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Found 201 results

  1. Clan Name Traffic Cone Clan (Or TCC) creator:Spartawo1f1 (contact me if you wish to join) The Traffic Cone Clans soul driven purpose is to have fun and play some halo! There is no age limit or mic requirements. (it goes without saying please use appropriate language and young children please don't scream into the mic) I will not be using a mic. Ranks NOT CURRENTLY BEING USED !!!!!!! ​Lieutenant Captain Warrant Officer Corporal Recruit​ ​If you want to progress challenge the member you wish to take possession of rank to a slayer match. Whoever wins Swaps positions.
  2. Hello, my name is El Zuroh and I am the leader of the newly formed 'Hunters of war' clan. We are interested in new recruits to join us and if you want to please contact me on xbox. Send a message to either El Zuroh, Wizardpebble, PoloXII. It is preferable if you are 13 or above with a mic. Our clan is a militaristic style clan, but we like to have fun and mess around on custom games. We are quite banterish. We have also got a devised ranking system. We have a few divisions also (basically a sector you will be in in the clan, it will mean what kind of weaponry and veichles you use). Right now the current divisions are: Army Artillery Heavies Honour Guards Navy Air Force Hunters And a mercenary group called Zuroh Special Forces. If you are interested to join or even ally please message one of the above on a XBL and we will sort you out with a division.
  3. apart of one of the largest online gaming communities for Xbox live, it's called Xiled Gaming. The founding Leaders of Xiled Gaming, came together to launch a community of like minded gamers, who wanted to have fun online, and not deal with drama, to build a large community where everyone is appreciated and made to feel welcome. Xiled Gaming is a community of all kinds of people all with different expectations of what they want from a gaming community. Xiled Gaming provides the ability to do this in a professional gaming environment. All Xiled Gaming members can work together to achieve their goals. Xiled Gaming will have different divisions for everyone. (XGC/KoG/SYN/XGG) Xiled Gaming will be actively bringing in sponsors and affiliates to join in our community of gamers. With a proven structure and a long history of success this will surely be the gaming network to be in. If you are interested to learn more about Xiled Gaming and meet just a couple of the 80,000+ members that we have, feel free to hit me up. My gamertag for the Xbox One is: KoG LouBear
  4. I apart of one of the largest online gaming communities for Xbox live, it's called Xiled Gaming. The founding Leaders of Xiled Gaming, came together to launch a community of like minded gamers, who wanted to have fun online, and not deal with drama, to build a large community where everyone is appreciated and made to feel welcome. Xiled Gaming is a community of all kinds of people all with different expectations of what they want from a gaming community. Xiled Gaming provides the ability to do this in a professional gaming environment. All Xiled Gaming members can work together to achieve their goals. Xiled Gaming will have different divisions for everyone. (XGC/KoG/SYN/XGG) Xiled Gaming will be actively bringing in sponsors and affiliates to join in our community of gamers. With a proven structure and a long history of success this will surely be the gaming network to be in. If you are interested to learn more about Xiled Gaming and meet just a couple of the 80,000+ members that we have, feel free to hit me up. My gamertag for the Xbox One is: KoG LouBear
  5. Who We Are HFK or HFLiKz is a Halo MCC clan dedicated to Halo Machinima, Forging, and Custom game fun. Rather than the usual skill based clans with strict structure, HFK is more about promoting creativity as well as a fun and friendly gaming environment. We create, we play, and most importantly we have fun! Our Mission In HFK we have 3 major goals: Produce quality Halo Machinima to be uploaded on YouTube for the purpose of entertainment Provide a consistent Custom Games lobby for people looking to play something other then matchmaking complete with a variety of fun gametypes and maps spanning all of the Halo Franchise Forge fun and interesting Halo 2A, Halo 3 and Halo 4 maps and