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Found 25 results

  1. I've been playing halo lately to prepare for halo 4, yeah i know but it makes me feel good and its still fun. anyways i was playing big team battle with my buddys just for some fun, but thats not what i got. I realized that in halo reach the weapons can distroy vehicles without any problems, but im not talking about power weapons im talking about, normal everyday dmrs, if two people teamed up and just used the dmr to shoot a warthog, not the driver the vehicle it self they would kill the driver/ the warthog with in 15 seconds. sure that doesnt sound bad but that is two people but on big team battle there are 8 on the enemy team, nuff said there, plus to add on to this the sniper rifle is the number one choice when it comes to wreaking vehicles, ITS A ANTI-INFANTIRY WEAPON not TANK, 6 shots to a tanks treads and it game over, which is very annoying trust me. so what im saying in general and why this is on the halo 4 forums is because i dont want this for halo 4, i remember the good old days where when someone had a ghost you had 4 opinions Jack, blow up, kill the driver, or trick them off a edge, halo reach you get about 3 more, snipe the ghost, shoot the ghost with the dmr a couple times, or armor lock, but seeing as how armor lock is out of the game, you just need to make vehicles the kings again, i have yet to played big team battle on halo 3 where the tank is left alone because they know, that they are going to die just cause the combined power of a sniper and a couple dmrs, so for halo 4 they need to make the 4 opinions i said before the ones that work not the other two, please answer the poll i will be putting up that way i can get my point to more people fast thanks for reading; Ertle26
  2. 343 community, Allow me to introduce my warthog race map, "Yellow Brick Rolled". I've been playing Halo since it was created and as long, I have been most intrigued by two components: 1) the gauntlet-style, warthog sprints found in the campaign levels (dat Final Escape jump doe), and 2) challenging the gametype/map boundaries set by the creators. While I've had my stints (LONG, GPA-killing stints all throughout High School, College, and Grad School!) with getting my forward lean on for the sake of ranking up and building my K/D (mostly when in concert with lifelong brethren Its PJ Biaaaaaa and OXFire), by virtue of the fact that my household didn't have internet back when H2 dropped, I never achieved elite, multiplayer status and as a result, resigned myself instead to hack jumps, campaign nuggets, besting Legendary AI solo, and a social life ... and chirping kids. I've never been MLG worthy, but I'm a grinder.... and over the course of myriad gamertag iterations (slash adolescence), an a-hole, who fit right in with online FPS gaming. Fast-forward to present, (the try-easier stage of life) and now I have an avenue through which I can finally contribute to the community... this is my first creation and hopefully it's worthwhile. I have bulleted the gist topics beneath for brevity. The truth is, words can't do it justice, so I urge you all to try it out (preferably with a sizable fire team) and enjoy! 1. Quick Stats Author Gamertag: sum1 moar 1337 Warthog race map 8 color-coded, laned spawns with 1 scout warthog per lane 2-16 Players; capability of single player per team, or "double dash" style with a side seat co-pilot grenade tosser. Must self-choose team color The intention is for people to stay within their hogs unless flipped (preparing for a formal race gametype to be released by 343); race cannot be completed solely on-foot, without utilizing grenade jumps Big-Team Stronghold game-type to afford "Finish Line" with instant capture attributes TO BE PLAYED WITH YBR: Race da 5'9" gametype; mode attributes augmented to allow for minimal damage infliction and invulnerability to all but kill balls/suicide, with maximal force effects (ground pounds, frag blast radius, melee strength, etc.) for sake of heinous explosion physics. Also, unlimited lives per round, 2 rounds to win game, 6 frag nades at start and H1 pistol (of course) Forge details: 970 objects; 9 groups; 304 scripts; 37% FX; 82% lightmap; 52% collision; 94% physics 2. Summary YBR is intended as a 2-16 player race map, with a clear flow and contained funnel, and many obstacle-rich sections throughout, which collectively serve as the main element of randomness. This map is laden with equalizers, to ensure all remain engaged in the race, despite their lineup at any given time. The inner track is composed solely of "material" objects and the outer composed almost entirely of "natural" objects; I did this for juxtaposition and variety. Scripting is quintessential to this map, as movement makes it more challenging to "master" any given part, while staying ahead of the pack. Thanks to Forge's uniquely quirky nature, some objects even appear/disappear depending on the specific round, or time within a round, or for no reason at all... while this is unintentional, ironically it also contributes to the randomness, which is actually beneficial. Every bit of this map provides choice to the driver, and most of these choices afford decent time-saving/loltastic rewards (grav launchers, shortcuts, teleports, anti-grav fields), BUT the more rewarding, the more consequence-laden they are in case of failure (physical rejection by rotating objects, huge time-sinks for failed attempts, death by fire/kill ball, etc.). Even running through this (see YouTube vids) by myself, having created the map and knowing all of the minutia, this thing can kick my a$$ and humble/frustrate me during any given round, despite my best driving... which is exactly why I love it. From the hours of alpha-testing this beast with others, hilarity ensued. Soon, urgent call outs and moments of choking laughter became regular