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Found 28 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'd like to take this time to say thank you. To all of my friends that have made the forum a fun and inspiring place to be I thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. The forum means a lot to me because it helped me understand what true friends mean to me, also it has taught me how to become a better person, and also to help me correct my mistakes.. and for that I show my deepest gratitude. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about staying after the first year that I have been here, but now realizing how much this community, friends, and even the people who I don't really socialize with truly mean to me. The thing is, we are like one big family here, helping others with problems, answering politely when someone has a question, fun events to keep the community on their toes, these are the little things that make me feel welcome to be apart of this forum. I may not be the most honorable member, but I like to be here because it's truly special to me, and I hope it is for you too. - Just wanted to show my appreciation for the forum, for my friends, and for the good times I've had on here so far, and hope to have many more in the future.. *Also if this is in the wrong topic feel free to move it, sorry ahead of time.*
  2. When I first joined the Halo community and signed up here at 343i.org, I did so with no thoughts of a lasting membership. I was looking for short-term help in operating Halo: Reach's File Share, but I ended up staying longer than I ever expected. Honestly, I fell in love with the community here and determined in myself that I would do my best to give back to the Community I had come to enjoy so thoroughly. Eventually I was offered a position on the staff as a Newsgroup writer- a position I was far from familiar with, having only posted a few articles prior to joining the team alongside Adam91 and Cooliest. While I didn't particularly enjoy the brutal task of searching for the latest news and typing it up, I did enjoy being part of what keeps the community active and closely knit. As the summer of 2014 rolled in, I knew that I would be partaking in a variety of endeavors that would keep me away from the gaming community and my laptop for a good chunk of the summer. I didn't want to occupy a staff postion that I wouldn't utilize and was instead moved to Communications to run the Community's Twitter. Upon returning I was offered the chance to join the ranks of one of the most demanding positions in the community; one requiring mature discernment and responsibility. I accepted and in August of 2014 I became a Community Moderator. I do so enjoy being a part of this community. I've had the opportunity to work on incredible projects with some of the most prominent members of this site, and I've been befriended by so very many of you. I've never experienced a community that has what this Forum has in terms of leadership, all the way down to new members that are already doing things to help the community. To receiving my first friendly PM from Victory Element, To spending hours chatting with Azaxx, To laughing with AD and Spades on Friday night, To running for President alongside Mayh3m (Tony Stark; SilverCenturion; whatever he's calling himself this week) and then later winning it alongisde Vitamin PWN, To that trading card game we set out to work on when Bnus first joined, (Even though I kept forgetting to check the skype chat :T) To that 2014 Fresh Start that would've never happened had Osi not been persistent in getting my attention, To the listening of Sparky's bedtime story (and the losing of its bookform and the burningdown of the house D:) To the laughing with Cooliest as Osi shot the rocket launcher in fornt of the wharthog, (That was the best campaign run ever.) To the tutilage of Halo and Moderating under Mayh3m, (Even though I showed you a thing or two when we took it to Madden ;D) To the PM subfolders that never were, (Red.wai ;- To the Truth or Dare game that left me sore from laughter, To the many time I managed to give Red a mini-stroke, (I'm so glad you survived) To Austin, and his love of beanies (and Taylor Swift) To Zelda and Hippie for putting up with my jokes, To Halo5Follower's friendship and cat, To debating Dircector, losing, and trying again anyways, To Danny's good luck that never was, To each and everyone of the members that made coming here everyday special, Thank You. I have so many memories with so many of you, but I only have so much time to dedicate. I love being a member of this Forum- that will never change. I write all of this to say, my life is changing. I've moved once in the past few months, and will be moving again within the coming months. I'm nearing the end of high school and preparing for college. I will be facing a lot of firsts, but no matter how much my life changes, one thing will remain the same- I love this Forum. I'll always remember the members here. Thanks for the memories. -BZ1
  3. Welcome to the Post-A-Day Challenge! This challenge has been created by myself to get more members active and hopefully help new members stay active. This will be a 30-Day Challenge. You may begin this challenge at any time but must make posts in consecutive days as the Challenge dictates. The Rules: To complete this challenge you must abide by the following guidelines: -Each post you make must contain a minimum of 50 Words unless otherwise specified. -Each post must be in the specified category and may not be off-topic. -All posts made towards this challenge must remain in accordance to the site rules -You may only create one post towards completing this challenge per day. The Challenge: If you choose to accept this challenge, I encourage you to copy the following form, and catalogue your posts by linking them next to the day specified. After you complete this form, simply send it to BZ1 via PM for verification. Upon completing this challenge, you will be added to the Wall of Winners and receive the official 'Challenger' award. WALL OF WINNERS SHINYA KOGAMI - 10-1-14 If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them below or in a PM. Good Luck! -BZ1
  4. The best thing about October is Halloween. Well, that and my brother's birthday, which comes three days earlier and is often associated with it, much to his dismay. But enough about that, with a new month comes a new MoM, and this particular month deserves a new one. A special one...a spooky one. And even though he's undergone quite a few name changes, we know him best as.... DEXTER GRIF! well HEXTER GRIEF! A member who is perhaps not known for his time onsite, but for his funny personality, or by playing with him on Xbox Live. Dexter...er...Hexter...has made it a clear choice for us who is to be MoM. He's posted actively, he's hosted events, he's written stories, ladies and gentlemen the MoM for this new month is here! Let us toast to his success by scaring the living crap out of everyone...in the proper October spirit! There is much that can be done in a month, make the best of it Hexter!
