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  1. Sure bro, just send me a friend request and we can play a few games, sounds fun
  2. Hello there! I'm the Clan Leader of The Sorrows. We're a Reach Clan, and we're looking for any and all members to come and join us. We're hoping for gamers who enjoy custom games, meetings, battles, raiding, all while hanging out with other like-minded individuals. All you have to change is your emblem, you can keep your colors, clan tag, etc. Our current record is 15-0 w/ clan battles. and 1-0 w/ raiding. We the existing members in the clan all have experience in leading clans, this one won't fall apart as too many reach clans do. If you're interested in Joining message my live account: The Rogu3 Titan The Sorrows- Acta Non Verba. (Deeds, Not Words)
  3. That sounds good in theory, but i dont see it working out in practice for a miasma of reasons.
  4. OP, that sounds incredibly easy to defeat. Just sayin
  5. 48 in matchmaking and like 160 something in a clan''raid''. Sad that that's what reach has come to.. raiding.
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