occurrences, along with ever-evolving location names. Personal favorites include: Whiskey Stones; Cheese Wedges; Ball Pit; Toblerones; Kit-Kats; Zebra Cakes; Rib Cage; The Salad Tosser; Guess Who?; Graveyard; Herp Rock; Petey's Oak; Root Sack Garden; Old Dusties; The Plumes; The Gauntlet; and Flolshy. This is exactly why I created this map, and I'm excited to see if it takes off. 3. Future Plans Depending on when/how 343 rolls out its race gametype, I don't yet know how I'll reallocate object budget... whether I'll do away with the constructed boundaries and opt for checkpoints to funnel people, or not. Also, I wonder how this map would play with rally hogs and what that would mean for jump distances and other things currently optimized for the slower speed. Also, you don't need nades to complete the map, BUT I like that aspect, as well as the ability to seat switch, because these allow you to toss nades at the competition, for sake of defense or for just f'king with their race... I hope these aspects are retained in the formal race gametype launch, as they promote curveballs. Of course, add'l edits will be made as player feedback comes in from sessioning YBR, so I'm hoping to garner some unexpected ideas as well. Thank you all for regarding and in advance for trying out Yellow Brick Rolled. Enjoy! Screenshots: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sum1%20moar%201337/screenshots Demo Vids: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sum1%20moar%201337/video/19028337 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sum1%20moar%201337/video/19028404 Map DL: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants/bookmarks?gamertag=sum1%20moar%201337 Gametype DL: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants/bookmarks?gamertag=sum1%20moar%201337
  3. Hello, please repair Halo 2 Vista, Microsoft isn't doing anything. Although I dont see any 343 servers on Halo 2 vista, I bet it can still be done. Halo 2 Vista needs somne repairs because it has noticable problems. In matchmaking microphones dont work and games can spontaniously deny access. I know not alot of people play Halo 2 Vista But I think even if it isnt a top earner it should work effectively for those whom have purchased it. Also It would be awesome if the character stuff could be added to create firefight scenarios for Halo 2 Vista.
  4. How this track came about? In my life there are very few things that I love doing. I mean I like going to the cinema, but I don’t love it. I like to watch football on a Saturday afternoon, but it’s not something I love doing. However if there’s one thing I do love doing, it’s driving a mongoose or warthog across terrain. That’s where this map came from. I decided to make this map on Erosion as I’ve already explored Ravines terrain, and Forge Island and Impact don’t really have much to offer in that particular area. Another decision I made pretty quickly was to use construction aesthetics as a theme for the map. With Erosion being rather dusty and baron, I thought it would make a great construction site. With all decisions made I went ahead and forged the map. It took me about 2-3 hours to forge the track, and then a further 3 hours to do all of the aesthetics. During the making of the map, largely because of the bumpiness of the terrain, I made the decision to use warthogs and not mongooses as the main vehicle. You can still choose to use mongooses (or ghosts) if you want, Warthogs are just the recommended vehicle. What was the hardest part? Deciding on the final layout of the track. Took me about an hour of randomly driving around in different vehicles to come to a final decision. Fastest lap time: 47 seconds Number of checkpoints (per lap): 15 Difficulty: Easy Vehicle: Warthog (recommended), Mongoose or Ghost. Easter egg: One of the construction workers seems to have lost his football (soccer ball). Can you find it for him? Note: THIS MAP WILL ONLY WORK WITH ‘CONSTRUCTION RACE’ GAMETYPE. Screenshots: Map Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/games/halo4/fileshare/details/a9c2a9c8-d5f1-4e54-9fe9-689e65dd55cf Gametype Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/games/halo4/fileshare/details/ec8a37ba-6cc5-4b6e-af78-ff8e0f00e2f2
  5. BANSHEE WARS Download Link:http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/games/halo4/fileshare/details/05a692a7-7377-44ad-aa54-9f6270ccf354 Gametype Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-au/games/halo4/fileshare/details/6e298dd0-8277-47a4-b226-a7e2833c592d Hello everyone, this here is my new map. The map is a 4v4 Banshee map, but can extend from that. I have made the main arena for the banshees. The sides of the map can be walked on if you don't quite make it to a banshee, also allows more than 8 players in a game. I've only been able to get a test on this with 8 and 16 players, we were having a bunch o' fun on it & laughs all around. It's something fresh and new to play in Halo. I also have a Custom Gametype which is required to play the map, the download link for it is above. There are two symmetrical bases. The bases contain: 4 Banshees, 1 Sentry Turret & a soft kill zone (behind a shield to avoid spawn killing) Below you can find six pictures to show you some of the maps features. Banshee Depot Both bases have a Sentry Turret attached to the side Teleporter to take you to the other side of the map Shade Turret. (2 on map) Anti-Air Gun. (2 on map) Overview Team Epiphany's Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e8_lhh-ZAY Thanks for Looking, Please leave me feedback with what can be improved in the map
  6. Vote for what you would most like to return in Halo 5! I won't try to persuade you of my own opinion; it's yours that matters! If you are new to Halo, the Shadow was a Covenant troop carrier in Halo 2. It was a slow hovercraft that had a powerful plasma turret used mainly for defensive purposes.
