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Found 6 results

  1. I'm making a thread open for discussion about the looks of Halo 4. I make this mostly because I am really worried about the looks of the Halo 4 sniper rifle. The art-style of the new UNSC sniper rifle looks horrible. It has a lot of things that don't make any sense and some things that are just in the way and distracts. For example, The scope looks like a radio from the 1960:s. It has an analog sight (or whatever it's called) that can't even be used, and it doesn't need to be there just because of that. Besides, the full-screen digital sight looked a lot cooler in Halo: Reach, and it had an effect, check it out if you don't know what I mean. And Halo 4 doesn't have that. Also on the sight, it needs a cable to be powered? What? did UNSC downgrade the sniper to so that it needs a showing, cheap looking cable to power that small screen? Which by the way, is a lot smaller then the previous versions. It also has a handlebar? Why? Like, did the army get greedy and say it wasn't comfortable enough to carry? Or maybe they want to use the sniper as a mini-gun? It looks like it's supposed to be like that. Also, why have they removed that magnificent, so much more enjoyable sound when you shoot with it? Now, honestly, it sounds like it's driven with gas and old rusty springs that are about to break. Seriously. I don't get it why you have to change this kind of stuff? Do you explain it somehow why the UNSC decided to downgrade it. Or just simply, why did 343 decide to make it look like it was homemade if there was some kind of an apocalypse and someone took the old lawnmower motor and combined it with their kids trampoline springs and made it shoot something. Also, I nearly forgot, The two curved things on the HUD sight when you zoom in, what is the purpose of those? They don't change when you move the sight or shoot or anything so they're just there to distract. Maybe I'm over-exaggerating on this one specifically, but they kind of create an illusion of a circle they make by themselves that distracts a whole lot, at least so it seems. Is that just me or...? For the record, I am not complaining about Halo 4, Only about the sniper rifle. Which all of my friends, that by the way, like me, have played Halo ever since Halo Combat Evolved came out on Xbox.
  2. Basically you need to describe your ship and then your Spartan below that - I know this has been done before but It was a while ago so I wanted to see if anyone had some fresh ideas. this is what you should use Ship Name : Basic design : (including hull length and don't go ridiculous like 5000km long ive seen it done) Weapons : Armour : Number of crew : Vehicle bay contents : On-board/any AI : Any other information : Previous deployments Spartan name : Preferred Weapon(s) : Armour Types : (ie helmet, torso etc) Armour Colour : Emblem : Biography : Any other information : Any encounters with MC : I will post mine after 3 have posted their's
  3. I think that they should make a halo game not about the unsc but about the covenant from a elite or brutes perspective it should start off with an elite who just landed on reach and follow his journey throughout the rest of the war with him starting as a regular soldier to becoming a commander to first person shooters perspective of the battlefield to a halo wars,black ops 2 striketeam mission approach.with everything from shooting marines to commanding grunts to attack a base to sending a battalion of cruisers to go to war with unsc controlled planet. this game would tie in everything the halo games have been so far and much more.
  4. Hey People, I found some more I made back in the day! ( This one hold a lot of sentimental value, as this was from my First Halo Clan on Halo CE, on the PC. NRC. Northern Rebels Clan ) Some of these are getting up to 8 years old!! I Am also taking Commissions Now. Just tell me the name / clan tag you would like and who / what you'd like in the signature (please limit it to ONE 3d animated render or person like the ones you can see in the majority of these ) Cheers! Blacklight P.S If these are the first set of signatures you've seen by me, my others can be found at http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/18566-signatues-1-new-and-some-old/
  5. L4B

    Sig Gallery

    Was speaking with a few people the other day and decide it was time..... what you think? Some of my work More to follow soon...
  6. Just wondering if we had any graphic designers in here. Thanks -RANMAN
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