  5. The dull thumping of footsteps, a singular moment of terror. In that instant, fight-or-flight is no longer an option. The limbs lock up, the voice; caught in the throat. And suddenly; It's over. Feeling leaves your body, you collapse to the floor, soon to be nothing more than another cadaver, and the last thing you see? Some Spartan's crotch, Rocketing toward your face. You'll get 'em next time. Yep, it's that time again. Time to engage in the more primal urges of mankind; Plotting the downfall of, and distrusting all around you for the sake of petty gains. So, Let's get down to brass tacks; July 26th; 10 A.M. EST, we're gonna start the festivities. We'll be running till 1 P.M., but longer should the lobby be particularly jumpin'. Now, for those of you who played last time, who were confused about the rules, here's a little summary: You are on your honor, which means you are expected to follow the rules in order to actually make this a fun game. No call outs. Alive or dead, you're not allowed to say who attacked you, what color they were, what weapon they used.... Nothing. If you're dead, you can still talk, but do not tell people "Watch out, they're behind you" or anything like that. You're dead. Living matters don't concern you anymore. You are not allowed to attack anyone, unless the following circumstances happen: A: you PERSONALLY SEE AN ATTACK, OR AN ACT OF AGGRESSION. Acts of aggression include reloading, charging a weapon, or sighting with the Binary rifle. Once again, you have to PERSONALLY SEE IT. B: in self defense, duh. C: If you are a murderer. Duh. D: if you are the last innocent left alive. at this point, go nuts. Seeing someone murder someone means you can attack them, but it does not mean that person is now "Kill on sight" If you attack them, and lose them, and say about a minute passes, you can't track them down and attack them again. In fact, it might be a better idea to run away. Boss is the Dragon Man. Any questions? Post them. Coming? Post. Wanna tell me I'm not the Dragon Man? Wander into the nearest busy intersection, and wait there until you feel unrelenting pain. RSVP.
  6. So i recently bought RPG maker on my pc, and decided, that im gonna make a game loosely based on the forums here, i say loosely because i may or may not need the change things up to fit my narrative. So my question is would anyone be interested in playing it? And seeing as i dont want to put anyone in it without asking so if anyone would like to be in it as an NPC let me know. Also know that im a pretty bad writer so the story will mostly likely suck and be full of plot holes and spelling errors.
  7. So the time of year has come where gaming news hits in storm, and so the time has come for speculation! This podcast was recorded before E3, so you'll get to listen to our silly theories and ridiculous expectations, and hold them up against what actually happened at E3 this year. We enjoyed a good team of people, and if it weren't for Bnus we could have called it the Modcast! Our team for this time was RedStarRocket91, myself, Total Mayh3m, Bnus, and The Director. Hope you liked this latest edition of the podcast, let us know if you think we should record a special, "E3" edition of the podcast this weekend. Thanks for watching!
  8. Church

    June MoM!

