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  1. So over the years the Sangheili have been constantly redesigned. Which is good. Halo 1 have them a sense of scary + cool, especially during jump scares. Halo 2, Same but more detailed, pretty scary either way. Halo 3. I have a problem with them because they look too slouched, as if shorter. They are cool however, that one thing really bothers me. Halo Wars. Very good. Scary and cool. They look like an early version of Reach elites crossed with 3, due to their skinny waist and scary teeth and face. The Halo 3 features would be the armor design. Very cool. Halo: Reach. Very, very COOL. Like HCE, a sense of scary and cool. The way the teeth and vibe are done, the angular faces, these are my FAVORITE!! Also the feet look bird-like. My least favorite design, the worst to me. Although this one is cool, I just think they look too slouched. Maybe it's the armor. Also. I don't like how no armor is on the forearms, just feels naked.....I think sticking to Reach or H3 style would have been good. So yeah, Reach rocks. Give out your favorites.
  2. I Love Me Some Classics! Hello everyone, I (Edward Kenway) am doing a simple community event on Halo Reach. It's your basic classic event, we'll be playing an array of game-modes like Invasion and Slayer and having some fun, nothing too out of the ordinary! However, I will have to run by some rules for the event. 1. If you slander, berate, or act immature toward another member during the event, you will be booted. No exceptions and no second chances. 2. I don't mind having a hardy time, but try to keep topics out of the sexual, political, or religious areas as generally those conversations get out of hand and if you start one and someone acts out on your behalf you will also be booted. 3. I'd prefer a microphone on everyone so the party isn't barren. 4. HAVE FUN AND DESTROY THE OTHER TEAM! The event begins August 23rd at 3:00PM EST, be sure to get on the shoutbox first so I can give anyone attending the go-ahead to get online and get your gamertags to invite you. Player list is below, if we fill up I'll see if I can get a second lobby, JOIN FAST. 1. Edward Kenway 2. Butch Flowers (Maybe) 3. MoM Destruct 4. Blake Belladonna (Maybe) 5. Bnus (Maybe) 6. Arno Dorian 7. -Sparky- 8. Unease P34nut 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  3. Hello, first time coming onto these forums. Unfortunately with a bad experience. My EVGA RTX 3090 Gaming Ultra FTW3 gpu just died due to Halo Reach MCC. And in the strangest of ways. PC Specs: EVGA RTX 3090 Gaming Ultra FTW3 Intel I7-12700K ASUS Z690 TUF Gaming Plus Wifi D4 Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black CPU Cooler 32GB Crucial Ballistix 3200mhz cl16 DDR4 (2x16) 2tb Inland m.2 PCIE Gen 4 (7000r/6850w) - Installed on this drive 1tb Samsung 980 PCIE Gen 3 EVGA 1000w G5 Supernova 80+ Gold Fractal Design Torrent Case Running Windows 10 Drivers and Windows all up to date GPU never exceeds 63c. I had no issues while playing halo reach, but when I opened the settings during the portion of the second level when you see the marines who had been interrogated, the case and gpu fans sped up to max, there was a pop, the entire computer restarted, and the GPU would not come back on. I replaced the gpu with my 3080 TI from my living room build, and everything is working fine again. I have never had these issues or anything remotely similar occur with any other game or scenario. I had no undervolt or overclock on the GPU. I have ran benchmarks which fully utilized the GPU and stress tested the system several times. Can one of the Devs respond with some sort of insight as to why this would have happened, as I am now out of a 3090 due to this situation. Thank you in advance.
