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  1. So over the years the Sangheili have been constantly redesigned. Which is good. Halo 1 have them a sense of scary + cool, especially during jump scares. Halo 2, Same but more detailed, pretty scary either way. Halo 3. I have a problem with them because they look too slouched, as if shorter. They are cool however, that one thing really bothers me. Halo Wars. Very good. Scary and cool. They look like an early version of Reach elites crossed with 3, due to their skinny waist and scary teeth and face. The Halo 3 features would be the armor design. Very cool. Halo: Reach. Very, very COOL. Like HCE, a sense of scary and cool. The way the teeth and vibe are done, the angular faces, these are my FAVORITE!! Also the feet look bird-like. My least favorite design, the worst to me. Although this one is cool, I just think they look too slouched. Maybe it's the armor. Also. I don't like how no armor is on the forearms, just feels naked.....I think sticking to Reach or H3 style would have been good. So yeah, Reach rocks. Give out your favorites.
  2. I believe that besides CE, the Halo 2 Mag was by one of my favorite Magnums; without question. Especially dual wielding for headshots. It used to be so incredible, what you were capable of doing to another player with dual wield Mags.
  3. My goal for this post is to give new members a "cheat sheet" of where to find people to play custom games with, despite what game or platform they are playing on. HaloCustoms.com When new halo games release, this website receives more traffic and members new to the website will want to play, would recommend making a lobby 1-2 days in advance. 343industries.org A friendly community built of Halo players similar to HC! HaloCustoms (Discord Channel) Ever since the Halo 5 forge released for PC, this discord channel has gotten on average 60+ members online per day, so it should be easy for you to find atleast some people who want to play Halo. Eldewrito / Halo 5 forge (Discord Channel) A halo discord channel that I've come across with 1400 members in total! It's mostly a hub for PC players but has a room for all Halo games available on PC, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 aka Halo Online, and Halo 5 forge, it even has a LFP room so just post "@here" and everyone online will get the notification. /r/Halo (Discord Channel) With 1400 members online at the time of this post, this is by far the most populated Halo discord channel I've come across, You can find any room you need, for you console guys it has a Xbox LFG room, and there's a PC LFG room for you PC players aswell. Halo 2 PC (Discord Channel) Since the Halo 2 PC servers shut down last year a new group has risen to make sure the Halo 2 PC experience doesn't die, At the time of this post this discord channel has 190+ members online. (I will continue to update this post if I see more websites, or etc, dedicated to Halo custom games.)
  4. Project Resurgence is a Multi-Halo variety tricking video, spanning across three console generations worth of Halo games. This two-part, 30 minute behemoth is a community driven, metal infused project, born from the labor of those who desire to push the limits of the Halo engines to their breaking point. After over a year of work, we are very proud to present part 2 and to bring Project Resurgence to a close.