  7. So I was playing matchmaking recently on Longbow and I was up against a Warthog and its gunner. So I was like well why don't I try and outrun them right? I try and get into a building, little did I know that the plan was never going to work, so at the very last second when I was about to die, I activated my hologram ability and out of now where my hologram was white, crouched and glided for a few yards, stopped and stood up. I hope 343 checks out this strange glitch that happened to me, not sure if it was a one time thing or anything but I was really bizarre.
  8. Map: Deflect Gametype: Deflect Map Palette: Forge Island Creators: Unit 50079 and Unit 526 Supported Gametype: Flood Open on file share Objective: Humans spawn in a safe room covered by one way shields. The room has a soft kill barrier. A flood controls a gauss warthog cannon and you must deflect his bullets with your hard light shield. It is hard to hit the warthog, but teamwork and intelligence WILL help you survive. Other: There is an aesthetic camp on the medium island and a forest on the large one. BTW there is no link because I posted this on my iPad and the linking is hard, so THFE please PLEASE showcase this, me and my brother have worked hard to put together this map and we have planned carefully before forging. This map has been tested with my friends, so this is ready. if there are any mistakes, THFE, let me know.
  9. Map: Deflect Gametype: Deflect Creator: Unit 50079, Unit 526 Map Palette: Forge Island Map Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/unit%2050079/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Gametype Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/unit%2050079/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Objective: Humans have hard light shields and spawn in a safe room with a soft kill barrier. A flood controls a Gauss Warthog and must shoot the humans, the humans must use the hard light shield to deflect the Gauss shell. It really works! Other: Decorative forests and camps in the big and small islands. Please showcase this map, my brother and I have worked hard to perfect this map, if there are any errors, please tell me. Thank you.
  10. I for one was very disappointed by the lack of large maps in halo 4, true we have a lot of BTB maps but they are all fairly small and incapable of supporting heavy vehicle combat. What i would like to see in halo 5 is the introduction of a 16 v 16 heavy combat playlist which would pit teams against each other on very large maps loaded with air and ground vehicles. I would like to see the following vehicles in halo 5: -Warthog -Guass hog -Rocket hog -mortar hog -mongoose -Scorpion -Mantis -Falcon -Hornet -Wraith -Spectre -Banshee -Chopper -Ghost -Possibly even pelicans and spirits With this massive pallet of vehicles we should also get some new anti vehicle weapons here are some ideas: -Rocket launcher -Anti armor/air rockets (tracks ground and air targets, low splash damage) -Anti personnel rockets (no tracking, high splash damage) -Spartan Laser (how could anyone forget:) -Heavy Railgun (The most powerful weapon in the game, hold 2 rounds, has 2x and 10x scope, one hit kill on literally anything, pelicans included) -Plasma Launcher (practically the same as the one from reach but with better tracking and more damage) -Anti armor incendiary rounds (can be placed on map and are weapon specific, deal 2x the damage to vehicles) -Gauss turret (like the one on the warthog except in "shade turret" format -Rocket turret (like the ones on the mammoth in halo 4) -Oh and possibly mines as well (they could fit into a grenade slot on your HUD) These are just some cool ideas i had, feel free to critic them or add some ideas of your own
  11. first of all forgive the bad spelling. } if you dont want to read all the things who i wrote. just read the bold parts when i see the first trailer of castlle map pack the first thing i thought was ¿why they make a maps for the wathog?. when 343 make the warthog for this game forgot one simple fact. THIS its not the same halo than reach or halo 3. the warthog in reach was useless in invasion (because plasma granades, plasma pistols and heavy weapons and vehicles), in small and enclosed maps where a bad turn or heavy fire from the enemy can make a single double kill and oviusly maps like highlands (1 laser, 2 rockets, 1 plasma launcher, 2 snipers) and breakpoint (2 lasers, 2 rockets, 2plasma launcher, 2 snipers ) make imposible that the warthog can make some difference and not only 2 easy points for the ennemy. what i mean is. the warthog crew need 3 points to make worth the use, its not easy, the turret guy is naked up there and the pilot need exelent driving skills. but this is not reach. in this game anyone had plasma granades (80% of players) an only two can destroy it, anyone can had plasma pistols and heavy veapons. and all players had accuracy guns like the damm br (before i will explain myself) who can easily kill or even destroy the crew. But most of all. the maps are to small for the warthog, because the plasma granades, the warthog need to be far of the enemy to avoid the danger, is frustrating to the gunner cant kill nothing (exept with the gaushog