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  1. Need someone to help me get better at halo 4. I would consider my self above average but now im stuck. I cant seem to get better. No I dont want to join a clan in fact im already apart of a community. Hopefully someone could show me what it is im doing wrong and teach me how to aim better. My gamertag: darkwhip11. im online almost everyday around 4:00pm cst time
  2. well im apart of a community NOT A CLAN. here http://fcwars.net/ its a red vs blue war simulation community. go to the site and see if you like it. were hella active and have over 50 members. if you join the blue army tell em darkwhip sent ya.
  3. Would you like to join a gaming clan based on trust and teamwork? Do you like strategy and fun custom games? Well if you answered yes to any of the above, forerunner conflict is the place for you. Choose which army you want to be apart of, red or blue, the choice is yours. for more information PM me and I'll send you a link. Help your army in this never ending war. If you decide to join the blue army tell em darkwhip sent ya .
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