    With a new month comes many things. Some see it as the beginning of summer, time for vacations, parties, free time, and moar playYYYYYYYYYYYY-----------*error* *error* Vigilant Intellect has entered the System Login...Admin Access Granted "Hello World." "I'm warning you. They're coming. After this war, there will be nothing left." Logoff... Playdates...what was I saying? Anyway, the most important thing about a new month is the new Member of the Month that comes along with it. After a very low I.Q. month of the Dumb MoM, we're proud to introduce the Member of the Month for June, a member loved by all, and who is singlehandedly taking on all requests from the members for art in the absence of our Art Department, I'm pleased to release that the Member of the Month for June is... JXZAW!!! A member who has more than proven his worth over his long duration as a member of the forum, JXZAW has more than proved himself a member worthy for this title in recent months, taking signature requests, art requests, and being a very fun member to be around. Congratz to him and welcome to a month in the pink!
  9. Some stick to their PC's, and some others stick to their home consoles. But there are a few, or many actually that do a lot of mobile gaming on some console devices small enough to play games almost anywhere. Nintendo, being one of the top mobile gaming(Mobile meaning a console like the DS) companies with Sony, etc, has some of histories top mobile games. One of the most famous games besides Zelda, is the Pokemon Franchise. Now I have specifically created this 'Guide' to help those who want to play Pokemon but do not know what Pokemon game to receive as their very first. Here is a history of every Pokemon Game that has been played by gamers around the world to date. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_games_by_release_date) Please read the full list before going on. So as you see there are so many to choose from, which one is the right one to play first? Well before you choose a game from random, lets talk about the consoles that they can be played on and which one to get. POSSIBLE CONSOLES I RECOMMEND: The Game Boy Advance SP: The Game Boy Advance SP (a�ームボーa�a�ドバンa�SP Gēmu Bōi Adobansu Essu Pī?), released in February 2003,[7]is an upgraded version of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The "SP" in Game Boy Advance SP stands for Special.[8] The SP was marketed at US$99.99 at launch. In September 2004, Nintendo lowered the price to US$79.99. The SP is accompanied by the Nintendo DS (released in November 2004) and the Game Boy Micro (released in September 2005). Here is an Image of the GBASP. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_Boy_Advance_SP The GameBoy Advance SP allows gamers to play Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered, and Leafgreen. The GBASP was really an amazing mobile console that really defined gaming for a long time before Nintendo stepped up their game to the first DS. I highly recommending purchasing one of these consoles for no more than $60 on Ebay or online somewhere else. They are not sold in GameStop anymore sadly. Nintendo DS Lite: The Nintendo DS Lite (ニンテンドーDS Lite Nintendō Dī Esu Raito?) is a dual-screen handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It is a slimmer, brighter, and more lightweight redesign of the original Nintendo DS. It was announced on January 26, 2006, more than a month before its initial release in Japan on March 2, 2006 due to overwhelming demand for the original model.[3] It has been released in Australia, North America, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, and defined regions in South America, the Middle East, and East Asia. As of December 31, 2009, shipments of the DS Lite have reached 89.19 million units worldwide, according to Nintendo.[1] Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_DS_Lite The Nintendo DS Lite, (Dual Screen Console) was a more advanced version of the original Nintendo DS. The DS Lite had a few updates to it and started to incorporate WIFI capabilities as well. I'm not saying the DS Lite is so much better than the Nintendo DS, but the DS Lite was lighter, thinner and by far was a fan favorite myself. The Console is able to play GBA games such as Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered, and Leaf Green. None of the original GBA games such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Crystal, Gold and Silver cannot be played on the DS Lite so there is about of a downside to this console, except for the fact that this console also incorporated the use of Nintendo DS cards in the DS slot on the back of the system. Later in the post I will compare GBA to DS cartridges and their sizes. To me, the DS Lite is my favorite Console. The GBASP is right behind this console. The 3DS XL: The Nintendo 3DS XL (Japanese: ニンテンドー3DS LL Hepburn: Nintendō Surī Dī Esu Eru Eru?, abbreviated to3DS XL) is the first Nintendo 3DS handheld game console revision produced by Nintendo. As with the transition from the Nintendo DSi to the DSi XL, the Nintendo 3DS XL features larger screens, longer battery life, and a greater overall size than the original Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS XL is intended to complement the original 3DS, not replace it, as both models remain in production. When in its open position, the Nintendo 3DS XL is the longest, widest and heaviest system of the Nintendo 3DS family.