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Found 3 results

  1. The title says it all. 20s male Xbox One player looking for a co-op partner to help get through the Legendary Campaigns. You must have a microphone to talk to and be over the age of 17. I will be putting my game footage up on Youtube. If you're interested, let me know. Bump the post, send me a message on here, or send me and Xbox One message @ Shadow10570. I'm currently working on Halo CE
  2. Join us at midnight (12AM EST) on October 27th for the Halo 5: Guardians Premiere Event. Just as I did with the Master Chief Collection, I will be hosting the Event but this time I will be joined by a co-host and fellow Community Moderator DocO07! Doc and I will be streaming from the site's official Twitch account. We'll be playing the new Warzone and Breakout gametypes in matchmaking if we have enough participants. But if not, then we'll be gladly showing off part of the Campaign so it's a win/win for our viewers! Official site Twitch stream: 343industriescommunity Sign up to join Doc and I below! (Please sign up with your gamertag OR send me/doc a message via XBL stating you want an invite to the event) (Thanks to Drizzy_Dan for helping me write up this topic as well! )
  3. The thing that always had be hooked on Halo>CoD as a personal opinion is that someone on CoD can catch you off guard or from a bad angle and instantly destroy you.. But in halo.... Well.. AGL Chicago Loser Finals Pistola out BR'ing Ninja on Station 9 Here you can see Ninja completely messed up and Pistola COMPLETELY DESTROYED HIM WITH GOOD AIM. Here you can see ninja doing big things though also.. AGL Chicago WB Finals Game 4 Ninja "Poppin some heads" The point is... Halo is a skilled game and isn't going anywhere but UP if anywhere in the community.. Halo isn't dying anytime soon.. Not saying CoD isn't good and not saying CoD doesn't require skill because it DOES REQUIRE A LOT OF SKILL.. just different type of skill and a different fan base... both are good games in my opinion.. Anyways here is what I have to say about the AGL tournament from today. As well all know MLG recently had made the decision that the wouldn't OR couldn't pickup Halo 4 for the upcoming MLG event in Dallas... With that being said it caused a major stir in the community from players putting the nail in the H4 coffin to players building their CoD treehouse... either way.. it was a sad moment for the community since Halo and MLG have always been known to go hand in hand with the exception of Reach being a roller coaster ride for MLG. Of course we could not let Halo die, and you can see from the Arena Gaming League tournament in Chicago that HALO ISN'T DEAD and is no way on the way of falling apart... Not to say this tournament was perfect because their were problems and the people hosting and working on it already know what went right and went wrong so I don't need to specify any of those. It was an amazing event to watch with a vast amount of players doing insane plays, callouts, positioning, and of course.. the TRASH TALK.. From Ninja's amazing play on that Haven oddball to Pistola absolutely murdering Ninja later on in a game with a crazy out BR, to FORMAL's AMAZING sniping in the finals, it was all GG's here and there. This event truely showed what the community and the pro's are capable of... oh and just in.. Carbon is getting back together so that's always a light in this dimly lit scene that many portray the Halo community as. Myself personally would view this scene as a time bomb that is about to blow up and bloom some flowers! As I found AGL AMAZING! For anyone who missed it you should go watch the rebroadcast... anyways here are some links.. http://arenagaming.us/ http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague https://twitter.com/ArenaGaming_ https://www.youtube.com/NinjasHyper https://twitter.com/NinjaRTB https://twitter.com/iGotUrPistola https://twitter.com/xHoNNy7 "10h Scott R Lussier Scott R Lussier ‏@Scandhi Lord of the Rings: The Return of #Carbon - coming to a local east coast tournament near you. @GH057ayame RT." Anyways, Happy Gaming. #SaveHalo ; ) <3
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