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  1. Snake Pit Download Link GT: I am Aschur Players: 2-4 Gametypes: Slayer, Neutral Flag, Oddball Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 120s 0clip, Plasma Pistol 60s 30%charge, SMG x 2 1clip, BR x2 1clip, 2 Stickies, 2 Frags Powerups: Level 2 Overshield 180s Snake Pit is a rotationally symmetrical 2v2 map that fosters very fast paced engagements. Even though the map is symmetrical, it often times plays asymmetrically with a majority of the action taking place on one of the two sides near OS spawn. Though the map is very vertical, and you can see that in the central shaft - the levels are separated enough that the high ground doesn't have a clear advantage over the other spaces in most firefights. The map takes inspiration from Rats Nest and the Crows Nest campaign level from Halo 3, and I would love to add more details to the map, but I can't right now without inducing framerate drops in the corners of the map. (I will revisit the map and add them if that issue ever gets resolved in a future update.) The map supports Slayer, Oddball and Neutral Flag CTF, but I suggest either Oddball or Slayer - I added Neutral Flag after the fact, and didn't really design the map around it, so it doesn't play it as well as I would like.
  2. Trifecta Trifecta is a three way symmetrical map primarily designed for Slayer, but with added KOTH, and Oddball gametypes. The map features some pretty unique sightlines. Sniper spawn in particular has a great opportunity for cross map, thread the needle shots. Weapons Sniper Rifle x2 90s Rocket Launcher 90s Shotgun 90s Assault Rifle x2 Covenant Carbine x2 SMG Needler Plasma Pistol Brute Plasma Rifle Frag Grenades Plasma Grenades Powerups Active Camo Let me know how you like the map and add me for customs. Gamertag: Chronmeister (any feedback is greatly appreciated) New pics coming soon!
  3. Hey everyone! I've returned after a long long time off of forging with another map. I have been forging competitive maps a long time now, but it has really taken me a long time to get this map ready to show the world. Hyperbolic is an awesome, arena-style, Inversely symmetrical map. It got the name Hyperbolic due to the two main curved bridges that resemble a Hyperbolic function when graphed. It plays great with slayer, and it is setup for ctf, koh and oddball, although I haven't had a chance to test them. Unlike the few cross bridge maps I have seen, the bridges in hyperbolic to not connect the bases and sides of the map. Rather they cross diagonally across the map, opening up some sweet sight-lines. But Anyway! I have never been good with words, so without further adieu I present you, HYPERBOLIC!!
  4. kowloon

    team objective

    I have koth, oddball, regicide and dominion are so close and I can only find regicide, oddball and koth in the rumble pit playlist and I suck at ffa. I consider that team objective should return it should be a 5v5 with team regicide, koth, oddball, and dominion game types on the maps that we barely see used from the map packs. One week is to short if you want to master all of the victories it should stay in for 2 weeks or a month and I know that we also have things to do and you might miss a certain number of days of that week to play or you just don't have a team or you get paired up with those that suck at the game and you keep losing because of them. 1/13/2014 should be the day of its release.
  5. What WAS Gonna be a "reinvention" of 'Epitaph' (Halo3), turned into my own thing. Although this wasnt intended, the outter part can be used as a race track (WiP). The map reminds me of a reconfigured 'Rat Race' (Halo3), cuz of the track. Supports Slayer, King of the Hill, & Oddball. (KotH & O'Ball not FULLY tested, but works). Made for Big Team, 10-16 players. Please comment with feedback, thanks.