and his camper spot), but get close the enemmy is suicidal, get far is frustrating and dangerous for the snipers an all the loadout guns, face a mantis or any tank is not an option and the ennemy can call a laser or incinerator or any other gun. the warhog is extremely weak and the characteristics of the maps (bridges, rocks, tunnels and narrow paths) its all a nightmare for the warthog, and as i can see this map pack is exactly that. What would I do : any player with plasma granades can destroy a wathog by himseves easily + there are a lot of heavy weapons in the maps, 343 forgot to upgrade the warhog for the new battlefield. i know that 343 is never going to give more power or resist, but, why if the plasma granades no longer get stick in the warthog. an skilled player still can stuck his gunner or driver but is not that easily as now (only 2 plasmas to destroy it , that is unfair), and maybe that the indirect shots dont demage that much the crew of the warthog, the skilled player stil can kill the passengers but that will ballance the chanses of this iconic and funny vehicle that is hard to use well but today is not an advantage, is a tomb for two. one day, my bro was playing geas of war and i i said to him " you dont get borred of that single almigty gun (the gnasher)" and he reply to me "your halo is the same, but with two guns". first of all dont lie to yourselves, get a headshot in halo is not dificult, you dont have superpowers if yoy can make one or ten. the automatic guns are stereotyped as the noob guns but is not true, that guns are too powerless, the br/dmr, killed the dual weald of the game, has control of all the range, from far, to medium, even at relative close range has an adventage if the last bullet hit the head (with the br thats easy). the range is just too short and his accuracy is a joke. ina experiment who i made, de distance of a 4x4 block of orge is enough for a br / dmr / carabine to win, i always play with te AR and im level 107. so i know of what im talking about te damm boltshot has all the short range and the br / dmr has medium and large, so what is the range of the Ar ?. none, his effective range just don't, had one. when i play i dance, jump, crouch and move all arround the map but any camper with boltshot or br, or any combat out of the limited range with a br is my dead, the plasma granades that they launches before die and the stolen kills for a distance thats te way i live with my AR, you need good aim (0.5 seconds out of the sigth is the diference betwen live or die ) and how to move arround the map to avoid get killed by 2 or more players and keep in range the ennemy. im not a camper, to be a camper with the boltshot is more easy, but i was borred of the same 2 guns all the life just because is "pro". pro is not only get a headshot. but 343 dont give any oher option, you want to win?? br and dmr you want be called a "noob" and get lots of assist medals, stay away form the corridors and open spaces and need to run always to the enemy as close as you can to be recibed with a granade or a boltshot to the face, there are 3 forgoten guns to you. 343 has created 3 kinds of crawler, 3 of jackalsand 4 of grunts and all of them are exactly te same for the presicion rifles, 1 shot, 1 kill and the can be far. out of the range of almost everyone of the covenant guns. but the AR player need a half of the clip to kill a single grunt, the ammo runs out and they need to be close, in the midle of all the enemy fire to kill something widowt get only an asist medal because some other win the shot, if the elite, knight or hunter is close, te plasma granades or the boltshot can make the job and the magnum is the only way to survive. learn to get close to the enemmy widout get killed has no rewards, use that guns has no rewards, why is the aim so terrible ?? to be easier to the new oness ?? they are only easy score to the rest of the players, why dont nake that the new ones learn to had accuracy and that the halo reach phrase "short an controled burst" has any sense, that the guy with automatic rifles need to learn to had accuracy and if he get that skill can win by ussing his skill in their specific scenario or situation. What would I do : the rifles has too short range and are not effective guns againist many of the IA ennemies. i dont want more power to the assault rifles, i just want more accuracy and that a headshot wit that guns make more demage, i dont mean single shot, but 3 or 4 shots to the head kill. that is not cheat, if you shoot in short blast or burst gave you aim, keep shooting like a real noob onli spend ammo. controlling your shots can make the diference, you need accuracy ( but widout an aim ) and control. in matchmaking the dmr / br still can win at large range or even middle range but if the player is skilled still can win that fight if they learn how to play his cards and the heavy grunts, alpha crawlers and elite jackals no longer need necessarily the half of your ammo if you know how to play. maybe this post is useless. but i want to say it. thanks to all who read this post, halo 4 is a good game, but is the same halo with some new stuff and the wathog and AR, are useless, but still my favourites.