  4. We are AWI - A Worthwhile Investment - Created by AWI IK H2PLY GD and me, AWI Your Fear now known as AWI Golgari You will not get a spam message from us, only a friendly party Chat, we believe that recruitment starts with friendship and a conversation.. not a spammed out generic message or dialogue that is pushed onto members who need to recruit. We give responsibility regarding recruitment and freedom for ideas building on collective and individual strengths. Unlike other clans where every decision is dictated by Higher ups". You will have a welcome opinion here. We want to represent a fun-loving, tight knit group of FRIENDS that also happen to play Halo too. Most commonly played games among us are: PC League of legends Magic The Gathering: Arena Dota Halo Series Runescape. Xbox Halo Series Magic The Gathering Dead Space 3 Fortnight COD series and more What we offer We offer a "Trial" in AWI. This is just a period for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. That way you can either become a full member at the end, knowing that you are having a wonderful time in AWI... Or we can respectfully and politely part ways if we are not compatible for each other. We have Chinese, London, Los Angeles, and Australian time zone members. Plus side is we have English, Chinese, and Spanish language speakers. Message us if you are tempted to join us across PC, 360 AND Xbox One consoles. We let people create Squads and encourage Mini Branches to promote friendly competition and ensure that you play with friends. Prerequisites/Clan rules 1. Name change, Bio and Motto - if you decide to stay in after a month, we respectfully request that those listed above be changed to show unity and help passively recruit potential members 2. Headset - to ensure we can "Call out" and also helps us to connect and bond with each other, keep up with Clan information and speak whenever needed. 3. No under 16's - We like to have Adult humour and also trash talk/be subject to trash talk back. To save awkward situations regarding the use of language or topic discussion by our towards our members we prefer to admit those who are only over 18, but we do consider 16 as the minimum age for recruitment. 4. Willing to cooperate - We would prefer people who can take instruction or be open to constructive criticism/help, I am more of relaxed myself in Slayer games and enjoy freedom but if we are playing CTF (Capture The Flag), We will need to be obedient and listen to whoever is in charge of directing an attack or defence of the Flags 5. Trash Talk and receive in good spirits - Trash Talk can affect game-play Positively and Negatively. We need people who are happy to occasionally Talk trash and also realize that the Opponents will use the same tactics occasionally. 6. Be aware of Clan Directives - If we are doing something like Recording a match via Capture Card, then we will not be tolerating other member of the Clan using extreme Trash talk or Tea-bagging during that match UNLESS specified before the match. 7. No Quitting, We promote Loyalty and respect towards our Opponents and Team mates. If you leave a Game, not only do you let down the Team and your friends, but you narrow down any chance that the team had to catch up or lose with Dignity. I Hope to welcome you personally to the clan. Please post below, even just your Gamer-tag and if you want... we shall contact YOU. Thank you From Clan Recruiter and Head of AWI Human or Non-Human Resources AWI Golgari.
  5. Pillar of Autumn C-709 Radio Transmission: ENCRYPTION: POAG01 TRANSMISSION TYPE: Recruitment TRANSMISSION PRIVACY: Open __ Pillar of Autumn C-709 is a clan composed of experienced personnel and we are searching for applicable members. We consist of Marines, ODSTs, Spartan-IIIs and Spartan-IIs. Within Pillar of Autumn C-709 we offer a clan lead by strong leadership, daily activities, and a place where you can ultimately enjoy yourself in all aspects. We strive to have longevity within our program, and to be recognized for our professionalism and positive performance outcomes in the field. Requirements: • A working version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection • A functional microphone • Age of 15+ • Strong senses of loyalty, respect, and professionalism • Willingness to complete basic training regimens Contact Information: Xbox Contacts: Spartan 092 Spartan 051 Approved By: Spartan 092 [CDR]
  6. On the mission, Long Night of Solace, Jorge while drifting in space to the Pelican he says something in another language. I always wondered what he said and i assume it has something to do with Sword Base being attacked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J67WCu2ojgM is the video showing him doing what i described.
