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Found 5 results

  1. is there ever gonna be a game where your actually a Marine. I know strange concepts but I always wanna be a Marine and fight the covenant and actually see things through there eyes and not be the common spartan or heck even be aloud to as well be an ODST.
  2. Hi im looking a fun halo reach/4 clan I only have an xbox 360 and i specialize in sniping, piloting, driving, Leadership, and map-making. I have ODST training and ive been in many clans and Ill also work as a marine, ODST, or an elite! Hit me up on 360 at eightflames! See you on the battlefield I also have kik! My username is eightflames so if you use kik to communicate I have that too
  3. Hey guys. After my first try at fan fiction (Life or Dishonor), I'm back for another try, which will hopefully be better and cooler! This whole thing is (obviously) not official canon by any means, and will probably go against a bit of the canon (for example, Hyar not actually being a colony). So that's the general bit. It is the early years of the Human-Covenant War. Spartans are scarce, and so are ships capable of defending Earth's colonies. Hyar is a planet in the far flung system Orion Eta, and has little chance of survival, now that the Covenant have found it. However, the few ships in orbit, the Freezerburn, Witching Hour, and Archangel will fight to the end with the Covenant, who are searching for something on the planet's surface. Their small contingent of Marines and few battle capable citizens must fight overwhelming odds to find the Forerunner artifacts on Hyar before the Covenant do. How will the humans survive on Hyar without a Spartan to save them? So that's it basically. Check back, as I'll be posting new snazz and jazz (the story) in bits and pieces. Stay tuned for some Hyar! And stuff!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm UNSCMarine. I have a gametype idea for Halo 4. I don't know if you will like it or not. My idea is called Marine Ops. In Marine Ops, you can command a normal, regular, non-augmented 4-man marine squad (which includes you). You have to survive wave after wave of covenant troops. I created this idea so that when this will come out in Halo 4, players will have the feeling of being shieldless ,being able to commanding a squad and taking cover so that you won't die.
  5. Imagine a separate gamemode in halo were you actually used the scopes and iron sights manually like in a more modern fps having to put them to your face but with Halo's awesome sci-fi weapons. I feel like you never get to experience this with the spartans and their auto lock and projected crosshair features. It would be a very interesting way to play, of course all the players would be marines not spartans and would have to sprint and have no shields, though it would equate to a very unique way to experience this universe. Additionally, this class could be mixed with spartans in custom gamemodes to create more diverse games, where marines could represent more human characters.
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