gametypes either for custom games, machinima sets, or just a nice piece of art out of the available building blocks ​In general our clan is here to provide a fun and flexible gaming community for players of all skill levels to have good time. HFLiKz Machinima will be posted on YouTube regularly and with a high quality standard in mind. Everyone who joins the clan has a purpose, question is what role will you play? What All Can YOU Do? In the HFLiKz Community there are many different things you can do as a valued member of our clan. Some roles may be more demanding then others, but all have the same level of importance. The Machinima Roles include and are not limited to: Voice Actor- Do you have a talent for speaking in character, a decent computer mic, and wide vocal range? If any one of these things apply you may be able to be a voice actor for our machinima productions. Body Actor- A more readily available role in our machinima production, Body Actors are responsible for the movement of characters in the video. All you need is a mic so you can communicate with the primary director and simply follow directions. Graphic Designer- If you are any good at logos, title screens and anything of that nature this is the role for you. Writer- Ever had an idea for a really great video that you've never had the opportunity to make? Lay it on us and we'll see to it that your idea is formulated, scripted, and produced as close to your vision as possible Video Editor- If you can capture and edit video really well you could be an editor for our videos Set Designer- if you are good at making smooth and scenic forge maps in Halo this is your role ​As for the Community Roles: Forger- make fun and interesting maps and gametypes for our custom game nights Recruiter- I want YOU to find us some awesome people who would like to join HFK Host/Hostess- Create a lobby for our custom games to take place as well as manage the maps and gametypes we have Player- Hey not everybody has to wear the pants in our clan. If you came just to experience a fun time in an active Halo MCC customs lobby then by all means kick back and hang out with us ​In short there's really no limit to what you can do in HFK. Members are not bound by their roles and can switch between them freely as needed. We only ask that you abide by the golden rules. The Golden Rules In general HFLiKz is not a very strict clan by any means, but without some rules in place chaos would ensue. They are: Be Respectful- That doesn't mean no cursing or sexual jokes, just keep it on a friendly level at all times, No discrimination by any means including race, religion, gender, sexual preference ect. Don't Make a Promise You Can't Keep- This refers more to the video production side of things but if you make a commitment to something say a role of a character in voice acting make sure you are able to actively perform your role. If any complications arise due to real life situations or anything like that please contact your Director or Bajeeezus on Xbox Live Don't Start Fights- Continuing off from the first rule don't start conflict with others outside of the clan. Teabagging and shooting dead bodies is fine but don't go trash talking other clans and players needlessly or challenging them to matches that require other members that are not in your lobby. Have Fun!- No seriously that's a rule... Any member caught not having fun will be sentenced to 5 long hours in one of our Fun rehabilitation centers (just kidding lol) If You Would Like to Join Please contact Bajeeezus on Xbox Live or leave a response to this post with your Gamertag. I will add you and have a brief non-serious interview in party chat over some custom games or matchmaking. Other than that though, Welcome to the HFLiKz family and I hope to see you on the virtual battlefield....or sandbox ~ Bajeezus
  6. Join or Message: EverythingOnyx No requirements!!!!
  7. Hey everyone! This thread is for anyone who would like to join a clan or gaming community. If you are looking to join a clan or gaming community, DHG is perfect for you! We have over 30,000 current members, great teams and squads, practice matches through the week and on weekends, we also have competitions with money prizes! I guaranty you that you will have a GREAT time! If you want to be recruited, just message me through XBOX at HALOBRINK !
