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Found 13 results

  1. --ATTENTION-- Before I give the description for the rest of Greywatch there are some restrictions and thoughts to keep in mind. A.) We're looking for players in a similar age group as us so that nobody feels uncomfortable or left out. That age range is anywhere from 15-21 with some exceptions. B.) You're going to need a Facebook if you don't already have one. We like to get to know each other, help each other, text each other at anytime, and ultimately improve our communications and friendship between us and you. When we get online we do group calls and/ or text when we're active to try and play together. We're all nice people, very laid back, with a dark sense of humor. C.) We're going for roughly 20-25 members as we'd like to keep things small, right now there are 8 of us. D.) ACHILLES PROGRESS: We have not yet unlocked any of Achilles, if you join us and help out, you'd be getting the armor yourself and helping us as well. We currently need to prioritize Spartan Kills, we've been kicking ass in Firefight to boost our REQs and REQ points, some of us are still doing this while others jump around; because of this we ask that if you join you help us boost those player kills. E.) Final bit here. At Greywatch we are a family, we love and support each other, we do almost daily group calls, we laugh together, and we take care of each other. We only ask you be understanding of us and we'll be understanding of you. We all already know each other, so it may be awkward at first, but you'll warm up to it and fit right in with time. Joining Greywatch isn't just joining a clan, it's joining into a group of brand new best friends. With that please look over the rest of the clan info if you're interested and meet the requirements. Greywatch is a small clan/ company of Elite Spartans with different skill sets working as a unified, organized, tactical team. Only those capable of fighting against impossible odds or giving teammates the opportunity to do so are qualified to join. 1.) Clan colors are White and Black. (It is required that this be set while partaking in Clan Activities) 2.) Our clan emblem is Team Crimson (rare tier) with a White Primary and Black Background. The Secondary is up to you, but should be unique from other members. 3.) Teamwork is essential in combat. Move as a group or in groups. Watch each others backs, keep each other alive, coordinate strikes, and strive as a team. Each individual has strengths and weaknesses, make sure yours boosts your team or covers another ones weakness. 4.) Each member should have a unique armor set, unless you'd like to duo with a friend, this way each member sticks out better as an individual. (Some groups may share armor sets. Achilles is also an exception as it demonstrates strength and unity as a clan.) 5.) A clan base is being designed; as well as a possible clan ship. Each member will get their own quarters that they can adjust to their liking within each via personalization. Ex; Favorite/ go to weapons, toys, symbols, etc. 6.) Not everything will be clan related, it's good that members interact with each other and build friendships to boost combat efficiency and teamwork. (It's suggested this be done over various games such as Left 4 Dead, CoD Zombies, Star Wars Battlefront/ Battlefield, Minecraft, GTA, Red Dead, Gears of War, Rainbow Six, etc. To help boost team efficiency and friendship.) 7.) Members will be divided into groups of Soldiers, Pilots, Snipers, Bounty Hunters, Forgers, Drivers, War Masters, etc. (Groups will change and be adjusted over time and an individual may be part of several groups or commonly linked groups.) On Facebook you can find me if you search Clark Sampels, my profile picture is my girlfriend and I in skeletal makeup from Halloween; it also has a blue filter over it. I will add you to our entry and extras group chat, if we accept you, you will be added to the official group chat with the full members and be given a spot in the Spartan Company. Thank you for all the reading. -SkeleClark On Facebook you can find me if you search Clark Sampels, my profile picture is my girlfriend and I in skeletal makeup from Halloween; it also has a blue filter over it. I will add you to our entry and extras group chat, if we accept you, you will be added to the official group chat with the full members and be given a spot in the Spartan Company. Thank you for all the reading. -SkeleClark
  2. Hello all, my name is Estibann [A076] and I am a Spartan-III Headhunter within the Unified Ground Command. For the longest time, UNSC clans have been almost extinguished within the Halo 5: Guardians clan community, with some moving to their own military structures and most becoming MLG. However, UniCom is a saving grace. Within UniCom each member will be given a chance to express themselves in a variety of different ways. For example, the more stealthy will find themselves at home with the ODST branch. Fear not, for each leader has had plenty of prior experience within the Halo clan community. For example, our Spartans, and leaders, have all been prior Spartans within Oni, NavCom, FleetCom and those who have not, have been trained appropriately. Let's talk divisions. - Navy. There wouldn't be a clan without a main, fighting force. The Navy, which is the starting point for all members of the clan, seeks to educate both new and existing players with the way we do things. As key as they are, Navy are the first into raids and the last ones out which jobs and ranks ranging from Corporal to Captain and beyond. If the front lines are where you what to be, this is the divison for you. - Officers. The officers mainly operate within all the divisions. Opting for tactics and planning rather than senseless violence, they are always the brains behind the operation. To an officer, each player in the team is a piece within a game of chess and all officers always grab checkmate. Strict, disciplined and wise, the officer branch is a divison only the best can reach. Are you one of them? - ODSTs. Since our clan is pretty set on lore so I'm sure you know what an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. ODSTs don't just act as our special forces, but they're inspirational to all members of the clan. Does supressed, behind-enemy-lines action take your fancy? Maybe ODSTs are for you. - Spartans. The pinicle of the "Super Soldier" title is earned by those within this branch. Both the Spartan-IIs and Spartan-IIIs have been merged into the ultimate fighting force. Within the Spartan branch, there are many pathways you can undertake. The Spartan-IIs are the officers within the branch and handle the more ocmpetative side, whereas the Spartan-IIIs deal with raids, protection and espionage activities. I hope this has given you an insight into what our clan is about. And if you do decide to join, please make sure you have a mic and are over the age of 14. During conscription into the clan, you can meet the team, choose your path and set yourself up for future success. Can't wait? Send a message to the gamertags "II S043 William" or "Falout Mechanic" and I'll see you on the battlefield!
