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Found 8 results

  1. I've been playing halo lately to prepare for halo 4, yeah i know but it makes me feel good and its still fun. anyways i was playing big team battle with my buddys just for some fun, but thats not what i got. I realized that in halo reach the weapons can distroy vehicles without any problems, but im not talking about power weapons im talking about, normal everyday dmrs, if two people teamed up and just used the dmr to shoot a warthog, not the driver the vehicle it self they would kill the driver/ the warthog with in 15 seconds. sure that doesnt sound bad but that is two people but on big team battle there are 8 on the enemy team, nuff said there, plus to add on to this the sniper rifle is the number one choice when it comes to wreaking vehicles, ITS A ANTI-INFANTIRY WEAPON not TANK, 6 shots to a tanks treads and it game over, which is very annoying trust me. so what im saying in general and why this is on the halo 4 forums is because i dont want this for halo 4, i remember the good old days where when someone had a ghost you had 4 opinions Jack, blow up, kill the driver, or trick them off a edge, halo reach you get about 3 more, snipe the ghost, shoot the ghost with the dmr a couple times, or armor lock, but seeing as how armor lock is out of the game, you just need to make vehicles the kings again, i have yet to played big team battle on halo 3 where the tank is left alone because they know, that they are going to die just cause the combined power of a sniper and a couple dmrs, so for halo 4 they need to make the 4 opinions i said before the ones that work not the other two, please answer the poll i will be putting up that way i can get my point to more people fast thanks for reading; Ertle26
  2. THANK THE LORD FOR THIS NEWS! Without the BR and DMR in everyones pocket to start the games we can get BACK to the way halo is supposed to be! The people like myself who ruled the world in Halo Reach will return to the throne! I know almost nobody will agree with me because all of you have taken a liking to living by the BR. But Halo is about fighting for the weapons on the map! Making sure everyone has an AR is the beautiful BONUS!
  3. http://postimg.org/image/qa3v9nl4j/full/ What do you think about this? Personally, if they can balance both weapons well enough with the existing sandbox, I'm all for it. There's also rumors of vehicles new to Halo 2 being implemented into the Anniversary MM as well. That leaves vehicles from all the other Halo's as fair game, or even new ones like the recently confirmed "Gungoose".(http://postimg.org/image/a9r1c5ntp/full/ ). Thoughts on possible vehicles are also welcome.
  4. I dont mean that the AR's need more power !! and yes, i have posted this before in other place. what i want to say is that the automatic guns are only "noob " weapons because the prograimers want it that way. what gain the peple who uses the AR´s ??, be called "noob", gain lots of asisst medals ??, be easily stolen by the scoped guns after break ennemy shield´s and be in the middle of the action, always need to be moving in certain places of the map because his range is too specific, close range: boltshot and plasmas, mediun range: dmr and br. long range: all the zoomed guns. againist the machine, you are in the range of all his guns, granades and melee. with aim guns there is no problem, 1 or 2 shots in the minors and nore work on the big ones, all from a safety place. but with ARs what you get ? spend 1/2 of the cartridge in a single grunt or jackal, be in constant danger of the granades and other weapons and as usualy, end using your magnum or other guns. the weapon tuning and the forge maps added make clear one thing, that this gona never change, halo is a game of scoped guns and the AR will be the noob gun forever. so i dont care about the multiplayer, The AR´s dont need more power, they need aim and because of that reduce even more the magnetism, that will make it a gun who need more skill and with more range if someone know how to use it. but what i really want is use it in campaign and S. OPS. its a kind of joke, there is 3 kinds of grunts, 3 of jackals and 3 of crawler. all stronger than the last one, but guess what, !! all are the same ennemy for the precicion weapons, there are just harder ennemies for the AR´s !!. thats unfair and ilogical, you need to be verry close to use it and is weaker than a pistol, 16 bullets is a waste of ammo if you can kill it by just a single one (if you play in s.ops online your teammates with br get all the kills, ant the half of the deaths)??. the only thing i want for the next halo is that the AR´s had some kind of "critical demage" if the gun is shooted to the head !, 4 or 5 shoots to the head must be enough to kill an unshielded ennemy, i dont get why this guns make exactly the same demage on the head or in the foot ?, think abut this, the casual player still will need 16 bullets to kill, but the experiences one just need to use short and controled burst to kill even at a considerably distance, the AR´s will not had the power at distance and kill-speed as the dmr but it can defend from snipers, the tough ennemies can be killed by 1 gun of br but if the AR player know how to shoot he can beat down almost as easily if he know how to play, in multiplayer this will change nothing, the br-dmr domain will be intact (i dont thik that some one try to snipe with an AR ??). so thats the only thing i want in halo 5 for the assault rifles, if you shoot wisely here in halo 4, the ar got a verry good aim but is wasted, make it a training for new players of how to play with Accuracy an the ones who play with that a usefull weapon to beat the covenant and prometeans. the multiplayer will keep being the same but at least i can ejoy an automatic gun in campaign if i know how to use it. thanks for read.