  8. Hello friends! It has been a while since I have been active on the site. I apologize. If you have been wondering where I have been, my time has been spent in real life on my dreams and goals and in the new, ever so popular DESTINY! I am recruiting a clan for Destiny. If you are interested at all and want more information, message me or comment below and I'll message you. Thanks! Pb
  9. For The First Time Ever In 343i CF History 343i CF PaintBall Tournament Is Here That's right ladies and pretty ladies an official tournament from your friendly Event Management Staff. Now lets get down to business (to defeat the Huns) ...sorry :right: :right: :right: TIME ZONE CONVERTER :left: :left: :left: When: Sat. Sept 13th 2014 Time: 2pm EST Game: Halo 4 Gametype: Paintball (duhs) The tournament will consist of 5 matches, with each match consisting of 5 rounds. (remember these are one shot, one kill rounds) The teams will be 2 player teams. The two player team with the most matches won in a set, will be the winner of that set. If a tie occurs (which is highly likely) the tied teams will compete in one 5 round match for the tie-breaker, to move onto the potential next set. The rounds will be 2v2v2v2 no more and if we have more people sign up for the tournament then we will have separate "sets" of matches. Somewhat like brackets work, so if we have 16 people sign up then we will have the first 8 vs each other then then the next 8 vs each other and the 2 winning teams from those matches will vs each other in a condensed 3 match 5 rounds "set". In between matches players will be given a five minute opportunity to go into private chats and formulate strategies before the next match begins. Team setup: Sign up individually, We will place you in teams randomly. This will help you to meet a new member that you may not have played with before. It will also give staff a chance to balance teams accordingly. (hopefully) There will be a staff member there (most likely me) to host the event, make sure correct maps are played and everyone plays fair. We will keep you informed on who is hosting closer to the date of the tournament. This will be a one day tournament since paintball rounds are so short, we will be able to get through all contenders in a small amount of time. Please sign up below, and remember I don't care if you can't make it. ​So don't clutter the thread with "I won't be there" It's unfortunately that you can't make it but I'd rather be able to focus on who can. :/ If you have any questions that I did not cover here, please feel free to post them below as well. Thx.
  10. From the album: Pictures

  11. Hey all, I would like to take the time to get to know you if you are looking or interested in joining a competitive clan, our clan's name is Death By Honor, or DBH for short. Our meeting times are 9pm eastern Thursday through Sunday, if you like what you hear and want more out of halo 4, come check us out! We offer in house prizes to members who do well in tournament's such as Microsoft points and other sweet stuff... Clan leaders are "ITZ PITBULL PRO", AND "KINGJJAY", SEND A MESSAGE REGARDING YOUR INTEREST IN GETTING MORE OUT OF HALO 4, ALSO MESSAGE ME ON XBOX Live FOR ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT JOINING AT "RUPPY3" HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU Soon!!!
  12. Having fun with N3wsnut Event And here I am, just sitting here... Glooming all day... Nothing but glooming I mean look at me glooming! Nothing but glooming!!! So let's do something together okay? Let's take things back from when I hosted my first event ever. Just some rag-tag fun, no rules, no obligations, no nothing! (Although it would be nice if you let me know you're coming) Now we can do some Halo 4 matchmaking, custom games or anything you like us to play. As long as all other attendees agree of course. So let's do this this Sunday (which is the 24th) at 8 PM GMT Sound good? Okay! See you there! Joining us will be: 1. Butch Flowers 2. MoMmy 3. Mr. Biggles 4. Dark Angel 5. Sparky 6. rrhuntington 7. Edward Kenway (maybe) 8. Coldfreeze 9. D-38 BOSS (maybe) 10. Ruby Rose (maybe) 11. Blake Belladonna (maybe) 12. 13. 14. 15.
  13. Hey everyone! Well as it said on the title (sorta ) I am a script writer. And well I want to be the lucky guy to help create a machinima for you. I'm asking this for many reasons to gain experience, have fun, and.... . Actually that's it lol . But mostly to have fun. I hope anyone out there is willing to give me a chance. And if you do I'll try my best to not let you down. Hope to hear from someone who's interested soon.
  14. The Fleet Of Divine Intervention are a professional and well established clan within the Halo community. We operate mainly on Halo: Reach as a Sangheili clan, but we are also branching out to Destiny and Halo: Master Chief Collection. We possess our own YouTube Channel running vidios in full HD and new content weekly! We also have a website that holds high levels of professionalism and Web2.0 user interface, allowing users to easily interact with the website. If your looking to join a fun and friendky clan, full of good players that alsi like to have a fun time, join the Fleet Of Divine Intervention, and never pay alone again! Clan Website: http://fleetofdivineintervention.shivtr.com Join the website and become a member of the fleets community or clan! Clan YouTube: http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCos1M9LHIJq-Iu-E4KgR6Og Subscribe to hear the latest news about the Halo: Reach Clan community!