  6. GT - SUPER MOOSE93 Map name - Distress Download link - here Distress is a small figure of 8 map, designed primarily for 2v2 slayer games, although the spawns are set up for 4v4 max. slayer, CTF, KOTH and oddball are the gametypes set up on Distress. *players are able to sprint jump across the gap at bottom middle, or you can cross via the ledges* weapons -DRM -BR -Carbine -Sniper riffle -Saw -Frag grenade -Plasma grenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWs8hBAeAi4 thanks to Delta5624Productions for making the video
  7. PALE Maximus IL Pale was built as an entry for the combined 343industries.org / Forge Cafe / Halo Customs 2v2 contest. The contest version is here for anyone who would like to play 2v2. Both the 4v4 and 2v2 versions support Slayer, Regicide, CTF, Extraction, KoTH, Oddball, and Ricochet. The geometry of Pale is deliberately simple, as I chose to avoid using ordnance drops for all but the initial 2v2 power weapons. To ensure it won't take players several games just to figure out how to obtain weapons (since there are no HUD markers), the weapons are in the places everyone would look for them to begin with. I will point out that, despite the simplicity, the map geometry can be used in non-obvious ways to obtain positional advantages. Spawning on this map for CTF / Ricochet will appear a bit nonstandard if you look at it in Forge. Due to the small size of the map, even with 3 stacked respawn zones I had a couple of cases where someone would spawn in the enemy's base. So I decided to take a page out of MrGreenWithaGun's book and use team-assigned respawns for CTF / Ricochet. With this, there is no possibility of spawning at the enemy base. Weapons Loadout Weapons (4v4 version, Pale A): 2x DMR, BR, Magnum, AR, SR, Suppressor; 1x LR, Carbine, 8x Frag, 8x Pulse Loadout Weapons (2v2 version, Pale : 2x DMR, BR, Magnum; 1x LR, Carbine, 4x Frag, 4x Pulse Power Weapons: See below. Note that for the 2v2 version, the ordnance drops do not resupply and the spawned power weapons do not spawn at the beginning of the game. Additional Screenshots PALE
  8. Hey guys. I'm proud to present to you a competitive map that I made. This map is named Xenos. This map is designed primarily for 2v2 and 1v1 and has a forerunner theme that I think I pulled off pretty well. Xenos is compatible with multiple gametypes. These being Slayer, Extraction, KoTH, and Oddball. Overall, I'm very proud with this map. It has a simple layout and look and it plays very well for 1v1 and 2v2 games. Weapons - Railgun (x1) - Sniper Rifle (x1) - Assault Rifle (x1) - Light Rifle (x1) - DMR (x1) - Pulse Grenade (x2) *Only the Railgun and Pulse Grenades spawn at the start of a match. The rest of the weapons spawn later on. Map download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/9ae718c2-aa34-4feb-897d-b4cd0c2a8f61 _______________________________________ SCREENSHOTS
  9. THERMOPYLAE Maximus IL Updated 11/9/13 Thermopylae is a small-to-medium sized map designed primarily with CTF in mind (6 - 10 players), but should play Slayer with sprint down to 2v2. NS settings should be played with 3v3 or 4v4. Map Info Canvas: Ravine Size: A bit smaller than Solace Layout: Symmetrically designed and positioned bases. The playspace around the bases is somewhat asymmetric. Both bases are connected by a 3-level structure through the narrows, with 5 total routes. The bottom and mid routes are connected in the center and at the ends. Players can jump between the top routes. Each base has three entry points and a side platform with a view of the middle route, while a taller platform and Dominion piece block the LOS for the top assault route. The top routes and basement routes cannot be covered from the bases or platforms. Changes from WIP Version: 1. Teleporters no longer give immediate access to the bases (thanks Juanez Sanchez). They are now used to transition between lower and mid. The fourth route to the bases formerly provided by the teleporters is now a hard route. 2. Oddball, Extraction, and KoTH added. 3. Additional spawning changes. 4. Fixed some jump-ups. Ordnance: 1x Railgun (100s), 2x Needler (130s, one for each base) Weapons: 2x each DMR, Carbine, BR, AR Grenades: 8x Pulse, 8x Frag Overview: Additional Notes: Some play area is hidden by the cliffs (they overhang). The coliseum walls on the right hand side of the map are no longer present. I deliberately avoided coloring any pieces, as I think Ravine is so much prettier without that. It shouldn't be hard to tell where you are on this map . . . coloring just adds clutter. Other Screenshots: THERMOPYLAE