  5. Since the update to the Xbox One on January 11th Halo 2 will not load in co-op over live all the time. Was able to load the game 1 time out of 25 attempts and the successful load disconnected within a few minutes. Halo 1, 3, 4 are all fine. Called Xbox Support and they advised me the following steps with no success: 1) Remove my account from the Xbox 2) Power Down and unplug the xbox for 5 minutes along with my router and modem 3) Power up and re-add my account Obviously this didn't work as it is not an account issue but a game issue. Xbox Support then advised me that a few people have called in with issues with Halo 2 not working for co-op over Live and that we are to contact 343 Industries directly. So here I am 343, I am contacting you the only way possible and asking if you can please fix Halo 2 as it appears to be something incompatible with the latest Xbox patch. I have already confirmed with Xbox Support that my connection, ports, router, modem, and Xbox Settings are not to blame and it has been ruled an issue with your software. I am not mad by any means as I know that updates made by Microsoft directly often are not compatible with some software and causes issues. I have also contacted Frank O'Connor and your main Twitter handle @@halo through Twitter in hopes of a response. Thank's in advance for looking into this. ~MacDaddyToad
  6. A 1-1 remake of Halo 2's Desolation, from the Blastacular Map Pack. Pictures Weapons H2 BR x2 x20 2 clips Magnum x4 x20 2 clips SMG x2 x30 1 clip SPNKr x1 x180 1 clip Needler x2 x60 1 clip Storm Rifle x4 x45 Full Charge Plasma Caster x2 x150 2 clips Energy Sword x1 x180 Full Charge Suppressor x2 x75 2 clips Grenades Frag Grenade x12 x15 Plasma Grenade x8 x15 Powerups Overshield x2 x120 Walkthrough
  7. So I decided to take some time during my days of not having internet, and well make a nice good competitive map after the Scrimmage make for Yoshi and I's tourney. Now, this map is not for the tourney, it's just.... A map I made. I enjoyed making it as well. I did use Scrimmage for the concept though. Same weapons and everything. Here is a preview of a sketch of the map: Now, before I show you the make of the map and everything. Let's go over the details. The map supports 2-8 players. Size is small. You can play almost any objective you want on this map. It is supported. Ricochet, Race, Territories, CTF, Assault. You name it, it supports it. However, you are not able to play Neutral Game Modes, such as Neutral Flag or Neutral Bomb. Those are not supported. Featured map weapons are: 2x Battle Rifle, 2x Covenant Carbine, 2x Plasma Rifle, 2x SMG, 4x Frag (2 sets of 2), 2x Snipers, 2x Needlers, 1x Overshield. There is only 3 Map Gadgets. 2 of which are the same. Each team has a Control Console, each console controls the teams lights. Doesn't affect gameplay. Unless you're tinkering with it when you shouldn't. The third thing is located on the center building. Aesthetics as well, the switches will flicker on and off every 10 seconds. However, if you melee one when it's on. It will shut them all off instantly. Does not affect gameplay. You can play FFA on this map, Neutral spawns are eliminated if there is Team-Play. All that means is neutral spawns at bases, are removed. Now that that's said, here is a preview of the map. Here below is a video of me, just meandering the map. Showing you a few details I could not capture in picture. Enjoy!
  8. H2 Lashout is a 1:1 scale of Halo 2's Lockout with 30+ hours of forge dedication. I used respawn areas to size Halo 2 Anniversary's Lockdown, followed by converting those values for Halo 5, as well as going back to the original map. Along with using MCC as a guide, I used my prior experience forging Lockout for Halo Reach and for Halo 4. I chose to change up the aesthetics by making the map at night and by lighting up the map with the colors Mint and Ice Blue. H2 Lashout keeps as faithful to the original as possible and is meant to be played with all abilities disabled but can still be played using default Halo 5 settings. These values are recommended for a proper gameplay experience: 90% Forward Speed 90% Gravity Gamertag: JesseInsanity Map: H2 Lashout Gametype: H2 Slayer Disclaimer: I started this map when forge was first released. The current spawning is bugged for 1v1 gameplay due to the fact that I deleted my initial spawns(I hate myself for it XD). This map still plays great with FFA and Team Slayer. Breakout and Capture The Flag are experimental but since there's no option for One Flag, I do not recommend playing those gametypes. The screenshots look darker than how it looks in game and since the initial screenshots, I've increased the brightness of various areas.
  9. Substance Players: 4-8 Gametypes: Team Slayer, King of the Hill, Oddball, Ricochet Weapons: Sniper Rifle 120s 1clip, Rocket Launcher 180s 1 clip, Energy Sword 180s, Suppressed SMG x2 60s 1 clip I hope some of you guys can help me test this out before H5 forge is dropped. I will definitely be remaking this one and I'd like to work out any kinks in the design before I go to work on it a second time. I think all the gametypes should play pretty well and I will update the overview someday after I am confident in my Hill and Ball Spawn locations. Enjoy! GT: Chronmeister Map: Substance
  10. In this minigame each player tries to survive the longest in their warthog. The platform is an 8x8 grid riddled with holes that players can fall through. Players that die respawn in a room filled with 16 switches, and each switch launches in a kill ball below (10 second recharge). The switches are color coordinated with the platform below, so players know where the kill ball will appear which allows them to target specific players. Switches are not available for the first 30 seconds of each round.