  3. Hello Spartans! We are a Spartan Company who is looking for more player to fill up our ranks, as we are currently sitting at 76 members. We emphasize cooperative gameplay and a fun, positive experience for everyone. Our main priority is that everyone enjoys playing together. We are 83% complete with our kill commendations. We have already unlocked the Achilles armor and are well on our way to unlocking the helmet Our rules are simple. You must have a kinect or microphone for voice chat, and you must have at least 4 hours of playtime per week. However if you do not think you will be able to hit that amount you can simply contact one of the leaders and schedule a week or two off. We currently use the LINE app for communication, however we are in the process of setting up a Discord server. Check us out on Waypoint: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/galactic%20marine%20corps You can also contact JLC4LIFE, Omicron 360, Marverick04, or Kingrawer if you would like in invite.
  4. The Choom Gang is a newly active spartan company, with the goal of earning all the commendations and having a good time. We're a group of competent, skilled players with a laid back approach to gaming. Send Thirsty for Dad or Peace Man Ganj a message for more information, or request to join our squad at halowaypoint.com.
  5. UNSC Epsilon Fleet epsilonfleet.com -Register Here first! Enjin name = GT Spartan Companies EpsilonFleet EpsilonFleet2 Welcome to Epsilon's Halo Embassy Hey everyone, my name is Nyygma, I am the Valkyrie Squad Lead and 4th platoon commander. This is a clan currently on Halo 5. With a vision in mind we hope to create a home for Competitive and Casual Gamers. We have the best Administration team in ONI as well as Field Commanders to lead us in the right direction. Thus, we will become a great clan that is organized and still be able to have fun and Game! This clan will be following an UNSC Theme and organization. We will have a similar chain of command as that of the UNSC. Under the direction of Fleet Command we have Naval Command which consists of the leadership of the different divisions: -Marines, players who are dedicated and active within the Fleet. --ODST, the best Marines -NAVSPECWAR, competitive team -ONI, handles administrative and logistical affairs of the Fleet So now I have some questions for you! Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people? Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions you're just In Luck! Here Are Some of the things that We offer in the Epsilon Fleet! ~A wonderful website -Forums that are very active -Able to sign up for events ~ A 300+ member family ~Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all) ~An intriguing and fascinating ranking system -It will blow your mind (maybe) ~The chance to lead your very own squad if you aspire to lead ~A fun-filled environment ~And Lastly, A clan that works for you! Requirements for Joining ~Must be at least 15 years of Age ~Must have an Xbox One and Halo 5 ~Join the Forums ~Be respectful ~Have a mic ~And Most of ALL, Have common sense With humanity at war against multiple threats The Epsilon Fleet has answered the call. Will you answer the call as well? Will you join one of newest and greatest clans and be a critical part in its early success? We will love to have you be part of the Fleet and if you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time. Please let them know I sent you so they know I'm doing my job! Also feel free to message me on XBL with any questions (I'll see it there 1st)! Haha Sincerely hope to see you soon, Nyygma, Valkyrie Squad Lead, ONI section II recruiter, ONI section I app tech, Platoon CO
  6. Hello im eightflames and I would like you to join my clan: "The Builders!" Were a halo reach clan who specialize in forging and helpling the reach community! If intrested you must have a working mic, be active and must be 13+. Message eightflames on 360 or on kik at Pike ODST!
  7. If you read my last post I said I was in a clan... that didn't work out... so if anyone wants an active, fully trained ODST who specializes in mapmaking, sniping, and piloting message me on 360 at eightflames or on kik at Pike ODST.
