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  1. To me I just think they should make it later I guess. If the game goes well. The same thing bungie did with halo ce and halo 2 was they first made a console version then eventually moved onto pc.
  2. Ok so I am a big halo fan. I love halo, I love its story and I like the idea of no iron sights. There is one thing I want on it though. I want it to be able to be played on the pc. There is many benefits to this idea. One is that halo would get a bigger community. Aside from hackers halo will also have plenty of mods people can use(not on multiplayer of course). Another thing is halo ce and halo 2 were both on the pc and it went great! So I'm wondering why halo isn't on the pc. Why was it cut off from the pc after halo 2? I know that the game was first on xbox, but still. I mean I have an xbox and halo reach is fun! I just would like it on the pc.
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