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  1. This is our second race together after a year has passed! Play with Race v1.1 up to 16. Download Link: FRED N' TRED - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/6a60ef47-5d39-4843-824f-e0145655304a Race V2.1 - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/6507781f-ea9c-4b79-adb3-54b2406cab8b
  2. I have a few favorites, The Halo 1 Scorpion, Halo 2 Wraith, Halo 3 Ghost (Mainly because you could wheelie over warthogs), Halo Reach Banshee, and the Halo 4 Pelican. And of course my favorite vehicle through all the games is the mongoose!!!
  3. Yes, that's exactly what I mean! Like I mentioned above, a button would be really annoying, but as a menu option i would be great! I would want an undo menu option available because if you accidentally delete, delete all, change the angle, move a phased object underground, etc., it can be a bit of a pain to get it back the way it was and it also wastes lots of time in some cases. Also, this may not be as big a deal to slayer-oriented map makers, but for racetracks & mini-games, an undo option would work wonders! I think the Highlight feature would be really great and would be really cool if it could be put into play. What would be really cool is if you could save the highlighted objects into a different canvas. But that's just a fantasy!
  4. I don't know if it's a little late to comment on what should be brought to Halo 5 (or Halo 5 Guardian), but I just thought I would say what's on my mind. First off, after forging for over a year on Halo 4, I can honestly say I like it a lot better than halo reach forge (By no means am I saying it is better than Halo reach, that's just my personal preference). With that said, their are a few features that would be great for a high tech game like Halo 5 to be implemented. 1) An undo button would be nice: but I would defiantly like it better if it was a menu option only and not an actual button on the controller because I would hit it all the time! 2) A highlight option! I noticed on the 360 controller (at least I think) is that the bottom and right arrow do nothing in forge. With that said, perhaps they could be set as a new function called Highlight. With the highlight option active, you can move multiple objects anywhere around the canvas without changing the angles of the objects, For instance if you have ever highlighted a sentence at the end of a paragraph in Microsoft Word and moved it to the beginning, everything says the same. With the highlight option, instead of being green when selected it should be yellow to indicate the highlight function is active. And of course if their should also be a menu function to highlight all in-case you want to move the whole thing. 3) This one is not not a huge complaint, but it would be nice if rotation snap worked for more sensitive angles instead of using the common 5, 15, 30, 45, & 90 preset rotations. Also if these could work across different coordinate planes, for instance, if I have a block at a 60 degree yaw, and I want to change it so it slopes 15 degrees down it should be straight and not crooked. This is difficult to explain, It's easier for me to show you then tell you. Anyways, that's all I got, please comment below with what your options are on the matter.
  5. E 4 Extraneous This is letter 5 of the Alphabet Series by TheRedEyedDevil. This racetrack is a Hybrid track on Impact which features forge blocks that are used for more than one part of the track. For instance, I used a block 2x2 tall at a 45 degree angle (more or less) in a circular path so you can drive on it from both sides. Other blocks I used in this manner include: Large Walkways, Station Corridors, and UNSC 2 Story Buildings. This is my second longest racetrack on halo 4 and it may be the best of the Alphabet Series thus far. This is number 9 out of 26 racetracks of my biggest series! Average Lap time is 2 minutes & 30 seconds. Play with Race v1.1 up to 16. Color Scheme: All colors! Time Spent Forging: 45hrs Type of Track: Hybrid - Double Wide, Roller Coaster Difficulty: Hard Download Link: E 4 Extraneous: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/3aba31a8-b379-4fde-a3f8-4df6e0947ef5 Overview: Images:
  6. This is my first attempt to make a GP. At least to the best of my knowledge it is a GP. I randomly started forging on Thursday because it's been a while since I finished a racetrack. I am working on several others that got me stumped so I thought I would take a break from all the hard stuff. Play with Race v1.1 up to 16 players. Average Lap time is 25 seconds. Hope you guys enjoy! Color Scheme: A mix of Red, Orange, Purple, & Gold Time Spent Forging: 20hrs Type of Track: GP/Tournament Difficulty: Medium Download Links: Map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/4df750c8-ed3d-4fc3-8b0e-466e3b9e71f4 Gametype: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/120225e2-61b3-419a-bd5c-eb528b49aac7 Images:
  7. This is the 5th SKYTRACK of the SKYTRACKS Series. I started this series long ago, so for every SKYTRACK I finish I try to top the last one. SKYTRACKS (5TH) features 3 huge jumps; The first jump launches you straight up in the air for a smooth landing, the second jump lands you into a wheelie, and the third jump is is the biggest and fastest of them all, big air and fast speed equals mega fun!!! Play with Race v1.1 up to 16 players. Average Lap time is 1:15. Hope you guys enjoy! Color Scheme: Mostly cyan, but for the each of the 3 different jumps I used orange, red, and purple. Time Spent Forging: 220hrs Type of Track: Hybrid Difficulty: Easy Download: SKYTRACKS (5TH): http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/743b6e3c-51c9-4adb-8a60-1975dd737b70 Race v1.1: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/120225e2-61b3-419a-bd5c-eb528b49aac7 Video: Images: Start Initial Drop First Turn First Jump Second Turn Second Jump Third Turn Incline Fourth Turn Third Jump Overview