  12. HOGS FROM HECK Gamertag: treez0 (for those who tried to look up my gamertag and it wouldn't work at the end is the number 0 not the letter O) Map Name: HOGS FROM HECK (Updated 27/02/2013, Fixed some problems with the Teleporter not work for some warthogs) Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/treez0/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Gametype: Sunday Driver Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/treez0/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Description: Hey guys this is treez0 bringing you another old favorite created by Darth Human in Halo Reach. I have Recreated & Revamped it into Halo 4, Best played with 4-16 players. Have Fun.... (I will post a video soon) Video: Images:
  13. Gamertag: B2T PichuFrenzy Map: Flyinhogs Gametype: Flyinhogs Players: 10-16 (2 teams) Description: The game is very simple but requires a little bit of practice before perfect execution. Both teams spawn with incineration canons in front of 4 warthogs and a hill above them. Those warthogs are composed of 2 standard warthogs, 1 gauss warthog and 1 rocket warthog. The goal is to earn points by shooting under the warthogs with one or more teammates in order to make the warthogs fly into the hill. The more numerous you are in the hill, the more you earn points. There is no fall damage and vehicles are indestructible so you may come back in the playable area if you don't fall out of the boundaries. By playable area I mean your base, but also the enemy base (that is the point of gauss and rocket warthogs) ; and once your in the enemy base, get ready for pure chaos !
  14. I have had problems with this for ages my retailer promised the code and didnt give me it when i preordered back then I was younger and dint like to cause a fuss about anything, however I really want it now and have scoured the internet from my retailer to microsoft to the halo site to bungie to here and no answers everyone keeps bumping me please let this be the end of this trail. I just need a code given to me or a license given to me or something. Basically it was obviously years ago when i preordered the game and now the retailer has deleted my purchase off of their files and have no record of me buying however they assured me microsoft could help, microsoft spent a long time discussing the matter with associates and bumped me towards a halo community site, i posted a forum thread there and i was bumpedd to a bungie site, posted a forum thread there and I was finally bumped here. I was assured by all that the next could give me the code I was promised but so far nothing. Please somebody put me in touch with someone in 343i that can give support or can pass me to someone who will definetly be able to give me the code, or a license on XBL to download the content... thanks for any helpful responses
  15. Gamertag: MrAllMiteyPinoy Map: Shootin ducks Gametype: shootin ducks Description: This map is a king of the hill map made to be played with about no more than 12 players. The objective for the game is different for both sides, one side has six mantises the other has six warthogs. The mantis team's objective is to destroy the warthogs before they can destroy all of the mantises. That leads to the warthog side's objective, destroy all of the mantises. Once the mantises are destroyed players from that team respawn out side of the hill and cannot re-enter. Once all mantises are destroyed the warthog team captures the hill for 30 points and wins. The warthogs are gunner only and move slowly towards a kill ball (using gravity volumes) Warthog team respawns in the hill.