  10. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/dc2a3d86-353b-447d-b932-e72803432a5c VIDEO COMING SOON Map Name: Deck 343 by MiCkEy O rOuRkE (Unreal Tournament Deck 16 Remake) Game-types supported : CTF, FFA slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill and 4 Team Slayer Players supported: 4-6 players Description: This is a remake of the classic map which featured in many Unreal Tournament games from UT99 to Unreal Tournament 3. I tried to keep the dimensions accurate to the original map so in order to make the map flow better I added a trait zone to decrease the player jump height to 75% to keep the fast pace that Unreal Multi-player was synonymous with. But to also make some objects hard to climb on top of which can be used as cover and to get an advantage on opponents. Its great for 3v3 team slayer or even 3 teams of 2 players.I added some lights to help with orientation and for map call-outs. Each area/spawn has colour coded doorways to each area. In the red spawn at the bottom of the little bridge platform above the soft kill pool I replaced the flak cannon with Halo's scattershot. The Udamage/damage boost and Shield belt/over-shield are random ordnance drops to balance the map better. In the main central area of the map is 3 slanted bridges and one horizontal walkway below them. The right and left slanted bridge lead up to the highest point in the map to a sniper rifle spawn off to the left which is a good elevated position. The middle bridge leads to the blue area/spawn. The horizontal walkway below them connects the green area to the gold area. At the lowest part of the map is a soft kill pool which I created to mimic the sludge pool in the original Unreal Tournament map. It is made up of 2 shield doors and 2 gravity volumes. There is a little floating platform under the green/gold walkway where the over-shield ordnance drops. There is a teleporter on the lowest platform below the green spawn area which connects to the exit above the gold area lifts where the rockets/incineration/fuel rod cannon random drop. Behind the gold lift room next to the soft kill pool is the sword spawn. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/dc2a3d86-353b-447d-b932-e72803432a5c
  11. From the album: Halo 4 Screenshots

    New gametype from yours truly... The Dumb Marine!!! Since we have the ability to make fun gametypes, I want to try bringing back Halo 4's population.... Hope you are as excited as I am!! -The Dumb Marine TDM

    © The Dumb Marine

  12. Asymetrical, 8-12 Players, Plays all slayer-based & objective gametypes well and even plays dominion, but it runs like territories, Plus has a bit of a Headlong/The Pit Feel! Download Here Download Here Thanks to all who download, test, and give comments and feedback If you would like to be apart of any play throughs leave a comment with your GT, Thanks!
  13. Map Name: PRESSURIZED by MiCkEy O rOuRkE Game-types supported : FFA slayer, oddball, 4 team ctf + koth + slayer Amount of players : 6-8 players [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedintro_zps61eae8e7.jpg.html][/url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVK70c9yRcg DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/a88d0405-cd67-475d-ae7c-ef5f2c8c9f23 Description: This is a medium sized map which works well for capture the flag and slayer, but also other game-types. Rapid close quarters combat with some great lines of fire from the high platforms, has great little jump spots to surprise foes and get to objectives. Its a symmetrical map like a reflection. My map got reviewed by a machinima affiliate GAME OVER STUDIOS back in November, I had 650 DOWNLOADS on my original file on my file-share when the episode was aired but I tweaked the spawn points and power weapons to make it flow better for competitive play so its been reset to zero. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedredbase_zpsc519ea2c.png.html][/url] The red base and blue base are mirrored images of each other. The quickest way to move between each base is through the middle walkway. The red and blue team spawns are under the pipes where the light is. There is also a man cannon on top of red and blue base which throws the player on top of the green base. The blue and red flags are located above the spawn which can be accessed fro the ramp at the back of the base or by using the jumpspot from the top of the 1x1 block. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgreenbase_zps8dfb5d3d.png.html][/url] The green spawn points are on top of the green base and the green flag is located on the ground floor in front of the base. There is lots of cover on top of the base if the red or blue team want to use the man cannon and then move through cover around this side of the map. Through the shield door is a teleporter which connects to the teleporter above the gold base. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgoldbase_zps1dcbc276.png.html][/url] In the gold base the spawns are against the wall behind the pipe which leads up to the gold teleporter. The gold flag is located behind the pipe which slopes down then up again which players can use to run up to the upper middle section of the map. There are also gravity lifts at the corners where the blue base meets the gold base and the red base meets the gold base which leads up to the sniper rifle spawns. I have timed how long each spawn takes to get to these. The green team can use the teleporter to rush the sniper spawn as well. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedbluesniper_zpsaafd1fa0.png.html][/url] There is a scattershot located at the middle of the map which is equidistant from each spawn and on the opposite side of the middle area there is an oddball spawn. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedscatter_zps722273fb.png.html][/url] On the upper platform there is a random ordnance drop with power weapons in it and there is also a oddball spawn point. This area connects to all the bases with two walkways one to the red base and one to the blue base, but there is also a ramp on either side of the green base which can also be used to get up there. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedweaponspawns_zps5d6f2cb6.jpg.html][/url] I could not get a proper overview photo because the map was made inside the big room inside the erosion but here are the weapon spawn locations. They are equidistant from all spawn points. [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedbluespawn_zps4b7d8c44.png.html][/url] [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgoldteleport_zpsaf403e41.png.html][/url] [url=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/mickey300386/media/pressurizedgreenteleport_zpse18aed63.png.html][/url] A little video run through of the map If anyone would like to help play test my map send me a friend request or if you need help play testing your own map send me a friend request/ game invite.
  14. Map Creator: LiquidLuigi Current Version: Atom v1.1 GameTypes Supported: Slayer, CTF, FFA, Oddball Player Count: 2-8 ---------- 1.1 UPDATE: -The suppressor, magnum, and plasma pistol have been taken out of the map. -There is a rock path that links both nedder spawns. -2 Frag Grenades have been added to the rock path. (45s) -There is now one plasma grenade at each base instead of two. -The initial spawn glitch has been fixed. ---------- Atom is a rare forerunner like structure found in a once unknown water territory. Investigators have gathered several types of forerunner technology. Although the middle of the map is the most vulnerable place to be, Holding this area will lead you to victory in slayer. Atom also has some similar qualities to a map called "Nexus" from halo reach, which have been changed to alter the gameplay. There are 2 main ways to get to the center of the map which is through the "Sniper Hall" and "Top Purple", however there are a multitude of tactical jumps that can be performed to get there as well such as jumping on the rock that's in the water or jumping on the large crate located next to the neddler spawn. Weapon Traits Ordnance Weapons: Sniper Rifle (180s) Non-Ordnance Weapons: DMR x2 (60s) Battle Rifle x2 (60s) Pulse Grenades x2 (45s) Suppressor x2 (45s) Magnum x2 (45s) Neddler x2 (60s) Light Rifle x2 (60s) Plasma Pistol (45s) Assault Rifle x2(60s) Plasma Grenades x4 (45s) As shown above there are three main ways to get to the base. Two on the side, one in the front. The other and faster way to get on the base is by jumping on the two struts located in front of the base. Map Overview I hope you enjoy the map. Remember, feedback helps.