  11. Simple Question Going back, what was the main reason you guys delved so far into the Halo franchise? Why is Halo appealing to you?
  12. So I decided to take my time and build a "Defend the Keep" map. Which was suggested by the Community. I was alternatively going to make a "Tower of the Gods" map, but that went out of the question. Anyways, Armathian Fortress is a Keep/Fort like structure map. Red Team spawns inside the Keep, and is supplied with few necessary vehicles, and weapons of variety. Blue Team spawns outside the keep, behind any of the cliffs that are in the distance. They are supplied with many vehicles, and heavy assault. However, no need to be cocky. There's only one entrance for vehicles, and Red Team has turrets to counter vehicles as well as a few weapons, a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher. That's it. Working together will be the key to a proper defense, as the same goes for the assault. Supported Game-Types: 1 Flag CTF, 1 Bomb Assault, Classic Infection, Team Slayer. These are just the Game-Types, however if you want the Action-Pack-Fun-Pack, you're going to need 14-16 players for that to work. Game-Types are in my file share already, with the map. Just lookup "L Fishy L" if you don't know where to go. Infantry have different access ways than vehicles. For example, they are able to climb the Brace supports, or the Rocks that lay up against the wall. Be careful though, snipers sit on the Keep Towers. Also, take note in the EMP's. They are detonated manually, and can be detonated only once every 100+ seconds, use them wisely. They don't affect infantry. Also, take note that Red Team has a supported Wraith, setup on the top of the Keep as a Mortar support. Will help out much for cluster kills, or that random teammate save from the Gauss Warthog. Just don't betray! Take note of Blue Teams official spawn, it's furthest from the Keep. However, respawns will take you elsewhere. Initial respawn just supplies everyone with 2 SMG's, 2 Battle Rifles, and 2 Grenades. BR's are initial loadout, but a little ammo doesn't hurt. Also, take note there is only enough room for 7 players in vehicles, whoever is your 8th player. Use them for cover support, or send them over to the Sniper Rifle to helpout with your assault! I hope you all enjoy the map and give it a shot! It's BIG! and by BIG! I mean, it's BIG! That Keep is half of the map, the other half is the terrain.
  13. Hello. For the last 10 months we have all experienced the frustration that MCC has put upon us. For many games you may have seen teammates quit early, go afc, or even just murder you for a power weapon. If this is your problem, here is your solution. KOO is a halo clan on MCC that has been running since early July. We have about 30 members as of our last routine check. Our clan has a set uniform and traditional set of rules. Our clan has a ranking structure as well, allowing players to prove their worth on a second plane outside of the games basic functions. If you decide to join you will have access to a coordinated team, experienced leadership, and most importantly, success on the field. Details are as follows: UNIFORM POLICY AND DETAILS: Our uniform is only for H2A, If you're to join you must play as an elite with a set of colors.Our emblem is the only thing we ask you to wear consistently. However whenever you're with the clan, all aspects of your uniform must be in order. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Within the clan we have a high sense of respect for anyone we encounter. This means we have zero tolerance for anything that degrades the other person. This means no T-Bagging, Melees, or shootings towards dead bodies. It is not only disrespectful, but a waste of time within the games.As far as respecting others go, others won't always respect you. If anyone commits one of the actions above it does not mean you have permission to stoop down to their level for vengeance.We don't allow our members to trash talk other players. It makes you look like a jerk, and your actions will define us as a clan. However, if another person starts a fight with you, you may defend yourself.Finally, like many other clans we don't allow team betrayals or rage quitting. We understand you may accidentally shoot your teammate and we understand MCC frequently kicks people out of games. We will be lenient, but if a pattern arises we will handle it RANKING AND STRUCTURE: Oracles Polyphony and it's roots can be traced