  5. first of all forgive the bad spelling. } if you dont want to read all the things who i wrote. just read the bold parts when i see the first trailer of castlle map pack the first thing i thought was ¿why they make a maps for the wathog?. when 343 make the warthog for this game forgot one simple fact. THIS its not the same halo than reach or halo 3. the warthog in reach was useless in invasion (because plasma granades, plasma pistols and heavy weapons and vehicles), in small and enclosed maps where a bad turn or heavy fire from the enemy can make a single double kill and oviusly maps like highlands (1 laser, 2 rockets, 1 plasma launcher, 2 snipers) and breakpoint (2 lasers, 2 rockets, 2plasma launcher, 2 snipers ) make imposible that the warthog can make some difference and not only 2 easy points for the ennemy. what i mean is. the warthog crew need 3 points to make worth the use, its not easy, the turret guy is naked up there and the pilot need exelent driving skills. but this is not reach. in this game anyone had plasma granades (80% of players) an only two can destroy it, anyone can had plasma pistols and heavy veapons. and all players had accuracy guns like the damm br (before i will explain myself) who can easily kill or even destroy the crew. But most of all. the maps are to small for the warthog, because the plasma granades, the warthog need to be far of the enemy to avoid the danger, is frustrating to the gunner cant kill nothing (exept with the gaushog and his camper spot), but get close the enemmy is suicidal, get far is frustrating and dangerous for the snipers an all the loadout guns, face a mantis or any tank is not an option and the ennemy can call a laser or incinerator or any other gun. the warhog is extremely weak and the characteristics of the maps (bridges, rocks, tunnels and narrow paths) its all a nightmare for the warthog, and as i can see this map pack is exactly that. What would I do : any player with plasma granades can destroy a wathog by himseves easily + there are a lot of heavy weapons in the maps, 343 forgot to upgrade the warhog for the new battlefield. i know that 343 is never going to give more power or resist, but, why if the plasma granades no longer get stick in the warthog. an skilled player still can stuck his gunner or driver but is not that easily as now (only 2 plasmas to destroy it , that is unfair), and maybe that the indirect shots dont demage that much the crew of the warthog, the skilled player stil can kill the passengers but that will ballance the chanses of this iconic and funny vehicle that is hard to use well but today is not an advantage, is a tomb for two. one day, my bro was playing geas of war and i i said to him " you dont get borred of that single almigty gun (the gnasher)" and he reply to me "your halo is the same, but with two guns". first of all dont lie to yourselves, get a headshot in halo is not dificult, you dont have superpowers if yoy can make one or ten. the automatic guns are stereotyped as the noob guns but is not true, that guns are too powerless, the br/dmr, killed the dual weald of the game, has control of all the range, from far, to medium, even at relative close range has an adventage if the last bullet hit the head (with the br thats easy). the range is just too short and his accuracy is a joke. ina experiment who i made, de distance of a 4x4 block of orge is enough for a br / dmr / carabine to win, i always play with te AR and im level 107. so i know of what im talking about te damm boltshot has all the short range and the br / dmr has medium and large, so what is the range of the Ar ?. none, his effective range just don't, had one. when i play i dance, jump, crouch and move all arround the map but any camper with boltshot or br, or any combat out of the limited range with a br is my dead, the plasma granades that they launches before die and the stolen kills for a distance thats te way i live with my AR, you need good aim (0.5 seconds out of the sigth is the diference betwen live or die ) and how to move arround the map to avoid get killed by 2 or more players and keep in range the ennemy. im not a camper, to be a camper with the boltshot is more easy, but i was borred of the same 2 guns all the life just because is "pro". pro is not only get a headshot. but 343 dont give any oher option, you want to win?? br and dmr you want be called a "noob" and get lots of assist medals, stay away form the corridors and open spaces and need to run always to the enemy as close as you can to be recibed with a granade or a boltshot to the face, there are 3 forgoten guns to you. 343 has created 3 kinds of crawler, 3 of jackalsand 4 of grunts and all of them are exactly te same for the presicion rifles, 1 shot, 1 kill and the can be far. out of the range of almost everyone of the covenant guns. but the AR player need a half of the clip to kill a single grunt, the ammo runs out and they need to be close, in the midle of all the enemy