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  1. Download here: https://halo4stats.halowaypoint.com/en-US/Halo4/kimjongillwill/fileshare/9d0978dc-d12d-4107-9400-a7ce53ee26a4 Warhol is a truly stunning work of art from the creative mind of a mad man. ill ian314 seamlessly blends color with shadow in the steamy depths of the Ravine canvas, utilizing innovative techniques such as working doors, vending machines and activatable landmines as an expression of the artist's views on the nature of consumerism and access in modern society. The artist's unique and powerful aesthetic sense is on full display, informing the design without overpowering the practical needs of everyday game play. Indeed, Warhol wouldst seem to be an ideal setting in which to shoot, stab and otherwise murder one's dearest friends and compatriots-- not only for the most learned of art critics (ahem), but also for even the most common of man. In summation, the hidden Easter eggs, unique atmosphere and functioning elevators found within this bold and sweeping retrospective on interstellar pop culture will surely 'raise' the question: is ill ian314 the most important American artist of the 21st century? Only time will tell... Note from the editor: This map was forged by ill ian314, not kimjongillwill. kimjongillwill helped a little, but mostly he just wrote all this nonsense above and posted the map for ill ian314. Download here: https://halo4stats.halowaypoint.com/en-US/Halo4/kimjongillwill/fileshare/9d0978dc-d12d-4107-9400-a7ce53ee26a4
  2. The Halo 4/5 art styles are really just different species (or "ethnicities") of alien races being depicted. This is made clear in the Kilo-five trilogy, the appearance of most Elites, Jackals, and Grunts is canon. Some are clearly not, such as the Arbiter's, and this is due to resource limits. The reason both species aren't shows is because of time constraints, and resources. The ultimate solution is to have all species shown, and this may well be possible for Halo 6. If 343 can show all species, or at least the ones that should be there by canon, Halo 6 will be almost perfect already. Of course there are many things that can be improved/developed, but the appearances in-game and in cutscenes are too important to be sacrificed. Halo's most important aspect, in many people's opinions, is its lore. 343 have done an outstanding job with Halo Wars 2. They show both the original species from "Bungie's" Halos, and the "343" species. This is what all future Halo titles need. It makes sense, and breaks no canon or lore. Why would there only be all of one species in a specific military? There would be a mix, like we see in Halo Wars 2. For the Covenant, the only "mix" we see is with grunts, and that's perfectly fine. It could make sense that all of Let Volir's crew was full of were the Halo CE/2/3/Reach species shown. We can safely assume that there were some Halo 4/5 species during the older games as well, just not depicted. The Arbiter, Thel Vadam, certainly needs his real appearance back in all future titles, but all the rest (not previously confirmed Elites) can be mixed. The Kig-Yar have 3 different species confirmed, with names. The Sangheili don't need different species names, they're not that different and wouldn't distinguish each other in that way. They Unggoy, I can't say, would love to see some more differentiation between the Halo 4/5 ones and those prior though. The reason we may see 343 succeed in this area with Halo 6 is because of the time spent on Halo 6's development; clearly a lot longer. It will most likely drop in 2019 or 2020, and will be a huge success in the eyes of it's followers if 343 mix these styles together. They could be working on it right now as you read this. It will revive the dead horse everyone keeps kicking, and grow it from a colt to a stallion. This will be even better than before, because we see things how they really are, with all species (or the ones which are meant to be there canonically) involved. If 343 don't do this, it would be very disappointing, and more hope would be lost. I'm confident they know what to do now, and have known for the past 2 years. Halo Wars 2 has reassured me, and I hope to see both styles in future titles. Bringing back the old and getting rid of the new is not the way to do it. That will only make it worse, it won't make much sense, and completely get rid of newly introduced species (which have canonically been there from the start). We need both, and I put my faith in 343 to not fail us.
  3. I'm getting in the art kind of mood so spread some good cheer I'll be taking requests for my beloved trash art! Type of drawing you want Background/etc Text/etc Size Stupidity of the piece / Less stupid or very stupid Examples of my beloved masterpieces This one contains strong language, move along kiddos, adults only. As a reminder, I'm doing one masterpiece per member absolutely for free. Make sure to have your expectations incredibly low as you witness literal trash on your computer screens. InfinityDusk out!
  4. Sniper0092