back to its predecessor clan up to four years ago. During that time we have refined our ranking structure and seasoned our leaders with experience.The ranks in the clan run based on divisions and member skill sets.All members start in the infantry division. This is where we see if you're the kind of person we want, and if you can live up to our expectations. Once you pass infantry you have the opportunity to specialize in a skill. Certain divisions specialize in different things. For example, our Ranger division is a BTB oriented vehicle specialist division. Our Spec-Ops are the highly skilled stand alone players that specialize in long range weapons. These are just two of our divisions, for more information you can see our website. WEBSITE: A direct link to the website is as follows: www.KnightsoftheOldOrder.weebly.com The only problem you will have from here on out is your enemies quitting out before the game can get a chance to end. Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to see a message from you soon. To contact us you can use our website or you can message me on xbox live with the gamertag Apex Arbiter. I hope you find the clan that's right for you, if that clan is us, let me know. -Apex Arbiter
  14. I am missing my product key its been a long time from when i last played the game new PC and all that i really would love to play to play again but no product key! Any ideas?
  15. Dear all, I have come to realise that Halo2 PC servers will not be online indefinately, this in itself is not a problem, a game like so many things in life has to come to an end and although Im fairly new to the PC version I have come to enjoy it very much. The population currently is past what many other publishers would deem dead and I am grateful for the servers being kept online. All I ask is that when 343i/Microsoft decide to shut down the severs please give adeqaute notice so the people who enjoy Halo 2 Vista can cram all the online play and achievements in before the close and have one final hurrah for the game. Thank you very much for your time, hopefully someone higher up will consider this at the least, Sincerely, HuxWard
  16. So this map was simple, something I made way back on Halo Reach when the game first came out. So around 2010, is when I first had the idea. Well, here recently. I though I might recreate the map, and give it some of the newer specs of what forge has in mind for us. Which is exactly what I did. The map setup and structure is the same, nothing new has been added. However, there is no Spartan Lasers of course. Anyways, I'm going to start off from the first chamber. All the way to the last chamber. The map is setup on a timer. Each chamber the survivors have to defend themselves, until a gravity lift spawns and they are able to head to the next chamber. Each player has random weapons, while the Alpha Zombie has 2000% Resistance but 25% speed. The Alpha Zombie is the only one with an Infected Sword. Which increases lunge range. Standard Infected have Energy Swords. Chamber 1, your spawn chamber. From here you can see heavy resistance. Barricades and shield door. You can also see the teleporter, and no gravity lift. This is the initial start of the game. The 1st chamber features close quarter guns. Plasma Rifles and Assault Rifles, that's about it. The Gravity Lift will spawn in, and you can continue forward. However, in the H2A version of this game; a yellow light will also appear to indicate the grav lift spawn. Chamber 2. As you can see, all there is is just Jersey Barricades, short. With Covenant Carbines and Battle Rifles on them. Which come in handy when you need them. Chamber 3. Now, this is where things start to get different. As you can see, there's a One-Way Shield door in the way. So once you're through, your through. Good for camping, unless a zombie decides to find you. Also, take note that this is known as the grenade chamber. There's a pile of 64 grenades on the floor. 