  7. We are a Star Wars based clan functioning within the raid community that provides large events and plenty of activity without the cumbersome commitment you commonly see in other clans. If you consider yourself a bounty hunter or mercenary on Halo Reach, this is your clan. If you are interested in more, I suggest visiting our website. If you wish to meet or become part of our community, come visit our discord https://discord.gg/WhcZRn. If you wish to contact a member, message IXI Driver IXI, The Di5traction, or BANANA KING 312 via Xbox Live or discord. IXI Driver IXI Granee Lorda
  8. If anyone is interested in joining a UNSC based clan on Halo Reach please message me or add me @ Kenshin lx
  9. Things we do include: Training's, Raids, Meetings, Matchmaking, Custom Games, Custom Tournaments, You name it! We, for our 5th year, are getting back into the Halo: Reach Clan Community. We have been absent for the past few months, but are making a well planned return. To sum up how things work here, we pull you into a game session, give you your uniform and emblem, run you down with rules and regulations, yell at you and make you do things you probably don't want to do, and after completing boot camp you will receive your rank and become one step closer to becoming a welcomed member of our Clan. How to join? Simple, contact I, "TBDL X KNIGHT" on Xbox Live via message (Let me know you are sending a message to join the TBDL Corps) and I will respond to you ASAP. Any questions or concerns can be asked via message or in reply to this post! Thank you for reading this post, look forward to seeing you on either side of the battlefield!
  10. heyy me and my friends started a halo reach project a few years back called "the heroes of reach" but has been put on hold after we finished making part 2 due to lack of body actors. the story tells of the final days of reach but told through a group of odsts and a group of marines as they fight a losing war. i'll leave links to the first 2 parts we made. if you are interested in helping us carry on this project then please reply. no high level is required really. part 1 part 2
  11. I'm looking for an active clan on either halo 4 or halo reach. I am a trained ODST with skills in both piloting and sniping, and I also have leadership experience. Message me at eightflames if you're interested.
  12. I wish there was a playlist in firefight where you could fight both covanent and flood. A three-way battle between us, the covanent, and the flood would be epic. Having some of the covanent get turned into flood while fighting. Who here agrees with me? What are your opinions on what I think?
  13. PAIN clan welcomes anyone wanting to just sit down and have a good game of halo whether custom games or matchmaking. We're looking for a mixture of competitive/just for fun players. If you're interested change your service tag on halo to PAIN and message m0dy21b on Xbox.
  14. Clan Name: Knights Of Reach Point Of Contact: DaveTheWave11 (Where to message me on xbox) Mission: To create a community in which newbs and veterans alike, can play and win together. To introduce more players into the clan based side of halo, to improve skills of members, all while participating in clan based raids. How To Join: 1.Have Halo Reach for Xbox 360 or Xbox One 2.Have Discord, a voice chat system such as Skype, which Discord is better than, and completely free. (On Mobile aswell as PC) 3. Message me at DaveTheWave11 on Xbox, to join. Thanks For Reading.
  15. I am the Leader of the Dark Blood Clan and i am recruiting i'd recommend that all recruits have a Mic or will be getting a mic within a week if you have any questions you can message me on Xbox 360 and the clan has a strict Ranking System that i'll attach the Ranks to this form Dark Blood Clan.rtf
  16. General Message Hello, my name is TBDL x Knight and I am the Vice President of TBDL (To Be Determined Leader) We are a Military clan for Halo Reach. We have been in the Halo community overall for just over 8 years, I personally have been in the Halo community for just over 5 years. We are looking for new members, if you are interested in joining, make sure to read the training section and look on the contact page. Training Many people who join us ask what types of training we do and why, so before you decide to join I want to answer those two questions that we are commonly asked. *Basic Training - Used to explain the rules and get you used to how our clan works *SOI Training - Your basic combat skills and some extra tweaks such as "Covering and Maneuvering" which is used in raid tactics *Raid Training - This teaches how to serpentine, how to climb all of the mountains, how to break into a base and how to lock one down once inside *Specialists Training - This covers the advanced stuff that you would have never thought about such as "Teleporter Gapping" Contact Us Xbox - TBDL x Frost - CZAR Xbox - TBDL x Knight - Vice President & Website Recruiter Xbox - xXUnl0ckingXx - 1st General & 3rd in Command Email - [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Email - [email protected] Or just simply reply to this topic and include your gamertag
  17. Hello, I am kittieman023, I am the leader of the 53rd Republic Legion. We are a strict clan, we host many different activities everyday so we are extremely active. We have seven divisions for you to join, they are: -BIT(Basic Infantry Trooper) -BDT(Base Defending Trooper) -RC(Republic Commando) -ARC Trooper(Advanced Recon Commando) -BRT(Basic Recon Trooper) -AF(Air Force) -MGVO(Modified Ground Vehicle Operator. When you join the clan, you will automatically be placed into the BIT division until you complete all three of your intensive training sessions. After that, you will get the ability to choose to stay in the BIT division, or you can join these following divisions. -BDT -BRT -AF -MGVO The reason I didn't include the RC or ARC trooper divisions if because you must be hand picked by me personally if your skill is of an exceptional standard. Each different division will have its own separate training courses if you want to join them. Meanwhile, RC's and ARC troopers will have to go through 6 weeks of nearly impossible training. We do recruitment and training every day. If you would like to join the clan or if you have any questions, please send a message to kittieman023. We will become the best of the best.
