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  1. UNSC Starry Night is looking for new Marines to join their ranks Starry night has ODST tryout Weekly events such as raids,game night and more
  2. Hello everyone! I'm happy to say that I am returning to console gaming after about 3-4 years of being a sole PC gaming kinda guy. I used to play Halo: Reach/4 with the Dropshock Brigade and I loved it there (for the most part). DSB did have its shortcomings, but I still feel that it was one of the best structured communities that I've been a member of. So, hopefully, I can find another clan similar. Like I said, I'm a returning player, so I've only gotten as far as to buying everything I need and I'm installing Halo 5 at the moment (WHAT IS WITH THIS INSTALL TIME? I'M USING THE DISC). The only thing that I'm lacking is a good mic, so I'll be getting one either today or tomorrow. I wish to find a clan that has a good military like structure, stuff like ranks, different platoons and larger companies, ect. I love having the feeling of progression through the ranks as I improve in the game and in the clan/community. Second, I want a clan that is competitive, but also casual in the sense that they strive to be great players, but know that Halo 5 is still a game and meant to be fun, so there are a lot of other things going on other than just competitive nights. Maybe a game night every week, achievement runs, or maybe we get together to play a different game or run through the campaign. Thanks for reading! My gamertag is Dr Clockworks. Feel free to send me a message/invite about recruitment into your clan, or if you just want to help me get back into the swing of things! <3
  3. PAIN clan welcomes anyone wanting to just sit down and have a good game of halo whether custom games or matchmaking. We're looking for a mixture of competitive/just for fun players. If you're interested change your service tag on halo to PAIN and message m0dy21b on Xbox.
  4. Join the Golden Wolves today. We are a friendly clan looking for more members to join our cause: to unite people within the Halo community and show the power of teamwork and community. We are not a competitive clan and do not require you to be active, but don't be a total ghost either. We ask that if you are yo join, spread the word. Can't wait to see you on the battlefield. If you have any questions contact me through here, Xbox, or Facebook (Blake Woodard [seneca, IL]), contact me at this number (text only please): 1-815-210-8110. - S-GW03Blake A. Woodard, Co-Founder of The Golden Wolves https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/golden%20wolves
  5. Hello my name is ZRidgway68 im recruiting for a group called Combat Team Zulu we are a small old school halo clan looking for new members i have a few spots open if you would like to join message me my GT is ZRidgway68.
  6. Are you sick of lore-based halo clans who think their better than everyone? Do you sometimes feel like you want to personally remove the stick out of their collective asses but have no allies to help you in your cause? If so, then join the Arctic Wolves! We've dedicated our time to ending these military-based UNSC, ONI, Covenant, and Insurgent clans cause lets be real, it's a game, nobody needs a full military in a video game. The requirements to join are to have a mic, be at least 13+ and you can't rage or call hacks when you lose. The raging requirement is non-negotiable but we can make exceptions for the other requirements (Message me for details.) If you wish to join then message either me, eightflames, or my second in command CattiestChimp92. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hello!! My name is Angel Arising and Dissension Gaming is now recruiting! We're not like other clans, we encourage a fun, organized friendly community, forum based, game nights, tourneys, friendly atmosphere, always someone to team up with but we break our community into Brigades (by game: Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty, BF4) so that you're not 'lost in the crowd' but you can party up with any DGC members! You'll need a mic and daily access to the forums in order to join. We offer the following for members: Graphics Team, Podcast Team, Event Team, Competition Teams, , and others! How to join Dissension Gaming? 1) Visit website: Dissension Gaming http://dgcgaming.net/ 2) Create account for Forums (Put Angel Arising, as referrer) 3) Read this thread: Apply to Join Here 4) Follow format requested above, and apply to join the console and game brigade of your choice. 5) Wait for it to accept your application, and give you further instructions on how to get in the group, and onto the Brigade list. 6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people (add them on xbox), and start gaming!