32 frag, 32 plasma. Up for takes, if you need them. However, they're extremely close to the One-Way Shield. So be careful if you want to spam. Also, this chambers gravity lift has transformed into a UNSC man cannon. Chamber 4. Known as the precision chamber. If you look along the wall, you can see there's Beam Rifles and Sniper Rifles. As well as Shields to protect the flood when needed. Good for swarming the enemies. However, the flood/infected would be wise to not let the enemies get this far. The gravity lift in this room is now a Vehicle Gravity Lift, since the teleporter is located on the ceiling. Chamber 5. The survivor stronghold. There's a Machine Gun Turret Fixed, Machine Gun Turret Detachable, a Plasma Turret, and a Gauss Turret. As well as Rocket Launchers and Fuel Rod Guns underneath the stairs. This chamber is where survivors can stand together to overcome the enemy. That is, if there's enough of them left alive. Which the infected would be insane to let such a thing happen. There is a teleporter that spawns in here as well, but requires you to run all the way back to the entrance of the chamber, which is suicide. However, a green light indicates the spawn in this version. Starting in chamber 3, all teleporters have been modified from the original version. The teleporters are now floating in the air. And a forerunner gravity lift is right in the entrance. This gravity lift picks up any of its surroundings, and then pushes them forward. Like a vent, sort of. This is to prevent assassinations. If you decide to go through the teleporter in Chamber 5, which takes you to the Infected Spawn Area. So you might wanna get out of their quick. This teleporter is also connected to the Initial Floods (Alpha) spawn. Which is located off the map, and once left. You can never return. It's much more of a slow down for survivors to get a chance. Unless they want to become infected. Also, notice the man cannon spawn. There is a total of 3 of these on the map. Each of them aren't initially spawned, but they start to appear after survivors reach chamber 4. They all spawn when the survivors are at chamber 5. These man cannons are just to help the Alpha Infected reach the survivors faster. Anyways, that's about it. The files are on my fileshare. My GT is L Fishy L. Enjoy! If you don't know how to do the search system yet. Here's how: Launch MCC > Open Roster By Pressing "X" > Click On Your Name > Select Find Player > Enter Gamertag.
  17. This map's first version was room-based and...well, it was bad. Now I know that making room-based maps is just NOT my forte. I included some Before & After screenshots to show how the map has changed. Cordus is an asymmetric 2v2 map built on Skyward. Top Gold is the main power position in the map and it can be countered by 3 different platforms. Most of the gameplay involves controlling the map's main platforms and pushing up using several of the map's jumps and flanks. Weapons & Powerups -Snipes -Brute Shot -OS Map is in my File Share. GT: Zandril S312
  18. Boarding Pass is an infection map which is heavily based on the Halo 4 map of the same name. I wouldn't say it's a complete remake because there are some areas in this map I forged differently. The map has a modern train station theme. The train provides more than just aesthetics because players can use it to traverse from one of the high platforms to the other. If you're daring enough, you can even hold out in it. The map is in my File Share. GT: Zandril S312 To get the Hivemind Beta which is the recommended gametype for this map, download it from the File Share of PA1NTS. *Some of the pictures are slightly outdated
  19. I've progressed through Halo 2 up until Gravemind and the level won't load up anymore. Boots me all the way back to the dashboard, everytime I resume progress. Try to select mission under the Missions tab and still boots me out. I hate bugs, HELP!
  20. So with a quick put together and after looking at what Special FX can do. Yoshi and I have made a dark infection map on Skyward. Known simply as Cat and Mouse. The map is a looped box, as displayed below. The image is an exterior view. You cannot access the exterior at all. If you do, goodbye. Anyways, the inside of the map is full of corridors on a flat surface. Which is grass. Powerups are available every 160 seconds. That's 2 minutes and 40 seconds for those of you who are curious for a breakdown. The following powerups are: Overshield and Active Camoflauge. Both vital if used correctly. Map is dark, but players and weapons are visible. Despite Special FX. Every hallway/tunnel is broken down in view. Covers are placed in positions, forcing you blind from what's on the other side. Take safety measures and carry a shotgun. This map is intended for 6-12 players. But supports 16 players. Which is the maximum. This is a typical simple infection map, symmetrical and easy layout. As seen below, 1st image is the exterior. 2nd image is spawn view. 3rd image is tunnel view. Enjoy!