  15. What's up everyone! There's an idea that I thought and came up with last night. Maybe a lot of people already thought of it already but I've never seen it anywhere so I'll bring it up here for discussion. The idea is "Teabag Confirmed"! If you've played "Kill Confirmed" in Call of Duty, then perhaps you know right away what I'm talking about. In this case it should work for slayer and team slayer. You kill and then have to teabag the body in order to score for your team or yourself. The body however, will also be available for the other team to come and deny the confirmation (meaning if they walk up to the corpse, they've removen the possibility for the other team to score through teabagging the body). Denying the score through teabagging does not score for you, it only prevents the enemy team from scoring. Since walking over the body is all that takes to deny it, it shouldn't deserve score When you're playing free for all (regular slayer/rumble pit), The only one who should be able to score is the killer, and the only one able to deny the score should be the victim. Thereby the respawning should be in normal state. That was it. If I've missed anything or if you have other ideas for improvement, please leave a reply. Thank you!
  16. Re-mastered from iflod101s' “DRIVE!” map. Co-Forged by Unknown Emerald Map: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/cf231e21-d4d7-4ceb-b533-30ef107c0984 Game Type: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/86a5830d-6528-4202-afc5-51890ae494ce Have you ever wanted to play on a strictly offence team then on a strictly defense team in a mini game without starting a new round, well now you can with this new creative mini game made by Charles Stoot. (O and did I mention the whole map Changes color depending on who is in control.) History Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen also known as the Red Baron, was a German Fighter Pilot with the Imperial German Army Air Service during World War I. Throughout his trilogy of air travel and devastation he took part in over 80 dog fights in which were all claimed as victories. He was put to rest on April 21, 1918 when gunned down near Amiens, a settlement in France, by a man known as Edwin Benbow. Now it is your turn to take part in history and take land that is rightfully yours. Description This Mini Game doesn't deviate much from your typical kind of dog fight except pilots are on land shooting. You pilot, are still being shoot and are shooting much like the tri plane dog fights of World War I. In many cases once pilots lost sight of enemy aircraft's the enemy would be spotted right on the ally pilots tail shooting them down. Specifications of Teams (Being there is only one round this is initial spawning which pilots will quickly change rolls.) (“Air Craft’s are Gooses”) 1.With the load-out facing The Plane “Albatros D.III” (Blue Team) Objective: To defend your position pilot from oncoming enemy Air Craft. (These pilots are the ones who shoot.) Notes: There will be two bases at spawn that you pilot will need to cap. If only one base is capped you pilot will not proceed to attack the enemy Air Craft. Scoring: One point is scored every 5 seconds. There are three bases in total; two bases can be captured by a pilot and the third base caps with bravos' capture. 2. With the load-out facing the track. (Red Team) Objective: To pass the attacking pilots thus securing two bases and allowing you pilot to attack. (These are the Air Craft pilots and are the ones who are shot at.) Notes: Pilots who are not in last stand move very slowly and can't enter mongooses. Pilot you can’t move or drive a vehicle until last stand. You can have full use of vehicles in last stand so feel free to have a friend tag along. Scoring: Pilots can only score when on the shooting team. Special Note:If you own all bases, yet you can't move, jump. This will bring you where you need to be. The game ends after two rounds of 4 minutes or if the shooting pilots eliminate the entire Air Craft, last stand, pilots all at one time. Special Thanks to: Psychoduck Ablesir Thomas Unknown Emerald guy mandude66 Just One Player H4L0 MAN Jason X 185 Just One Player Steel Green Zandril S312 zzSOzz Pandaz4Life Thank you to all my Testers for your patience and your help as I tested my map for the past month, I know that it was tiresome to test but now its done so enjoy. Images Same map (All bases owned by red Team) Same map (All bases owned by Blue Team) I give you the Red Baron! Enjoy
  17. I want to get a full lobby for Halo 4 and Halo Reach custom games. We will either play this afternoon or this evening. Refraction is my only finished map on Halo 4 since making maps on Halo 4 is a pain compared to Reach. I have some great Halo Reach maps we can play, some made by me and some others once we play Refraction a few times (should be the most fun). Post here if you are interested in playing either Sunday afternoon or evening (today). Also, tell me which time works for you! Attendants (2/16): Sindronian Sindronian's room mate I hope to get a full lobby today : ) LET'S HAVE SOME FUN! These are a few screenshots of the map "Refraction" which I just finished polishing up!