[12] Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_3DS_XL This is the Nintendo 3DS XL. It is my 3rd place recommended console if you are going to be the newest Pokemon games to date. To date, this console is what High-tech nintendo gaming is. This console is what I recommend for all those gamers out there who adore quality in their games. For this console, or all 3DS consoles because their is a smaller version of this console, it plays DS cartridges and 3DS Cartridges. Once again, I will compare all there Cartridges shortly. But this console and all consoles after the Nintendo DS Lite took out the GBA Cartridge, and only allows gamers to play Pokemon DS and 3DS games such as, Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold(Remake of GBA Gold), SoulSilver(Remake of GBA Silver), Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X and Y. This console is very high-tech for use of WIFI and Infrared technology. The system also has 3 built in cameras. Also, it is 3D for 3DS games only. Another new thing about this console and the regular 3DS is that in the top left bottom of the console their is a joystick. This is a new feature for these consoles, because ever since the GBA it has only used the + Pad right below the joystick. Now if I were to rank these consoles it would go like this: 1.) DS Lite- For those who pick medium to old games to play(GBA and DS Games) 2.) GameBoy Advanced SP- For those who pick old games to play(GBA) 3.) 3DS XL- For those who play Medium to Newer games(DS and 3DS) Now I have also been mentioning GBA, DS and 3DS Game Cartridges. Here is what they actually are. GBA: Source: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs48/i/2009/212/3/3/Pokemon_Rom_Icons_RBY_by_Alforata.jpg These are RED, BLUE and YELLOW. These are the original Pokemon games. These are one type of GBA cartridges. Silver, Gold and Crystal are also this shape. Source: (http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v1/729031058_1/New-5-X-font-b-POKEMON-b-font-Emerald-Sapphire-Fire-Red-font-b-Leaf-b.jpg) As shown above is the other shape of GBA cartridges for the GBASP. The games shown above are Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered and Leafgreen. If I was to recommend an order for these games for you to purchase or get I would go by this list: 1.) Red and Yellow, get both. 2.) Emerald 3.) Gold or Silver 4.) Ruby or Sapphire 5.) Firered or LeafGreen (I understand I did not list some games but I did not care for the others) NINTENDO DS: Source: (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-q2uahRJRE8s/UOT5oao9g8I/AAAAAAAADx4/iKLk3BRbfjY/s640/IMG_0548.JPG) This is the DS cartridge. A small chip that would fit into the back of a Nintendo DS Lite or 3DS. Pictured above is Pokemon Black. Here is a picture of all the RP Pokemon Games. Source: ( So if I were to recommend these games in a list here it is. 1.) Pearl or Diamond(Pearl was more popular at the time of release) 2.) SoulSilver or HeartGold(SoulSilver was more popular at time of release) 3.) Black or White (Platinum, Black 2 and White 2 were all continuations and almost the same game with a few extras, so unless you like playing the same game over again I do not suggest getting them). 3DS: Source: (http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18j2r1j59dwp7jpg/ku-xlarge.jpg) Pictured above is the 3DS game card. Pokemon games to date with this design are Pokemon X and Y, the first Pokemon Games to incorporate 3D Tech and updated Graphics. Now to end it all off, what do I recommend to you, now that you have seen all the Pokemon RP games? Well I suggest to start with Pokemon Emerald as it is a very good GBA game, and to buy a DS LITE to be able to purchase HeartGold or SoulSilver later on to transfer Pokemon from both games with only 1* console. *(To date, only a few GBA to DS games can transfer Pokemon with only 1 Console needed). I hope this was helpful to all of those thinking of playing Pokemon. It becomes pretty addicting after some time. Have fun!
  10. Halo 4 is a pretty great game that came out quite a while ago now. So how much do you still play the game; I am interested to know. Thanks!