  18. Are you sick of lore-based halo clans who think their better than everyone? Do you sometimes feel like you want to personally remove the stick out of their collective asses but have no allies to help you in your cause? If so, then join the Arctic Wolves! We've dedicated our time to ending these military-based UNSC, ONI, Covenant, and Insurgent clans cause lets be real, it's a game, nobody needs a full military in a video game. The requirements to join are to have a mic, be at least 13+ and you can't rage or call hacks when you lose. The raging requirement is non-negotiable but we can make exceptions for the other requirements (Message me for details.) If you wish to join then message either me, eightflames, or my second in command CattiestChimp92. Thank you for your time.
  19. I have been thinking about retiring from Halo Reach when I get to inheritor. After all the drama and bull****, I have had, there is nothing left. I have friends that betrayed me. I have been around the reach community long enough to know that there is no point in fighting. To those who are still in the Halo Reach community, I hope you don't choose to be a fake SII,fake arbiter, or a fake prophet. The question still is should I retire when I become inheritor or should I just take four month brake?
  20. Immortal Legacy is a clan that is recruiting on halo reach. With 20+ members and counting we are growing fast. With pleanty of divisions your sure to fit in. If you are interested please message my Xbox live II Dear Agony Many thanks
  21. Alright, I'm recruiting for SCG. So if you would like to join please message me, my gamertag on xbox live is THEKINGOFKIGSO. You can message my leader as well. His gamer tag is SCG Dark0177. Have a nice day. 0166 OUT! Another thing I will not be on the website that much. I will be on to check my replies on my topics.
  22. Join our clan today! We are in a time of need, needing people such a yourself. Join and get your name in a place of honor. Don't hesitate for greatness, we need troops as we are preparing for war with P.O.N (Phoenix of Nations). Jump in our BCT's get your colors join the SII's or Our Security Squad and cannot forget our Sangheli division. Message me on Xbox, my GT: Evil Lemon 33
  23. What's your favorite Halo Reach Firefight Map and why? Mine is Waterfront I think is what it's called, because it has a wide variety of structures and it's a pretty big map. Also, the sniper is good to use on the map, which I am a fan of and it challenges you. That jackal on the mountain with the focus rifle though, he annoys me SOOOOOO much. I remember one time in the bonus round I was on the roof of a building with a fuel rod gun and a DMR. Elite Ultras came in the drop pod, and you know that a bunch of skulls are enabled. When they came up, I shot, threw a grenade, shot, jumping around to not get stuck or killed. I took down the elites, and the grunts were rushing through. I was evading, popping heads, throwing a grenade, my shields go down, I hide, shoot, fight, it was really intense. I eventually pulled through the whole round, and I still stood.
  24. Good day fellow 343i forum, I will be sporadically playing Halo Reach today...i willl be on Team slayer, Invasion, Team objective and maybe BTB. As long as you have a Mic/Headset you WILL use, and Don't mind learning or trying to "Call-out" you are welcome regardless of ability...Age is 14+ minimum. Wish me luck and maybe i'll see a few of you around, a temporary friend request or a message will be fine and i will invite you. Many thanks...AWI Metal Mew 2.
  25. I've realized that since I got the avatar award for Jun's helmet (100 consecutive kills in campaign or firefight) it won't work. When I go visit my awards, it shows a gray square with an "!" I think. I've gotten a helmet from Halo 4 and it works fine, but for some reason Jun's helmet won't work. Any help?
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