    War Scars

    From the album: Art

  5. Sniper0092


    From the album: Art

  6. Sniper0092

    Hollow Xenomorph

    From the album: Art

  7. Sniper0092


    From the album: Art

  8. Sniper0092

    Blonde Outlaw

    From the album: Art

  9. Concepts of my soldiers. Environment practice
  10. Consider this my mini portfolio.
  11. In this thread is where you can see my Paintings that I've done so far. Enjoy
  12. Guess what!?!?!? IT'S ART WEEK!!! (Finally) I know, it's a little late, but it's still in time.... Maybe. So, rules as always. 1. No stealing others content, no matter if they are a close friend or a random artist. (The moderators and I can spot watermarks you know) 2. Nothing inappropriate. (No vulgar content, No sexual content, no extreme gore. Try your best to keep it family friendly. 3. Only 3 pictures per artist. 4. You can reserve your place (via 'edit later' posts) 5. Only edit your post. This keeps the thread clean and organized. 6.You may comment, but I recommend multi-quoting. Sorry if it seems strict, but there had been a few issues I had noticed, some done by me as well that I'd like to fix up. I'll be adding my posts later. But enjoy your creativity! Some of my photos were made at a time where I was experimenting with broken glass.
  13. Hey everyone, I know it has been a while! And I am quite sorry for that. But, I have some good news! Art Week will be officially starting again in the beginning of August. The date is NOT specified, but just know that it will most definitely be in the beginning of August. Which is why I have been thinking about it a lot, and so I have some results. So, here is the concept this time. For us in the Northern Hemisphere it is summer. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, it is Winter. So depending on where you are on a Hemispherical way of looking at it, that should base your pictures theme. Although, if you'd like to do vice-versa or just make your own idea in general, go ahead! You are free to your choices here, right? Also, if you've noticed my new status.... You're probably wondering what the whole "I love bees" gimmick with me is, right? I know you are. So now to unveil why I've been away for so long!! I've been waiting for a long time now. Here is a few hints: So, any idea yet..? Well, you most likely guessed right! What you are seeing right now is my new gametype... Halo 2 Anniversary slayer! This is in version 0.04 as there hasn't been a lot of issues, but I'll be waiting for Comic-Con and GamesCom before I add any more features into it. So go here to take a copy and try it out for yourself with some friends! I'm sure you'll fall in love with it. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/sii%20logan%20133/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 And yes, I was gone a few months because of this because I wanted to nail the weapon specs. But just note that it all can't be the same due to ammo and tuning and so on. But I got it as close as I could for now. This has been The Dumb Marine, and have a good day!
  14. I don't know who made these, but BOY am I happy to see them.
  15. I have really grown out of Deviantart, a lot of problems, you'd know if you read my last post.......It gets boring, sucks how most of my watchers don't really do anything when I post something new, it just feels awful. I'd like to go to a place that has more people willing to comment or give advice. They don't need to talk to me all the time however, just enough to make me fell we have a strong connection. Not that I mind showing you my art, it's just that no offense, you guys don't always respond either. It's ok.
  16. BeckoningZebra1


    From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

    A beckoning zebra (me!)

    © Original image: http://www.charmroyal.com/graphics/zebra.php?page=2

  17. Let's say you are on this site to share photos and whatever. And you've posted many times, but you have let's say 75 watchers, but for each submission you only get 2-4 comments or favs. Despite having many page views, and people respecting you, wouldn't you expect more feedback? Even if you had lots of favs? Wouldn't you find it a little strange? I am talking about myself btw, on a art site called Deviantart, I joined April 4, 2012. I am very happy with it, but this has bothered me.
  18. Hi people! I decided to try my hand at drawing. Considering I have been drawing stick people all my life I challenged myself. I would love feedback. If the pictures are terrible quality it is my stupid old Samsung Galaxy Europa.
  19. The Final cover art design for Destiny has been finally set in Stone... From this: To its final version:
  20. So I thought I'd just share my art creations with all of you. Most of the hand-drawn drawings and paintings I do in my spare time at school. The image-edit signatures I do with a program known as 'Paint.net', which I do in my spare time at home as either leisurely activity or for signatures. I don't ever have an image next to me and copy it, I just improvise and draw as I go. I'll update this when I complete more works, so stay tuned! Thank you all who come to visit my personal gallery: Drawing of a Frigate, off the top of my head. Took me ages to draw, and my teachers have no clue what it is, but I hope you like it. Painting I did for our topic 'Protest Art'. Protests against litter, and ultimately how humanity has become 'buried' under our littering acts; how we are in desperate need of help. Those are all the works I've taken photos of on this Tablet so far, as the rest are still at school. The following are some of the signatures I've created. I have over 50 of these buggers, so I'll just showcase my favorites: And to finish it off... Hope you like them! There's also some art in my Machinima thread, my Signature, my profile, etc. Just all over the place. Feel free to ask, if you ever want a signature done. Thanks all!
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