  8. Hey im eightflames and im looking to join a fun halo clan! I have an xbox 360 so I cant join if your mcc only. Im a good marksman and pilot and ive been in multiple clans and ive even been through ODST training! Im down with joining a UNSC, elites or anything else as long as its fun and active! Send me reply or a message on 360 at eightflames or kik at eightflames! See you on the battlefield
  9. Name's Sam, and I've been playing Halo for years. I started out with Halo 2, moved to Halo 3, then reach, and now Halo 4. And as much as im in love with Halo, i think 343 messed up greatly with Halo 5. So I shan't be getting a XB1 anytime soon. I play more Halo 4 than the others these days, and I'm sick and tired of getting matched up with sinfully untalented clowns with remotes. Not trying to be boastful- but I am a very good player. K/D as of now, is + 3000 and i have about 9000 kills. (SR68). The reason behind the horrible K/D is that i had a phase of bad internet for about a month; and that, was an utter LagFest. my K/D dropped horrifyingly in that month, and im working my way back up now. I have grown a liking for Team objective. Mainly 'Husky Raid'. Averaging 30 kills each match, with an average K/D of +20. Many of the games i play end up with me having near 50 kills, with a K/D of +35-40. In the occasion of the rest of my team lagging out, and it becoming 1v4, my K/D never goes into a negative. SWAT, Snipers, Rumble pit, Team objective & Team Slayer are my strengths. Headshots are what I've trained for. Send me in alone on 4 people, i will give them a tough fight. Send me with a good team, and we're UNBEATABLE. Co-ordination and skill is what i believe wins a game. All i ask is that you give me a chance to prove my worth. I'm looking for an active clan, adults please; i can't tolerate whining kids), people with a sense of humor who can take brutal trash talk with the right mind, maturity, TALENT. If any of you out there are willing to give me a chance, i'd love to prove it to you. A few things: 1. I'm not willing to change my gamertag. Unless i actually find what I'm looking for in your clan. 2. New clans/Inexperienced clans, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME. I understand you'd like to grow your clan, but I'm not looking for Inexperience. About me: 1. Im 18, no worries there. 2. I've been ranked #1 in my city. 3. I'm definitely not in your country, so i apologize, but i can't always be on at every point when you are. Though i will try me level best to be. 4. I'm a tech student. Like that matters. 5. I'm always open to learning. ***98% OF THE MATCHES I PLAY- I HAVE THE MOST KILLS, AND THE HIGHEST K/D. I've attached a picture of the post-game stats from the last match before this post. As a supporting factor to how i play. If you think you're what im looking for, then: Message me on Xlive- FifteenWand6078.
  10. Hello everybody and welcome! I am currently doing sign ups for my upcoming forum game, The Game of Dominance. A fun, exciting, political strategy game that will have to do with conquest and dominance. More details of the game are to come soon. But since I want to get a move on, this is how it is going to work. 5 People can sign up. Since this is the first time the game is being played, I would prefer all those who sign up to recognize that with this game being a political strategy game, there may be diplomatic debates and such invovled. So I ask all of those who sign up to participate, to know themselves and to know this could get heated and that you need to be able to be calm in tough situations. Once again it is just a game, but it is going to be a lot of fun! So the first 5 people to sign up will be those who get to play the very first game! Sign up now! 1.) Bnus 2.) Delpen9 3.) Ledgend1221 4.) Kakashi_Hatake 5.) Yang Waiting List: If you have any questions PM me! Rules and The Game Map: The Game of Dominance This is the Game of Dominance. This is a new game, so recognize that this being the trial game, there are bound to be some troubles, and some new and old rules either added or taken away. As players, at the end of the game, you will be able to provide full feedback on the game allowing me to get some advice about rules that I should add or take away. Maybe you have a brand new thing to add to the game, who knows. I’m super excited, so here it is. Time Span of the game: How to play: Energy sources: Your Population at the beginning: Goal of the Game: What each energy does for you: Using what you have per turn: What do you mean 'use your energy?' How to get more energy: How to advance in the game: Choose an ally: Debates: Winning and Losing Debates: Military and fighting: Cashing into the Capital: Amendment #1: These are the rules for right now. If you have any comments or ideas, post below. Thanks! Pb.
  11. Hello all, my gt is ExG Ramshaw. I am a recruiter for my clan and we are a mature group that play with a code of ethics conduct and representation of our clan. We hold practices twice a week every week excluding holidays. Wed and Sat are practice days. Wed is map recognition (call outs), strat and social play as a team. Sat is customs/clan and social matches. Along with that we review your game play and try to work on weak points or we suggest a way to improve your k/d ratio. We do have a website that requires a sign in and a recruitment application to be filled. We also need our players to know the code of conduct of our clan and sign a reply with there gt. We are still looking for more members and we dont need the best players, anyone is free to come try out with the clan run a few maps with us and well get to know each other. Our website is http://executiongaming.enjin.com come by check us out and hopefully see you guys out there.
  12. Next Gen Clan is BACK and NOW recruiting members for Halo 4.. What do we provide? We Provide: -Clan Battles every week -Custom games fun -Clan Meetings -Forge World Creations -Promotions -Etc.. If You are interested in joining Message Me GT:Refumes
  13. I am looking for a military like clan that is not very competitive and has fun when playing. I am 14 years old just in case you where wondering.
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