  18. Ok so I am a big halo fan. I love halo, I love its story and I like the idea of no iron sights. There is one thing I want on it though. I want it to be able to be played on the pc. There is many benefits to this idea. One is that halo would get a bigger community. Aside from hackers halo will also have plenty of mods people can use(not on multiplayer of course). Another thing is halo ce and halo 2 were both on the pc and it went great! So I'm wondering why halo isn't on the pc. Why was it cut off from the pc after halo 2? I know that the game was first on xbox, but still. I mean I have an xbox and halo reach is fun! I just would like it on the pc.
  19. Hey everyone, I'm Snip3rDiva (gamertag) and I'm looking to join a clan. I definitely would like to join one that is competitive and has weekly clan battles. Hit me up on here or xbox... gamertag Snip3rDiva
  20. Starting a clan (Federation Of Elites) FOErt a clan in halo 4 for people interested in playing both competitively and in custom games with the clan. We will have a ranking structure just to have certain leaders of divisions and to keep order. I haven't entirely worked out the idea but anyone who joins can help form this clan. We will work out rules as we go. If interested message my gamertag- BigPickNick. The first 7 to join will be tested for teamwork on big team battle by me as you will be working for a leadership position and we shall work from there. This will be a clan for fun and competitiveness when we need it. Oh and you need to be atleast 16 with a working mic (no kinects). Thank you and i hope you have interest in contracting with the Federation Of Elites! Message me with any questions!
  21. E 4 Extraneous This is letter 5 of the Alphabet Series by TheRedEyedDevil. This racetrack is a Hybrid track on Impact which features forge blocks that are used for more than one part of the track. For instance, I used a block 2x2 tall at a 45 degree angle (more or less) in a circular path so you can drive on it from both sides. Other blocks I used in this manner include: Large Walkways, Station Corridors, and UNSC 2 Story Buildings. This is my second longest racetrack on halo 4 and it may be the best of the Alphabet Series thus far. This is number 9 out of 26 racetracks of my biggest series! Average Lap time is 2 minutes & 30 seconds. Play with Race v1.1 up to 16. Color Scheme: All colors! Time Spent Forging: 45hrs Type of Track: Hybrid - Double Wide, Roller Coaster Difficulty: Hard Download Link: E 4 Extraneous: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/3aba31a8-b379-4fde-a3f8-4df6e0947ef5 Overview: Images:
  22. I'm gonna throw this thread out there as a bit of a teaser as well as an invitation to anyone out there that still loves to play there daily Halo, but doesn't have many people left on their friend's list that plays Halo. I'm making a gaming community called "Project Ascension" with a strong emphasis on Halo. The community will deal work with our members to grow and expand for every type of gamer, from the casual Halo player, to the elite players. We are set up to have a war-simulation event (And no, not a LARP) in which all our participating members form into teams and work to gain domination of a risk type board, with each territory being represented by an actual in-game map. Alongside this, you can expect us to have a handful of gamenights each week ranging from any of the Halos, to other amazing multiplayer games. On top of the Campaign war simulations, and gamenights, we will also hold Tournaments, and days were we get together to simply work on achievements to help our members get that next step closer to 100% their games. Now that I'm done with the very rough explanation of what Project Ascension is, let me try provide some quick guidelines to the community: 1.) We don't have an age range, We have met plenty of 14 year olds that have it much more together than some guys and gals in college. We do however work to limit drama on the community to as small as we can. 2.) No, we do not require any changes to your gamertags, profiles, statuses, or anything like that. It's dumb, and a waste of your time to do it, and a waste of my time to even think of asking you to do it. 3.) We are an open community, if you are part of another community, we don't mind. We are just restarting and we understand that other larger communities have a lot to offer as well. We do appreciate monogamous members, but it's not like we are gonna chain you to the community. 