  16. Guest


    Download Link Player Count: 10-14 Gametypes: Team Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, 3-Flag, Assault, Neutral Bomb, Stockpile, KOTH, 3-Plots Hello everyone. In an attempt to bring more activity to the Forge World forums, several avid forgers including myself have decided to share our goods here. Most of these are not new maps (this one was finished last November after five months of testing), but these are quality maps which have been tested endlessly and honed to something resembling perfection. So, what is S? Well, it is a symmetrical map for squad/BTB games (10-14 players). The map is designed completely around creating a perfect balance between infantry and warthogs. The map plays a mean game of multi flag CTF, with some of the most hectic but balanced gameplay around. This video should explain everything to you, and I know you'd all rather listen to me speak than read a wall of text. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUkyY1grmfI&list=SP6A29376A730D8C40&index=3&feature=plpp_video So, that covers pretty much everything, right? Thanks to all the testers and everyone who helped with this map in any way. You guys are the best. For the rest of you, what are you waiting for? Go play this map! Don't forget, the map also supports 4-player splitscreen! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to download!
  17. Primary Complaint: The engine noise is annoyingly loud and and honestly made driving during the campaign unbearable. It sounds like The Chief left the damn thing in 1st gear the entire level. Please change this back to the warthog sounds from Halo 3/Reach. Or, if it suits you, just lower the audio levels of the current sounds dramatically. Secondary Complaint: Maybe it's because I looked at it from the rear most of the time, but it looks like the new Warthogs were scrapped together using busted parts from the civilian trucks in Halo: Reach. I don't particularly like the new aesthetic, but I could probably live with it. Praise: I enjoy the warthog physics, you guys nailed that one.
  18. Hey guys so I just recently discovered how easy killing a lot of the vehicles in Halo 4 is by just team shooting it with your primary weapon. This is why I decided to test which of your primary weapons kills each vehicle the fastest. I started with the Warthog and found that there is a surprising difference in what guns does the most damage to the vehicle and what gun does the least... cough cough the carbine cough cough. Anyways I've posted my test results in the video below for you all to see. If you guys enjoyed this video and would like to see more tests, tricks, tips, and game-play commentary please like and subscribe, I've got a bunch of very interesting tests coming out within the next week or so. Thanks for your time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gU_xtG0c-A&feature=plcp .
  19. RULE 1: Never stop moving. RULE 2: Warthogs are about the guns not splatters so let the gunner do his work from a range where they cannot plasma pistol of stick you. RULE 3: Do not go for stupid splatters i.e into corners of rocks. RULE 4: Try to watch out for team mates RULE 5: When killing a mantis keep distance between you and it.
  20. Someone who is a little more capable in forge should try and make a lava pit map like the ones on halo 3 and reach. That space map would be a good place for it. I tried and got frustrated so I quit lo
  21. Imo the Halo Reach Warthog's physics were way out of wack. It rolled over way to easily, and while this could lead to some fun times on occasion, in total the lack of control was more nerveracking than it was enjoyable. I'm wondering A) What other people's thoughts are on this and b ) If anyones heard any news about this. I just thought Vehicles in general sucked compared to the ones in 3, mainly beacuse they had a health system and they could be taken down by DMR's and Snipers easily.
  22. Me and my friends were playing halo reach in a custom game, after i was playing i wondered, " What if when your driver dies and you are in the passenger seat you can switch over into the driver seat, or turret (if nobody is in the turret) if anybody has any further ideas about this please post it below. (if i stole anyones idea, i am sorry) thank you!
  23. A lot like the Shade Turret, I think that that rear gun of the warthog variants should be forgeable as a stationary turret like the ones featured in Halo 3: ODST campaign. This would eliminate the need to forge a whole warthog and then surrounding it in other objects so only the turret can be used. I think we all can agree this was an issue in forge 2.0. They could give us the standard anti-air gun, gauss, rocket, and maybe any new type of warthog's gun in Halo 4. Any thoughts?
  24. So me and my friend were playing Halo:Reach the other day and noticed that exiting a vehicle (Usualy a Banshee) was taking to long when your been shot at by the whole enemy team. So we were thinking and thought it would be a great idea if there was a quick ejection system, maybe hitting the right bumper or a simliar button while in a vehicle and you would dive out of it. There has to be a catch right? So maybe you loose some of your shield when you dive out depending on your speed and how you land. You may also consider not beening able to use your abilities until they recharge again. I hope that everyone shares their thoughts and opinions on this. Your Friend, Connor AoT x EpiczZx
  25. I play firefight quite a bit and have come to the conclusion that what firefight really needs is Killstreak rewards like call of duty MP. For example 25 kills w/o dying= 1 weapon drop near your location 50 kill= warthog delivered by pelican 75 kills= 6 man marine squad 100 kills= Falcon gunship overhead for 2 minutes 150 kills= scorpion delivered by pelican Killionaire= overshields etc. What does everyone think?
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