  8. I'm glad you guys like it, their will be 4 more Double Wides of this delegate series!
  9. This is the 1st of 5 double wides that start with Perfect! I made this series because I wanted to see if I could build smooth double wides like l PVT Partz l. l PVT Partz l makes the most perfect racetracks I've ever seen and I wanted to see if I had the skills to make something so flawless! Perfect features smooth turns all around with an average lap time of 1:10. Aesthetics include bordering around the banked turn, cyan and purple lights around the rock wave, and my signature at the start. Color Scheme: Cyan, Blue, and Purple Time Spent Forging: 60hrs Type of Track: Double Wide Download Map: Perfect Gametype: Race V1.1 Images: Overview Start 1ST Turn 1ST Jump Followed by a Turn 3RD Turn 2nd Jump 4TH Turn 1ST Wave Banked Turn Small Drop 2ND Wave
  10. This is a simple mini game which features a huge ladder. Inside the ladder is a hill. The map is set up for Red vs Blue spawns up to 16 players. One team will spawn on the ladder where you will have to remain in the hill as long as you can while the other team has you in their cross-hairs of a 50 cal sniper rifle. After the 4 rounds are up, the team with the most points wins. Play with the Ladder Conqueror gametype in my fileshare. Best with even teams up to 16 players. If you are sniping you get bottomless clip and get to have the time of your life trying to shoot your opponents from afar jumping and crouching ridiculously. If you are the team on the ladder then you must avoid getting shot by with a sniper and also avoid bumping into your teammates. When your on the ladder you don't have the luxury of your shields regenerating, so do your best not to get hit. It takes 4 direct hits with the sniper to kill you and you do not re-spawn afterward until the round is over. Everything second counts in the hill, so try to stay alive as long as you can! Map: Ladder Conqueror Gametype: Conquer the Ladder Images: This is where the kill takes place, you have to jump up and down and avoid being hit with a sniper until the round is over. Red Team Start area, you have 10 seconds to get on the ladder or you will die! Blue Team Stat Area, you must pick up the sniper and prepare to kill the enemy team dancing around in the hill. Blue Team Sniping positions. Inside the hill Overview
  11. Hey vehicles for hunters wouldn't be so bad... They are the slowest moving enemy of all, perhaps they need something on the ground for faster transportation. Wouldn't make much of a difference, there one of the easiest enemy to kill due to their slow mobility!
  12. Hey guys, I'm TheRedEyedDevil, GT: is BRICKxTRED and I am constantly making new racetracks. It's always great to test my maps with others rather than by myself. I never seem to find all the problems by myself. Also, usually when I declare my map is finished, and I have enough people, I will do a video of the map. Of a matter of fact I would like to do a special dedication video of TRED's 45th with a full lobby or close to it for my channel: youtube/user/theredeyeddevil And I may also post it on my FHR channel as well, haven't decided yet, but whichever the case, I need racers, so if your interested, please comment with the below format: Posting Format: XBL GT: Please state whether you just want to test or be in a video or both. NY: Eastern Time Availability Posting Example: BRICKxTRED Both Testing and Videos 2pm-5am If you have any questions, please comment below as a separate comment.
  13. Infectious Cove Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/0e0def98-fbde-4c9f-93dd-d093ab77cdf7 This my first time forging a racetrack outside of the grifball arena on Erosion. This racetrack features two rock caves and really fun drift-able turns. I like this track a lot because a majority of the track is so close other structures such as caves, buildings, other parts of the track, and the terrain that Erosion has to offer. Infectious Cove is a runoff of Infectious Lagoon. The color scheme is green and brown to condensate for the infectious feel of the map. Play with Race v 1.1 up to 16 players. How this map came about? I've been wanting to make a racetrack out side on Erosion for a long time, so I finally got around to doing so. What was the hardest part? Their were a few difficult parts: the 1st rock cave turn was hard to pull off. I redid the turn 3 times. The other hard part was finding a starting place and being able to use it well. What my favoarate part? My favoarate part of this racetrack is the turn between the 1st and 2nd rock cave. I was extremely happy that the turn was possible with no tricks attached. How long did it take to make? I think it took me about 4 days Difficulty (Medium) Images: Rock Caves: Overview:
  14. Double Wide Practice Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/ea5d315c-7abd-4487-b4a9-458907c000ba This is just a basic double wide of my choosing. I wanted to use new pieces that I have never forged with before. I used a bridge piece, cover glass, and rock type 2. This my no means is not the best I can do, truth is I wanted to doodle and practice different things so I can prepare for my my next double wide which will be called "Perfection" or something along the lines. This double wide features smooth turns and fun jumps. Play with Race v1.1 up to 16 players. How this map came about? I was in the mood to make a double wide, so I built one. What was the hardest part? Ironically, the hardest part for me to forge was the big gravilift jump. It was hard because the jump was slightly slanted, so making the jump and landing was a bit of a challenge. The success rate is about 65%. Not my best, but the main purpose of this track is experimentation of different objects. How long did it take to make? It took me about 30 hours total. Difficulty (Easy) Images: Overview:
  15. It looks like Halowaypoint removed it the gametype all together. I would put it on my fileshare but my gold subscription just ran out, if you want the gametype, I'd suggest messaging AlexJ189 or TurbTastic on Xbox Live. Now that I think about it TurbTastic has it on his fileshare: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/turbtastic/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=7b87f6e9-557c-45d3-b2c7-8df9347884b5
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