  8. Hi! We are LOF. Tired of being ignored by fellow clan members? Want clan action allways when you´re online? JOIN US! We are a commited clan who will take care of you and will not ignore you. We have players of all levels. We have over 40 members. I am looking for about 5-10 recruits for me to train in a mini bootcamp. I will make shure you learn some basic clan stuff and i will take you through basic training. If you´re allready familiar with all that stuff, you might skip it, but you´re still invited to the mini boot-camp. After the mini bootcamp, I will present you to our clan leaders and make shure you are implemented as respected members inside the clan. I am not forming a squad inside our clan, but I will be actively involved with all the recruits I recruit! Hope to hear from you soon! Leave your gamertag below and I will add you! Or add loststoner69 (that´s with minuscule L-letter)
  9. Hey, I've been in a few militaristic clans before and have been somewhat of a lone wolf for a while. I'm just looking for a clan that is similar to my past experience. If anyone is looking for a new recruit or has a clan suggestion, I'd appreciate it. If you want to contact me and ask a few questions, send them to me via text messages. Gamertag is the same as my username; Constrictor32.
  10. Im open to any suggestions to what the clan should be based on. Must be at least 17 years old. Any level can join. Active Daily! Skill enhancing custom war games. If interested Message me on xbox 360 @ YettiPopper Thank You!
  11. Hello! My name is eightflames and i'm the leader of the Builders halo reach clan! We are a clan that specialize in forging to help the community and we are now recruiting new members to help our cause! You are only required have a mic and to wear our emblem, your armor is free for you to customize how you see fit! Message me on 360 at eightflames or on Kik at Pike ODST if you'r interested, We currently have 6 members and we would all love a new recruit!! *by recruit I mean member because the ranking system goes as follows: Leader Second In Command Forger (where you will start at) We will soon hold a contest to see who will be the second in command but until then I am the only person you habe to answer to, and im pretty relaxed when it comes to video games!
  12. If you read my last post I said I was in a clan... that didn't work out... so if anyone wants an active, fully trained ODST who specializes in mapmaking, sniping, and piloting message me on 360 at eightflames or on kik at Pike ODST.
  13. Hey im eightflames and im looking to join a fun halo clan! I have an xbox 360 so I cant join if your mcc only. Im a good marksman and pilot and ive been in multiple clans and ive even been through ODST training! Im down with joining a UNSC, elites or anything else as long as its fun and active! Send me reply or a message on 360 at eightflames or kik at eightflames! See you on the battlefield
  14. Introduction: Hello there, I am Imperial Vice(Vice President) VG Ze Condor! I am looking for new recruits for The Unified Empire as we are a new clan that just detached from the military based clan GWF because they abandoned us on the Xbox One and we decided to form a new military based clan! Requirements: We only require a few things such as the changing of your armor colors, your emblem, your emblem colors, your service tag, your clan tag and your activity. Things We Do: As soon as we are at a good growth of about 20 members, we will start raid training which is fun to do(don't let the word training bug you) and we will be doing different custom game types as well. We sometimes are serious but only when we need to be serious and we are having fun the rest of the time. Looking For: We need loyal members that are experienced with military based clans as well as non-experienced. We need leaders that have led at least a 4 man team before. We need leaders that have led branches and even clans before. We need members that can be combat ready. We need active members. We need members who can be both serious and fun for the times when needed. Structure: The way our structure works seems to be fair in my eyes. If something is seen as a bad thing or as a flaw in the structure, I will try my best to make it right. Message me on Xbox One if you would like to join, ask questions or make an alliance. - Imperial Vice VG Ze Condor
  15. check out our website at http://warmachineclan.weebly.com/ just type it into the url bar at the top of the page if clicking it doesn't work.