  15. Map Name: DECAYED* by MiCkEy O rOuRkE Game-types supported : FFA slayer, koth, oddball, and red vs blue vs green in slayer Amount of players : 6-8 players DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/9f8b53eb-bff6-40a2-900d-1d1cb032dfec Description: This is a medium sized map which works well for king of the hill and slayer, but also other game-types. It has a road around the outside of the map which teams can control using the warthog provided on the landing pad near the crane. The crane contains a sniper and a teleporter which is connected to the other side of the main central building. there is also a man cannon on top of the green over hanging bridge and a broken piece which can be crouch jumped to from the raised platform on the bridge for a silent approach. There is a raised platform at the end of the crane walkway to prevent campers from hogging the sniper. There is a concussion rifle spawn opposite the crane above the upper highway on the upper platform. This can be reached by traversing the the steps of the tower or by jumping into the man cannon at the centre of the map. At the top most part of the map there is a human mounted turret which can be used to combat the warthog as its racing around. This spot is open to fire from the concussion rifle position because they can use the pipes as cover. Behind the turret there is a walkway which goes around behind the building and leads to a little perch where a battle rifle can be found, and following the path round towards the blue spawn base there is a covered bunker placement where a random ordnance drop appears containing a shotgun/ scattershot/ sword/ hammer combo. There is also a few little jumps spots for parkour style players including the aerial which can be used to jump from the bunker straight to the teleporter in a few seconds. At the centre of the map there is a sticky det spawn and the warthog spawn. Players need to take care at the centre of the map because there are so many good firing positions to get ambushed by, the movement is very fluid in this area because the amount of jumpspots and ledges I have added. There are 3 different oddball respawn positions here as well as a couple of king of the hill locations. Through the shield door players can find a needler. The walkway from the centre leads between two silos and connects to the base below the crane through the passage with a shield door. Through the shield door at the centre of the map an alley with a ramp which connects to upper highway. There is a man cannon on the platform below the crane which throws the player on top of the green overhanging bridge and then players can jump in the secondary man cannon on up to the crane or use the crouch jump. Players can also get on top of the bridge by jump crouching from the highway barricade and through the cover crenelation. Here is the spawn, weapon, warthog, teleporter and ordnance locations on an overview of my map. I hope you have fun playing the map and I would like to thank ZANDRIL and MOOSE93 for giving me feedback and helping me improve my map. My gamertag is MiCkEy O rOuRkE, add me if you need help play testing a map or just to play with me. I also have other maps which i need help play testing and getting feedback for on my fileshare, hopefully i will get to do that in the near future.
  16. GT - SUPER MOOSE93 Map name - Plateau Download link - Here Plateau is a small 4v4 map, designed for slayer and objective gametypes. weapons -shotgun (bottom middle) -sniper riffle (base of each tower) -concussion riffle (end of each walkway) -needler (under base balcony) -DMR -BR -light riffle -frag grenade -pulse grenade -plasma grenade Gametypes -slayer -CTF -KOTH -oddball please check out the map. any feedback is appreciated
  17. Asymetrical, 8-12 Players, Plays all slayer-based & objective gametypes well and even plays dominion, but it runs like territories, Plus has a bit of a Headlong/The Pit Feel! Check out the update here Download Here Download Here Thanks to all who download, test, and give comments and feedback If you would like to be apart of any play throughs leave a comment with your GT, Thanks!
  18. GT - SUPER MOOSE93 Map Name - Metro Download link - Here Metro is a medium size, 5v5 map, designed for slayer and objective gametypes. the map is based on an abandoned Metro station. view of the map layout map proper weapons -shotgun -saw -carbine -BR -DMR -frag grenade -plasma grenade Gametypes -slayer -KOTH -oddball -CTF check out the map. any feedback is appreciated
