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  1. screenshot of original map http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2004/dlx/dlx_6113912_20041123_790screen003.jpg
  2. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/dc2a3d86-353b-447d-b932-e72803432a5c VIDEO COMING SOON Map Name: Deck 343 by MiCkEy O rOuRkE (Unreal Tournament Deck 16 Remake) Game-types supported : CTF, FFA slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill and 4 Team Slayer Players supported: 4-6 players Description: This is a remake of the classic map which featured in many Unreal Tournament games from UT99 to Unreal Tournament 3. I tried to keep the dimensions accurate to the original map so in order to make the map flow better I added a trait zone to decrease the player jump height to 75% to keep the fast pace that Unreal Multi-player was synonymous with. But to also make some objects hard to climb on top of which can be used as cover and to get an advantage on opponents. Its great for 3v3 team slayer or even 3 teams of 2 players.I added some lights to help with orientation and for map call-outs. Each area/spawn has colour coded doorways to each area. In the red spawn at the bottom of the little bridge platform above the soft kill pool I replaced the flak cannon with Halo's scattershot. The Udamage/damage boost and Shield belt/over-shield are random ordnance drops to balance the map better. In the main central area of the map is 3 slanted bridges and one horizontal walkway below them. The right and left slanted bridge lead up to the highest point in the map to a sniper rifle spawn off to the left which is a good elevated position. The middle bridge leads to the blue area/spawn. The horizontal walkway below them connects the green area to the gold area. At the lowest part of the map is a soft kill pool which I created to mimic the sludge pool in the original Unreal Tournament map. It is made up of 2 shield doors and 2 gravity volumes. There is a little floating platform under the green/gold walkway where the over-shield ordnance drops. There is a teleporter on the lowest platform below the green spawn area which connects to the exit above the gold area lifts where the rockets/incineration/fuel rod cannon random drop. Behind the gold lift room next to the soft kill pool is the sword spawn. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/dc2a3d86-353b-447d-b932-e72803432a5c
  3. Map Name: BRINK by MiCkEy O rOuRkE Game-types supported : FFA slayer, oddball, red vs blue ctf, koth and all teams in slayer Amount of players : 8-12 players Here is a video fly through the map, showing the architecture off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19H1eU1PDLs&feature=share&list=PLtMHpmQVif4MU0kblszfn5roijoJtAj-D DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/0c902944-6fe0-4647-a59f-0d526a64b2bc Description: This is my first big team battle map in Halo 4, its works well for 6v6 ctf but also is a good map for other team game-types or free for all modes with slightly less players. It is a symmetrical map with the blue and red base being an exact copy rotated 180 degrees from each other at the centre point of the map. Then at either side of the bases is the gold and green bases which are a copy of each other. The map also has some vehicular game play with a ghost and warthog or both halves of the map. There is two entrances to the red/blue base and two normal exits for the vehicles to travel through. There is an extra exit up the stunt ramps which players can use to splatter anyone positioned on the human mounted turret. There is a gravity lift inside the walkway cover which throws the player up to the upper middle platform. Players can use the jump spot from the top of the crate to the light then up to the binary rifle spawn to reach the flag stand more quietly and more discreetly. There is a ramp through the doorway behind the rock which provides a rear route up to the red/blue base platform. The tunnel connects to the rear of the base where the red/blue team initial spawns are. But also to the rear ramp which leads up to the flag stand. The warthog spawn for both bases are at the left hand side which are equidistant to the green/gold spawns so any team can rush it on team slayer. There is a human mounted turret to cover the left side of the bases from walking enemies or vehicle targets. There is just enough rocks for an attacking team to assault from the this side. The green/ gold base have a man cannon which throws the player to the top middle platform. This helps players if they decide to hug the outside of the map at the rocks but doesn’t break the flow of battle because they can easy get back in the mix by jumping into the middle. This also makes the time from the green/gold spawn to the red/blue binary rifle spawn equidistant for all the teams to rush this power weapon. Behind the green/gold base a random ordnance drops containing railgun/concussion rifle/spartan lazer combination. The position to the left of these bases and the ramps give good elevation to provide fire towards the red or blue bases. On top of the middle platform there is a random ordnance which contains rocket/incinerator cannon combination. Players can also sprint jump from the corner wall platforms at the middle down to the covered platform where the needler spawn is. The corner walls also have a secret walkway behind them from the bottom