  16. Gdk Gameing Is, a compettive/casual Halo 4 clan We play to win and are very friendly people and help one another out and work as a team to win Rules 1.There is no age limit just be mature and respectful to You're fellow clan members and the other clans with have clan battles with 2.Be active certain days with usely do clan practice on the weekends if you cant make them just message the clan leader 3.Follow all clan rules and do what You're superior's Tell you. For more info Message Adamgamergod on xbox live Also we are looking for people who like to play compettive or atleast want to play start playing compettive and get good at the game Requirements 1.mic 2.Good attitude and able to work with others
  17. JPD Post #1 My name is Harrison, but some people call me Harry. I love Halo: Reach, in fact I think it is the best game in the series out of them all. It's original, it's fun and it is also the home to the biggest part of the Halo Clan Community. If I did get that fact wrong whilst trying to impress you then please forgive me, but anyway, I have always wanted to lead a clan. I have a natural tendency to be slightly bossy and imperative so when I wanted to start a clan I admit it was for the pure enjoyment of bossing people around. Sorry Elite Slayer! Anyway, I have changed my view on being a leader; I want to do something to the community. I want to make a mark in the community with our clan. Not for me to be pampered or be respected by others, but that my members can feel really good about playing and know they have done something good. Corny I know, but me and my members goal is set on trying to bring the justice into the JPD. Heck, even today I have had a member leave my clan and start a new one for no apparent reason and most members wanted to raid him. I also wanted to seek vengeance for betraying me, but I also thought of how that was unjust. He had done nothing wrong and I didn't attack him; he had a right to leave and join when he wanted. Now, about my clan. My clan is called the JPD, the Justice and Peace Department, which is a military police clan and revolves around three working divisions each lead by members that are good and have personality. Beware of one of them called scouseboy as he can get mouthy with his jokes but he's a good guy. The Patrol Division This is where people who have passed basic training but have not done well on their examinations for which division to be trained in are placed. This is the basic so-called 'grunt' division that form the backbone of our military. They usually man the turrets on the base walls or charge into battle head on as warriors. With basic skill in all aspects, such as CQC and long range shooting, they are not the best but support our members to the max. The Riot Police Division Lead by Mirrorninja12, this division is for those who like the frenzy of CQC and have reprimanding skill with a shotgun or being the stone hard defense in raids. They also form the security of the leaders, standing at the front armed with shotguns to protect us. They have our backs in clan games, but are loyal and never let us down. Only those with strong hearts are permitted in this division. The Sniper Team Division You all knew it was coming. Most military clans have a specific division dedicated to snipers. Most people like to be snipers, and if they don't qualify they usually leave the clan because they can't handle it or make drama over it. Lead by OrangeDrip, they provide our support and use their eagle eyes to pick off enemies. Only those above good with a sniper are permitted in this one. There is an elite division called the C.O.P, known as the Covert Operations Provided division, and has been split into two main cores. The Vanguard Core, the elite guardsmen of division leaders and key points in our defenses. They are like the Riot Police, except hardened to even die to protect their leader. Then we have the Rangers Core, which is the elite marksman part of the C.O.P. They fight against the enemy fiercely and provide support, fight head on or sneak behind enemy lines. Now, here are a few requirements to join. Number one, you must have the EOD helmet. Now, some of you might already criticise me and say we should use the Military Police helmet, but not everybody has Halo: Waypoint or the helmet. We need something medium level and to show we are part of the same clan and to minimise confusion. Number two, you need to be able to listen. I have recently had a few hitches with my clan members because they simply are unable to listen. Something like a meeting or a raid will start off well, but then someone will kill someone else in our clan and then they'll lose their focus and lose control. Number three, please don't be too judgmental. We are not professionals at the game and if you expect us to be then you are unfortunately on another planet. No clan is perfect. You obviously have higher standards and we don't as we are not MLG but try to be mildly competitive. Also, you can wear your own helmet and armour colours outside clan games, but you must keep your clan tag at all times as well as your emblem. We can't be wasting time trying to get your emblem or tag correct whilst preparing for a raid. WARNING: We are a developing clan. We have only been active for about three months and we are still trying to recruit and train. So please, if you are expecting us to be amazing or already MLG then you have come to the wrong people. We are currently trying to recruit more members so we can have our division leaders move up to the C.O.P but also so we can start focusing on other issues that have more priority. Once again, if you are easily angered by being killed or having 'squeakers' talking in game chat, then don't join. We have quite a few young players in our clan, who aren't as bad as they sound, but can be ridiculous sometimes. But, if you have a lust for justice and bringing fairness to this marvel of a game, then come message my Xbox Live account at ironheart harry. Thank you. *salute* Harrison.