  19. GT - SUPER MOOSE93 Map name - Granite Download link - Here Granite is a small 2v2 slayer map (the spawns are set up for 4v4 max, but i wouldn't suggest it due to the size of the map). The gametypes available on Granite are Slayer, OddBall, and KOTH. Weapons -sniper riffle -shotgun -concussion riffle -needler -carbine -DMR -BR -light riffle -frag grenades -plasma grenade -pulse grenade Please check the map out. any feedback would be appreciated
  20. Gamertag: KarmaPolice07 Map: Reckoner Gametypes: Slayer up to 4v4, FFA up to 8, CTF, King of the Hill, Oddball Reckoner is an Impact map for 8 players with a focus on 4v4 Slayer and objective gametypes. The map is comprised of 5 color coded sections: Red and Blue bases at the ends, Green and Gold to either side, and the center which mostly uncolored but accented with Purple. There are multiple routes that can be taken to cross the map. The open center of the map allows for a quick but dangerous trek between the bases while the Green and Gold edges of the map are longer but more secure with several opportunities to alter one's approach. Floating in the center of the map is a small room only accessible by man cannons located in the Green and Gold sections, halfway between the bases. This map has been play tested; further testing may be required. Below is a brief history of the creation of this map. Read if you are interested, or skip it if you don't care. Creating this map was quite the journey! Inspired by the smaller maps of the Majestic Map Pack, I set out to create a small competitive map around early March. When I forge, I try to find locations and ways of forging that I feel others haven't considered. In this case, I decided to build my map as an extension of the roof of the built-in building on Impact. This was a challenge, as that building is actually rotated 11 degrees off the imaginary grid (the axes on which all forge pieces align). That means that every object I placed on this map is positioned relative to that twist (ex: pieces rotated 45 degrees are actually rotated 34 or 56 degrees). It made for a fun and challenging build! It went through several variations in size, but the Blue Team base was always there. I even lost the map once due to an odd glitch where it was somehow replaced by a duplicate of another map of mine that wasn't even on the same Forge canvas! Luckily, it was early enough into construction that I was able to recreate it and continue from there. I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this map. It was a challenge and a great learning experience. It is the first map I've made in Halo 4 that I am truly proud of. Screenshots:
  21. Map Name: Pumphouse Forge Canvas: Erosion Version: 1.1 Maker: Sikslik7 Player Count: 2-4 players Map Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/nl-nl/players/sikslik7/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=7a504ee1-53b0-408f-b0f5-132276a51d09 No Special Gametypes Description: Pumphouse is a vertically dominated 1v1 or 2v2 map constructed on erosion. The map features multiple shortcuts and tact-jumps, so players can move quickly to help your teammate out. There are natural callout locations all over the map, which make team communication much easier. There are two sheefs hidden in the map together, doing one of my favorite hobbies. Suggestions: Play 2v2 RvB games, with a gametype suitable for 2v2’s, so no power weapons outside of the map’s ordinance appear. Weapons on Map: Initial Ordinance: OS (120) Concussion rifle (120) Railgun (160) Other weapons: Carbine x2, 2 clips (30) BR x2, 2 clips (30) AR x 2, 2 clips (30) LR x 1, 2 clips (30) Sticky grenades x4 (15) Pulse grenades x 4 (15) Gametypes: Slayer Oddball Pictures: Center: Side 1: Side 2: OS: Concussion rifle:
  22. GT: TheBloodbath22 Map Name: Callisto Supported Players: 1v1 to 5v5 (2 - 10) Supported Gametypes: Slayer, FFA, Team Snipers, CTF, KOTH, Oddball Size/Budget: Small to Mid-Sized Arena/ 5950 Theme: Mysteriously abandoned mine, named after Jupiter's moon Callisto due to its crater shape. Primarily natural rock, this unpredictable arena with strong flow and adequate verticality plays best with Sniper Rifles, and secondly with CTF. Dozens of crevices and a complex but quickly memorable layout emphasizes strategy and teamwork for superiority. Initial Ordnances: Sniper Rifle x2 (evenly distributed) ReSupply 100/ Railgun x1 (Neutral) ReSupply 150 Random Ordnances: Incineration Cannon x1 Neutral, Sticky Detonator x1 Neutral Vehicles: N/A Now, your favorite part of the show--pictures! Overhead Side Attacker (Blue) Side Defender (Red) Side
  23. Hello, I just noticed today, my Oddball, King of the Hill, and Community Forge Island are now gone from my War Games list, but can only be obtained in Team Objective now. They disappeared just today, anyone have help or a solution? This is for Halo 4
