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  1. I'm looking for an active clan on either halo 4 or halo reach. I am a trained ODST with skills in both piloting and sniping, and I also have leadership experience. Message me at eightflames if you're interested.
  2. Hello! My name is eightflames and i'm the leader of the Builders halo reach clan! We are a clan that specialize in forging to help the community and we are now recruiting new members to help our cause! You are only required have a mic and to wear our emblem, your armor is free for you to customize how you see fit! Message me on 360 at eightflames or on Kik at Pike ODST if you'r interested, We currently have 6 members and we would all love a new recruit!! *by recruit I mean member because the ranking system goes as follows: Leader Second In Command Forger (where you will start at) We will soon hold a contest to see who will be the second in command but until then I am the only person you habe to answer to, and im pretty relaxed when it comes to video games!
  3. The builders is a reach clan that forges and kicks ass in raids if your intrested send me a msg you only have to change your emblem and if your not good at forge I can teach you how to be awesome at it
  4. Do you have 360? I can get enough people to fill blue but we can only be on 360! Sorry if that dosn't work... Just had to ask...
  5. If u have reach you can join the builders we have practice raids almost every day and we forge to help the community... although we mostly just piss off people.and end up kicking ass. the requirements are 13+ (which u pass that), mic and wear our emblem during clan events armors is up to you. Msg me if your intrested my gt is eightflames
  6. Alright send me a message and ill get you set up
  7. If your interested in forging you can join the builders Im the leader and I enjoy ******* people up in raids only requirement is wear the emblem for clan events And forging to help the community is also required
  8. Whats all the information about it, or your gt... or anything regarding the clan (except for the name) whatsoever That ****s kinda important to recruit
  9. If you want to join make your emblem foreground 48, background 40 with emblem primary gold and secondary/background silver. We have to uniform so be free to wear what you want! Typo: "We have no uniform"
  10. Hello im eightflames and I would like you to join my clan: "The Builders!" Were a halo reach clan who specialize in forging and helpling the reach community! If intrested you must have a working mic, be active and must be 13+. Message eightflames on 360 or on kik at Pike ODST!
  11. You can join my clan. Its called builders and we specialize in halo reach forging its new so you'll probably be offered a high position
  12. If you read my last post I said I was in a clan... that didn't work out... so if anyone wants an active, fully trained ODST who specializes in mapmaking, sniping, and piloting message me on 360 at eightflames or on kik at Pike ODST.
  13. I just joined a clan "Chaos Industries" where all we do is build maps and mod to help the reach community so I wont be joining HMOD. Thanks for the offer
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