middle of the map. Bottom middle contains a scattershot which is equidistant from all four team spawns. The red and blue team players can reach the bottom middle to grab the scattershot by exiting the teleporter which are located at the halfway points between the 2 main bases and 2 side bases. The tree provides cover in-case the player takes any fire from enemies at the needler spawn. This also provides an alternate route for flag carriers to take instead of going along the connecting platforms through the middle of the map. The teleporter entrance is located above and behind the red/blue spawns by running up the ramp. There is also a longer but more secure return for vehicles to run the route all the way behind the bases and under the double room where the teleporter is located or the ramps if a driver is skilled enough. The tunnel is a good route for team mates to drive through to catch their fellow flag carrier team-mate or even to provide supporting fire for team-mates on foot assaulting the base. There is also load-out weapons such as the carbine located to the left side of the red/blue bases and a light rifle beside the little rock tunnel on the right side of both bases so players are not caught with ammo if sticking to the outer parts of the map. There are two main ramps up to the platform where the ghost is located on both bases. There is a double wide ramp up to a tunnel brace which is used for cover. But there is also a rear ramp that leads up behind the tunnel brace. This platform can also be accessed by crouch jumping from a rock on ground level up between the cover crenelation. RANDOM ORDNANCE 1 + 3: RAILGUN/CONCUSSION RIFLE/ SPARTAN LAZER RANDOM ORDNANCE 2: ROCKET/INCINERATION CANNON Thanks for showing interest in my map. If you need help play testing any of your own maps and if I can help send me an friend request/game invite. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/0c902944-6fe0-4647-a59f-0d526a64b2bc
  4. Did u take the map down dude, i tried downloading it but it wont work Sorry its not, i got it downloaded my fileshare link was acting up. Yeah its a pretty cool map dude. s that just the dynamic lighting or do u have a visual filter on the map?
  5. I had a look at your map dude, its really well made I vaguely remember playing this map on COD:WaW. The only little thing I can say that need fixed is there is a little corner spawn point where u run forward and u fall between the floor and the ramps. It is on the other side of the wall where u have the pipe ramp.
  6. awesome map dude, played it with some friends had some really great games. I like where you built the map too, not a important note but the views through the windows are amazing lol
  7. Fantastic job on the map dude, you can tell its really polished. It looks like an actual map that shipped with the game. Is it ok if i send you a friend request to get some feedback on my maps with your expertise?
  8. It looks from the pictures that the weapons are closer but its takes about 7-8 seconds for each team to reach the sniper about 5-6 for the scattershot. Cant see well from pcitures but the green teams teleporter takes them up to the higher platform to the snipers as well. Thanks for showing some interest in my map dude. If u ever wanna have a game send me a friend request my gamertag is MiCkEy O rOuRkE
  9. Map Name: PRESSURIZED by MiCkEy O rOuRkE Game-types supported : FFA slayer, oddball, 4 team ctf + koth + slayer Amount of players : 6-8 players [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedintro_zps61eae8e7.jpg.html][/url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVK70c9yRcg DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/a88d0405-cd67-475d-ae7c-ef5f2c8c9f23 Description: This is a medium sized map which works well for capture the flag and slayer, but also other game-types. Rapid close quarters combat with some great lines of fire from the high platforms, has great little jump spots to surprise foes and get to objectives. Its a symmetrical map like a reflection. My map got reviewed by a machinima affiliate GAME OVER STUDIOS back in November, I had 650 DOWNLOADS on my original file on my file-share when the episode was aired but I tweaked the spawn points and power weapons to make it flow better for competitive play so its been reset to zero. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedredbase_zpsc519ea2c.png.html][/url] The red base and blue base are mirrored images of each other. The quickest way to move between each base is through the middle walkway. The red and blue team spawns are under the pipes where the light is. There is also a man cannon on top of red and blue base which throws the player on top of the green base. The blue and red flags are located above the spawn which can be accessed fro the ramp at the back of the base or by using the jumpspot from the top of the 1x1 block. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgreenbase_zps8dfb5d3d.png.html][/url] The green spawn points are on top of the green base and the green flag is located on the ground floor in front of the base. There is lots of cover on top of the base if the red or blue team want to use the man cannon and then move through cover around this side of the map. Through the shield door is a teleporter which connects to the teleporter above the gold base. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgoldbase_zps1dcbc276.png.html][/url] In the gold base the spawns are against the wall behind the pipe which leads up to the gold teleporter. The gold flag is located behind the pipe which slopes down then up again which players can use to run up to the upper middle section of the map. There are also gravity lifts at the corners where the blue base meets the gold base and the red base meets the gold base which leads up to the sniper rifle spawns. I have timed how long each spawn takes to get to these. The green team can use the teleporter to rush the sniper spawn as well. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedbluesniper_zpsaafd1fa0.png.html][/url] There is a scattershot located at the middle of the map which is equidistant from each spawn and on the opposite side of the middle area there is an oddball spawn. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedscatter_zps722273fb.png.html][/url] On the upper platform there is a random ordnance drop with power weapons in it and there is also a oddball spawn point. This area connects to all the bases with two walkways one to the red base and one to the blue base, but there is also a ramp on either side of the green base which can also be used to get up there. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedweaponspawns_zps5d6f2cb6.jpg.html][/url] I could not get a proper overview photo because the map was made inside the big room inside the erosion but here are the weapon spawn locations. They are equidistant from all spawn points. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedbluespawn_zps4b7d8c44.png.html][/url] [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgoldteleport_zpsaf403e41.png.html][/url] [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgreenteleport_zpse18aed63.png.html][/url] A little video run through of the map If anyone would like to help play test my map send me a friend request or if you need help play testing your own map send me a friend request/ game invite.
  10. Map Name: DECAYED* by MiCkEy O rOuRkE Game-types supported : FFA slayer, koth, oddball, and red vs blue vs green in slayer Amount of players : 6-8 players DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/9f8b53eb-bff6-40a2-900d-1d1cb032dfec Description: This is a medium sized map which works well for king of the hill and slayer, but also other game-types. It has a road around the outside of the map which teams can control using the warthog provided on the landing pad near the crane. The crane contains a sniper and a teleporter which is connected to the other side of the main central building. there is also a man cannon on top of the green over hanging bridge and a broken piece which can be crouch jumped to from the raised platform on the bridge for a silent approach. There is a raised platform at the end of the crane walkway to prevent campers from hogging the sniper. There is a concussion rifle spawn opposite the crane above the upper highway on the upper platform. This can be reached by traversing the the steps of the tower or by jumping into the man cannon at the centre of the map. At the top most part of the map there is a human mounted turret which can be used to combat the warthog as its racing around. This spot is open to fire from the concussion rifle position because they can use the pipes as cover. Behind the turret there is a walkway which goes around behind the building and leads to a little perch where a battle rifle can be found, and following the path round towards the blue spawn base there is a covered bunker placement where a random ordnance drop appears containing a shotgun/ scattershot/ sword/ hammer combo. There is also a few little jumps spots for parkour style players including the aerial which can be used to jump from the bunker straight to the teleporter in a few seconds. At the centre of the map there is a sticky det spawn and the warthog spawn. Players need to take care at the centre of the map because there are so many good firing positions to get ambushed by, the movement is very fluid in this area because the amount of jumpspots and ledges I have added. There are 3 different oddball respawn positions here as well as a couple of king of the hill locations. Through the shield door players can find a needler. The walkway from the centre leads between two silos and connects to the base below the crane through the passage with a shield door. Through the shield door at the centre of the map an alley with a ramp which connects to upper highway. There is a man cannon on the platform below the crane which throws the player on top of the green overhanging bridge and then players can jump in the secondary man cannon on up to the crane or use the crouch jump. Players can also get on top of the bridge by jump crouching from the highway barricade and through the cover crenelation. Here is the spawn, weapon, warthog, teleporter and ordnance locations on an overview of my map. I hope you have fun playing the map and I would like to thank ZANDRIL and MOOSE93 for giving me feedback and helping me improve my map. My gamertag is MiCkEy O rOuRkE, add me if you need help play testing a map or just to play with me. I also have other maps which i need help play testing and getting feedback for on my fileshare, hopefully i will get to do that in the near future.
  11. no problem man didnt mean to cause any trouble
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