  11. My fellow forumians. Friends, family, Jedi, mudkips, dragons, breads, dogs, the uncooked moa, rockets of all colors, and of course Skummgummigube, the time of elections has come again. This is a wonderful time, a time full of betrayals, blackmailings, shootings, subliminal messages, lies, and under handed methods of becoming the next president of the forum. If I've yet to receive your vote, please allow me the chance to convince you that I am the President you're looking for with the reasons listed below: I'm a Jedi. Honestly, does anyone remember the last time we had a Jedi for president? Jedi are used to handling things like mouthy politicians. We are the peace keepers, and peace will be maintained in the forum for the entirety of my term. I'm a zebra. There has never in the history of our great Forum been a zebra to receive the title "President of the Forum." Hopefully this election we can change that, together. I'm not a Pirate. Cling! Clang! Whewsh!- That, my friend, is the sound of pirates fighting. A sound that you'll be hearing throughout the next 4 months if you choose to elect a Pirate into the office of President. Pirates. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrule, the land of legends. The realm where a great hero resides. Someone who fights so very hard to defends the ones he loves. He does everything in his power to protect the people of Hyrule and save the princess. So how does the princess repay him for his actions? She doesn't. DDDDDDD: Rather she names his entire franchise after herself and doesn't even reveal her heroes name. I will not add anymore to this, I'll let you ponder in your thoughts when it comes to the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrulians. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Pokemon. I think we can all remember what the last term has been like with a Pokemon president. *cough*the mudkip*cough* Pokemon. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Skylander. Skylanders are fierce creatures that inhabit Skyland. They're most famed member, Spyro, is a purple, fire-breathing dragon. This mess the forum dictator has created will take a someone a bit more experienced to clean up. Skylanders. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a vitamin. Vitamins may keep you healthy, but are they good for you? Well according to our trusted scientist here at 343i.org, Dr. B.S. Bularky, every time you swallow one of those dreadful capsules it attaches on to the walls of your stomach. It can't be dissolved by the gastric juices. Rather it stays on the walls if the stomach and builds up making you look fatter after every dose. Eventually, you die. Vitamins. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not Silent. I won't be silent when the forum requires direction, but on the contrary I will do my absolute best to lead the forum through the voice of the members. Silence. It. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Yoshi. Yoshi has carried Mario many places, helped him solve many puzzles, and mad some pretty stellar jumps, but you know what? Every time Yoshi has ever been hit by a fireball, chased by a Chomper, Targeted by a Bill, or touched by a goomba, he's fled. He's left the battle, leaving the plumber in the red hat all alone, without a weapon. Yoshi. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. http://youtu.be/Lzh0KbZCGDs Vote BeckoningZebra1. -A President, you can trust. Please note that this is for fun and does not in any way, shape, or form, represent my actual views of these members. I like to consider each of these members my friend. I have deep respect for them and wish them nothing but the best of luck this upcoming election.
  12. You can have 3 fictional characters or real people to assist you in surviving the apocalypse, be it a zombie outbreak, alien attack, nuclear holocaust, Russian invasion, giant monsters, or whatever else you can think of (be specific). Detail who and why your team is what it is, how you will live out or end the apocalypse, how it starts etc. Doesn't have to be Halo or video game specific. Make it funny, serious or unique. The one thats filled out is just a random example I found and the other is a template you can use. You don't have to make a picture, but feel free. Go.
  13. Hello all. I am looking for player to test 4v4 infinity slayer forge map. It is almost finished, I just need ideas on where to place initial spawns and ordnance drops. Also, I want an actual test to see how I can further improve the map before I submit it. Thank You for reading this. To contact me via XBL my GT is SludgingSnipe.
  14. So, instead of listing the negative things about Halo 4, let’s list some of the positive things you like about Halo 4. It can be from gameplay mechanics to the campaign storyline, and/or the audio production, etc. It’s entitled to your own opinion. One of the things I enjoyed from Halo 4 is the mission Midnight. The best part of that mission for me was the first couple minutes of that mission because I was able to fly around in a ship shooting turrets while maneuvering around avoiding obstacles. It reminds me a lot of Star Fox.