4.) No, we don't demand that you attend every thing we do. We do appreciate members conveying that they wanna join an event, but unless you convey you want to join in, you don't need to feel pressure to join. Project Ascension already has pretty much everything we need to start up on a moment's notice, but due to our admins either being in college final's month, busy with a wedding around the corner, as well as other things in life demanding our attention, we won't be officially starting up for about a month and a half, late May to early June to help remove the chronological math from that. With all of that said, myself, and the other admins do find ourselves enough spare time to jump on our xbox often enough to forge some fun maps, do matchmaking, and keep up with anyone that wants to join with us for some fun times. If you feel like you wanna just jump on Halo and play with some decent guys feel free to send a friend request to gamertag: Salvanous.
  23. Are you a fan of Halo reach??? Are you bored of the same maps, and gamemodes? THIS IS FOR YOU I, doomedhell33, AM HOSTING CUSTOM GAMES UNTIL 2015 EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT AT 1PM Central Time Zone STARTING SOON 06/04/14 FRIEND ME IF YOU WAN'T TO JOIN (OR YOU CAN JUST MESSAGE ME SO THAT I CAN INVITE YOU...) RULES ARE IMPORTANT RULE NUMBER ONE : LISTEN TO THE HOST / BE A SPORT Play as you are told, try NOT to frendly fire (UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE). I could boot you. RULE NUMBER TWO : NO CHAT SPAMMING / DON'T BE RUDE This is explained very well, I'll mute you if you do this. HAVE FUN
  24. Hello there! I'm the Clan Leader of The Sorrows. We're a Reach Clan, and we're looking for any and all members to come and join us. We're hoping for gamers who enjoy custom games, meetings, battles, raiding, all while hanging out with other like-minded individuals. All you have to change is your emblem, you can keep your colors, clan tag, etc. Our current record is 15-0 w/ clan battles. and 1-0 w/ raiding. We the existing members in the clan all have experience in leading clans, this one won't fall apart as too many reach clans do. If you're interested in Joining message my live account: The Rogu3 Titan The Sorrows- Acta Non Verba. (Deeds, Not Words)
  25. HALO 4 : The Anunnaki is actively recruiting new members! HALO 4 : The Anunnaki is actively recruiting new members! We have a military style rank Private through General within 3 different divisions and we run off of a chain of command. There is a clan code, which is necessary for functioning properly. We also have 4 subdivisions. We have 2 game nights a week on Wednesdays and Fridays (not required), and 1 meeting on Saturday evenings where the latest news, discussions with other clans, and promotions take place (required unless excused), and a Training program that takes place on Mondays along with "RSA" or Raid Safety Awareness. We have a set list of jobs (10) to assign members of the clan, allowing each individual to have their own unique contribution to the clan and more than one job is possible. Each job withholds responsibilities and a list of duties and protocols to abide by under the necessary conditions and requires job training. The Anunnaki also has a qualification ranking system that allows each individual to have an equal opportunity to achieve each rank. The Anunnaki plays Matchmaking and really enjoyable customs. The Anunnaki has a really huge and impressive HQ that was built around security purposes with a total of 44 callouts. Everything The Anunnaki does is for each member in the clan to have a protective, fun, and involved ultimate gaming experience in Halo 4, respectfully. The Anunnaki is also involved with other clans and schedules battles, some unscheduled. If interested in joining, contact me for more information... GAMERTAG: Brent McKenley
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