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  1. Are you on the xbox 360 or the xbox one? And which halo game are you mostly on? I have a clan on the 360 for halo reach that's recruiting.
  2. Are you sick of lore-based halo clans who think their better than everyone? Do you sometimes feel like you want to personally remove the stick out of their collective asses but have no allies to help you in your cause? If so, then join the Arctic Wolves! We've dedicated our time to ending these military-based UNSC, ONI, Covenant, and Insurgent clans cause lets be real, it's a game, nobody needs a full military in a video game. The requirements to join are to have a mic, be at least 13+ and you can't rage or call hacks when you lose. The raging requirement is non-negotiable but we can make exceptions for the other requirements (Message me for details.) If you wish to join then message either me, eightflames, or my second in command CattiestChimp92. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hi im Pike and im an ODST who wants a halo reach/4 clan! Ive done all of the training required and I specialize in piloting, driving, leadership skills, and sniping! I have skills in the clans: UNOD, INAD, The Frozen Onyx, and many more! Shoot me a message on the 360 If you are intrested in having me! See you on the battlefield!! GT: eightflames Forgot to mention ill also work in an elite clan!! Forgot to mention ill also work in an elite clan!!
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