as our own. Even when it is not ours, and probably hates us. We should develop ways to help, and to protect. Yet we strive to line pockets and kill others. "Toasty!" This keeps Ryu awake at night! Thank you, this has been TTTKMAAN, volume 2. Yes, that's an acronym. Ryu is lazy. So, discuss, criticize, or just say: YOU GREAT MAN! YOU SO SERIOUS! I HATE YOU!!! Future topics will all be funny, I promise. I wanted to get the depressing stuff out of the way first.
  13. I have tried hot Tea and it's good, but i have to go with iced tea because it tastes much better to me, and is good for hot days during the summer. How i was raised too. Want to know why you like it, and you should try the opposite of what you like and see what you think of it .
  14. + Fairytale + Are you tired of searching through matchmaking, unable to find decent teammates, and are getting owned by annoying tryhards. Are you looking to find victory, honor and glory when you pick up the controller?! Are you looking for a mighty group of players who will never let you down on the field of battle!!!!? Look no further Fairytale is what you have been searching for. We are a collection of skilled players who play to win, but enjoy having a fun time doing it. You here at Fairytale will not be required to change your gamer-tag, drink out of the toilet, or take multiple wives. Run the clan emblem, maintain a positive K/D as best you can, and be a good team player. Here at Fairytale we embrace honor, we excel in combat, and deliver a death filled with glitter and blood to the foes who have ordered out package. This is a newer clan, and is in the building process, right now we need loyal members, and those who show leadership qualities, who would like to be a part of, and build a great clan. Join Today --- into the fire, they will bleed rainbows --- ~ Contact DragonSlayer1I1 on xboxlive for more information
  15. Alright what are everyone's favorite Spartans and why are they your favorite? Name, attributes, anything you wanna include and etc. GO
  16. Okay so if you guys haven't noticed, ALOT of people converted back to halo 3 after the release of Reach. Before the release of reach however there were alot of complaints on things that people hated about halo 3, like.....the idea you can hit and kill someone with a melee after their shields are down just halfway......you wanted bloom..enable to separate the "noobs" from the supposed "pros"......and you wanted abilities, like jetpack, or armorlock, or even invisibility as examples. Each time after though, you complained alot more about the wishes you were granted, and in the end, lot of the community resorted back to the more classic halo ways of halo 3. I'm pointing out that for one, alot of you want the whole "shoot-beatdown" thing back now. Alot of you don't want bloom anymore. And alot of you don't want AAs. Making it closer to Halo 3 and the other halo games before it. I'm here to say that, you don't know what you want it seems. Bungie, when making reach, listened to the community alot more than they did with the previous halos, and in return, the community is leaving to play it's predecessors. The community seems to be wanting Halo to play more like old times. Does the Halo community actually know what it really wants? I mean it seems the more leash you give a dog, the more it pulls you. I'm here to ask, what do you actually think Halo 4 needs? I mean, just because you want it to be a sandbox game, doesn't mean it will turn out so great, there are plenty of sandbox games that haven't even got near a tenth of what halo 1-2-3 has brung in. It seems the Halo community always wants more, like a black hole. I would like to ask you today, what do you think the halo 4 actually needs?
  17. Hillo people! It's Azaxx! Anyway I decided my recent maps have been bad so I went to the Island for meditation...jks But I did built my first great assault-like infection map! The map for Team/FFA slayer has the following weapons- 2 Sniper Rifles, 2 DMR's, 2 Needlers, 2 Grenade Launchers, 2 Magnums, 2 Plasma Pistols and 1 Rocket Launcher. Plus can be played on Infection. The are plenty of spawns across the map to avoid spawn camping. Here are some screen shots. Top view of the map: The red base: The blue base: Behind blue base, across the map: And for infection: Anyways, I have not put this on my File-Share because there isn't any room, but if there is enough demand I will put it up for you guys As always please leave your thoughts for improvements below!
  18. Halo Games Problems We all love the halo games, but we also all know that games can't be perfect. If you have a glitch or bug that's been annoying you then post it here. I personally have one and couldn't find a place to post it. You don't have to read this next part because it is my personal expierience but feel free to leave a post. So, on saturday night-sunday morning (12/3-12/4), i was in the Reach forge working my butt off to make a Pillar of Autumn map. I finished the map at around 2:00. The next day while I was in a forge game looking at another person's map (also in forge) i clicked on save map instead of save as new map and apparently it 'overwrote' my previous save of the POA. Now, whenever i go to Pillar of Autumn in the menu of maps it changes to ODST DROPSHIP FRIGATE ( the name of the other map). So, in short my Pillar of Autumn map is lost. Also, whenever i go over to it, the description has changed to 'A blank canvas recommended for forge editing only' from the description i made which is 'This legendary ship manned by Cpt. Keyes is re-created. Map by RC1207RC'. One other weird thing is that when i look at it in the menu it says 'created by RC1207RC' but when i go to file options it says created by (person who created ODST DROPSHIP FRIGATE's gamertag). Please help me 343i! You may comment now people of the world.
  19. I expect ONI to be on that shield world in Halo 4. I suspect ONI is on it, considering they know and do alot more than anyone else knows, hence the reason on Halo legends Cortana knows about the forerunners and shield world.....the only way she would have known about that is through data we have already collected on it. And besides......how other would you manage to find human weapons? Halo isn't Halo without it's weapons you know. Another possibility is if it were the spirit of fire, considering they were stranded in space. I'm sure it carries a lot of weapons, and Spartan Red team would make good team mates, would you agree? They also have Serina, which may play a decent part in the story considering that Cortana is becoming corrupted like most AIs. Which then again, Serina could become Corrupted aswell. http://images.wikia.com/halo/images/2/2d/Origins_poster.jpg
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