  18. Starting a clan (Federation Of Elites) FOErt a clan in halo 4 for people interested in playing both competitively and in custom games with the clan. We will have a ranking structure just to have certain leaders of divisions and to keep order. I haven't entirely worked out the idea but anyone who joins can help form this clan. We will work out rules as we go. If interested message my gamertag- BigPickNick. The first 7 to join will be tested for teamwork on big team battle by me as you will be working for a leadership position and we shall work from there. This will be a clan for fun and competitiveness when we need it. Oh and you need to be atleast 16 with a working mic (no kinects). Thank you and i hope you have interest in contracting with the Federation Of Elites! Message me with any questions!
  19. i am kind of in search of a clan . Clan should be competitive and co-operative in game modes such as Dominion, Capture the flag and Big Team Battles . I have the Campaign beaten on solo, both heroic as well as legendary . I am SR-52, ive just unlocked the wetwork specialization. You can find my gamertag and/or email on my profile, so if you'd please, get at me.
  20. Hello Fellow Gamers I'm advertising Clan tryouts for my clanThe Consumed Darkness. Myself and Dr Wiggles PhD are the leader and co leaders of the clan. If you would like to join contact me on my xbox acc Iceonmyfingers(don't judge me on the name) or you can email me at [email protected]. Additionally here is my Website for the clan if you would like to look at that http://bluebrayway.wix.com/consumedwebpage#!about-us/cjg9 Remember we are always looking for people to join so don't be shy . We are trying to get 15 people to join our clan at least so if you don't want to join please at least recommend it to friends who might be interested. Rules 1. No fighting if you don't like someone in the clan report them for why they're making you angry/annoyed. 2. Respect your clanmates.Disrespect will not be tolerated in the clan.Treat your clanmates as your own family. 3. You must own Halo 4 to participate in the clan. 4. If you do decide to join don't spam other members of the clan with questions if you have any email me and message me only. 5. Lastly, If you do decide to join we host clan battles and meetings on Fridays you are not required to come if you have something to do but if you have the time please join.
  21. Dead Pixel Society is a new clan and is openly recruiting all persons from the ages of 14 and up. We are different from all clans, in the since that we aren't really a clan we are a company. We act as a corporation and treat members like the employees of a company. But all members are treated with respect and are treated equally. We do not judge members by there skill level all members are treated fair and nicely.We have a strict no drama rule, and to deal with in clan disputes we have a fully equipped Human Resource staff. If your interested in joining DPS or just want more information, you can message my GT: xDeadPix3lx All this week DPS is hosting guest nights where everyone is free to join, to get a experience of what its like to play for DPS. The hours of these events are all Eastern Standard Time. Events are being held on Thursday from 5-7 PM & 9-10, Friday 5-7 PM & 9-10, Saturday PM 5-7 & 9-10, also Sunday 5-7 PM & 9-10. Here is our site: dpsclan.enjin.com
  22. Hey everybody, Clan Avengers is recruiting members for halo 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp4oat7viA0
  23. [Rise To Reclaim] Hi! We are currently recruiting halo 4 players for our friendly clan (RTR) We are a group of very active, friendly players, playing to enjoy ourselves, and we also have competitive matches. We play a lot of online war games and friendly skirmishes with other clans. We also have fun with members in custom games. We only recruit friendly players who enjoy playing Halo 4 as a team. We are a uk based team but everyone is welcome as long as you have a mic! Add FULK3R on xbox live for more information http://risetoreclaim.spruz.com/
  24. I'm pyromaniac2727m and i'm a nice and helping clan leader and i was just posting this to see if there is anyone who would like to join my clan. i need to clan leaders and i need forgers and i need alot of loyal men to join me in battle to beat everyone. you have to be rank 50 to join and be mature.You should be on alot and u get dew xp suprises all the time we are mlg. i need a some clan leaders with me and i need division leaders to so msg me in the comment and i will see u on xbox live.
  25. Dont know where I was suppose to post this so Im posting it here haha. BOLD is yet again accepting players into are family. For details on entry please post a comment here with your gamer tag or message us directly at are gamer tags. Hope to hear to see you all in the arena Clan Leaders/ Gamertag Richy ( STFUitsRichy ) Jeanie ( TekilyaOnDaRoks )
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