fire to kill something widowt get only an asist medal because some other win the shot, if the elite, knight or hunter is close, te plasma granades or the boltshot can make the job and the magnum is the only way to survive. learn to get close to the enemmy widout get killed has no rewards, use that guns has no rewards, why is the aim so terrible ?? to be easier to the new oness ?? they are only easy score to the rest of the players, why dont nake that the new ones learn to had accuracy and that the halo reach phrase "short an controled burst" has any sense, that the guy with automatic rifles need to learn to had accuracy and if he get that skill can win by ussing his skill in their specific scenario or situation. What would I do : the rifles has too short range and are not effective guns againist many of the IA ennemies. i dont want more power to the assault rifles, i just want more accuracy and that a headshot wit that guns make more demage, i dont mean single shot, but 3 or 4 shots to the head kill. that is not cheat, if you shoot in short blast or burst gave you aim, keep shooting like a real noob onli spend ammo. controlling your shots can make the diference, you need accuracy ( but widout an aim ) and control. in matchmaking the dmr / br still can win at large range or even middle range but if the player is skilled still can win that fight if they learn how to play his cards and the heavy grunts, alpha crawlers and elite jackals no longer need necessarily the half of your ammo if you know how to play. maybe this post is useless. but i want to say it. thanks to all who read this post, halo 4 is a good game, but is the same halo with some new stuff and the wathog and AR, are useless, but still my favourites.
  6. Hello, everyone. This is my first topic here, so go easy on me. I have been playing Halo 4, since it's release and found it to be a very fun experience. It's all good. The campaing, spartan ops, and the matchmaking. Everything. But something in particular on matchmaking caught my attention. Most players preffer to use precision weapons over fully automatic weapons. Not that I dislike presicion weapons, for I also find them to be convinient and acknowledge their upper hand on the battlefield. It's just that I find that some weapons are not giving their full potential at their field, thus they make most precision weapons a strong choice. Which are these weapons that fall back? Well, just as the tittle suggests, the weapons are the following: Assault Riffle & Storm Riffle The assault riffle and the storm riffle. Weapons made to fight from medium range combat, and ment to destroy from close-quarters. Of course, these weapons don't fare well on long distance battles. Most should be aware of this. However, when these weapons encounters certain precision weapons on it's field of effeciency, they falls back. The suppressor, in my opinion, doesn't seem to have this problem. If I were to make a suggestion, these weapons should have a slight boost on their damage. Nothing too substancial, just a bit to make the difference, since they have a good fire rate. Covenant Carbine The convenant carbine is a great weapon. It shares the same advantage as the other precision weapons. The weapon has a great fire rate in contrast with the other two precision weapons, but it's fire-power, is greatly cut-off in return. This weapon doesn't seem to fare well in the battlefield, but with a little boost on it's fire power, it should be balanced with the rest. Again, it should not be given a great amount of fire-power, because the weapon has the advantage of speed over the other two precision weapons, it just need a slight boost. Besides, this matter, the game itself is a pretty good addition to the series. I would like to thank 343 and all of those in the making for keeping this legend alive. Well done.
  7. Okay so I was playing me some halo 4 and al of a sudden I get completely **** on by a guy in the middle of the map with what seems to be a saw by the sound of it. So I go back to kill him with a grenade and a DMR shot but I get completely wrecked in about 3 secs again. Then a different guy comes along with what also seems to be a saw and does exactly the same thing. Then I manage to kill one of them and realise that they were using AR's.? So then I began to start using the AR in other games and basically was able to destroy everyone and I almost always had the disadvantage. I never had to melee anyone all I had to do was point and hold down the trigger and that was a kill. So what I'm asking is there anyone else who thinks that the AR maybe has a little to much juice.
  8. A leak found on their Microsoft Job Promotional Video: Working at 343i. Looks like the Halo 3 AR is back! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nUod7k2HwU&feature=related Full Video (Its at 00:25): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXs2SdH8WSg&feature=youtu.be
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