  21. Using the Race game type and scripting I was able to recreate Beer Pong for H2A. Drive your mongoose off of a ramp and try to land in the cups to score. If you make a cup it will disappear, so your team needs to make all of the cups to win the round. I have a 6 Cup version and a 10 Cup version. Halo MCC Epic Forge Maps #28 - Beer Pong (Halo 2 …:
  22. Hello, I have just spoke to the Xbox customer service team and they have directed me to go to you. I recently bought an Xbox One, I bought the Halo master Cheif Collection Edition. As you know, this game is installed Via the xbox store. I did know that this could only be downloaded and didnt come with a disk. However, I wasnt aware that the game itself would use 60gig if not more of my storage space on the hard drive. The size is not the issue but the install is, My broadband internet speed at home is extremely weak as I live in an area that is immune to Fibre optic therfore the best speed I can get is just over 1mbps. Installing a game of that size over my internet is just ridicoulous. Would it be possible to get a Disk sent to me so I can install it that way. I have all the information and details to prove I have bought this game encase you need some type of verification. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can get back to me ASAP. Regards Im new here, can anyone help me? Im new here, can anyone help me?
  23. A question for everyone: What was your initial reaction the VERY first time you time you saw the flood? I believe this is a great topic to discuss and share nightmares (or acts of bravery.) Please, share as much detail as you wish. You can discuss the building up to the flood, or how they affected you in later games, but please share your opinions. My first time: I may have been young, but I was still attentive. I was so confused as to what the Covenant dug up. I was scared that, well, the COVENANT were scared. Walking into that facility, seeing figures running in the distances, shots from nowhere, gross noises, it kinda stuck with me. Fighting out of the facility was the scary part. I had no idea what these ugly-looking beasts were and so I tried spraying and praying my way out. I repeatedly got lost and stressed. Oh lord, it stuck with me. >.<
  24. 343 Industries announced yesterday that there will be six Halo 2 multiplayer maps that will have new updated graphics as part of the Halo 2: Anniversary edition in The Master Chief collection. We know Ascension will be among the six graphically upgraded maps as we seen it in the brief Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer demo. Now Frank O'Connor has announced another two other maps of the six that will be getting a new coat of paint and those maps are Lockout and Zanzibar. Frank O'Connor confirmed this on Neogaf not so long ago. "Remade H2 faves, with proprietary graphics and a modified version of h2 gameplay. Lockout, Ascension, Zanzi... OG maps and gameplay completely intact. It's extra content." Now he didn't fully say the word "Zanzibar" but it's pretty safe to say that he meant to say it, he is most likely just teasing. According to Microsoft/343 Industries we will be getting Halo news everyday over the course of E3 so by the end of the working week we could have all six Halo 2 maps confirmed of a makeover. What do you think of those two maps being confirmed for a graphics update? What maps would you like to see among the next three? Source: Neogaf
  25. 343 Industries announced yesterday that there will be six Halo 2 multiplayer maps that will have new updated graphics as part of the Halo 2: Anniversary edition in The Master Chief collection. We know Ascension will be among the six graphically upgraded maps as we seen it in the brief Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer demo. Now Frank O'Connor has announced another two other maps of the six that will be getting a new coat of paint and those maps are Lockout and Zanzibar. Frank O'Connor confirmed this on Neogaf not so long ago. "Remade H2 faves, with proprietary graphics and a modified version of h2 gameplay. Lockout, Ascension, Zanzi... OG maps and gameplay completely intact. It's extra content." Now he didn't fully say the word "Zanzibar" but it's pretty safe to say that he meant to say it, he is most likely just teasing. According to Microsoft/343 Industries we will be getting Halo news everyday over the course of E3 so by the end of the working week we could have all six Halo 2 maps confirmed of a makeover. What do you think of those two maps being confirmed for a graphics update? What maps would you like to see among the next three? Source: Neogaf
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