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Found 8 results

  1. The clan is based of game of thrones brothers of the nights watch but that is up for suggestion. Recruits will be placed in positions were they are best suited for example Brothers who are skilled at making forge maps for training will be builders, brothers who have the skill to lead a team take over the battle field will be flied officers and selected few will be advisers but everybody will get a say in what the clan does. My level isn't the highest but its climbing fast and i have every other halo under my belt including halo 4. If you are interested add me as a friend and msg me my gamertag is YettiPopper I am based out of the maritimes in new brunswick so i run on the Atlantic Eastern timezone. Please msg if interested!!!!!!!!!
  2. Title says most of it! Please check out the open invitation video here on youtube. I greatly appreciate it! Or just type SlickShooters in the search bar!
  3. The United Armed Forces is 100-150 members strong are looking for new recruits that would like to join a military based Halo: Reach clan. We have clan trainings every night at 6pm Central time, and if you would like to join a Squad you can do so after you are recruited. You must be at least 13 and have a mic to join. We take pride in our disciplined soldiers, and ask that if you would like to join you are prepared to be as disciplined as the rest of the clan, or you are in the wrong place. If you would like to join send me a message on xbox at Mizzou1228 or you can go to our website down below and submit a request to join. For clans that would like to do a raid or clan battles against our clan, message me on xbox (Mizzou1228) or post to our forum. UnitedArmyForceBlog.weebly.com Thank you, 1st Lieutenant Mizzou1228 UnitedArmyForce.weebly.com
  4. Hey all, I would like to take the time to get to know you if you are looking or interested in joining a competitive clan, our clan's name is Death By Honor, or DBH for short. Our meeting times are 9pm eastern Thursday through Sunday, if you like what you hear and want more out of halo 4, come check us out! We offer in house prizes to members who do well in tournament's such as Microsoft points and other sweet stuff... Clan leaders are "ITZ PITBULL PRO", AND "KINGJJAY", SEND A MESSAGE REGARDING YOUR INTEREST IN GETTING MORE OUT OF HALO 4, ALSO MESSAGE ME ON XBOX Live FOR ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT JOINING AT "RUPPY3" HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU Soon!!!
  5. HALO 4 : The Anunnaki is actively recruiting new members! HALO 4 : The Anunnaki is actively recruiting new members! We have a military style rank Private through General within 3 different divisions and we run off of a chain of command. There is a clan code, which is necessary for functioning properly. We also have 4 subdivisions. We have 2 game nights a week on Wednesdays and Fridays (not required), and 1 meeting on Saturday evenings where the latest news, discussions with other clans, and promotions take place (required unless excused), and a Training program that takes place on Mondays along with "RSA" or Raid Safety Awareness. We have a set list of jobs (10) to assign members of the clan, allowing each individual to have their own unique contribution to the clan and more than one job is possible. Each job withholds responsibilities and a list of duties and protocols to abide by under the necessary conditions and requires job training. The Anunnaki also has a qualification ranking system that allows each individual to have an equal opportunity to achieve each rank. The Anunnaki plays Matchmaking and really enjoyable customs. The Anunnaki has a really huge and impressive HQ that was built around security purposes with a total of 44 callouts. Everything The Anunnaki does is for each member in the clan to have a protective, fun, and involved ultimate gaming experience in Halo 4, respectfully. The Anunnaki is also involved with other clans and schedules battles, some unscheduled. If interested in joining, contact me for more information... GAMERTAG: Brent McKenley
  6. This is for the Joker Clan in regards to clan battles and recruiting. We have 122 clanmates and are always looking for more. Most of us are on during the weekends and we are always looking to battle. We usually get together and play custom games or play some BTB.
  7. Ice Wolf Nation (IWN) is recruiting join this ever growing clan. Go head to head against friendly and rival clans in raids and battles. Rank up within the clan by recruiting members and taking part in clan battles. Play matchmaking to rank up or start a custom game lobby. IWN wants you! If you are interested please msg me on xbox GT: banndana
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