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Found 10 results

  1. http://postimg.org/image/qa3v9nl4j/full/ What do you think about this? Personally, if they can balance both weapons well enough with the existing sandbox, I'm all for it. There's also rumors of vehicles new to Halo 2 being implemented into the Anniversary MM as well. That leaves vehicles from all the other Halo's as fair game, or even new ones like the recently confirmed "Gungoose".(http://postimg.org/image/a9r1c5ntp/full/ ). Thoughts on possible vehicles are also welcome.
  2. So, there's been a demand for the return of the SMG, but a debate springs from that want: Which SMG? The Halo 3 SMG or Halo 3: ODST's Silenced SMG. Halo 3's SMG would be less powerful than the AR and so, if put into loadouts, would probably be a sidearm choice. It would probably be nerfed to be balanced with the Magnum. This decision also warrants whether or not it should be dual-wieldable... I'd personally like to leave dual-wielding behind, given that it construes the Golden Triangle by disabling melee and grenades in exchange for more firepower. As for the Silenced SMG, it could be balanced into a primary weapon choice, differing from the AR in rate-of-fire, recoil "climb", and a different reload speed. Most importantly, it would be a fully automatic loadout weapon capable of zoom. This could also give the possibility of ODST's "Automag" pistol, which could be a second UNSC loadout sidearm (differing from H4's Magnum in range, rate-of-fire, and damage-per-shot, so it wouldn't be pointless). The "silenced" aspect of these weapons is purely of an audible nature and wouldn't give any unfair "stealthy" advantages, as you could still be seen as normal on motion trackers and the sound can still be heard. What do you think? Which SMG would you prefer and why?
  3. Ok, story elemets: I think Arbiter should come back, there are many people that want him back I am sure, and new elites would be pretty cool, like, maybe a FEMALE.:} The story can focus on killing of the last of the storm covvies and the Didact, maybe the campaign can be H2 styled, it can focus on Arby's and Chief's story. Also new spartans would be nice, and I strongly suggest ones from the books/comics like Blue Team. Weapons, equipment, and abilities: SMG, MA5B, a select fire BR, carbine, mauler, duel-wielding, equipment from H3, that missel launcher from GOO, and the MA5K. This would be soo cool to have, select fire would be cool too. Armor: MARK 5, why was it not in H4? Hayabusa, SPI, Mark 4, Grey Team armor. Extras: Being able to fight from the ground, to space, and destroy enemy ships in MM and campaign (Like Battlefront!!!!!) The character customization should be like Soul Calibur's. I want to change the face and voice. Let me see your ideas.
  4. lol ive found that swearing is highly untolerated ... oops got my self a warning already so i like to say im an experienced gamer considering i hire out games clock them on higest difficulty (legendary, veteran, insane, imposible) but not LASO or god mode for vanquish sheesh the difficulty is so high its over the top because it changes gamplay to the extreme i also have a positive K/D in multiplayer due to smgs any way i know my stuff have my opinions, dont care for grammar the problem for me is having a good team im not looking to join a clan well maybe but im just sick of getting having a noob team geting ownd by spawn traping inheritors :wallbash: if you know what im talking about you probably know how i feel about them yea like that so any one up for reaching i mean not now but add, M me or sumthing cant wait for halo 4 im preordering the limited edition from mighty ape it looks to me the best deal i realy hope theres smg REEAAALLLLYY apart from that H4 so far so good if you see this and you play custom games please ADD me or mesage me thats as long as you dont play jenga.. eeew likes:dubsep, trance, screamo, post hardcore dislkes:i would tell you if i was sure it wouldnt come under hate speech
  5. I miss the SMG. I really liked the ODST SMG, and the SMG in Halo 3 was ok. I felt it really filled a niche of a short range automatic which would really shred stuff. I guess the SAW does that now, but it just isn’t the same. I would really like to have the SMG back in some form. I also would rather have the plasma repeater then the storm rifle. Side note: Whatever happened to the ODST’s anyway?
  6. The SMG... I was expecting it to be one of the first confirmed weapons in Halo 4. I mean It might not even be in Halo 4, as it is unconfirmed. The SMG was, and is my favorite Halo weapon of the whole trilogy. If it isn't in Halo 4, as it wasn't in Halo Reach. That will be a downer for me, and many also for others. A YouTuber named Halo4Follower- (He's legit) -made a video on what was in Game Informer magazine for Halo 4 during April 7th, 2012. Link: Go to "0:54" on the video's time bar. It has a list of a few returning weapons and some new ones. None of which, the SMG. I hope 343 will announce it soon if it is in Halo 4. I miss using it. Please 343, let the M7's bullet's fly. ~Pwnage
  7. Furi0usGeorgeX


    So is the SMG in Halo 4 confirmed, denied, or unknown?
  8. Heard from the 343 Sparkast #12 (sometime around 30 minutes in) podcast. There will be a new(old) weapon in the game formerly called the assault carbine. It will apparently have a new title but that hasn't been mentioned as of yet. Anyway it has been described to have the characteristics of and old weapon we know that was good at "mangling" an opponent's shields. So, now instead of being a "depleater", it will be a "finisher". To me this sounds very much like it could be a remake of the SMG. Thoughts anyone? I'd personally love if it came back, especially if it was more useful like it was in halo 2.
  9. i personally want the smg back it was a good gun.
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