  15. Post what you are listening to right now! Every forum has one of these... Tiny Voices - Bad Religion
  16. Yes, yes, we've all heard the complaining about SWAT not being present during the first week of the game. I completely understood. At first, I too was outraged by the utter lack of playlists. Then, I remembered that SWAT was not added to Reach until a while after its release. But then I also remembered that Halo: Reach had a permanent SWAT playlist! Looking at the current playlists of Halo 4's matchmaking, I see a bland selection of the typical, vanilla game modes that are present on every Halo since 3. No Grifball, no Rocket Race, no Team Snipers (but wait), no SchWATguns or SWAT Magnums modes under SWAT. "Oh, it's alright, they just haven't had a chance to put the playlists together yet, they just need the community to make maps appropriate for game modes like Rocket Race and Grifball! Besides, 343i says they're gonna be doing weekly matchmaking updates, adding the playlists the Halo community knows and loves, right?" Wrong. Nope. Instead, we're gonna add all these playlists for a week each, unless you're really lucky and we choose to leave them in for TWO weeks! And after that, we'll switch them out with something else for ANOTHER week! If you don't like the new playlist, SUCKS FOR YOU, the old one is gone and you probably won't see it again for a long long time if at all! Go play some more Slayer. "But wait, why can't you just leave the playlists in permanently? If so few people play them to the point where it wastes your server space, you can take them down. Like, I was real excited when you added Snipers. Back in Halo 3, I would always play it every once in a while when I wanted a break from fast paced, run n gun gameplay of SWAT and Slayer. I don't wanna play my heart out on it for a week and then not get to play it ever again! Besides, getting to play Snipers would really help me get that Commendation done a whole lot easier than the ones like Fuel Rod Cannon or Concussion Rifle, where I hardly ever see those weapons in game!" LOL why would anyone ever want to base a game's multiplayer off of the extremely successful and fun one of a previous game? That doesn't make any sense at all! Letting players play whatever playlist they want, whenever they want? What planet are you from? "This is stupid! I like what you did with the progression system and I guess the maps, but none of that matters if I can't have fun playing the crazy, senseless, and completely awesome game modes like I did in Halo 3! I'm going to play Gears of Duty: Assassin's Battlefield 7!" ---- Who knows. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I missed some news post saying that these game modes will eventually be permanent. All I'm trying to get across is that this "weekly rotation" of classic playlists is bad. It takes away greatly from the fun that I can get from this game. FFA Throwback comes out next week. Instead of being able to play Team Snipers, I'll get to play some more vanilla gametypes because the only FFA playlist I can stand is Regicide (implying there are any other FFA playlists anyways). And yes, SWAT is a vanilla gametype that has no business being in a rotation anyways Besides, is it really THAT hard to make fun playlists permanent? Bungie was probably a LOT less funded than 343i, but still listened to what the players thought and kept their favorite playlists permanent, instead of basing the same decisions off of computerized statistics of which playlist was most popular this week or that week. After playing the campaign of Halo 4, I had hoped that matchmaking would be a more redeeming quality of the game, but so far I am disappointed. I'm not a game critic or anything. This post is coming from a gamer who has played Halo since its humble beginnings. I can appreciate the changes that 343i has brought forth in Halo 4, but in this case, it causes Halo to lose its qualities as a unique first person shooter based on the community. I want my experience with multiplayer to be based more upon "Hey, we suck at team slayer. Let's go shoot people with rockets and hit people with hammers" instead of "Hey, we suck at team slayer. Let's go do the same thing, but with an objective thrown in." Whether you all get buttmad and go all defensive for 343i or you share my opinion, I just want 343i to know how I feel, and how the game can be changed, before it's too late. - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  17. So nothing makes you rage more than when you are in the middle of an assassination and one of your teammates gets the head shot or gets him with the sword before you finish the kill. However it is pretty funny when you are the one stealing the kill and you can convince the guy you stole it from that it was someone else on your team lol. Check the vid below for the gameplay. So what do you guys think about this, does it make you rage like me or do you think it's funny as long as you're the one doing the stealing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5la2_nQqv8&feature=plcp .
  18. Just realized how the "Binary" Rifle got its name. Binary is a numbering scheme in which there are only two possible values for each digit: 1 and 0. If you hit someone with the Binary Rifle, no matter where, it's a 1 shot kill. If you miss, obviously, it's 0. I figured some people haven't figured this out yet and some may have. I don't know if this is the exact reasoning for its naming, but it seems that it makes the most sense. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE 343i
  19. Hello to all members of 343 ICF, im just writing this to tell you all how wonderful it is too see or community bustling with new members. Some who will undoubtedly become great friends over the next few years (if you decide to stay that long). I can't wait to talk with you all I have been here about 3 months now, and i can tell you that i LOVE this community, no other Forum.community really peeked my interest until i discovered this great one right under my nose. Id like to thank al my Friends for being just that.... friends, You all rule and i love conversing with you all To all Mod's/ Com Mod's, thank you guys for keeping this place clean and tidy, and for fighting off the troll hordes. And finally, but in no way the least important, TWAM, you rule, you created this place probably with the intention of making a good little community..... Well, Mission Accomplished. Thanks man, its been an awesome 3 months, and i cant wait for the next few years and what they will bring. THANK YOU ALL From Your Little Aussie Wolf (Also, only those who these are targeted at will get these 1. Dogs are better then Cats 2. STOP CORRECTING ME! 3. Sorry for taking your chocolate 4. And i should really take my Vitamins
  20. 1. It you could choose one game to add a nude mod to which would it be and why? 2. And on the same subject which game WOULDN'T you apply it to and why? 1. Skyrim, Lydia house karl... 2. Halo, it'd be like Swat all the time without shields!!