  24. Greetings everyone! I thought I'd share a map of mine I originally created in Halo: Reach (it's still there in my Reach File share I believe if anyone wants to see the original) which is called "Rockery". I'm hoping to get some input/advice on how the map plays and if there are any ways to improve it. I designed this map with the sole purpose of its aesthetic being completely natural, apart from the structure that the centre of the map, thus with all the rocks used, I dubbed the map "Rockery". Rockery's a medium to small style of map, the map itself is also a bit of a hybrid, as it supports Competitive Slayer, from Team Slayer to Free for All/Regicide, but it also supports Oddball and KOTH as Objective game types. And so onto the meaty business of the details with some pictures included: Map Name: Rockery File Share: Rockery File Share Gamertag: RECEPTOR 17 Canvas Map: Forge Island Last Updated: 05-18-2013 Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, Slayer FFA, Oddball, Regicide, King of the Hill Best Gametypes: Team Slayer, Oddball, Regicide Intended Team Sizes: 4v4 + 5v5 (Can do 6v6) Initial Ordnance: 2x Needler (180 Respawn) 1x Rocket Launcher (240 Respawn) 2x Pulse Grenade (100 Respawn) 1x Sticky Detonator (200 Respawn) 2x Frag Grenade (90 Repsawn) 2x Plasma Grenade (120 Respawn) 1x Gravity Hammer (200 Respawn) 1x Railgun (240 Respawn) 1x Concussion Rifle (180 Respawn) Random Ordnance: N/A Weapons on Map: 1x Lightrifle (60 Respawn) 2x Surpressor (90 Respawn) 1x Carbine (60 Respawn) Budget: 5570/10000 Screenshots: Rockery High Rockery's Base Map Flythrough/Overview Link: Rockery Runthrough Map Description: A RECEPTOR and Wetz original. Close-combat oriented Wargames are played out in this natural arena. The map is made Watertight via a Safe Zone cordoning off the playing area of the Map, along with Rock Walling, which blocks off the rest of the Island the Map is built upon. There are Fusion Coils also placed around the central base, to help ensure nobody controls the centre of the Map for the duration of the game. +*+*+*+ And that's that! I'd greatly welcome any constructive comments/suggestions on how the map plays and if there are ways to improve the gameplay etc. Thanks for reading and I look forwards to reading what responses you have! 17 out.
  25. I have another map for Halo 4! This time it's a tribute to that yellow round guy, Pac-Man! Pac Attack was modeled after the 1st level of the maze game. Now you can know how it feels to be pac man from a first person stand point! Initially I was going to make a custom gametype to go along with this map, but that fell by the wayside. Though I have the map set to be played with slayer, oddball, KOTH, CTF, and had plans to do domination, but I felt it would be a bit much. Title: Pac Attack Description: 1st level of pac-man just a side note the image is a little out dated! The blue team's initial spawns were moved more North then where they in the picture due to balancing issues with objective matches. WARNING: As I stated with my previous map, this has not been fully tested! I don't expect to many issues because this is a much smaller map than Castle storm 3.0 and pretty simple setup. I do already know that one corner of the map, and I do mean very tip of the corner, is considered a soft kill zone(built into the level not by choice!)There is nothing I can do about that, short of moving the entire map over a few feet, which seems excessive for a small issue that I doubt will ever become a problem in game. Also so nobody freaks out when they play it the first time I had to remove the grids that are on top of the map to take the above picture. The grid gives it a more digital feel. I only have one photo because its friggin pacman! There isn't much to show that most people don't already know/remember! I added some small blocks and debris for cover. Before I did it was just a maze with 4 giant sniper alleys, which would've made the matches a bit annoying. CQC will dominate here. Also where the "power pellets" would be are energy swords. Originally I was going to have custom power ups, like those in halo reach, but as soon as I realized we were denied those in Halo 4 I adjusted the map to have this instead, hopefully you all enjoy this new map! Remember the best way to download my maps/gametypes is to search for my gamertag>fileshare>download whatever you're looking for! COMING SOON: Two gametypes will be put onto my file share 1. Joust- a high speed, high flying FFA with shot guns, grenades and a lot of cursing from your friends! 2. Hide & Seek-Everyone has played this as a child! Now play it as a spartan, and flood! Use your knowledge of the various maps and their nooks and crannies to hide until your the last hider! I hope you all enjoy my maps and the upcoming gametypes!
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