  21. Write the headstone for the person above you "example." RIP Diggles 1980 - 2012 "he was so brave, he was so cute, until he forgot his parachute" The name of the person has been altered to preserve his identity Ok your turn....
  22. I say hello. Okay, so, this is a game and something to help me out. Let me explain: What you do is introduce yourself. Introduce yourself as to who you are here the first time. After that, introduce yourself however you want. Introduce yourself as Chuck Norris for all I care. This is the tricky part... The person below you has to back out in a way that doesn't seem rude from a regular conversation. I see that confused look on your face. Let me example: I am Zed The Evil Taco. I used to come to this forum frequently, but after a failed attempt at college, I dropped off the grid for a bit. Now I'm back! The next post would say something like: Yeah, hey listen, um... My... wife... just gave birth... and the baby... is making things float with its mind... so... I'll call you? Hey, I'm Chuck Norris. Don't question me or I'll roundhouse kick you. (End of example) Now we start playing. I am Zed The Evil Taco. I used to come to this forum frequently, but after a failed attempt at college, I dropped off the grid for a bit. Now I'm back!
  23. + Fairytale + Are you tired of searching through matchmaking, unable to find decent teammates, and are getting owned by annoying tryhards. Are you looking to find victory, honor and glory when you pick up the controller?! Are you looking for a mighty group of players who will never let you down on the field of battle!!!!? Look no further Fairytale is what you have been searching for. We are a collection of skilled players who play to win, but enjoy having a fun time doing it. You here at Fairytale will not be required to change your gamer-tag, drink out of the toilet, or take multiple wives. Run the clan emblem, maintain a positive K/D as best you can, and be a good team player. Here at Fairytale we embrace honor, we excel in combat, and deliver a death filled with glitter and blood to the foes who have ordered out package. This is a newer clan, and is in the building process, right now we need loyal members, and those who show leadership qualities, who would like to be a part of, and build a great clan. Join Today --- into the fire, they will bleed rainbows --- ~ Contact DragonSlayer1I1 on xboxlive for more information
  24. Hola, My name is Cynicz00. Well, at least it is to the Internet. I'm 16, a sophomore in high school, and f*cking sick of the stereotype my age group has become, and so I came to the Internet and gaming. Here, I've been able to converse with people that don't have the combined IQ of soap. As you can see, I lead an exciting life. To preserve my grades, I only play Halo: Reach competitively during the weekends, but I'll be on multiple hours every day in about a week when finals are over. Things that might interest me in you, or you in me: - I'm just started playing Halo: Reach again after a break, so I'd like a "clan" or just some cool peeps to play with online. My new "friends list" is empty. - My K/D is positive 4/5 times (I'm basing that off purely vague memory). - People that kill teammates for "power-weapons" should die in a fire. Underwater. In a volcano. - Dat Halo 4. - Interested in career in game model design. Not necessarily Halo, but obviously that'd be cool. If you know how one would get started with the basics of that aspect of game design, drop me a message. That about wraps it up. I look forward to doing "whatever people do here" with you guys. Dearest Regards, - Cynicz00
  25. Got some bad news today, regarding my schooling and grades. This is a major set back for my life, and I really have to get it back on track otherwise my future life wont be good as I want it to be. This in turn is setting back things I really enjoy, like gaming in general, having fun on the pc, which includes this community forum. But as I was chosen as Member of the Month, I feel I am to continue shoutbox spamming, and posting as I do, but at a lot lesser rate. I will come on a couple of times during the week, to check up on this fantastic forums, pm's, shoutbox and my beloved awards. I will continue to post Halo 4 News, on my ongoing topic, and post art when I can. Sad I have to leave you guys and girls, but once I get everything in my life sorted out, I promise I will come back to these forums, to have fun as I have done in the past. So long, and see you when I do. - Azaxx
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